Fitz held the gift wrapped box in his hand. It was covered with silver lame wrapping paper with red glittery hearts. A big red bow was what held the lid on the box. Olivia took her small , wrinkled hands and took it from her husband. Around them was their children, three from his first marriage, two from theirs. Karen had her two children, Jerry Jr. had three, and Teddy had just graduated from Oxford.

"It' looks too pretty to open." Olivia sighed as she held the gift in her hand.

"I assure you it's a one of a kind gift." Fitz smiled as he pushed the package into her lap. "Open it Livvy."

Olivia was now in her sixities. The hair was peppered with silver and black curls. She wore designer glasses around her neck on a chain and the designer heels were now replaced by Tieks. Even as an old lady, Olivia Pope Grant still had style. Her clothes were still Michael Kors, Prada, and Burberry. Fitz still had his head of hair , but now it was completely silver. It was a little past his neck and there was always a little stubble on the chiseled face. He was glad to be able to wear casual clothes. He treasured the Navy sweatshirt that kept him warm when the cold Vermont winter winds blew . Jeans were now the order of the day.

With shaky hands, Olivia pulled the ribbon off and took off the lid. "Oh my." She sighed. In the bottom of the box in the midst of the pink tissue paper was a book. In fancy letters, the book bore then legend

"Fitzgerald and Olivia A Love Story" .

"I had our story written for the ages." It is time that the world knew the truth. It is time that the world found out that you were not the cold mistress. They should know that our love was pure and that Mellie and I were a bad fit from the start. I cared for her and grew to love her, but it was never the same love that you and shared." Fitz sincerely said.

"Everything that happened?" Olivia was worried that the story would be both the good and the bad. All the times that they said they were done. All the times that people and events stood in the way. She mentally travelled back in her mind as she gazed at the portrait on the wall. It was as if they went back in time to when they were first in love. Not too many women could say that they were madly in love with the former President of the United States. He was not the elderly man in his eighties, but the handsome POTUS with his signature smile. They were lucky to have the artist make a copy of the portrait from the White House . The hair was brown with blonde highlights and gelled into the executive look he had as President. His eyes had the look of a warrior and a leader. The artist captured the stormy grey that he possessed when he was filled with passion. He was dressed in one of his finest Brooks Brothers suits and as always , the famous flag pin of 48 stars was on his lapel. It was her Fitz.

"James and Ella collaborated on the book with me. He had done such a good job on the memoirs, and I thought it was time that the world knew our love story. James and Ella sat down as I talked and told them about the Trail and the shooting and…" Olivia wanted to close her ears if he said what she thought he would.

"You didn't?" Olivia had her mouth open. "Please Fitzgerald, tell me you didn't tell Ella about the day of her Christening. Or Teddy about things that went on in the Oval."

"I am an old man who doesn't have much longer on this earth. I have led a good life . fought for my country, found the true love of my life and established myself in history. I was remembered because I was true to myself and didn't want to lie anymore. I am not ashamed of anything that I said or did. Who knows they might even make it into a Lifetime movie or something." He said as he walked over and put his arm around her shoulder.

"What makes you think they wouldn't put it on BET or TV One?" Olivia smiled. "No this is belongs on Oprah's network."

She opened the book and then she saw the dedication . "To my Livvy. The woman who finally gave in and let me into her heart. My love is everlasting. We shared enough to be the leads of a Shakespearean tragedy and lived to tell the tale." Her eyes wandered back to his .

She took her fingers and turned the page….

Chapter One… You're Fired!

This is my Valentines story or an actually cute way to tell the story of Olitz. I felt that we all need some Olitz right now in the midst of the craziest story line we have been fed in five years. Never fear , as soon as Valentines is over I will continue working on the other stories like "America's Hero" and "On the Road to Us." As per usual these characters are the property of the Queen, Shonda Rhimes.