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Chapter 1 – Special Day

It was a wonderful sunny morning in Echo creek. Birds were singing cheerfully on the window ledge of the Diaz home, the animated flowers on the front porch were dancing and the smell of pancakes and bacon was wafting through the house. It was the kind of day that Star would usually jump into and seize for all it was worth, starting with waking up her best friend no matter how much he still wanted to sleep in, but not today.

BEEP BEEP BEEP! The cellphone beside the young man's bed started to ring and vibrate, waking him up from his restful sleep with a yawn.

"Good morning Star." The Latino boy greeted out of habit but got no reply. He rubbed his eyes clear and searched his room. No magical princess from another dimension in sight.

"Star?" He called again, thinking she might be hiding under his bed or in his closet. But after searching his room and finding nothing, he started to get the feeling that something wasn't quite right. It was a wonderful day out and Star would usually drag him off to some adventure. It was too quiet. It was…

"10 in the morning!" Marco yelled out as he saw his alarm clock. Something was definitely wrong. He rushed out of his room and sped down the hallway to Star's tower, knocking the door furiously as he got there.

"Star! Star!" Are you in there?" His voice betraying his worry. No answer. Definitely not good.

"Star?! I'm coming in!" He shouted to make sure she heard him. "Please don't be naked, please don't be naked." He wished to himself, not wanting to get into some kind of misunderstanding.

With one swing of his legs, he knocked down the heavy wooden door and jumped inside ready to save his best friend. His arms held up to block against any attack and his feet just wide enough to allow him to dodge away, but nothing came.

The room was untouched and there was no sign of any scuffle.

"Star?" He called out again.

"Marco?" A groggy voice answered back. It was Star, still lying in her bed, wrapped in her blankets.

"Star, are you okay?" Marco asked worriedly as he ran over to her. At least she seemed safe.

"Not really. I feel really tired and heavy. Could you make me some of your nachos?" Star's voice sounded oddly monotone and it worried Marco. She was hugging her knees. She seemed to be in pain.

"Are you sick Star? Should I go get Glossaryk or is there something I can get to help?" Marco asked. If this was another Mewnian thing, he would need help from the cryptic blue man.

"No Marco… It's just something that happens every once in a while. I'll be okay. I really want those nachos though." Star licked her soft pink lips, as she thought about the salty, cheesy delight.

Marco chuckled. He wanted to help his best friend, but there was breakfast ready downstairs, the nachos could come later.

"But Star, we have breakfast downstairs, I think it's pancakes and bacon. I really think you should have breakfast first before you eat anything else." Marco replied as he reached out to stroke her dishevelled golden hair, it was something he usually did to calm her down.

"NO MARCO!" Her voice echoed throughout the room.

Star's voice was hot with annoyance. She had batted away his hand and looked at him with irritation in her eyes. "I said I wanted your nachos! Go down and don't come back without them!"

Marco jumped off from her bed. He was shocked at the way she was acting. Sure maybe she was sick or something, but she didn't have to get all angry with him and bat his hand away. He was just trying to comfort her and she had the nerve to be annoyed with him? What gives?

"Fine!" Marco raised his voice just to make it known that he was annoyed. "I'm going down to make your nachos and then I'm leaving you alone for the rest of the day!" Marco stomped his way back across Star's room, grumbling as he did. Star may be loud, over energetic and pushed him into things sometimes, but this was just plain rude of her and Marco wasn't going to stand for it. He was still going to make her nachos though.

As he slowly closed the door to the magical princess' tower, he heard a sound that made his heart soften.

"I'm sorry Marco…" Star said with a sniffle before wrapping herself deeper in her blankets.

"I want chocolates too…"

A few minutes later…

Marco had eaten breakfast and was busy stirring the secret sauce he used to flavor the meat in his nachos. He was still a bit annoyed at Star, but he'd never be so angry as to not make her nachos. After all, she did say sorry.

"I mean… I was just trying to comfort her mom. Then she slaps away my hand like I'm trying to take away her candy and yells at me to make her nachos? Star can be weird, but this is just a different kind of weird." Marco explained to his mom, hoping she would have some insight into his problem.

Angie seemed deep in thought for a while, but then giggled, making Marco raise an eyebrow in suspicion.

"Did she seem like she was in pain?" Angie asked, a smile plastered on her face.

"Yeah, but she said she wasn't sick…" Marco replied. "But still, she isn't like that usually. She said sorry though, before I left. It's like she's all moody…" Marco waved his arms around to emphasize his point.

Angie giggled again, walking around the kitchen and putting plates and utensils back in their place.

"Mom… what's going on?" Marco asked, knowing that he was out of the loop.

Angie then turned down the heat on the stove and motioned to Marco to sit down.

"Listen Marco, I know it might be hard, but you have to be really sensitive to Star right now."

"But I'm always sensitive to her. I practically know what she's thinking most of the time."

"I know mijo, but now is a very special time when you really need to pay attention to her and be patient with her." Angie explained. Marco didn't like the way she placed emphasis on the word special. He felt like he was stepping into something he shouldn't.

"Just finish up the nachos and I'll be back in a bit. You'll get it." Angie left Marco before he could ask another question. He just didn't get it and so as he finished up the nachos, pouring the cheese and other toppings onto the chips, his mind went in circles. He was almost at the answer he could feel it. Something was just stopping him from reaching it.

He heard his mother's footsteps comeback down, holding something in her hand.

"Here you go mijo. Bring these up to Star with the nachos. She'll know what to do with them." Angie put two things and a glass of water on the tray Marco was going to carry up to Star.

His eyes widened in comprehension and his mother's smile told him he wasn't wrong. If he didn't get it then, he got it now. Painkillers and that napkins had been placed on the tray along with a plate of nachos, tissue, chocolate and a glass of water.

His jaw dropped. It was THAT time of the month.

Of all the weird things he experienced with Star, he had to admit this would probably be the weirdest. Not to mention, he wasn't sure if he was the best person to be with Star at the moment, but with a push and a thumbs up from his mom and his dad, who had been clued into the situation, he was left in front of Star's door.

He knocked and swallowed the lump in his throat before going in.

It was going to get a little weird and a little wild.

"Marcoooooo, I want to watch another movie." Star shook him from behind as if it would magically get another movie to play.

The poor teen was on his metaphorical tiptoes around the magical princess. He didn't want to upset her and get narwhal blasted in the face a second time. Or to talk about the thing. In fact he didn't mention it at all, even when Star went to put the bathroom to use "the thing" his mom gave for Star to use.

He acted like it didn't happen at all and Star was being too comfortable with him. Didn't she view him as a guy at all? And wouldn't Janna or Jackie or even Starfan13 be better suited to do this?

"Okay, okay, what kind of movie do you want?" Marco asked, from his place on Star's bed.

"I don't know... You decide." Star replied lazily, she was still in a bit of pain despite the painkillers.

"Ummm… what about a Disney movie?" Marco suggested.

"Ohhhhh! Which one?" Star asked, a bit of pep coming back to her.

"The one with the princess and singing?" Marco joked, not earning a reaction from his bestfriend.

"They all have princesses and singing Marco…" Star replied irritably, not in the mood for jokes.

"Beauty and the Beast." Said Marco.

"Reminds me of when Toffee kidnapped you." Star replied quicky.

"Frozen?" He tried agin.

"You'd think Elsa and Anna would be more messed up since they were trapped in a castle till they were teens and you know what, Rapunzel should've gone whacko in her head too."

"That's a no for both then… Something classic, Snow White?"

"Ugh no." Star stuck her tongue out in disgust. "She's like the un-starriest of all the princesses."

Marco had to agree with that. "Hercules?"

"Oooooh, on second though… we just watched that recently"

"That was last month Star."

"Well, last month seems like yesterday, get with the program Marco."

Marco began to mumble something incoherently before continuing to suggest movies for the next 10 minutes.

"No, just no Marco. Seriously, do you even know me at all?" Star said, as if she was exasperated.

"Stay calm Diaz, stay cool, stay patient. Inner peace…" Marco told himself despite his patience being tested.

"Well, what do you want Star, give me a clue please?" Marco was begging, both in his mind and in real life.

"I want ice cream." Star replied.

Marco knew he had to be sensitive to Star, but he was getting REALLY confused with what to do now. Really, really confused. "Star…"

"Oh I know! I want that Disney movie with the Mexican guy bull guy who died for love and reanimated his dead ancestors to fight some bandits!" Star smiled with glee, clapping her hands.

Marco just stared for a moment, confused at Star's horrible description of the movie and how she got that idea from ice cream. "Star, the Book of Life isn't a Disney movie."

"Well, I'm not the one who suggested Disney Diaz. That was all you."

Marco just sighed and searched for the movie on his hard drive. He wasn't really angry at Star, but Star's changes in moods and cravings was really confusing the young man. Well, it was still fun, minus the times Star seemed to want to strangle something out of nowhere.

"Ooookay… here we are. One Mexican movie about reanimating dead family members coming right up." With a click of a button, Marco's job was done and leaned back to relax, but he felt something touching him. Star poked him on the shoulder. Marco turned to Star from the foot of the bed where he had been sitting.

"Marco?" Star asked much too softly than he was used to. Her sudden vulnerability caught Marco off guard, making his heart go for a 100 meter dash.

"I don't need the ice cream anymore, but can we just hug like we do under our friendship snuggly?" Star asked with her sky blue eyes shining in the dark. It made Marco's heart skip a beat. This was Star, his best friend and a princess. While Star would occasionally hug him when they watched movies and he would sometimes hug back, he wasn't entirely sure that doing so for an entire movie on a bed was acceptable for them.

"Don't you want to?" Star bit her bottom lip and looked at Marco with eyes about to break into sorrow.

Marco swore if his heart skipped any more beats, he'd probably die on the spot.

"O-of course I want to! One friendship hug coming right up!" Marco managed to reply. He was glad the lights were dim. Star wouldn't be able to see the flushing on his cheeks. He slipped under the blankets and felt Star put her arms around him, resting her head on his chest as she watched the movie.

"Nothing weird here. Just me and my best friend, cuddling as we watch a romantic comedy…" Marco told himself in his head as he tried his best to act normal.

"No heart you don't get an opinion! And neither does Marco Jr!" Marco's brain announced to the rest of his body as he nervously watched the entire movie with a princess in his arms.

It was going to be a long, long day...

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