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Chapter 6 – Shalalala Kiss the Girl

It was the morning after Marcia Diaz' disastrous date with the prince of the underworld. Save for a few light burns and scratches, she escaped the demon relatively unscathed despite the latter's burning anger. These wounds were now her mark of pride for the next few days, until they healed over, proving once again the she was the toughest earthling girl around. The marks however, were hidden under the sleeves of her favorite attire, a red hoody and a short black skirt, as she continued to eat her pancakes on the sofa, watching the local news to see what they made of the most recent supernatural event.

He was busy chewing his strawberry flavoured pancakes when the cushions of the sofa shifted, indicating the presence of someone new. Marco didn't have to look though, he knew well enough who it was.

"Good morning Marco!" His roommate greeted with a voice that would make birds sing.

"Morning Star." He replied with a smile. "Look we made the news."

He pointed at the television, where the other guests were being interviewed for their take on the matter.

"They said it was a gas leak, but I ain't never seen a gas leak turn into tornadoes of flame!" Said one blonde haired man, who was pulling at his hair.

"I saw him. It was a demon, with eyes of red! At first I thought it was somebody in a costume because his date was rather colourful too… but then he started floating…" Explained a brunette woman, who was holding tightly onto a rosary.

"I couldn't care less about the fire or that guy with purple skin. I'm more concerned about that cutie pie he was with. 15 out of 10 on my scale! Call me!" Shouted another man, who pushed his cellphone into the camera, showing his phone number.

"Ugh…" Marco groaned, feeling a shiver run down his spine. "Guys like that who catcall and stuff are awful…" He commented, referring to the creepy middle aged man on TV.

He heard a somewhat eerie laugh erupt from the golden haired girl beside him. She was once again amused with the perks of Marco as a girl.

"Hahaha, well at least we have one guy in the world who gets our problems." Star commented sarcastically as she stuffed a forkful of pancakes into her mouth.

"Hey, I always got it. Cat calling is wrong and degrading. Just never understood how scary and creepy it was till now." Marco explained, finishing up the last piece on his plate.

"Maybe when I'm Queen, I'll decree that every boy has to be turned into a girl to understand the pains of womanhood." Star joked, but sounded as if she was half serious.

"Star…" Marco warned, his brows knitting together.

"What, I was kidding… I mean who would do something like that to the entire male population…" She leaned into Marco with a mischievous grin, causing him to sigh.

"Don't you have to pass it through the council of elders and stuff?" Marco asked, having gone with Star to a few gatherings before. To this, Star just stuck out her tongue in disgust.

"Those old farts? No way, I'm gonna use my Queenly power and turn them into girls first!" Star replied, making her wand sparkle to emphasize her point. Never mind that they would probably turn into grannies way past their reproductive years.

"Well, I guess it's for a good cause anyway." Marco agreed reluctantly, knowing that without someone like him whom she'd listen to, Mewni would probably be subject to a lot of odd decrees and laws.

"Anyway, what are we doing today, no school and all." Marco asked, leaning back into the fluffiness of the sofa. Star however kept eating, looking around for ideas of what to do today until she spied a picture of Marco's family at the beach.

"Marco!" She shouted much too closely to his ear. "I want to see the sea and build sandforts!" She began to shake with excitement.

Marco replied with a smile, happy to see his best friend so eager again despite her mistake in naming sandcastles. That was until, he realized something else that made his cheeks drop.

"Marco?" Star had to ask, seeing that his smile suddenly fell and his pupils suddenly shrunk.

"I don't have anything to wear… I'm still a girl!" Marco replied, crestfallen for letting down his best friend. "Sorry Star…"

"Don't worry your little head over it Marco." Star replied, petting him on the head. "We can work our way around that easy." Star's eyes glinted with evil intent.

"…if you mean buying a swimsuit and not consulting Glossaryk on how far he's gotten on a solution, then I don't wanna hear it." Marco replied, reading Star's mind.

Star scoffed, pretending to be offended by Marco's accusation.

"Of course I meant ask Glossaryk how he's doing. What kind of friend would force his friend into wearing a cute frilly two piece?" Star replied, whistling to prove her innocence.

Marco could only sigh as he got up from the sofa and walked away till her was right beside the stairs.

"Glossaryk can you come down here… please…" Marco called, waiting for any sign that the little blue man had heard him.

Much to his delight, Glossaryk didn't need much coaxing. Star's heavy tome of spells flew down the stairs and landed in front of him, opening quickly to reveal the tiny man in a bathrobe lazing about.

"Good morning Milday!" Glossaryk greeted with a bow.

"For the last time, I'm not a… How far are you in your research on a counterspell?" Marco asked, already feeling exasperated with talking to the tiny man.

However instead of answering Marco, the blue man floated about, circling Marco and studying him closely without a word. Even taking the time to examine the ends of Marco's long luxurious hair.

"What is it?" Marco asked, feeling as if Glossaryk was looking right through him.

"Something's… different around here." Were the only words that came out of Glossaryk's lips before he flew over to the living room.

"Hmmmmm…" Glossaryk kept floating around, seemingly studying nothing but an empty space before descending towards the Mewnian Princess, whom he stared at closely as well.

"Uh… Glossaryk, you're kinda in my space." Star exclaimed, trying to wave the little man away, but failing.

"Well it's not just YOUR space anymore now is it?" He replied cryptically as he flew back towards the book of spells, still staring at some invisible thing in the air.

"Huh? What do you mean by that?" Star asked, feeling oddly concerned by Glossaryk's actions. The little blue man living in the book had always been weird and annoying cryptic, but he always knew something.

"Oh nothing special. Just that the air around here is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A nice tasty mix of flavours, but as you eat it…" Glossaryk's explained, his voice becoming deep and raspy, making the room seem darker.

"You don't know where the peanut butter starts or the jelly ends anymore…" He ended, dramatically slipping back into the book before anyone could do anything.

"Peanut butter and jelly what?" Star said aloud, trying desperately to decode her magic tutor's words. Her eyes turned downward towards her plate of pancakes, as if the breakfast dish would offer her some enlightenment.

Marco on the other hand, was not as patient. He quickly recovered from the mystery of Glossaryk's cryptic words and forcefully opened the book once again, flipping through the pages until he found what he was looking for.

"Oh Marco, nice to see you again." Glossaryk greeted while laying down on a beach chair.

"No more riddles, have you found anything to change me back or not?" Marco asked, his voice impatient.

Glossaryk opened his mouth for a moment as if to answer, but began stroking his beard instead, glancing once towards Star, before stopping again.

"…Glossaryk…" Marco muttered in a warning tone.

"Fine. Fine. There are two ways. Equally painful and excruciating in their own way." Glossaryk finally answered without strange metaphors or allusions. "The first way is that we speed up the process, having you experience everything in a single moment."

"…But?" Marco urged, knowing there was a catch. There was always a catch.

"Buuuuut… we don't know 100% for sure that it'll work. It might just extend it till you experience it naturally again aaaaand…" Glossaryk paused, to make sure Marco heard this part. "The physical pain you'll endure is roughly equal to childbirth, which is one of the worst pains known. Not to mention, you'll experience all the psychological changes in one giant burst. There's no telling how it might affect your little mortal mind after."

"Great… so I could go through a lot of physical, emotional and mental suffering for nothing. Yey for me." Marco said to himself, feeling slightly disheartened by this new information. Figures a solution wouldn't come easy.

"What's the second one?" Marco asked, feeling nothing could be worse than the first option.

"Option number two!" Glossaryk shouted animatedly, flying around like he was a magical fairy. "Is love…"

"…Love?" Marco exclaimed, raising an eyebrow to show that he didn't quite understand it.

"Correct! Love!" The tiny blue man replied quite excitedly, making Star put away her plate and run over in a panic.

"Glossaryk!" She yelled with a slightly higher pitch than usual as she attempted to catch her magic tutor, only fall into Marco's arms when he suddenly disappeared from sight.

"Star, you okay?" Marco asked, helping the princess stand upright.

"Y-yeah. Just that stupid Glossaryk…" She muttered under her breath. Weren't they supposed to be keeping that solution a secret from Marco? Well, they never really agreed in those exact words, but still…

"As I was saying…" Glossaryk's voice appeared behind them, making them jump in surprise. "The answer is love or true love's kiss to be exact." He explained, conjuring up two female dolls looking very similar to the King and Queen of Mewni.

"Usually, the Queen casts it on the King, her true love and as such, she can break the spell any time with a kiss." Glossaryk moved the dolls closer together until their lips met, causing the shorter blonde doll to transform into a short stocky bearded man.

"However… your case is different." He continued to explain, conjuring another doll in the likeness of Princess Marco. "Marco isn't your king Star, but he has to have true love's kiss."

The little Marco doll sat on the floor, looking a little despondent, just like Star was at the moment.

"So… what can we do?" Star interjected just a bit too loudly than normal. A strange expression filled the princess' face. It was a mix of dejection, anxiety and a mask of a smile, hidden slightly by the glowing and diming of her heart marks.

"Marco here has to find his true love and kiss her. Normally that would be no problem, given that Marco was actually your king and you could just kiss him in private and no one would be the wiser." Glossaryk conjured a blonde haired princess, who gave the Marco doll a kiss on the lips, causing him to turn back into the hoody wearing boy, in front of the two teens.

As they saw their miniatures lock lips, both Star and Marco looked away and scratched the back of their heads, feeling their hearts begin to race and memories of last night begin to resurface. Glossaryk however appeared to be oblivious as he continued to explain as if nothing was wrong.

"However, given how intolerant earth culture can be of same gender relationships, it could prove difficult when Marco has to kiss a girl as a girl." Glossaryk finished his explanation, waving away all the dolls he conjured, much to the relief of the two teens.

Despite their talk last night, the issue was still fresh on their minds and caused them to feel awkward. They could only be glad that the two kissing dolls had been removed from their sight.

"So which will it be? The quick and painful or the long and arduous?" Glossaryk said with a grin.

It didn't take a lot of thinking. The quick and painful option could always be a last resort of sorts.

"I think… I'll try the love thing first." Marco muttered, almost incoherently.

"Great, well you better get smooching then! Good luck you two!" Glossaryk shouted as he returned to the book of spells, making it roll all the way back to Star's room, leaving the two teens speechless and embarrassed until Marco decided to speak up.

"So… about that beach trip?" Marco muttered awkwardly, much to Star's surprise.

"Dude! A beach trip? We'll be there in like twenty minutes tops!" Jackie's mellow voice rang out as excitedly as it could from the phone before hanging up.

After cancelling the call, Star returned her phone to her bag and turned to look behind her where her best friend was busy looking through a catalogue of swimwear. Knowing how Marco was, he was probably going to look through everything until something piqued his very specific tastes.

"Have you found something you like yet?" Star shouted out, rather lazily as she had handed him the Questbuy catalogue more than an hour ago. "They literally have everything you can want you know?"

"I know Star..." He replied, putting the catalogue down, just to talk to his best friend. "It's just that, you know… it's really weird having to pick a swimsuit for myself… as a girl…" He explained, his frustration showing quite exquisitely on his very effeminate face.

A groan made its way out Star's mouth as she stomped her way onto her bed, where Marco had been sitting.

"Let me see that." Star demanded, holding out her hand.

"Star I just have to look at the rest of it and then, pick one. I have a system…" He answered back, inching farther from the princess.

"But your system takes sooooo loooooong… and Jackie's going to get here soon." Star complained, throwing her arms in the air.

"Just be patient Star, I just have to go through the last fifty or so pages." He replied, falling back down on the fluffiness of Star's bed. He had almost forgotten how soft it was.

"No no no no no! No!" Star shouted, jumping on top of her best friend and attempting to wrestle the catalogue from his hands.

"Star stop! I'm nearly done!" Marco retorted, not letting the princess have her way.

"You're going to take too long! I know you Marco Diaz! Just let me pick one for you!" She insisted, pulling with all her might knowing that Marco was stronger than her.

"Star! It's going to rip!" He tried to warn, but still keeping a firm grip on the bundle of paper.

Star knew she wasn't going to win in a game of strength against Marco and her hands were far too busy to reach for her wand. She needed to distract him somehow. Make his beautiful brown eyes explode in shock and his cute little mouth drop in surprise.

Her cheek marks lit up with a crimson glow as she said the first words that came into her head.

"If you don't let go I'm going to kiss you!" She shouted, quite boldly despite the quickening of her heartbeat.

"W-what?!" Marco exclaimed, his grip loosening quite a bit. "T-that won't work on me Star! We already talked about this!"

"I'm really, REALLY gonna do it if you don't let go Diaz!" She grunted as continued to struggle against her best friend. Her threat was going to work. It had to.

"We both know that's not going to happen!" He answered back, getting lost in the moment and forgetting what they were arguing about in the first place.

"Oh yeah! Here I go!" Star shouted out, slowly leaning in towards Marco and trying to convince herself this was a good idea.

"Not gonna happen!" Marco shouted one last time before he saw his best friend's face inches away from his own. A fierce blush appeared on his cheeks as his hands took a life of their own, loosening his grip on the magazine and attempting to reach for the face of the girl in front of him.

Star felt his hold on the catalogue loosen and took no time in wresting it from his hands. Quickly letting herself fall beside her best friend, she lay there for a few moments, wordlessly staring at the ceiling much like her friend was. It felt like there was so much to say and think, but nothing at all.

"I win!" She exclaimed after a while, jumping off the bed and plunging behind the catalogue's pages, sifting through them quickly as her friend continued to be quiet.

It didn't take her long to pick one. "Here we are, this is a perfect shade of pink for you Marco!" She shouted quite energetically as she dialled a number on her phone.

"Hello Quest Buy Delivery? Yeah… I'd like to order item number 46129-BYII... yes the pink one. Uhuh, charge it to my account. Five minutes? Okay, thank you!" Star spoke into her phone as she walked around the room, acting as she usually would.

She threw the catalogue back towards Marco, making it land flat on his face as she ran off to another end of her room before he could even react.

"Just sign the papers for me Marco! I'm gonna pick from my swimsuits too!" She shouted, disappearing behind her dressing room door and quickly leaving her best friend to be alone with his thoughts.

On the other side of her dressing room door, Star Butterfly could finally let out all the things that had been building up inside her, after casting a one way soundproof spell of course.

"That wasn't too weird right? He didn't notice that tiny little awkward silence after I narrowly dodged his lips? Yeah, that was alright…" She muttered to herself as she paced in circles again and again. But after a few moments of silent nodding, she began to pull at her hair.

"Of course it was weird! You just nearly kissed like a few days ago and now you're making jokes about it?!" Another voice sounding much like hers answered back. "Didn't you see how he just lay there even while you flung the magazine at his face?" The voice accused.

"What no… that was just Marco being in awe at my battle tactics. Nothing weird about threatening to kiss your best friend!" Star shouted back, laughing nervously.

"Stop lying to yourself Butterfly! He was obviously weirded out. Things were going back to normal again and you had to bring up kissing again!" The voice answered harshly.

"Well it's not my fault that he has these brilliant chocolate brown eyes and soft little lips. And we're trying to get him to kiss Jackie today… somehow. So how can I not think about it?!" She shouted back, starting to get irritated.

"So you were thinking about it! What's next, you're going to try and steal Jackie's kiss? You know Marco has been crushing on her since forever! Those two are practically perfect together!" The angry voice screamed.

"What, how could you say that! I'd never do that! I just want Marco to be happy! Don't talk like you know me!" Star replied, getting angry as well.

"Know you? I am you!" Star's voice rebutted.

"Well maybe I don't know myself that well!" Star countered. "And, you're starting to sound a lot like mom!"

"That means that you're starting to sound like her too you know?" The voice reasoned out.

"You know what?!" Star shouted at loud as she could, finally being fed up with this discussion with herself. "Yes! Yes, I have a tiny little crush on my best friend! And I think he's cute and brave and smart and cooks really awesome nachos and makes everyday fun no matter what we're doing! I've thought of him as more than a friend on several occasions and even imagined him ruling Mewni beside me. Yes, I hoped in some way, somehow, some day… he'd like me back, but I also know he loves Jackie and he's loved her all these years…" She declared to the world with no fear of being overheard thanks to her spell.

"And as his best friend, I'll support him in pursuing her. Much more than liking him, I want him to be happy and I'm going to make sure he becomes happy! He deserves it!" She claimed the truth in every word, before dropping to her knees letting a few tears tease the edges of her eyes, fighting valiantly to keep them at bay.

"My feelings have to fade away sometime right?" She asked aloud, hoping to hear an answer, but the voice she had been fighting with fell silent. All she could hear was the silence of her mind and all she could feel was the hard wood floor, beginning to mark the soft skin on her knees.

Star Butterfly knew better than to get in the way of true love.

Star's eyes widened in awe as she took in the sight before her. Water so blue, so clear that it almost seemed unreal. The pure white sand, clean as ivory. Towering mountains sprouting out of the see with lush greenery and colofrul flowers of every kind. Peaceful exotic birds and wildlife playing about without a care. It was like a land untouched by man save for the small wooden huts and the few canoes the locals used tucked in the corner.

She had doubted Marco's words when he said they'd go to one of the most beautiful places on earth to swim, but now all she could think was why he hadn't taken her here sooner.

"Whoa… nice place Marci…" Jackie commented as she stepped out of the portal and just let her eyes wander.

"Well, I kinda just searched the most beautiful beaches on the planet and I picked El Nido. Not really a big deal when you have dimensional scissors you know?" Marco explained, laughing a bit nervously afterwards.

That jogged Star's memory. That was why. She was why. Marco took them here for Jackie, not her. A thought that tugged harshly at her heartstrings though she would never show it. Besides, she already decided to support the two lovebirds anyway.

In an effort to make things normal, she dropped her bags at one of the huts and pulled out Marco's boombox, ready to blast some tunes.

"Who's ready to party!?" Star shouted out, raising the boombox over her head and playing some party music.

"Oh girl you know I'm always ready!?" Another voice answered, floating through another portal followed by three other girls, all dressed in beach attire.

"Pony, Kelly, Starfan13, Janna Banana! You guys made it!" Star screamed, ecstatic, putting the boombox down and pulling them all in a hug. She really needed them here right now. Sure, Marco was against it, saying it would be harder to get Jackie alone, but Star insisted, saying it would make things more casual and thus, easier.

The truth was though, she didn't want to be alone when Marco put his lips against Jackie's. She needed all the distraction and good vibes she could get.

"I'm here to take pictures of you and Marica in swimsuits." Starfan13 declared proudly, breathing heavily in Star's embrace.

Well… Mostly good vibes.

The day passed by quickly. They swam in the crystal blue waters, played around with a beach ball, and splashed each other with water till Star summoned a tidal wave, washing everyone away. They were having a blast, dancing and goofing off as Starfan13 kept taking pictures of all of them for her collection.

Despite all the laughing and horseplay, Star wasn't tired at all. It took a lot for her and Marco to get tired these days because of their constant adventures. On the other hand, the rest of their crew were relaxing and chatting on the beach as Star drifted on into the peaceful waters. Floating serenely and staring at the sky beginning to be tinted in streaks of yellow and orange.

That was until, and Ponyhead shaped shadow flew over her.

"Hey bestie." Ponyhead greeted, floating down beside her and letting her mane dip into the water.

"Hey Pony, this was a fun day huh?" Star replied, her eyes still glued to the sky.

"Yeah, it was pretty rad. Something's been bothering me though…" Ponyhead commented, looking at her bestie's face, which was rather blank at the moment.

"What's earth turd doing pretending to be a girl? And why's he acting all weird around that skater chick?" She commented, quite normally.

Star felt her body tense upon hearing her bestie's words, causing her to suddenly sink below the waters and struggle with all her might to get back up, gasping desperately for air.

"Pony! You knew?!" Star exclaimed, both panic and surprise written all over her face.

"Well, yeah… I mean not the first time I've seen Turdina in a wig, but how he pulled off getting man-boobs and hiding his man bits down there, I'll never know." Pony replied casually, not questioning Marco's new wardrobe preference at all.

Star was glad they were quite far from the beach. Otherwise the rest of their friends would have heard their conversation.

"Did you tell anyone else?" Star asked immediately, pulling Ponyhead down by her braid.

"Uh… no, I thought everyone was just playing along and calling him Marcia. Nice choice on his swimsuit by the way, pink really is his color."

"Oh thanks, I knew it would look good when I saw it… I mean, Pony you CANNOT tell anyone that Marcia is Marco." Star whispered rather loudly into her bestie's face, which is really all there is of her.

"Ummm… Okay? I thought he just finally found himself or something. But hey, if it's a secret, at least I don't have to worry about my bestie crushing on him and kidnapping him." Ponyhead replied, quite happily.

"W-what? I don't have a crush on Marco!" Star claimed, her hearts glowing red. "And Marco's not finding himself or anything. I just accidentally turned him into a girl with some stupid spell and we're still trying to reverse it." Star explained, letting Ponyhead fly around freely again.

For a moment, Ponyhead looked deep in thought and then stared off into the distance where the sun was setting.

"So… basically, you turned Marco into Marcia and he's pretending to be whole different person until you figure out how to fix it?" Pony head voice out her thoughts, seeing Star confirm them with a nod.

"And you have a crush on him." She added, making Star's body tense and sink beneath the waters again.

She climbed her way to the surface, gasping for breath and coughing out sea water again.

"For the last time, I don't have a crush on Marco! Okay, maybe he's kinda cute, but a lot of things are cute you know?" Star babbled, not meeting Ponyhead's eyes even once.

"Pssshhhh… yeah right girl. You've been looking at him and that Jackie girl all day long. Don't think I didn't notice. I'm not your best bestie for nothing!"

Star wanted to slap herself over and over for being so obvious. Ponyhead was right. Even though she tried to have fun and keep her mind busy with her friends, her eyes would wander off to Marco and Jackie who were just chatting and laughing away, oblivious to everyone else around them. Ponyhead had known her the longest. She had seen how she acted when she was interested in someone or when she was falling hard. Of course, she'd notice. Despite how ditzy and carefree she acted, Ponyhead was rather perceptive of things like these.

"Okay… you're right. I do have a bit of a crush on him." She admitted, meeting Ponyhead's eyes just for a moment. "But it's just that and he likes that Jackie girl, always has. And I've been trying to help him get together with her since forever." Star explained, her eyes pleading with every glimmer they could muster. "So, you can't ever tell anyone about this. Not until my crush goes away."

Ponyhead's expression became gloomy like a heavy rain cloud. It seemed she didn't like what she was hearing. Star Butterfly was always one to go after what she wanted despite what others thought, but she was willing to give her feelings up for this earth boy's happiness. To Ponyhead, if that didn't say how much her best friend felt for the boy, then, nothing did.

"Fine Star, but just so you know. I've got your back no matter what you choose to do." Ponyhead answered, looking away from her bestfriend to hide the tears teasing her eyes.

"Pony… thank you. You're the best bestie I could ever ask for." Star replied, pulling Ponyhead into a gentle hug.

"Uh… best bestie?" Ponyhead, muttered from the side of her mouth.

"Yeah best bestie?" Star replied, hugging her closer.

"Don't mean to ruin our moment here. But I think we should hide." Ponyhead whispered, as softly as she could as she sank into the water with Star.

"Why what's wrong? Why do we need to… Oh no…" Star's eyes widened as far as they could go as she sank further into the water, hiding in the shadows of the rocks nearby. This just had to happen. She should've expected it. These things always happened to her. It was like some cruel joke. She and Ponyhead silently waded their way behind cover, hiding from the two lovebirds watching the sunset from one of the boats.

"I can't hear what they're saying. Girl we have to get closer." Ponyhead urged, trying to free herself from Star's grasp.

"What no!" Star whispered back. "They're going to kiss for sure and I don't want to be there to see that!"

"So… this Jackie chick swings both ways then?" Ponyhead asked, just to clarify.

"What no… at least I don't think so." Star replied, still being as quiet as possible.

"Well then, it's gonna be weird when Marco kisses her." She replied, still peeking at the silhouettes of the couple on the boat.

"What no, Jackie's cool. Plus when they kiss Marco's gonna turn back into a boy cuz of true love, so it's all cool." Star explained, denying the urge to peek over the rocks as well.

"Star?" Ponyhead asked, watching as Marco stopped rowing and carefully placing himself right beside Jackie on the native watercraft.

"I told you Pony, I don't wanna see it or hear about it." Star replied, quite annoyed.

"Well you're gonna wanna hear it, cuz your earth bestie is about to turn back into a guy, while still wearing that pink bikini you got him. And correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't he trying to hide that he was Marcia in the first place?" Pony explained, despite Star's annoyed reply.



"…Oh no…" Star finally muttered, realizing the fatal flaw in their plan. Seeing Marco's boy bits hanging out of a pink bikini was no way to start a good relationship.

"We have to stop that kiss!" Star screamed, as quietly as she could. Her eyes had a crazed look in them that Ponyhead recognized as trouble brewing.

"Well, you have to do something fast then cuz…" Ponyhead replied as she pushed Star past the rock, just in time to see Marco begin to lean into Jackie Lynn Thomas' lips.

Time slowed down as Star used every ounce of her brain power to grab her wand from her back, face it towards the romantic couple in the sunset and use whatever spell first came into her mind in order to save her best friend from utter embarrassment.

A few moments before, as two friends rode the waves into the sunset beyond the mountain's protecting the beauty of the pristine beach.

Marco Ubaldo Diaz was nervous. He had every right to be. Despite being stuck in a girl's body, he had just spent the entire day talking, playing and joking around with his lifelong crush. Sure, he had gotten used to hanging out with her and got to know her so much more, but it didn't change the fact the she was beautiful in her pure white swimsuit that accentuated her mermaid like beauty. It was like she belonged her on the sea and Marco couldn't help but stare.

Here they were. He had invited her to go watch the sunset with him. It was perfect, they were all alone. As long as he swallowed all his nervousness, nothing could go wrong. It was all on him.

"Jackie?" He called out her name, quite nervously.

"Yeah Marcie?" She replied, adopting Janna's new nickname for him.

"Today's been really fun and cool… And I really enjoy hanging out with you." He muttered, looking at the ripples in the water.

Jackie giggled. "Thanks Marcie, I really enjoy hanging out with you too. Don't take this the wrong way, but seeing how beautiful you were, I thought you were kinda like those school queen types. Didn't think you'd ever choose to hang out with someone who's just a regular girl like… well me."

Marco couldn't believe his ears. Jackie Lynn Thomas didn't think she was anything special. That she was gorgeous with the gentle curls of her sun bleached blonde hair, her aquamarine eyes and her cute little freckles. It was unacceptable.

"What are you talking about? You're Jackie Lynn Thomas. You're like the prettiest girl in school! You have this natural curling hair in the color of a beach early in the morning. You have the most stunning eyes that just shine and glimmer that it's not fair. You have these beautiful long eye lashes that just make you look more alluring despite all the cool sporty stuff you do! "You have these cute freckles around your cheeks that make you look so adorable. Look at you! Look at your mind-blowing figure. You're like a Hollywood actress with real curves. From your chest to your waist to your butt and thighs? You're just… amazing!" Marco almost shouted out, running out of breath at the end of his rant, scarcely believing he had said all that.

All Jackie could do was blush, feel the heat rise in her cheeks and wonder why a girl was making her heart beat so fast.

"T-thanks Marcie. No one's ever said that to me before." Jackie replied shyly, tucking her hair behind her ear. "Thanks…"

Marco could only stare at her in awe. If she was beautiful then, the light of the fading sun made her even more perfect now. He couldn't help but be drawn to her.

"Don't thank me… I'm just saying what I see." He explained, slowly leaning closer to her.

"Still… I-I really… appreciate it." Jackie replied, feeling herself strangely drawn closer as well.

This was it. The moment Marco had been waiting for. The moment he would kiss Jackie Lynn Thomas, his lifelong crush and turn back into a man. Nothing could ruin this perfect moment anymore. Nothing in this world could deny him of this.

Unfortunately for him, as both he and Jackie closed their eyes, forces from beyond this world needed to have a say in the matter.

"MEGA NARWHAL BLAST!" A voice screamed out from somewhere nearby. The poor boy felt something large, wet and heavy as a whale ram against his face and sending him plummeting into the water. The last thing he could remember was seeing the loveliest mermaid with golden hair flowing in the water desperately reaching out her hand to save him, before the murkiness of the sea took him.

The once excited and noisy group at the beach fell silent as the sun disappeared beneath the horizon. They were all huddled around their friend who was still unconscious after being thrown off the boat and into the water. Some were quiet, some were panicked, and others were desperately trying to help.

"Don't die on me… please don't die… I didn't mean to do that…" Star cried out, as she kept using her weight to press into his chest again and again. She felt this was all her fault. She overreacted and now Marco paid the price for her foolishness, again.

As soon as Marco fell into the water, Star jumped in after him, swimming harder than she ever had in her life. Within moments, she had pulled him back up on the boat where Jackie had been waiting and bunny rocketed them back to shore where they were attempting to revive him.

"Here, give me room!" Jackie ordered, clearing everyone away from Marco's head. She knelt down on the sand beside him, taking a deep breath and leaning into his lips, to give him life. Again and again she did it, as Star kept pumping her hands on his chest until finally, he coughed up water and gasped.

"W-what happened? My mouth tastes like the ocean..." He commented upon sitting up, only to be forced back down by Star who wrapped her arms around him so tightly, as if afraid he might suddenly disappear.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Star cried out with tears in her eyes as she dug her face into the crook of his neck. "It was my fault, I hit you with a narwhal blast and you fell into the water and then, and then I jumped in after you and pulled you out, but you weren't breathing anymore." She babbled on, much too fast for Marco to understand everything, but what he understood was that she was sorry.

In reply, he just held her and kept stroking her head.

"Hey Star, I'm alright now. So no need to worry. Thanks for saving me." He whispered in her ear.

Star rubbed her eyes clear of any tears, before looking back at her best friend who already looked much better than he did moments ago.

"You should thank Jackie too. She gave you the lips of life, I just did the chest pumping thing." Star explained, getting off Marco, who blushed lightly at that statement.

"W-well, thanks to both of you." He replied, clumsily getting up with Star's help.

"I don't mean to rush anyone, but I think we should all head back now So Marica can rest. Also, it's getting dark here so it's probably morning back home." Janna suddenly said, making everyone realize they were half a world away from Echo Creek.

Everyone agreed and started to pack up, except for Marco whom Star forced to rest. Upon collecting all their things, the group stepped through the portal again, returning them home to Echo Creek.

Upon getting home, Star wasted no time in getting Marco cleaned and dried with her wand, even if he insisted that he could handle himself. And upon sending everyone home via the dimensional scissors, forced Marco into bed, promising to explain everything only if he got some rest.

Unable to argue with the Magical Princess and still feeling a bit weak, he decided to make the most of their extended holiday and let himself slip into his dreams of mermaids and narwhals.

However, hours later, he awoke and according to his clock, it was around noon in Echo Creek. He stretched his arms with a yawn and tried to move his legs off his bed, only to feel something on them. He turned his gaze downwards and saw Star, sitting on a chair and fast asleep on his lower limbs.

"She probably stayed here the whole time…" Marco said to no one in particular as he gave up getting off his bed lest he wake the sleeping princess.

"Marco… don't… Don't leave me…" She muttered in her sleep, a frightened frown knitting itself into her face.

Marco could only stroke her hair, slowly putting her at ease as her expression softened once again.

"My life hasn't been boring ever since you came into it." Marco muttered, with a chuckle as he watched the princess doze off peacefully and remembering all the times he had nearly met his maker.

Deciding to find something to do, while the princess slumbered, he looked around his room and found his mirror across the bed.

He didn't really have the time to take it all in after woke up on the beach, but after all that… he was still a girl. It made him sigh, he thought it would've worked, after all he still technically locked lips with Jackie. Maybe it didn't count because he wasn't awake?

Suddenly, he felt something stir.

"Marco?" Star muttered with a yawn, stretching her arms out as he did earlier on. "How long have you been awake?" She asked, rubbing her eyes clear.

"Just a few minutes. Did you get to rest too Star?" He asked back.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm peachy." She replied, cracking her back a bit.

"Yeah, it doesn't look like you got to rest well." Marco observed, seeing how she tried to stretch out her spine. He carried himself to the edge of his bed, making enough room for another person.

"Come on Star, you can lie down while we talk about earlier." He invited, patting the space beside him.

"Right… talk…" Star replied, slowly getting into bed beside Marco and mentally rehearsing what she would say to him.

"So…" Marco started.

"So…" Star replied, almost playfully.

"So why'd you narwhal blast me?" He asked, almost too casually.

"Well, there's a really funny story behind that…" Star replied, looking around his room and wishing Ponyhead was here to help her explain.

"We've got the time." Marco replied back, easing into his pillows and feeling too relaxed despite having a princess sharing his bed. Well, maybe the past few days of being a girl had something to do with that.

"Okay, but remember… I did it for you." Star clarified, earning a raised eyebrow from her best friend, who thought it better than to ask questions.

"Okay, so first…" Star hesitated, taking a breathe before continuing. "Ponyhead saw through the whole Marcia Diaz thing, but thought you just found yourself or something? Funny right?" Star explained, looking to Marco to see his reaction.

"Well, I guess she is my bestie too. Should've known she'd see through it" Marco replied calmly, letting Star continue her story.

"Yeah, should've known…." Star chuckled, remembering her similar sentiments hours ago. "So anyway, while we were talking near some rocks, we saw you and Jackie in your love boat." Star babbled in that fast and panicked way that she did.

"Love boat?" Marco asked, earning him a weird glare from Star.

"Relation-ship, whatever you wanna call it! Anyway, so we hid so we wouldn't bother you, but then Pony realized something wrong with our plan." Star continued.

"What? Our plan was perfect. What could possibly be wrong with it?" Marco raised his voice a bit, not believing Star's words.

Star put a finger to Marco's mouth, forcing him to quiet down. "Shhh… I'm getting there. Anyway, I explained to Pony that when you kissed Jackie, you'd turn back into a guy, but then she said, you'd be turning back into a guy in front of Jackie…" Star explained, her voice waning a bit near the end.

"Oh no…" Marco muttered as he covered his face with his hands.

"Still in that pretty frilly pink bikini…" Star described further.

"I get the picture Star…" He replied, still pushing his hands into his face.

"So me, being a good friend and left with so little time, did the first thing I could to save my best friend… even if I kinda nearly killed you in the first place." Star curled up in Marco's sheets in guilt, not wanting to see the expression on his face. Even if she did it with the best of intentions, it didn't change the fact that she nearly killed him.

"Star…" Marco called, his voice steady.

"Yeah?" She replied meekly, still wrapped in blankets.

"Thanks for saving me from a lifetime of embarrassment and horrible nightmares." He replied, hugging her through the blankets.

"Yeah… about that too." Star interjected.

"What?" Marco asked, still holding Star.

"You do know that you and Jackie technically still kissed right?" She asked, finally locking eyes with her best friend.

"You mean the CPR counts?" Marco asked, a bit surprised.

"Yeah… worked with Snow White, Sleeping Beauty… and Glossaryk says it counts too." Star explained, finally coming out of the blankets.

Marco let himself sink into his pillows again and stared at the ceiling. If the lips of life counted as a kiss, then the implications of that were kind of shocking, especially for Marco.

The young half latino man covered his eyes with one arm, feeling crestfallen and a bit frustrated with the world.

"So in short, Jackie's not my true love then…" He asked, but said it as an empty statement.

The sound of his lifeless voice, made Star's heart sink. She never liked seeing Marco sad. It just broke her somewhere deep inside for reasons beyond what she could explain with words. All she knew was that she'd try just about anything to make him feel better.

"Well, Glossaryk had some stuff to say about that too…" She added, hoping it would get his spirits up.

"What did he say now?" Marco replied, sounding as if he was complaining.

"Well…" She started, being very careful to pick the right words. "He said true love is a tricky thing and no one has been able to define or control it. So maybe, Jackie isn't your true love YET because you don't know her that well enough. So you know, you guys could still be? After all, you two look so cute together!" Star explained, taking Glossaryk's word's very, very loosely in order to cheer up her best friend.

After a few moments of silence as they lay together under the warm sheets, Marco finally took his arm off his eyes and looked at his best friend, giving her a light hug as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Thanks Star." He whispered just loud enough so she could hear.

"Anytime Marco." She replied, letting herself relax into the warmth of his presence, scooching just a little bit closer for comfort before she fell asleep, free from the thoughts in her head.

She had just lied to her best friend. But she did it to make him happy and that was okay, wasn't it?

Yes, Star is a liar, just like her parents... omitters!

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