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0210 Hours, December 22nd, 2025

Niigata, Niigata Prefecture

Following Anglerfish Team

The noise that the artillery shells were producing were seemingly ripping the sky asunder with the tremendous shrieks and the ground itself was heaving and shaking violently in response as said shells slammed in the earth and tore it apart with explosions. In addition to that, small arms fire popped, cracked, and rattled as soldiers clashed, tank cannons thundered, while, with rapid-fire thuds, autocannons unleashed hell.

However, given that the sounds of combat were steadily increasing as the panzers rumbled toward the school ships. It was clear that the enemy was breaking through.

We got to hurry, I doubt that the JGSDF and USA can hold the line for much longer. Friendly planes seem to be coming in like crazy now. Miho thought as a flight of FB-22s roared overhead and added their own ordinance to chaos. Somewhere out there, in all of that, my sister's comrades are fighting. She's been looking through her binoculars much more since we arrived in the city. I hope they, she, and us will all make it out of this okay. Miho thought as she lead the panzers toward the defensive line.

Suddenly someone shouted over the radio the phrase they all feared. "INCOMING!" Miho's head snapped up and spotted something that made her heart sink. A flight of Chinese aircraft was approaching, braving fearsome SAM fire from the American AEGIS ship in the harbor.

Miho hit the radio and shouted exactly one order. "SCATTER!"

She then dove into her commander's cupola and closed the hatch. Mako gunned the engine and Hana turned the turret so it was facing backwards. A moment later the Panzer IV Ausf. H went barreling through a building at high speed.

Seconds that felt like minutes later, a sizeable section of the street exploded with tremendous force. The air sang with the distinctive noise of shrapnel flying through the air, the crackling crash debris came crashing down.

"All Panzers report in!" Miho barked and then scowled at the responses she got. Everyone was still alive but they had been pretty effectively scattered by that air strike.

Great, this is just dandy! Miho thought as she gave out more orders and pulled her torso out of the cupola. "All Panzers, split-up and find your own way to the school ships. We got too much of a target painted on us if we move in a group, if you can try and move in a way that would make it easy to provide cover to your fellows. Execute." Miho barked sharply.

She then took a deep breath. "Maho, how is everything going on your end?"

"Not great! My radio operator is monitoring the military channels and well the 1st Defensive line has nearly completely crumbled and the retreat toward the secondary defensive positions is just a complete and utter clusterfuck. Friendly fire, frantic pleading for extraction, begging for reinforcements, hurried goodbyes as squads and fireteams get overrun and wiped out, you name it, my radio operator has heard it over the radio. The situation is deteriorating rapidly, I'll see you aboard one of the school ships." Maho replied.

"Roger, we're in motion." Miho replied as the Panzer IV lurched into motion.

"Affirmative and Miho?" Maho replied, her voice being nearly drowned out by what Miho hoped was an artillery shell landing near her Tiger.

"Yes Maho?" Miho asked worry seeping into her voice.

"Please be careful and stay safe. Promise me that." Maho said in a tone that meant she was dead serious with no room for argument.

"I will be, can you promise the same for me?" Miho asked in a meek tone.

"I promise, barring something completely unexpected happening, I will be on one of those school ships and by the time the day is out we'll be together. I promise that." Maho said her voice filled with steely determination.

"Right!" Miho said as she unbuttoned.

The Panzer IV lumbered forward, debris crunched and crackled under it's grinding treads. The engine growled happily, but that's when Miho realized that apart from the School Ships, almost no buildings were still standing. Well, they were 'standing' as far as not collapsed. But that was about as far as a description could go. She couldn't tell, but it was very much possible that the majority of the buildings had likely suffered damage, same with the hulls above the waterline. They weren't exactly hard to miss after all given their size.

But that also meant that once the enemy got to within a certain distance from those things. They would likely start to pound them for all their worth as it stood, there chances of actually reaching those two school ships and thus safety. Well it might as well been like trying to swim across the Tsushima Strait, nearly impossible or highly improbable.

The Panzer IV jerked and bucked as it ran over the broken remains of coupe and then slammed back onto the blacktop. "I am not liking this. It's too quiet." She heard Yukari mutter.

"Your right Yukari, it's a little on the quiet side. Where is the enemy?" Hana replied.

"Hopefully behind us but with enough distance between us and them that we don't have to worry about getting shot in the back." Miho said over the com for the crew.

"Right, that's true." Hana replied with a slow sigh.

The Panzer IV continued to rumble forward. A new sound caught Miho's attention and caused her to glance up, Yukari and Hana opened their hatches and began to look around for the source of the noise.

They didn't have to wait long, for suddenly four A-20 Razorbacks rocketed overhead. Their engines unleashing a howling roar as they headed toward the highly dynamic frontline.

0220 Hours, December 22nd, 2025

Niigata, Niigata Prefecture

Following Regal Squadron

Four A-20 Razorbacks raced in, flak fire streaking up toward the American Ground Attack Raptors, which while they packed heavier armor and a bigger gun than the F-22 Raptor or it's fast bomber cousin the FB-22 carried. It was nowhere near as tough as the A-10 Warthog nor did it have the same amount of loiter time that the 'Hogs had.

But it could do one thing better than the F-22 Raptor and about as well as the A-10 Warthog: carry lots of bombs, missile, and gun then put them on target plus in terms of getting their quickly it was better than the A-10 Warthog. "Christ Regal Actual, you seeing all of those Type-99s?" Regal Two said.

"Yeah, I do. Come on let's dump our ordinance, head back to the barn, rearm and refuel then do it again." Regal Actual ordered.

"Yeah Regal Actual, hey I think I see a familiar Panzer IV, could it be the one I think it is?" Regal Four asked.

Regal Actual glanced at one of his displays and saw a familiar Panzer IV. He chuckled slightly, a slight smile crossing his face. "Yes Four, that Panzer IV is familiar, remember late last night?" Actual asked in a calm tone.

"Holy shit then." Regal Three growled.

"Affirmative, either way. Thirty seconds till weapon release, bomb bay doors open." Regal Actual said.

"10-4" the three other members of Regal Squadron said.

"Five … four … three … two … bombs away!" Regal Actual boomed as his Razorback jerked as four two thousand pound bombs fell away from his plane. CBU-120s.

He checked his displays, the main part of his ordinance load was gone. But he still had two AIM-9X Sidewinder Missiles, one each in the port and starboard internal bays and although he had already fired them, four Mavericks mounted externally as well as two other Sidewinders.

"Right, climb to 750 feet and then let's bug out." Regal Actual said as he increased power and pulled up.

Suddenly his RWR began to blaring in his helmet. "Missile launch? Fuck! Missile launch! Where?!" Regal Four screamed in alarm as Regal Actual's RWR identified the incoming missiles: Chinese PL-12Cs. Several seconds later, his RWR identified the launchers: Two Chengdu J-20s, China's Fifth Generation Air Superiority Fighter.

J-20s, NATO Reporting Name Firebolt, now that was a problem, a big problem. Those things were a match for Japanese F-3 Shinden IIs and American F-22A Raptors and F/A-24 Bobcats, against A-20 Razorbacks however it was quite simply no fair. This was because the Razorback had traded a lot of it's maneuverability for armor and thus wasn't as agile as the Raptor or Bobcat was and thus if an enemy got into visual range than a Razorback could be in a lot of trouble.

"Regal Squadron, break!" Regal Actual growled, before pitching up, turning into the four incoming PL-12Cs -of which one was slated for him- hit the afterburner and roared into the missiles, dropping flares and chaff.

He craned his neck as he turned into the oncoming missile and spotted it. His HMD helpfully highlighted the missile with a red box, it was as if someone had ignited a cigarette and now the cigarette was coming at him. The missile had ignored the flares and chaff.

Cursing, he pitched up and zoom climbed, trading speed for altitude and thus maneuvering room. But as a result, it made him more visible to that PL-12C, which was an active homing radar guided missile with a range of up 100 kilometers and it had a thirty-three kilogram warhead. To make matters worse, it's performance was comparable to the American AIM-120 AMRAAM or the Russian R-77 and R-84 Medium Range Air-to-Air missiles. The reason he was suddenly more visible was because he left the safety of the ground clutter.

He looked over his shoulder and spotted the missile again, it was closer, probably within ten seconds of hitting. He rolled his Razorback into a split-s, while cutting the afterburner, hitting the flares and chaff again as he did so. He came out of the maneuver right on the deck, fast and low.

The missile launch warning was still blaring in his helmet, he glanced over his shoulder and swore. The missile had ignored the bait, but his sudden reversal had bought him time and distance between himself and the missile.

He popped the flares and chaff again and hit the afterburner again. This time, the maneuver he was going to be doing was drastic. The Herbst maneuver, if he timed it right, the missile would lose lock and streak right on by. However if he timed it wrong, well he'd have to be ejecting from his craft as it would likely be coming apart and would be engulfed in flames.

His eyes flicked over a timer that had appeared in a corner, counting down the seconds till impact and silently prayed that he had enough time to complete this maneuver. He suddenly pitched his craft into a fifteen degree climb and then forced the engines into full afterburner.

The twin Pratt and Whitney turbofan engines turned into supernovas as they unleashed their full power. The reason that the Raptors, Razorbacks, and Bobcats had limiters on their engines was simple, when these suckers unleashed their full power, the immense speed that the craft could achieve at full afterburner would actually start to peel the radar absorbent material off the jet. But at this point Regal Actual could care less, he needed additional altitude and time in order to lose the missile that was steadily gaining on him.

The Razorback zoom climbed once again, seemingly rocketing past five thousand feet in an eye blink. Regal Actual glanced at the timer that was counting down, and judged that the time was now. He increased his angle of attack from fifteen degrees to forty-five degrees, cutting the afterburner and deploying his air brakes.

His air speed and thus energy plummeted, his craft stalled but thanks to the thrust vectoring that the Razorback was equipped with he kept his plane under control and then he pitched the nose up to a full blown seventy degrees, he then applied a little bit of aileron and thus the plane started to roll and change direction, at the same time he deployed more flares and chaff. Then when the nose dropped, Regal Actual once again shoved the throttles to the stops and the engines turned into supernovas once again. The Razorback was now flying in the opposite direction it had been heading originally, quickly descending and increasing speed.

He also noticed that the alarm had stopped blaring and that's when he last saw the PL-12C, the missile was going into a moon shot. It had lost lock and couldn't follow his maneuver, much to his pleasure.

He came out of his dive at around 2,000 feet and killed the afterburner making sure to drop flares as he did so. "Regal Squadron check in."

"Regal Three is down! The missile after him detonated right between the vertical stabilizers, no chute." Regal Four said bluntly.

"I am hit, engine two is dead. Regal Four, how's my stabilizers looking?" Regal Two asked, pain noticeable in his tone of voice.

"Where the hell are you two?" Regal Actual asked.

"Boss I am northwest of Niigata, currently heading southwest. Christ where did those J-20s come from?" Regal Four said.

"I am over the Shinano River and currently heading towards Bunsui, controls aren't that responsive. Damnit, I am going to try and nurse her home." Regal Two growled in a moderately pained tone.

"Right, then. God speed Regal Two, you'll need it. Regal Four, meet me over the harbor near the School Ships. Keep an eye out for those two J-20s, we don't know what they got for ordinance still. So be vigilant for PL-9s, we don't know if they still have them in terms of their armament, but I am betting that they do." Regal Actual said.

"Boss, please, please, please, please, please, tell me we aren't going to be hunting those J-20s!" Regal Four asked in a worried tone.

"Like or not, we have to." Regal Actual growled.

The line was silent for five seconds. "I hate this existence, what cruel god has decided that CAS dedicated aircraft have to go up against air superiority fighters? Whoever it is, I fucking hate you with all my heart and soul." Regal Four snarled angrily.

"Agreed, how's your fuel?" Regal Actual asked.

"Could be better boss. I have fifteen minutes of flying left in the mains and then I am down to the reserves." Regal Four said in a low growl.

Regal Actual glanced over his own fuel state and scowled. "Fuel could be better here. Twelve minutes left in the mains and then I got to switch to the reserves." He said.

"Great, got any plans for taking down those J-20s?" Regal Four asked.

"Operation Downbeat." Regal Actual said, referring to one of the crazy plans that he had.

"No please god no! No! No! Nooooo! Anything but that! Please god no! No! No fucking way!" Regal Four begged.

"Suck it up Regal Four, we are facing two Air Superiority Fighters, we need to fight and fly like crazy if we are going to have a chance at winning." Regal Actual said with a sigh.

"You know fucking what Actual? I hate you for doing this, may I remind you that Operation Downbeat almost never works and that the last time we tried it during Operation: Red Flag, it resulted in a wrecked Razorback?" Regal Four asked in a sour tone.

"Yeah, point but we were also praised for our daring because we were basically hugging the side of that canyon. The Raptors playing OPFOR couldn't hit us. Plus I told you to follow the track that I was doing exactly otherwise you'd wind up being either food for the Death Jets or you'd clip the canyon wall you got spooked by something and clipped the wall." Regal Actual retorted sharply.

"I will admit it was my fault. But can you really blame me, I got startled by that lock-on alarm!" Regal Four chided.

"Point, still we got to keep our wits about us. These are Chengdu J-20s, they are called Firebolts for a reason. They are fast and deadly, thus we'll have to play to our strengths." Regal Actual said gruffly.

"Affirmative, not looking forward to it though." Regal Four replied.

"Same, anyway let's meet up over the School Ships and then figure out how to commence Operation: Downbeat." Regal Actual stated.


0230 Hours, December 22nd, 2025

Bunsui, Niigata Prefecture

Following Kuromorimine Tank Six

The engine of the Panther Tank rumbled as the battered machine followed a M118 Fastback that was evac winchester on autocannon ammunition and missiles back to the LZ/FOB. As the Panzer rumbled forward, a Schwarzkopf MBT raced by going in the other direction. However before it passed them, it's commander waved at Shinkai and it warmed the heart of the Kuromorimine Panzer commander, who returned the wave.

"We're finally approaching safety. It feels good actually." Oba said over the intercom.

"Agreed, this hell is finally ending." Naru added over the intercom.

"I do admit that everything could've gone better. However, we will finally be heading home." Shinkai said which earned a chorus of agreements.

The Panther rounded a corner and found quite simply pure chaos. Tilt-jets were landing or hovering off-loading either vehicles or men. From one of the big American quad Tilt-jets came a formation of lethal looking light tanks, they were clearly based on the Stingray II Light Tank at least in terms of the hull but the turret drew inspiration from the German Spähpanzer RU251. All of those light tanks, were also well protected with what appeared to be an APS mounted on the turret, plus ERA and/or NERA blocks on both the hull and turret.

The tanks wasted no time in racing by as they dismounted from the Tilt-jet and started to head for the front.

Other vehicles that were dismounting from the Tilt-jets were M-ATVs and vehicles that had clearly been based on LAV-300s dismounted as well, as well as two Schwarzkopf MBTs, Spartan SPGs, a small formation of Strykers, and a single Archon Command Vehicle were all dismounting and going about various tasks. The M-ATVs, LAV-300 derivatives, the two Schwarzkopfs, and the Stingray derived Light Tanks were heading to the frontlines, with infantry in tow.

While those vehicles and troops raced to the front, or in the case of the Strykers headed not towards the frontlines but instead raced off toward the flanks and frontlines. Shinkai's earpiece crackled and a new voice filtered through. "Kuromorimine 6 this is Mr. Big, you're cleared to board Hauler 1-2 for an express trip straight to the Kuromorimine School Ship. Tango One-Four will accompany you on the trip." the voice said in a sharp and commanding tone.

"Affirmative, Mr. Big. You have my thanks." Shinkai said her tone grateful.

"Your welcome Kuromorimine 6, just follow the Fastback in front of you and they'll lead you to Hauler 1-2. Have a good day and better one tomorrow." Mr. Big replied.

"Ten-four." Shinkai said.

The Panther followed the Fastback IFV while the sounds of combat slowly began to fade, in the meantime. More vehicles were starting to trickle in from the front, mainly Schwarzkopf MBTs and Fastback variants. However all of the vehicles were showing clear signs of damage, ugly wounds marred the armor but while they clearly hadn't penetrated it was still incredible seeing the damage. One of the Schwarzkopf's had however suffered a clear penetration, an ugly burn ring was burned into the gunner's side of the turret, in the frontal turret armor; clearly a victim from a HEAT munition.

"I see the Fastback Kommandant, I think they want us to board the Tiltjet first." Oba said over the intercom as Shinkai spotted the Fastback and their ride, which was nothing fancy, just a V-150 quad tilt-jet.

Shinkai wasn't sure why, but she didn't mind. At this point, she'd give anything to get the hell out of here. They'd been through far too much in such a short time and thus any reprieve was going to be good.

"Alright, traverse and reverse us onto the tilt-jet." Shinkai ordered.

"Affirmative!" Oba replied as she traversed the tank 180-degrees and then reversed.

With a distinct sound, the clatter of metal on asphalt changed to metal on metal. The Panther steadily mounted the ramp and with instructions from a loadmaster, slowly crawled forward. When the Panther came to a lurching stop, the crew of the tilt-jet quickly set to work securing the medium tank and getting it ready for flight.

The IFV followed several minutes later and it too was secured firmly.

The engines then spun up and with an almost unnoticeable lurch, the V-150 Hoplite took off, it's load firmly secured within its belly. Without prompting the craft began to head in a rough northwesterly direction towards Niigata, Niigata Prefecture. To be specific the Kuromorimine School Ship that was docked.

0300 Hours, December 22nd, 2025

Niigata, Niigata Prefecture

Following Kuromorimine Actual

Maho swore sharply as a burst of autocannon shells streaked by her Tiger, the next burst of shells however were on target. They slammed into the hull, causing a terrible ring to resound as the HEI rounds exploded harmlessly across the armor of the Tiger, but the noise was still incredibly loud.

Maho peered through the viewports, barely able to make out those responsible for the shells. A single Type-91 AIFV. "Target front! Enemy APC! Load HE!" Her gunner shouted.

"This is our last HE shell! Don't miss! We don't have the shells to afford misses!" Her loader snarled as she grabbed the shell and hauled it out of the rack and slammed it into the breach.

"Ammo up!" Her loader added as she closed the breach.

The gunner peered through the sight for several painful long seconds as more autocannon shells splashed across the armor of the Tiger I. "On the way!" The gunner shouted and stomped the firing pedal.

With a heaving crash, the 8.8cm/L56 KwK 36 gun spat it's lethal load. A bright flash and a flaming turret being thrown into the air signaled the end of the Type-91. "Clear!" The gunner shouted.

"Kommandant! Contacts right behind us! It's enemy infantry!" Rikato shouted in alarm as the sounds of bullets pinging off the armor sounded over the comms.

Kuso! Maho thought. "Advance!" She barked and the Tiger I lurched into motion. Another vehicle appeared, crossing their path flying in full reverse. One of those new American Tempest Light Tanks.

"Driver, take it slow. That Tempest was backing up in a hurry, something may be coming after it." Maho said, she then with a quick hand motion signaled the gunner to traverse the turret and for the loader to load Sabot.

"Kommandant, we will have to pick our targets wisely. Our ammunition situation isn't good for a protracted engagement." Her loader said in a quiet tone.

"I am well aware of that, but we got to try and do whatever we can to help." Maho snapped back as the Tiger began to poke the corner.

Maho peered through her viewports and paled when she realized that the source of the smoke and flames was a Type 10 MBT, she couldn't identify it but she had a feeling about who it belonged too, and it chilled her to the bone. "It's clear for now! Driver follow that Tempest!" Maho ordered sharply.

"Verstanden" The driver replied and the Tiger once again jerked into motion and this time lumbered around a corner and began to follow the fleeing Tempest. Rikato's Jagdpanther quickly following, however her Commander was unbuttoned and firing the MG34 at something, although she stopped firing as soon as the Jagdpanther finished it's turn.

The roar of turbofans grabbed Maho's attention, she craned her head skyward. Flying high above them were four jets, their contrails cutting an intricate dance across the sky. One of the contrails was maneuvering wildly, then suddenly the craft blew apart as brief orange flash erupted. Now trailing thick black smoke the plane's remains dropped from the sky.

The other three contrails however continued their dance two of the contrails became rather sedate, but the third arced up and toward one of the contrails. It was enthralling to watch, something that Maho found that she couldn't tear her gaze away from the furball. There was just something about it that was impossible to resist.

Her loader tugging on her shirt reminded her of what the situation was. She shook her head and pushed the aerial duel to the back of her mind. Suddenly her radio crackled and a voice filtered through the earpiece. "This is Quebec Actual! We're in the shit here! I got two, no, three ZTZ-99Cs supported by infantry and Type-91s assaulting my position! Could use some assistance!" A sharp commanding voice said in a harsh tone, one that underlined panic.

Maho, after hearing so much bad news. Couldn't help it, she answered. "Affirmative Quebec Actual, this is Kuromorimine Actual. We're enroute, what's your position?" Maho stated in a clip manner.

"Kuromorimine Actual? Don't recognize the call sign, not that I am complaining. I am willing to accept any sort of firepower here. As for position, I am not sure, but we could use your assistance." Quebec Actual said.

"Roger." Maho said.

Truth be told, Maho didn't really want anymore distractions in getting to safety. But in her opinion she'd done enough running, enough people had died to make sure that herself and her team as well as her sister's team got to safety. She'd seen men and women only a few years older than her fight and die to protect her and her teammates and friends.

She wasn't going to stand for it anymore. Not if she could do anything in power to prevent it. This was something that she had to do, she had already failed at least two probably three of her crews because they were her responsibility when they were on the field. She wasn't going to let anymore die if she could prevent it.

Hard to believe that just last year, I wouldn't have even considered asking the crew of a knocked out tank if they were alright. Maho thought, yet the one thing that she was more concerned about was how would she change or even more importantly how Miho would change.

Her beloved little sister had already ended a life directly. If things continued, she would likely have to end more lives directly. Which was something that Maho hoped to God would never happen, she already had enough weighing down on her soul. She didn't need anymore on her soul.

0250 Hours, December 22nd, 2025

Niigata, Niigata Prefecture

Regal Squadron

"Damn! Damn! Damn! Hurry up boss, he's on me!" Regal Four shouted as he pitched his fighter up deploying flares and chaff, trying to prevent the Firebolt on his tail from gaining lockon.

"I am hurrying Regal Four, but remember I got a Firebolt on me as well. So I am playing a careful balancing act between making sure that he doesn't get lock-on while I try and get lock-on." Regal Actual stated as he pushed his Razorback to the edge of it's safety envelope in terms of maneuvering.

Suddenly, Regal Four pulled his craft into a tight climbing circle, the Firebolt that was on his tail followed. Cursing, Regal Actual pitched up and gave pursuit, trying to gain a lock on the Chinese fighter, but the pilot was good.

However so was he. Come on, come on. Regal Actual thought as he fought the gee-forces to bring in HMD onto the enemy fighter so he could acquire lock-on. Yet he had to be mindful in remembering that there was a Firebolt behind him, trying to line up a shot as well.

"Hurry boss!" Regal Four cried.

"Almost got him, almost." Regal Actual replied before suddenly Regal Four nosed over and went into a Split-S, rolling inverted and diving away while reversing his course.

Fuck! That didn't help. Regal Actual thought angrily as he followed.

As the planes came out of the maneuver, Regal Four tried to initiate a Scissors in order to try and get the advantage. Yet the Firebolt wasn't having any of it and raced into a High Yo-Yo, bleeding airspeed and energy but winding up inside of Regal Four's turn. By the time that Regal Actual realized what was going on, he had already been separated from his wingman and forced into his own dogfight.

"I am spiked!" Regal Four cried.

Suddenly the J-20 unleashed a missile. Despite Regal Four deploying flares and chaff the lethal warhead ignored them and slammed into the A-20 Razorback between the port vertical stabilizer and horizontal stabilizer and then it exploded. The warhead tore both port stabilizers right off and thoroughly shredded the back part of the airframe.

The Razorback promptly went out of control, spewing flames from it's demolished airframe, Regal Four didn't eject. The J-20 went to circle around, to confirm the kill. However that's when Regal Actual struck. In an instant he reversed his turn and climbed, going to full military thrust but not engaging his afterburner.

The enemy Firebolt that had been chasing him lost him in an instant as his Razorback vanished into the night and despite having radar. Trying to locate a stealth jet that's painted a really dark shade of grey visually in order to confirm where the thing is, well it's almost impossible. Particularly if the enemy pilot knows what he's doing.

Unfortunately for the two Firebolts, Regal Actual knew exactly what he was doing. He gained altitude and ignored the fighter that had been chasing him, he was most likely to have his head on a swivel and judging by the way that Firebolt was maneuvering which was semi-erratically the pilot knew that it was a bad idea to fly in a straight line when there was a hostile aircraft in the area and you couldn't see him despite knowing that he was in visual range.

However his prey, the Firebolt responsible for downing Regal Four was being more sedate about it. Flying in a wide looping turn, reversing it every now and again. Prefect, either he's a rookie who just got his first kill or he's on the lookout for enemy helicopters. I am guessing the later although it could be the former. Regal Actual thought as he set himself up for a High-side guns pass, better known as the Boom and Zoom.

Regal Actual checked his fuel level, he had exactly three minutes of fuel left in the mains and then the computer would automatically switchover to the internal reserves. So he was going to get exactly one shot at doing this right before he would have to bug out to Komatsu Air Base to rearm and refuel.

Aim with the hand, shoot with the mind, kill with a heart like arctic ice. Regal Actual thought and then he took a deep breath and then nosed over and dove. Selecting guns for this job he bored in on the Firebolt which had no idea that he had a Razorback diving on him. Regal Actual brought the gun piper onto the J-20 and then called out over the radio as he pulled the trigger. "Guns! Guns! Guns!"

The GAU-15 rotary gun was one of the most important features of the A-20 Razorback. For it gave it a punch in terms of gun power that was similar to the A-10D Warthog because the GAU-15 was based on the GAU-13 which was a slimmed down variant of the legendary GAU-8 Avenger. It was a four-barrelled weapon, with a double-ended feed, and was pneumatically driven thus delivering a rate of fire 3,000 rounds per minute. Since it was based on GAU-8 Avenger, this means that it fires 30x173mm rounds with it's ammunition drum holding 1,000 rounds or roughly twenty seconds of firing time. The ammunition drum held a four to one mix of PGU-14/B API(DU) and PGU-13/B HEI, these rounds, particularly the AP rounds could tear an M47 Patton medium tank apart with effortless ease. Against a something with absolutely nothing for armor, it was pure overkill.

With a thundering roar like a buzzsaw the GAU-15 came to life and in the first second of firing spat no-less than fifty rounds, with forty of those rounds being PGU-14/Bs and ten of those rounds being PGU-13/Bs. The preset that weapon had meant that with each trigger pull could only fire for two seconds however in those two seconds the sky would be filled with eighty Armor-Piercing Incendiary (DU) rounds and twenty High-Explosive Incendiary rounds or one hundred rounds.

The effect on the Firebolt when the rounds impacted was instantaneous. Several high heat explosions ripped the airframe apart while the heavy DU API rounds simply punched gaping wounds into the Chinese Stealth jet and setting off at least one missile within it's launch bay thanks to the pyromorphic effects of Depleted Uranium rounds. The plane erupted into fire and smoke seemingly jerking in midair and then seemingly folding in on itself in the middle and simply fluttering down out of the sky in multiple large pieces. With a small flash of light, the pilot of the doomed Firebolt ejected, the canopy flying off and the ejection seat physically hurling the pilot out of the downed plane as it's remains trailed fire and smoke as it fell out of the sky with all the grace of a leaf.

"Splash one!" Regal Actual announced as he pulled out of his dive and entered a climb. Converting his speed back into altitude while pointing his nose towards Komatsu Air Base and began to bug out of the area.

For the moment his battle was over.

0325 Hours, December 22nd, 2025

Onboard Hauler 1-2 somewhere over the Niigata Prefecture

Following Kuromorimine Tank Six

The interior of the V-150 Hoplite Quad Tilt-Jet was rather well lit but it was also rather noisy due to the fact that it had four powerful Turbofan engines propelling it. The interior was also incredibly spartan, with the only seating arrangements being either inside the M118 Fastback, the Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf. G "Panther" medium tank, or the sidewall seats.

As it stood though, most the passengers on board the transport were sleeping. However two of the passengers onboard were still awake, having done so through either sheer determination or the fact that they couldn't get more than ten minutes of sleep before being awoken by a nightmare.

"Jesus, kid. So you're telling me that over the course of everything that has happened since the Chinese have invaded. That you've engaged Chinese forces no less than seven times, have come under artillery bombardment twice, witnessed an air battle, and did that ballsy little stunt to get across the Japanese National Route 116 bridge?" The commander of Tango 1-4, Lieutenant Quincy Hodge asked in a stunned voice.

"Yeah, we have. It hasn't been easy dealing with everything that we've been forced to deal with. I mean, my tank has been responsible for the destruction of at least fifteen enemy vehicles. If we did that well during a match, it would probably be because the match went so sideways that it wasn't even funny." Shinkai said in a weak voice.

"I can imagine that, still something tells me it hasn't been easy dealing with all the various shit you've been going through." Quincy said.

"No it hasn't sir. Over the course of the past night I've seen two Kuromorimine tanks get outright destroyed with crew members killed in both cases, we lost one in an ambush by Chinese IFVs and the other to a SPMRL strike. Geshiko's Panther was hit in the IFV ambush, she was the only survivor, the rest of her crew was killed. We lost Koume's Panther in the SPMRL bombardment, no survivors. Ōarai lost their Type 89 I-Go to an ambush from Chinese Light Tanks again no survivors, and their M3 Lee has gone missing, I don't think it was destroyed but I don't know. Last I heard, they'd lost a track, we didn't regain contact with them later." Shinkai said, leaning back in her seat.

"Damn, sorry to hear about that. Shit like that shouldn't have happened. But considering that whenever Sensha-dō matches occur you always get dozens of different types of tanks that likely aren't in anyone's warbook. They probably saw your formation and assumed that you were JGSDF running experimental kit. I mean that's probably what the official excuse is going to be, although unless you live under a rock I doubt people will buy it." Quincy replied shaking his head.

Then it became apparent that the American remembered something. "What's up with the penetration in the upper glacis?" he asked.

"It happened when a ZTQ-105 got the drop on us. Slammed a spike round right into us. We got lucky that nothing failed after that hit or that myself and my crew weren't killed by that hit. He was probably surprised as well when we returned fire and blew him straight to hell. As it stood the spalling severely injured Tezuka and the hit rattled the hell out of the rest of us. I mean, Tezuka got medevaced but I don't know if she's still alive. Plus I am not even sure about the fellow members of my team as well as Ōarai, ever since we got separated I've been worried about their fate." Shinkai said.

"Kid, no trooper. Listen she's in the hands of JSF medics and there isn't a M.A.S.H unit in any military that is as advanced as a JSF M.A.S.H unit with maybe the exception of the Eurofeds." Quincy stated.

"Whoa, whoa! Trooper?! We aren't even in the military!" Shinkai exclaimed stunned.

"I know that, but you're a civilian who despite being shot at multiple times with live ammunition, coming under artillery bombardment twice, engaged hostile forces when you had no other choice, managed to get you crew to safety, and all of that while not cracking under the pressure? You're a born leader who's cool under pressure and will see to the safety of those under your command. Besides the fact that you're worried for your comrades is a sign that you care for them like family and considering what you've gone through, you are a soldier." Quincy explained.

"But I don't have any training, nothing at all." Shinkai protested.

"Bullshit, from what I've heard and been able to piece together. The training that you received in becoming a Sensha-dō member, to be specific a Commander gave you a cadre of skills and instincts that even though it's simulated tank-on-tank warfare, it's still warfare. Were there any moments during that time were you could tell that something would just nag at you constantly and while you didn't know it what it was, something told you that you were getting watched?" Quincy asked.

"On occasion, most notable was right before we got ambushed by a Chinese Ground Combat team. It happened as we had been approaching an interchange, something was just telling me that we were horribly exposed and that something just didn't feel 'right'. I was about to make a remark about it when suddenly there was a rattling shriek followed shortly by a Chinese spike munition coming in and blowing the head of the Type 74 Mod G that was leading the formation clean-off." Shinkai said shivering as she remembered the piercing shriek that rent the air followed by the cataclysmic explosion that tore the thing apart.

"One of the things that vehicle and infantry commanders tend to develop if you've been shot at enough or have just been deployed enough times is that you develop a sort of sixth sense when it comes to sensing if something is off. It doesn't trigger often, but when it does it's usually something subtle like the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end, however it let's you know that something isn't right. It's saved my life once already." Quincy said in a calm tone.

"How do you handle it? I've watched nine classmates die absolutely horrific deaths, seen another get crippled for life, and a member of my own crew severely injured. That's not even going into the shit that we've done, hell we were forced to use HE against infantry several times. It just reduces men to such bloody, twisted, and such horribly disfigured state that you can't even tell if they were human before hand." Shinkai asked in a low voice.

Quincy thought about that. It was a solid question, however this was only his third tour of duty, with his first two tours having been North American Joint Security Agreement (NAJSA) deployments to Mexico and during those he had gotten into several engagements against Cartel forces and they tended to lead-off with an ambush. Granted he also knew what it was like to order to use the main gun of his IFV against enemy troops and seeing them get dismembered or worse when 30mm shells ripped into their position.

"It's tough, you never get over it really. It'll probably fade in time, but I don't really know." Quincy said.

Shinkai sighed, she didn't really need this. But at the moment, the idea of getting some sleep was also starting to look appealing. Anything to get her mind off what had happened.

0345 hours, December 22nd 2025

Niigata, Niigata Prefecture

Following Anteater Team

"MOMOGA REVERSE! REVERSE!" Nekota screeched as she peered through the smoke in front them as a Chinese Type-91 AIFV rumbled forward, it's autocannon pointed menacingly in their direction.

The reason Nekota wanted them to reverse was because the Type-3 Chi Nu only had 50mm of frontal armor. That thing if it was firing APDS rounds would effortlessly slice through their frontal armor and likely the safety shell with extreme ease, especially at this close range.

"GUN UP!" Piyotan screamed as the breech of the 75mm Type 3 gun closed with a seemingly hurried clack.

"READY AIM!" Nekota bellowed.

Momoga brought the Chi-Nu to sudden and sharp jerking stop, the chassis lurching up and down several times on it's suspension. The moment that the tank stopped lurching Nekota screamed "UTE!".

Piyotan hit the firing stud and with a loud and sharp boom, the main cannon discharged and the Type 91 lurched to a stop almost instantly and flames quickly began to consume the vehicle greedily, a glowing red ring melted into the front of the vehicle. The burning wreck was violently shoved aside as two more Chinese vehicles, both being Type-91s appeared. Yet while their autocannons were deadly threats particularly at this close a range what made Nekota's eyes widen in terror wasn't the fact that the Type-91s had 2x2 ATGM missile launchers strapped to the sides of their turrets but it was the twenty or so dismounts behind the IFVs that were advancing from cover-to-cover.


The Type 3 Chi-Nu rumbled backwards, it's hull angling. The Type-91s opened fire loud ringing of non-penetrations and the even more devastating crumps of the more common penetrations rang through the hull of the panzer.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Momoga yelled in pain.

"GUN UP!" Piyotan shrieked amid the hefty sounding clang of the gun breech closing.

"READY AIM!" Nekota bellowed.

The Type 3 came to a jarring stop, Chinese autocannon rounds still slamming into the armor with the occasional round penetrating the weak armor amid a terrible sounding crash.

"SET!" Momoga barked as the Type 3 finished settling on it's suspension.

"UTE!" Nekota yelled and once again the 75mm gun roared it's challenge and the lead Type 91 exploded in a fantastic ball of flame and smoke.

"TARGET DESTROYED!" Piyotan boomed.

"LOAD HEAT!" Nekota yelled.

"We're out of HEAT!" Piyotan screamed.

"FUCK! LOAD HE!" Nekota barked.

"Two rounds of HE after this! GUN UP!" Piyotan shouted as the round was slammed home into the breech.

"UTE!" Nekota snarled and once again Anteater bellowed it's fury.

The Chinese AIFV simply erupted like a fiery volcano it's turret being effortlessly flung a good seven or eight feet up into the air. Amid a loud boom that was heard through the fighting compartment.

"Clear, clear." Nekota said, trying to get her racing heart, heavy breathing, and shaking hands under control. That had been interesting, fighting several of those lethal Type 91s. Something told Nekota that they weren't out of the woods yet.

"How are we looking?" Nekota said after a minute.

"Badly damaged, I caught shrapnel and a fair amount too and something's wrong with my left eye. We haven't suffered crippling damage yet, but that's bound to change." Momoga said in pain.

"Shit, how's our ammunition status?" Nekota asked.

"Absolutely FUBAR. Two HE rounds, three APFSDS, all of our Canister, no HEAT, and no smoke. We are just about shit out of ammunition and luck." Piyotan replied in a weak tone.

Suddenly a voice crackled over the radio. "Attention unidentified tank, this is Bravo Actual, we're coming up on your six. Two rollers in tow." A sharp commanding voice said.

Nekota snapped around so fast in her seat that she felt her back crack. Three Main Battle Tanks loomed out of the smoke, their olive drab armor was pockmarked and scorched. But just by looking at the design, it was clear what they were. American Abrams MBTs, they had the full TUSK package installed.

Nekota keyed her mic. "Good to see you Bravo Actual. This is Anteater Team, part of the Ōarai Girls High School Sensha-dō Team and we've had a long day, really hoping we can get to the Ōarai School Ship." she said.

"Affirmative, those are part of our orders anyway. Let me tell you, tracking down WWII era tanks in this mess is damn near impossible. It doesn't help that the goddamned Chinese keep shooting down our drones. Anyway, let's get you home." The commander of Bravo Actual said over the freq.

"Thanks, anything to get out of this hell. Would've been nice though if you had gotten here five minutes ago." Nekota snapped.

"Sorry, but things are hectic. We got units begging for extraction, shouting for reinforcements, calling in fire-missions, you name it then it's happening. What's worse is that the Chinese practically own the skies, which is making life hell for the flyboys who are flying CAS missions. Plus we've had to dodge a couple of airstrikes ourselves." Bravo actual said.

"Well excuse me then. But for now, let's just get home." Nekota said.

"Agreed, let's roll out." Bravo Actual said.

0402 hours, December 22nd 2025

Kuromorimine Girls High School Ship currently docked at the Port of Niigata, Niigata Prefecture

Following Shino Nishizumi

To say that Shino Nishizumi was worried would be an understatement. Members of Team-A as well as most of Team-B and Team-C as well as the Maus were set up in defensive positions ready to fight to the end to protect the entrances to the school ships. Not only that but then she received word that the match zone had been one of the first places hit by the Chinese and thus she was extremely worried about her two daughters first and foremost followed by their Sensha-dō Teams.

Of course the fact that it would be decided that her school ship as well as Ōarai would be used to evacuate civilians as well as the military forces holding the Niigata pocket when it collapsed also surprised her and irked her a little. Mainly because while she could accept the civilians, if any military assets like tanks or SPGs were spotted on the ship's deck they would be able to be attacked because they were transporting war material.

Just too top it all off, someone woke her up just ten minutes ago saying that there was an American V-150 Hoplite Tiltjet carrying in their words "A priority one cargo that requires the attention of headmistress.".

"When will the Hoplite arrive?" Shino asked into the small walkie-talkie that connected her with the ATC for the small airport that the school ship had.

"They are less than five minutes out. We already have tally on them and they are moving like a bat out of hell. Although considering how the Chinese practically own the skies I am not surprised." The man in the ATC said.

"Right." Shino said as the low whine of the Hoplite's engines began to reach her ears.

The big transport appeared two minutes later with a roar of engines. In terms of size, it's fuselage was between a C-17 and a C-130. It looked big enough that while it would be a tight squeeze you could probably fit three maybe four light tanks depending on how tight of a squeeze you went for. Still regardless she watch with no small amount of awe as the four wings it had, went from horizontal to vertical and arrested the craft's forward motion and then with a grace that didn't seem possible, the craft's landing gear deployed and then descended.

With a slight whir, the rear ramp lowered and Shino scowled angrily as first an M118 Fastback lumbered off the back of the V-150, it's Hybrid engine barely making a sound. But before she could get on the walkie-talkie and verbally tear the wings of the aircrew. A new sound roared to life, judging by the sound of it, the noise was a Sensha-dō Panzer engine.

Then the source of the noise appeared and Shino's heart leaped into her throat in shock. For lumbering down the ramp in German Panzer Tan was a something that Shino would never forget. It was extremely battered and dirtied but still intact, a Kuromorimine Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf. G "Panther", but what made it more memorable was the fact that the tank was completely unbuttoned and her crew was visible, it was the A-Team's Tank Six, but something was wrong where was Tezuka, the radio operator/bow machine gunner? Then she saw the penetration and quickly put the dots together and grimaced at the picture it put together.

Even from this distance, Shino could tell that they were exhausted but glad to be alive. Still now it was clear as to why the Hoplite had requested priority for landing. It was bringing students home.

The Panther came closer, the crew clearly saw her now. When it got to within a reasonable distance, the vehicle stopped. "Headmistress!" The commander shouted in surprise.

"Shinkai, it's good to see that yourself and your crew are alive. What happened? Where's Tezuka?" Shino asked as her mind went into overdrive.

"It's a long story, one that we're willing to tell. But can we at least take a shower first so we can feel human again?" Shinkai asked in a calm tone.

Shino thought about it and decided it would be the best bet. "Granted, but be quick about it. I want to know what happened." she said.

"Thanks headmistress, where do you want us to meet?" Shinkai asked.

"The briefing room." Shino said simply.

"Yes headmistress, will be there" Shinkai checked her watch. "In an hour at the very most. Oba put her in gear. Let's get the old girl back to the garage and then let's all take a shower and then see about getting a nice strong drink or something." Shinkai said calmly and Shino nodded in response it seemed like a reasonable choice.

"Right!" Oba said and the Panther traversed before jerking into motion and heading towards the garages.

It left Shino alone with her thoughts as she started walking towards the garages herself, because it was were the briefing room was at.

0430 Hours, December 22nd, 2025

Niigata, Niigata Prefecture

Following Anglerfish Team

With a devastating boom that shook the Panzer IV horrifically a mortar round landed next to the Panzer and stripped away a pair of side armor panels. "Commander, the tracks can't take much more of that. I estimate maybe two rounds before they snap and we got to fix them." Mako said.

"Acknowledged. We must continue our advance, otherwise our chances of getting out of here will go down the drain." Miho said before glancing at Yukari who had a HEAT round firmly in her grasp, the breach of the 75mm gun was open and ready to accept a round.

"Right." Mako said and the Panzer lurched forward with the engine rumbling. Miho glanced through the viewports behind her and caught a glimpse of the battered Dragoon that was following them.

Miho had just begun to look forward again when suddenly something that caught her completely off guard burst out from a storefront in an explosion of glass and plaster. Before it had even begun to disperse an immense gaping wound in the cloud of dust, grit, and plaster was blasted outward by a cannon blast. Something blitzed past the Panzer IV and amid the sound of an explosion followed by a loud crash just decapitated the Stryker.

A tic that Miho had developed from her time at Kuromorimine came screaming back to the surface. "Mako, den Motorbegrenzer ausschalten und mit voller Drossel auf diese Wolke vorrücken! Hana geht laut auf die koaxiale Maschinengewehr, leuchtet der Bastard in dieser Sache auf! Yukari, laden Sie Rauch und bereiten Sie sich auf einen Trommelfell in den Bruch! Saori traf es mit deinem MG!" she roared.

Thankfully the crew understood what Miho said in an instant for the Panzer IV's engine unleashed a mighty roar and rocketed forward. Yukari slammed the HEAT round back into the rack and grabbed a smoke and slammed it into the breach. "UP!" she screamed and then grabbed a APFSDS round. Moments later, bursts of 7.92mm Machine gun fire roared out of the two MG34 Machine Guns sending bursts of angrily tracers streaking into the cloud of dust and plaster which was beginning to settle. Flashes of light appeared within the cloud as rounds hit home and the sparkled off the armor.

Hana hit the firing stud and the 75mm gun vomited a smoke shell. The round landed roughly a meter in front of the dark and ominous shape that was rapidly resolving, and a thick white cloud erupted in front of it and obscured it. The gun breach had just barely finished moving when Yukari slammed the APFSDS munition into the breach and slammed it shut. "READY UP!" she yelled.

Then a Chinese MBT came screaming out of the smoke. To Miho's horror it was a ZTZ-99, armed with a 125mm/L50 main gun plus machine guns and had extremely tough composite armor. It's main gun pointed right at them, Mako reacted instantly and pivoted the tank to right and almost got them out of the firing line in time. The 125mm smoothbore flashed and an absolutely deafening bang filled the fighting compartment as the APFSDS round shattered the only remaining side armor panel on the left side of the panzer, but the panel did it's job and deflected the spike just enough so that when it slammed into the hull it didn't penetrate but it still a tore an incredible gash into the side armor that was nearly two feet long and went all the way to the spall liner backplate and still gouged a good section of backplate out, causing a noticeable bulge in it.

"FEUER!" Miho shouted, despite knowing that the 75mm APFSDS round would do exactly crap to a ZTZ-99, if it even hit to begin with, she hoped it would startle the crew.

"On the way!" Hana yelled and depressed the firing stud. Once again Anglerfish bellowed it's fury and the 75mm Spike round screamed forth and slammed into the turret of the hulking Chinese Monster and glanced off the armor amid a terrific shower of sparks.

Before Miho could even order for another Sabot round in the tube. Yukari already had one and was slamming the round into the breach. Then suddenly the tank snapped from going right to suddenly going left as the gun tube on the Chinese MBT lowered and then an instant later the 125mm gun roared it's answer.

Steel screamed in protest as the spike munition tore into a right side armor panel, effortlessly shattered it and then slammed into the armor plating behind it and scored a partial penetration tearing through a foot and half long section of armor, the spall liner, and a section of backplate before deflection managed to stop the lethal munition. As it stood the air in the fighting compartment noticeably increased in temperature and the tip of the lethal Kinetic Energy Penetrator became visible inside the fighting compartment, smoking noticeably.

"Komm zu Mako, du musst diese Pistole überholen!" Miho ordered sharply as that great big scary 125mm gun went back to it's loading angle. She'd counted that they had roughly seven seconds before that gun would be ready to fire again and that the next shot was going to be guaranteed penetration either because the Spike round wouldn't hit an armor panel or it would be a HEAT munition and it just wouldn't matter.

"Yatte imasu!" Mako hissed as she dropped the Panzer into it's fastest gear. If they could just get at the monster's side or even better the rear of the Chinese monster they were dueling then they could easily kill it. Problem was they had to outrun the damn 125 that the thing had.

Almost as if on cue, the ZTZ-99 realizing what they were trying to do went into reverse. That couldn't happen, no matter what if it managed to keep the distance open they wouldn't be able to defeat this monster and then the gun tube started to lower.

"Immobilisieren Sie diesen Hurensohn! FEUER!" Miho roared.

Hana wasted no time and fired, the Spike flew out of the barrel and by some miracle skewered the left forward main drive wheel. The immense kinetic force behind the impact caused the wheel to disintegrate and the tracks got entangled in the guiding wheels and the sudden differential in momentum swung the ZTZ-99 violently to one side, a second later the 125 roared like an angry god and a section of street in front of them exploded.

"Load sabot!" Miho barked as the turret of the ZTZ-99 swung around to face them. But Miho had the ChiChom MBT right where she wanted it, showing it's side to her.

"Bereites Ziel!" Miho said and the Panzer IV came to a sharp stop. "FEUER!" she snapped.

"Tochū!" Hana said and hit the firing stud for the main gun. Yet again, Anglerfish let out a thunderous crack from it's main gun. The 75mm APFSDS munition crossed the distance so fast that it seemed to be instantaneous. The spike effortlessly burrowed through the composite armor hide of the 54-ton monster and flames exploded outward, amid a monstrous detonation as the ammunition in the carousel autoloader ignited and all of that explosive energy looked for a way out and that way out was up. The turret was blown easily at least three meters into the air and landed with a heavy crash several meters away from the hull.

The sound after that resounded through the fighting compartment was one of heavy breathing and the words "clear." being repeated several times.

AN: That's the end of the chapter.

Now before you cry foul on the A-20 killing a J-20, may I point out that well, who knows how long those pilots had been flying, it's also night so you tend to fly a little less like crazy, plus well Regal Actual knew what he was doing.

As for Miho's crew understanding German. The way I see it is that Miho likely learned German at Kuromorimine and all the labels and manuals and such for the Panzer IV would be in German. Plus well it's likely that during stressful situations Miho sometimes does something that she did at Kuromorimine which was giving her orders out in rapid fire German.

Blehh. Finally. Starting a new job, weather interruptions(Thor lives in Florida), and just life in general. We finally got it over and done with.

As for the ZTZ-99 not penetrating, I don't know what the Spikes that thing fires are made of, most likely either Tungsten Carbide or DU. However for all I know they could be hardened steel surrounding a Tungsten Carbide or Depleted Uranium core like the old Soviet 3BM27 or 3BM33 APFSDS-T rounds. Which would make those spikes more susceptible to being affected by the Schurzen armor panels because of the steel. But if they are solid Tungsten Carbide or Depleted Uranium not so much it, but like I said I just don't know.


"Mako, den Motorbegrenzer ausschalten und mit voller Drossel auf diese Wolke vorrücken! Hana geht laut auf die koaxiale Maschinengewehr, leuchtet der Bastard in dieser Sache auf! Yukari, laden Sie Rauch und bereiten Sie sich auf einen Trommelfell in den Bruch! Saori traf es mit deinem MG!" translates into "Mako, disengage the engine limiter and advance at full throttle toward that cloud! Hana go loud on the coaxial machine gun, light the bastard inside that thing up! Yukari, load smoke and prepare to ram a sabot in the breach! Saori hit it with your MG!"

"Komm zu Mako, du musst diese Pistole überholen!" translates to "Come on Mako, you got to outrun that gun!"

"Yatte imasu!" translates "I am trying!"

"FEUER!" translates "FIRE!"

"Immobilisieren Sie diesen Hurensohn! FEUER!" translates "Immobilize that son of bitch! FIRE!"

"Bereites Ziel!" translates to "Ready aim!"

"Tochū!" translates to "On the way!"