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The next morning, they woke to see the first snow fall. It was thin for now but it didn't seem as though it would stop anytime soon. Clint woke Natasha then Alina and James; they were going to have a snow day. They all got ready and headed out, all but Clint. He headed to Wanda's room with some snow clothes for her. He didn't knock, just opened the door and told her to "put these clothes on and come outside", then he left. He joined his family outside and created a plan.

Wanda walked outside and didn't see anyone. She looked around for a moment, then she felt something hit her in the back. It didn't hurt much but it still scared her a bit. She reached around and felt the spot where she had been hit with her gloved hand and it came back with snow on it. She turned around to see the Bartons, each of them had a snowball in hand, ready.

That's when all h*ll broke loose. It was every man for himself and the competition was steep. James was a little clumsy but he held his own, Clint had impeccable aim, of course, but he was slow, Natasha was fast and aggressive, but Alina, Wanda concluded, was the one to look out for. The small girl not only had her mother's speed and her father's aim, she was completely silent and could easily disappear for a moment and then out of nowhere BAM! You've been hit.

It was odd. And familiar. Wanda had not had this much fun since before he… since before Pietro died. It was nice to be able to play and goof around instead of being by herself. Wanda wasn't sure why or how for that matter, but the Bartons had helped her, had loved her. And for that she would always have a soft place in her heart for a little farm in Iowa.

Snowball /ˈsnōˌbôl/

increase rapidly in size, intensity, or importance.

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