Okay, here be a story I got suggested to do by LadyBritish more so what is wrong with Ruby... have fun reading this 8k monster of a first chapter.

Chapter 1:

"Ruby, can you look at me Honey?" A brunette haired woman with red tips spoke calmly as her daughter began to drag her hands through her hair, she settled her palms on her ears as she began to tug them.

Seeing that the older woman reached up and began to move her hands gently away. She knew this was going to be the toughest part. To talk Ruby out of the reversed state she put herself in after only knowing some woman for a matter of a couple of months.

"Ruby... honey... you need to look at me." The woman spoke softer as the smaller version began to whip her head away. The elder of the two just looked at her daughter, shocked that every second she spent trapped in her mind, appeared to be destroying years worth of work. It was something that tore her apart.

Something she knew she didn't have long to hopefully bring her back from the edge of whatever cliff she was about to take the plunge off of. She had no idea how that single woman was able to do so much without doing anything.

"Ruby... can you please talk to me. It is just you and me. The door is closed." Summer continued as her daughter began to shake a bit. Something Summer knew could have been from multiple things. Like the fact she hadn't eaten in a couple of days, or the fact she had ignored her small workouts.

Shaking her head furiously as she tried to get her hands back so she can claw at her ears again. "Ruby... I can't help if you don't talk. Would you rather if you drew?" Summer asked calmly, hoping she could keep her daughter from this path of near self mutilation.

Nodding her head as Summer smiled, standing up she quickly walked over to the small plastic drawer and pulled out a small stack of papers and some of the colouring pencils. Glancing back at the table where her daughter was sitting, her hands back up at her ears. Holding them as she began to rock herself back and forth.

Frowning a little as she walked back to the table she placed the items down in front of the younger girl. She knew what her daughter would do even before she began to draw. Something that she knew pattern wise meant something good.

Ruby reached out and began to reorganise the pencils in the old pneumonic she remembered Yang telling her so she would remember the colours of the rainbow. Summer smiled once she saw the brightest of the yellows into place she quickly began to lightly run her fingers over the pencils, stopping once she came to the end.

Quickly returning to the other end of the colours, she picked up the pale yellow and began to draw. Summer smiled at the skills, but knew that from the curve in the lines she clearly wanted to be straight was speaking volumes. "Did you take your medicine?" Summer asked as Ruby quickly ripped the sheet she had been drawing on and began to crumple it up.

"No..." The small voice croaked as she began to drag her hand across the page stopping once she was sure it was going to be what she wanted. Summer smiled at the sound of her daughter's voice. Something that always brought a smile to her face. How when Ruby would draw, she would come out a little of her shell. Something that was hard to get her to do otherwise. "I'm going to go get them. Promise me you'll take them when I come back." Summer asked as Ruby quickly placed the pencil down careful as to not disturb the others sitting in the line.

"No... they taste disgusting." Ruby chimed as Summer frowned a little. "Ruby... they may taste bad, but they are to help you. Would it help you if I got you some juice or something to help take them?" Summer asked as Ruby nodded.

"Any preference? Orange juice? Apple juice? What Sweetie?" Summer knew that it was important for Ruby to make the decision herself right now. She didn't want to run the risk of Ruby regressing further. "Do we still have that peach-lychee juice?" Ruby asked as she picked up the pale lime green pencil and began to slowly go over the lines she wanted to keep.

Ruby knew she could do better for the diagrams, if she just gave some more time to think about the drawings. "We do. I'll go get you a glass but if I do will you take your pills?" Summer asked as Ruby nodded her head. "Okay, I'll be back in a few minutes Ruby." Summer spoke, enjoying the way Ruby had at least opened up a bit more. She knew it was going to be hard to repair the damage that woman caused. But she needed to do it before it happened.

"Ruby, come on... you need to take your medicine. We have to get to school." a blonde woman spoke towards the girl sitting at the table. Ruby had been staring at the colourful concoction of pills. Something the blonde had no idea what it was about, but she knew her sister needed them. "They taste bad Yang. And I still need to do that stupid walking exercise." Ruby said as she began to idly poke at the pale colour pills.

"Plus we have an hour and a half till first bell." Ruby spoke again as she saw the raven haired woman place a glass with a pale orange drink down. "All we had was orange and pineapple Ruby, sorry." The raven haired woman spoke as Ruby frowned.

She knew that it was something simple. Something that she knew wouldn't affect others, but she also knew how hard her mother's friend probably checked, and she knew how hard it was for Ruby to accept something outside of her ritual. But that didn't make the clawing feeling any easier.

"It's Monday though. Monday is just normal Orange Juice. I can't drink the orange and pineapple until Tuesday." Ruby stated as the woman frowned a little at it. The raven haired woman began to rub her hand through her hair as she looked at the girl.

"Ruby, I've known you since before you could walk. I know you like the routine... but that is all we have. I wish we did... but we don't and you know you need to take them." The woman spoke as Ruby began to run her hands into her hair.

Being careful the raven haired woman reached up and gently grabbed Ruby's hands, knowing that there was going to be one thing to happen then. Something she knew how bad it was when it did happen. Something she knew she had to try and avoid. "Mom knows I'm not meant to have the orange and pineapple until tomorrow... I can only take the pills this morning with orange juice Raven." Ruby continued as she tried to free her hands against the bare containment in the older woman's hands.

"Here Rubes. I didn't drink from my glass." Yang said sliding her glass over knowing how it was going to end, and she didn't want it to end that way. "I promise it is just normal OJ... I'll drink what Mom brought you." Yang continued hoping that the red tipped brunette was going to take the glass.

Smiling Raven let go of Ruby's hands so she could grasp the glass and took a sniff. Taking a small sip from the glass she reached over to the largest of her pills and quickly downing the mouthful. Before she began to repeat the process for the remaining three pills.

After a few minutes Ruby began to smile. She knew that was probably going to be the worst part of the day. After a few minutes she began to take some deep breaths. She was glad that she could at least take the pills. She knew despite how much she loathed the taste, and feeling on her tongue... she knew it was for the best. It meant she could concentrate more in school and it would make what was to come a lot easier.

"Come on Ruby, you should do the tape work out." Raven said as Ruby nodded. Standing up from the chair Ruby began to frown as she began to walk out of the room. Looking back towards her own daughter Raven spoke up. "Get ready to go to school. I promised Summer I'd drop the both of you off."

Yang rolled her eyes as she leaned back in her chair. "Fine. By the way you need to talk to Glynda... She has this idea that I may have endangered people." Yang said as Raven stopped at the door. Quickly turning around to look at the blonde. She was about to ask what the blonde did when said blonde spoke up again. "I may have let the animals in the elementary school out, and may have placed them into the suspended ceiling. She said how she is at her 'wit's end' and she needs to speak with you about my punishment."

Sighing deeply as she began to rub her eyes a little she looked back at Yang as she pinched her nose. "While that is funny... you need to stop acting out like that Yang. What if you get expelled?" Raven asked as he blonde just snickered at her. "Relax. They have nothing. This is just speculation. Now go help Ruby. I'll clean up." Yang said shooing her mother out of the room.

Rolling her eyes as she began to walk towards the small room where she could hear some fumbling in the room meaning she knew Ruby was trying. Something that she had seen done countless times by Ruby and knew how hard she found it at times. No matter how easy it seemed, it was something she often didn't envy. She had often tried to walk in that same line, but it constantly seemed almost impossible.

As she opened the door more to take the few steps she could see Ruby standing at one end. Her right foot, just with the toes just shy of the being on the line. Taking a deep breath she looked towards Raven standing just on the other side of the closed door.

Ruby took some more deep breaths as she tried to calm herself. She had been getting angry at this simple exercise. But she hadn't been able to do it and it was irking her.

As if knowing what Ruby wanted Raven began to walk the couple of feet to where the length of tape ended. "Come on Ruby. Just focus on me." Raven said as Ruby took some more deep breaths. She carefully begun to move her left foot, placing it down so her heel was just in front of her toes. She focused on the older woman's feet as she began to move her right foot.

"Come on Ruby, focus on me. Trust me you can do it. You're halfway there as it is now. Just keep trying with one foot in front of the other." Raven continued as Ruby reached close to the finish line. Raven having stepped back to accommodate her. As Ruby began to rock back and forth with her left foot in the air. "Ruby, look at me. Return your foot back to where it was." Raven began, noticing Ruby quickly replaced her foot back behind her right.

"Take a deep breath Ruby. There is no rush. It is three more steps. Just focus on me." Raven continued as Ruby quickly swung her foot back around and placed it solidly down. She smiled as she looked up to see the woman helping her.

Despite how often Ruby did this, she always found it overly difficult unless there was someone standing on the other end. Something she was glad Raven remembered as she made the last few steps.

"There you go Ruby. Come on, apparently I need to talk to the vice principal about Yang." Raven said as Ruby looked up at her. She knew that it was a shock that it took the teachers that long to catch Yang, but that still raised some more questions. Ones she felt were slightly more important.

"Where is my Mom?" Ruby asked, surprised a little that it took her this long to ask. But to her it was just as important. "She got called into the hospital at about five. Don't worry, she'll be back by the time you are done school." Raven continued as Ruby smiled.

"Mom says it is polite to say thank you if someone else helps me... so thank you." Ruby spoke she knew Raven had helped her a few times, but this was a new thing Summer had told Ruby. Not that it made much sense, but she had to trust Summer. Summer was always right.

Smiling at the sight of the girl. "Your welcome Ruby. Now let's go finish getting ready." Raven said as Ruby began to walk towards the door. She was hoping that today was going to go by a lot easier than the Friday just past. She still remembered how strange it was that the school finally gave her a new helper. But the white haired woman Ruby had to admit seemed nice.

Ruby quickly began to walk up the flight of stairs towards her room as Raven walked out and towards the kitchen where Yang had just finished the final glass and placed it on the drying rack. "How is she? I mean... it sounded like it was harder than normal." Yang asked she quickly walked towards the end of the counter to grab the black towel so she could begin to dry the dishes.

"She only had some minor troubles. She is getting better and better at it, but I'll save all the calls for Summer." Raven said as Yang handed her one of the dried plates to put away. "Where is Summer? She is always here to help Ruby in the morning..." Yang asked as her Mom just smiled at her.

"She had some things to take care of involving Ruby's invention." Raven said as Yang nodded in understanding. "Won't Ruby like freak out if she finds out about that?" Yang asked as she handed over another plate.

Raven shook her head as she grabbed the plate placing into the cupboard. "Summer knows what she is doing." Raven spoke, quickly letting the silence take over, only for it to be broken by some soft mutterings at the base of the stairs. Something that caused Raven to frown.

"Do you need help Ruby?" Raven asked as Yang handed her one of the glasses. "Please... I know I can do it... it is just I'm tired." Ruby stated as Raven just smiled a little.

Looking towards the blonde Raven spoke up, "Do you mind helping her? I'll finish up in here." Raven smiled at the look on Yang's face. "Sure." Yang spoke quickly leaving the kitchen.

A slight skip in her step as she came to a stop at the stairs. Looking at the face of concentration on her sister, as she was trying her hardest to do something that Yang had found so mundane, like tying a pair of shoelaces, but also knew how difficult things were for Ruby.

She could see Ruby focusing intently on the one shoe, shaking her head a little Yang kneeled down and grasped the other lengths. The blonde could feel the eyes, move from the where they were to her hands. Almost like she didn't trust them.

"You know it is okay to ask for help sometimes Ruby." Yang said as Ruby began to relax a little. "I know I can do it... I've done it before." Ruby spoke as Yang smirked tugging the two ears that formed tying the shoe in front of her.

Yang quickly moved onto the other shoe as Ruby began to relax a little. "So how is the new helper in school?" Yang asked, trying to making some light conversation as Ruby took a breath. "She seems nice... but I don't know why a Schnee would be a helper... but she isn't as mean as they are made out to be." Ruby said as Yang began to laugh a little.

"I'm in some classes with the Schnee twins... thankfully not at the same time. I mean... Whitely is a bit of a... not going to finish that. Weiss is kind of cute though." Yang said as Ruby smiled. She was glad Yang was enjoying the new students, but that wasn't making it any easier on Ruby. Just because she not only had the twins, but she also had her helper. It was something that made it hard.

The fact she had constant amounts of change and it was taxing Ruby to a new degree, and it was something that she found painful in a way. "Relax Ruby. I know that look. Just give Winter some time. She may end up like Blake." Yang began looking up at Ruby. "They aren't too tight are they?" Yang asked as Ruby shook her head.

"Thank you Yang. I promise I can do it next time." Ruby said as Yang just smiled standing up. "I don't mind helping you Ruby. You just need to ask." Yang said, smiling as Ruby looked down at her shoes.

"It is more than that Yang... I need to be able to do it myself eventually." Ruby spoke, as Yang rolled her eyes lightly. "Relax Ruby. You are still easily smarter than me anyway." Yang tried to reassure her sister as Raven walked to the front door.

"Come on you two, need to get you to school now don't I?" Raven asked as Ruby smiled her small smile at the idea that she could just get the day over faster meaning she can get back to her room easier and then relax before she had to attempt to do more of the exercises that she needed to do.

Winter couldn't believe her current situation. The rage she was feeling just because of how she was being reduced to what she had to agree with her youngest sibling as a 'drool catcher'. She supposed that was why she was standing in her father's office with her younger siblings.

It was something that was clearly bothering all three of them. "What is the meaning of this intrusion? You three should be on your way to the school. A Schnee must never be late." The man in his pristine white suit spoke up. His hand raising up to stroke the fine hairs of his moustache as he began to question what was going on and why they would even ask him into his office.

"This is ridiculous father. She is nothing more than a drooling moron." The only other male spoke. Winter looked towards her brother when she spoke. "Whitely is right. She doesn't even speak to me. Instead she speaks to a handful of students, and three teachers." Winter continued Whitely's point as the elder Schnee just leaned back in his chair.

The tension was thick enough one could cut it with a knife if they wanted to. That was when a sight that all three of the children had seldom seen on the man's face. Something they had only seen the fake one he would give to the media, to the point.

It had gotten to the point that all three of the children were terrified.

"Then you three have failed as not only being a Schnee but as humans." The man spoke as he opened a drawer on his desk to produce a folder and dropping it down on top of his desk. "I told you all last week, this would be a game of chess, instead of our normal practise." He continued as he gestured for Winter to take the folder.

Rolling her eyes at being treated like a child again, knowing her father would intentionally withhold information for no other reason than to make it interesting to himself. "That... how did you describe it Whitely, drooling moron has an IQ of one hundred and fifty, and figured out how to make our entire empire obsolete. The same one your grandfather created. She not only figured out ways to make six forms of renewable energy cheaper, less bulky, and almost a perfect conversion into energy with no waste."

With that simple statement, the white haired children practically froze. They hadn't been given much if any information on the girl they were meant to get to know. They only knew the woman had autism. He told them nothing more. Not even what they were meant to be getting cosy next to her for.

"Now, the three of you, get going. Don't want to be late. I hear schools frown upon that." Jacques said, leaning back in his chair, fingers pressed together. The middle child who had remained relatively silent stood up, along with her twin, and walked out of the room leaving Winter and their father.

"You had no right to keep this from me. I spend the bulk of my day there with her. This information would have been nice to know." Winter bit as the man in front of her just smirked. "But Winter, you spend the bulk of your day with her. I expected Weiss and Whitely to not notice, but I expect more from you. You are the future of this empire." Jacques spoke as he spun around so he wasn't facing his daughter.

"Now go. You must not embarrass us. As you will most likely have her trust first, make sure you are on time and at least appear to be nice." He continued as Winter stood up.

Without saying anything else Winter quickly walked out of the room. She couldn't believe this was how her life was turning into. She just knew that it was only going to be a matter of time before she snapped and harmed the man.

As she entered the hallway she could see Weiss standing there, looking irritated. "Whitely went on ahead. But do you think that girl is really that smart?" Weiss asked as Winter just looked down the hallway. "I don't know Weiss. She has said about two words to me. She speaks more to that blonde woman, and a select group of others." Winter spoke as she began to walk down the hallway with her sister quickly catching up, trying to desperately stay in stride next to her.

"Well, it seems father won't let up until we have her on our side." Weiss continued as Winter just smiled at her. "It would seem so. Do you want to go in with me?" Winter asked as Weiss looked at her.

The sight in her eyes was clear, she wasn't sure if she wanted to take up the offer. "No thank you Winter. I think I know of a way I can get close to Ruby." Weiss continued as Winter just smiled. "Only one way to find out dear sister." Winter said as she Weiss just smiled.

"That we will Winter."

Ruby smiled as she took a seat. She knew how long she would have exactly before the first bell. Fifteen minutes may not seem like much, but she knew what she could do to help her relax further while she would wait.

As she placed her back down on the table, she took a seat and pulled out a sheet of paper. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes as she reached in to grab her pencil case. She quickly opened her eyes as she opened the pencil case.

'At least this is one therapy that I can always get behind...' Ruby thought as she began to draw something she hadn't given much thought of since she destroyed the previous drawing. It was something that she knew she could get right.

"Hello Ruby," Ruby heard as she began to draw the line. Ruby knew who it was, but she couldn't answer. Any form a response just died in her throat. She knew she had to try, but she just couldn't respond more than one word. One that she knew was acceptable. But she just couldn't do more. "Hello."

The woman smiled a little as she looked at her white haired helper. She knew that the woman wouldn't take Ruby's lack of a response as something to be offended by. But she just kept the same smile on her face.

"Do you want some tea Ruby? You seem tense, and a little bit agitated." Winter asked as Ruby just glanced at the clock. She really had no idea why Winter was asking, she only had ten minutes. And Winter... she hoped would know it takes her exactly fifteen minutes to drink tea.

Already knowing what her answer was going to be regardless of how many times Winter was going to ask it, Ruby had begun to shake her head. She couldn't be late for her first class of the day. She enjoyed reading physics, and enjoyed the class even more. Ruby begun to shake her head as Winter just smiled.

"Okay, it is your choice." Winter said taking her seat next to Ruby as she looked over Ruby's shoulder to see what she was drawing. It was something that Winter had seen countless times while she was in her grandfather's study. 'I guess Father is right. This girl will be interesting if she knows what she is doing.' Winter thought as she spoke up again, "What are you drawing?"

At that simple comment Ruby froze. She didn't know how to respond to something that she knew Yang could respond to if she was present. But here she was feeling like the bile began to raise up. It wasn't that she didn't know what it was. She did, hell she had some still up on her wall and had to explain what it was to her mother a few times. But right now... her mind was blank as a knot had formed in her throat.

"I know what it is vaguely Ruby. I'm just curious as to how you can even follow it... I've been looking at them since I was four while I was in my grandfather's study and I can't even follow it." Winter clarified as Ruby took a deep breath and began to relax. She still had no idea what she was meant to say. But figured that if Winter knew she would know what it meant at least.

Turning back to her drawing Ruby muttered a faint sound. "It is… or rather... will be a diagram of how a neuron works." Ruby knew this was probably the most she said to Winter since they were introduced. But she knew Winter would at least keep this single thing up, purely so Ruby would try and speak more.

Ruby remembered that it was something her mom had tried to tell her would get slightly easier with time but she just could begin to fathom how. She would much rather just sit down and draw these diagrams. And talk as little as she needed to.

Something that she knew was alien to people, but to her it felt natural. Most voices hurt her ears, and more often than not she couldn't believe how a lot of sounds happened to grate on her nerves, most of which her blonde sister would assure her was a natural sounding thing.

"That seems very complicated... but very interesting. I'm kind of jealous... I've seen these practically all my life and I don't understand that in the slightest." Winter continued as Ruby smiled a little. Most people would try and talk in some condescending tone to her. Like she didn't understand what she was drawing.

"Once it moves from a basic structure it can be hard." Ruby spoke as she heard the door open, and the heels of her teacher walking through. "You'll have to teach me some time then. I may not have the same skills as my younger sister, but I do find physics interesting." Winter continued as the raven haired teacher came to a stand at the front of the room.

Ruby smiled a little at her, She knew what was to come soon enough. It would be a simple role call and her reminding the five people in the room that if they need to, they can always return to rooms to calm down. Not that Ruby would unless it was bad. The only person remaining there that has taken the offer up was one of Ruby's few friends. The ginger haired girl sitting at the other end of the room.

Smiling as the teacher looked at the group. Noticing the lack of two people. "Do any of you know where Ciel and Neo are?" The raven haired woman asked as the ginger haired girl shot her hand up. "Yes Penny?" The raven haired woman asked in a soothing tone, to try and make the hyperactive girl focus a little.

"Ciel is at the doctors, and I think Ruby told me that Neo was running late." Penny said as she began to lean back in her chair. She was already excited for the day to come. It would be slightly harder to keep track of how much fun she was going to have with Ruby this week, but she was just giddy at the idea.

The raven haired teacher turned to face Ruby, asking a silent question that Ruby nodded to. Winter smiled at the sight of Ruby who quickly began to return her items into her pencil case and into her bag. Before Winter knew it Ruby dragged the sheet of paper towards her and began to tear it apart.

It was a shock. She had seen the girl work so diligently on something that she could barely follow... and she just ruined it. Almost as if she was drawing nothing more than the stick figures she herself would when she got bored in one of the meetings she had with her father's associates. But to this one girl, that complex structure was nothing.

Once Ruby was sure the paper was small enough she began to drag her pile of paper into her waiting hand.

"Okay, if either of the two girls come in, please tell them to see me right away." The raven teacher spoke as the small group nodded and said a chorus of 'Yes Mrs Kali.' however the only thing that seemed off was the fact she didn't hear anything from the brunette woman next to her. She could just make out the slight movements of her mouth moving. And yet the words never seemed to leave. As if they died in her throat.

'Shame. Ruby has such a melodic voice. Almost as if it was handed to her by an angel. This is going to be even more interesting given what Father dug up and placed in your file.' Winter thought as she began to stand up. Knowing it wouldn't be long till Ruby did.

"Mrs Belladonna, mind if I speak with you a minute?" Winter asked, hoping that the answer was a 'yes'. She could see some apprehension in the smaller girl's eyes. Almost like she felt a little betrayed. "Can it wait till break Miss Schnee?" Kali asked as the white haired woman smiled back.

"It can. I was just curious about something relatively minor." Winter said as she noticed some relaxation coming from Ruby. Like she was ecstatic that Winter couldn't ask what ever her questions were. Winter smiled as she gestured towards the door.

Ruby flashed her what Winter hoped was a smile. It was hard to tell. It wasn't one of those silly notions of a childish smile she once thought was standard when she was younger. This was something more akin to her father would give one of his associates when he knew something they didn't.

Shaking the idea of Ruby planning something as malicious as her Father would. Winter quickly grabbed her items and walked with Ruby out of the room. She was curious as to how the first class would go with the reveal of the information they got this morning.

She knew Whitely would start doing what was a foreign concept to him. Treating someone that wasn't a Schnee with respect. Something that would surely make Weiss and Winter shocked. As Ruby and Winter began to walk down the small path, taking great care to avoid the large group of crowds funnelling from the main buildings around heading to the right rooms to begin their Monday.

As they walked into the orange building Winter smiled at the sight of Weiss and Whitely standing there. Patiently waiting for the door to the classroom to be opened. It was something that was amusing to her.

Glancing towards Ruby, Winter smiled at her. The way she nearly clutched her bag behind her with one hand as the other was raised to just cover one of her ears. Like she was trying to guard her items and block out sounds simultaneously.

As the wait grew, Winter could almost feel a change as the doors at one end of the hallway flew open, as Winter let out a sigh at the sight of the blonde woman Winter had been aggravated a few times by in the few conversations she has had with the woman.

She could see Ruby lightly pick up at the sight for some reason that still seemed foreign to her. She had no idea why, after all that one woman drove Winter and her siblings up the wall. The blonde quickly walked up towards Ruby and quickly hugged her.

Winter looked at Ruby and could see a blush as the blonde woman began to whisper into her ear. She was shocked after a few seconds she could hear Ruby's faint voice. "Go to class Yang... you can't get into more trouble."

That faint voice was something that made Winter smile. She could see the blonde roll her eyes as she pulled back. "Yang, come on. If we are late for biology again..." A raven haired woman said just as she carefully opened the door. And began to walk through it.

"Whatever Blake." Yang began and looked towards the three white haired individuals. "Sup Princess, Perv... and I got nothing for the eldest right now..." Yang snickered as she quickly walked down the hall towards Blake.

Winter could see some rage building in her younger siblings eyes when she felt her sleeve getting tugged on. Glancing down towards the oddly silent woman who was gesturing her closer. As she was about to question what Ruby wanted, she could see Ruby's hand gesture becoming more erratic.

Deciding to give in she leaned down and felt Ruby's hot breath on her ear. "I'm sorry about Yang... can you tell your brother and sister that Yang didn't mean it." Winter smiled a little as she said a simple 'Okay' in return. As she pulled back she looked at her siblings, and smiled. "I've been informed the blonde oaf does not mean what she says." Winter said as Ruby began to move a little behind the tallest white haired woman.

Whitely scoffed lightly at that notion as the a grey haired man with a large moustache came into the building moving past the group of students that had started to form to quickly open the door. Once the door was open, Ruby quickly ran in as to make sure she could have her seat at the back.

Once she got comfortable in her seat she looked next to her to see Winter sitting down. She hopped that Winter was going to be able to stay focused during this entire class. She figured that this was one of the classes that Winter didn't particularly care for. Not that she needed help in this class, but was just glad that she could still have her input to the class, without needing to actually speak.

She knew that Winter wasn't always going to answer for her, but until then, it was going to be great. Even if it was only going to last a couple of weeks before Winter would try and push her to doing it herself. It always happened... but she already didn't mind Winter. It was just a matter of trust that she always seemed to hold her back.

Something that Yang assured her was something that made sense whenever one was to meet new people. But whenever Ruby saw the blonde meet a new person, the confidence and trust she seemed to just ooze, was what was making Ruby find that part hard to believe.

Even though she knew that Yang had come a long way from what she once was, but that never made what Yang said go down easier. Once Ruby was comfortable on the stool as she began to pull out everything she would need. Once everything was out, Ruby began the laborious process to make sure everything was in it's place.

She could hear the class continuing like it always. She didn't mind that Mister Port would continue the lesson without her. He knew how important these small rituals were to Ruby. And would give her the time to do them.

Once Ruby was happy with where her books were she began to pull out the various pencils and pens she needed. 'I hope this is the lesson he teaches the rest about Kirchhoff's laws... so I can draw some more circuits.' Ruby happily thought as the teacher at the front began to write on the board.

Ruby smiled as she took a seat between Blake and her blonde sister. Quickly reaching into her back Ruby pulled out her plastic lunch box, and quickly breaking the seals as she smiled at the contents. Yang glanced towards her sister and smiled as she witnessed Ruby slowly taking each object out.

Yang watched carefully as people began to take a seat around the table. That was when Ruby noticed something new. The arrival of the white haired science partner she got assigned.

As Weiss took a seat, she looked at the careful piles Ruby was building. The way she draped her napkin down onto the table so she could rearrange the grapes she pulled out, but stopped once Weiss took her seat. It was raising some questions. Along with the raven haired woman punching the blonde in the shoulder causing her to finally remember.

"No need to punch. I just forgot." Yang began as she turned towards Ruby. "Ruby, deep breaths. I assure you, Princess is alright. She just got into a small fight with her twin, and Winter went off campus to eat and I didn't want her to eat alone." Yang said trying to ease what was causing Ruby to panic.

Ruby quickly turned to the raven haired woman and leaned up so she could whisper into her ear. "This is a change... I don't like change Blake..." Ruby whispered. She knew it was foolish, and she knew it would probably hurt both Yang and Weiss. But she just couldn't accept this much change in such a short amount of time. She felt like she barely had enough time to recompose herself after being forced to not only have Winter help her in every single class, but countless partnerships between Weiss and Whitely.

Blake just looked at Ruby, she could see how much this was stressing her, but she also didn't want to ruin what Yang called 'a sure thing'. She already knew that it would normally take a lot more for Yang to stop trying to get something she wants.

"Do you want me to come with you to the prefabs?" Blake asked as Ruby looked at what she had already started. How was she meant to just leave if this was unfinished. It is something that Ruby knew on the surface was so simple. But she could feel the tell tale claws, digging at the seams of her mind. How was she meant to respond to something like that?

"Ruby... I'll carry your grapes for you, so you won't need to put them back into your lunch box." Blake spoke trying to make sure Ruby wasn't going to panic at this minute she knew that Ruby could very easily be set off, and that once that happened she wouldn't be able to really do anything for the rest of the day if she did stay in school that was. "It is your choice Ruby." Blake continued as she looked down at the sight of Ruby quickly grabbing the cuffs of her sleeves.

Ruby took some deep breaths as she began to look from the food in front of her back to the raven haired woman, and finally to the white haired woman. She nodded as fast as she could. She knew there was probably something deemed wrong normally... but she just couldn't care. She was dead focused on just not breaking down. She needed to get through the rest of the day.

Blake smiled as she quickly began to help Ruby stand up from her spot at the table. She turned to Yang and smiled at her. "We'll be in the prefabs Yang... don't do something stupid like last time." Blake said calmly as she grabbed the four corners of the napkin and picked them up at once.

"If you set the bar that high Blake, I'm going to need to go under it..." Yang began as Blake rolled her eyes. Ruby quickly grabbed her bag, slipping it on, she began to wrap her arms around herself as she began to wait for Blake to come.

She didn't care how she would look. She knew Yang would explain it to Weiss, if it truly bothered her. Or at least she hopped that it was the case. Blake smiled as she began to walk towards Ruby, and smiling at the sight of Ruby.

Her eyes flying around from one side of the large room to the other, as if she was an animal on the savannah being on the lookout for another, larger, more vicious animal. Once Blake stood next to the girl, she lightly gestured towards the door to leave the building.

As Ruby pushed past the glass double swinging doors she walked out as Blake smiled at how Ruby seemed to act like Weiss had lit her on fire. Blake fell into stride next to Ruby, enjoying that the smaller girl was starting to relax at being away from Weiss.

Blake was unsure on how she was meant to bring up the subject of what had just happened and decided to go for broke. "Are you alright Ruby?" Blake asked as she held the door to the temporary building open for Ruby.

"It is just too much change... I feel like I can't even catch my breath after getting a helper... and getting new partners with Weiss and Whitely... now I can't even eat in peace without one of them being there. How am I meant to eat when everything is changing?" Ruby muttered as she began to take some shaky deep breaths.

Blake could tell Ruby was close to breaking down, but knew that if nothing else set her off off she would be able to pull through. It was going to be something that may be hard but it could be done. It needed to be done. Otherwise Ruby may very well be out for a week as she tries to mentally bring herself back to the same point.

The duo began to walk towards one of the back rooms and entered the small kitchen. Once they entered, Blake took a look around. Noticing something was off. Ruby quickly took her seat as Blake lowered the napkin so Ruby could continue her separating and reorganisation of them. "Hey Peach. Do you know where my Mom is?" Blake asked walking towards the mugs and began to make herself some tea.

"She went out. Miss Schnee took her out for lunch." The blonde haired teacher responded as Blake took a seat next to Ruby who smiled at the sight of the grapes before quickly turning towards the sandwich that Blake already knew was going to be peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Ruby smiled as she took a bite of the sandwich. Enjoying the taste as she could see out of the corner of her eye Blake moving a tea bag up and down in a ceramic mug as she began to open her bag and pulled a book out. "So Ruby, what happened? Normally you don't eat lunch here unless something happens." The blonde teacher asked, sitting across from Blake.

"Yang invited someone to the lunch table... and Blake offered to come here with me." Ruby muttered softly as she placed the sandwich with a bite missing onto the napkin and picked up one of the grapes and plopped it into her mouth. Enjoying the small explosion of juice that came from the grape.

"That was nice of you Blake." The older woman said as Blake took a drink from the mug. "It is alright. I wanted to ask my Mom something anyway. But I suppose it can wait till after school." Blake said calmly as she looked towards Ruby.

Ruby just smiled as she finished the half of her sandwich Blake knew she would eat willingly, before she turned towards the remaining section of grapes. "Ruby... you know you need to eat the other half. Summer would kill me if you didn't." Blake said calmly as the small brunette girl pushed the triangle away from her.

"I'm full Blake. You can have the rest if you want." Ruby muttered as Blake just shook her head lightly. "Ruby... I'm not going to eat your sandwich. Just can you try and eat it. Please." Blake practically begged as Ruby just pouted.

"No..." Ruby muttered as she pulled her knees up to her chest as she moved her juice box towards her and pierced the small silver circle with the plastic straw and began to suck the juice through the straw. She smiled at the taste when she heard the door behind her open.

Quickly swivelling her head to see the room's new occupants she could see her raven haired form room teacher enter the room with her white haired helper. Once the older woman noticed the girl sitting next to Ruby. "Blake, dear what are you doing here?" Kali asked as the girl in question took a sip from her tea as she looked back at her.

"Yang... change... didn't inform Ruby... do I need to continue?" Blake asked rhetorically as Winter smiled at the sight of the girl. Ruby just continued to drink her juice as she looked at the clock. 'Huh... took longer than normal to eat... I suppose the main factor would be the fact Weiss was at the table.' Ruby thought as Winter just shook her head, taking a seat.

"Ruby, are you alright about it? Do you want some tea?" Winter asked as Ruby nodded taking up what remained of her juice with a loud slurping noise. After a few more minutes Kali took a seat at the table holding her own mug of tea. "So, Ruby... how has Winter been?" Kali asked as the blonde teacher began to leave the room.

Ruby looked between the older woman and the white haired helper. "Winter is nice... and I'm trying to open up more... but... but..." Ruby started as Kali smiled at her. "It is alright Ruby. I was just checking." Kali said as a soft bell chiming could be heard.

Kali just looked at the trio sitting across from her. "You three should get going. The art room is on the other side of the school after all." The teacher said as Ruby nodded, quickly putting the half of her sandwich into the box and replaced it into her bag. As she stood up she could see Winter relaxing at the sight of Ruby.

Winter was slightly glad that Kali was nice enough to give her some pointers on how to try and to get Ruby to open up. Something she felt like she needed if she was to get as close as her father wanted her too. Ruby closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she began to walk out of the room, with Winter and Blake in tow behind her.

Ruby looked at the drawing she made. It was pissing her off to a new degree. She couldn't stand looking at the diagram. She was furious. She began to rip the basic circuit diagram up before she reached up and began to grab hold of her ears.

Rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet she began to dig her fingernails into the tender flesh behind her ears. She could feel a light amount of liquid coat her fingertips as she could hear the vague sound of her door opening followed by the sound of frantic footsteps followed. As she closed her eyes as tight as she could; she could feel her hands getting pulled away by force.

After a few seconds she finally recognised the soft, almost familiar contact from the hands. She opened her eyes to see her mother's concerned silver staring back at her. Once Summer felt Ruby's hands slacken enough, she covered Ruby's ears with her own hands.

"Ruby, breath. I'm here. Sweetie... just breath." Summer said softly as she could, but still loud enough for her panicking daughter to hear. She couldn't risk Ruby doing what she wanted to do and practically maul her ears off.

Summer took a moment as she began to look at Ruby lowering her hands down fully. "Ruby... I brought you the juice and your pills. Can you please take them?" Summer asked carefully moving her hands away, but still close enough to latch themselves over Ruby's ear as a precautionary measure.

Ruby's eyes quickly shot to the table, and could see the glass of pale orange juice that she just knew was what she asked for, but the pills that stared at her. Nodding her head lightly as Summer pulled her hands back as Ruby's reached out and grasped a pill in one hand and the plastic cup in the other. Ruby carefully raised the glass and took a small sip as she placed the first pill into her mouth, swallowing the concoction that had formed.

Author's Note:

Welp, I hope you guys enjoyed this, thus far. I'd like to start off thanking Doomzoom who made that sick cover art, and Lady British who is helping me with the Autistic aspect of the story. I'm going to keep the ship a secret though... but the rest of the chapters are going to be about this length... those of you who aren't aware this is nearly 8.5k. So it is going to be once a month thing at most. Till next time.