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Chapter 9:

"You've got to be kidding me." Blake stated as she covered her mouth as her friend was done recanting what must be hard for her to say but Blake had no idea how she was meant to help the situation. Just the thought of it was something that was paining Blake a little from how she just found out.

"No. She told me herself last night. And I'm not even allowed to freak out in the house on the off chance Ruby overhears and becomes near impossible to console which would probably lead to her being chained to a hospital bed for her own safety." Yang said as she tossed the tool she had been using towards the table next to where her friend was sitting.

"Why the fuck are you out here Yang!? You should be in there with Summer and your Mom. I mean do you even know how long she has?" Blake asked as Yang looked up from what she was doing.

"Blake, before I knew this I'd need to do something near illegal to even get them to acknowledge me. But I know that Summer is a fighter and would probably refuse death up until she knows Ruby will be safe and well looked after. And the reason I'm out here, is because this is probably the last thing I can do that actually helps me think." Yang said as she walked around the table holding the motorcycle to try and find the last few tools she needed to fully disassemble the bike before she could take the paint off and apply new coats. "I mean would you even know how you would react that a woman who might as well be your other mother since your dad's death telling you she has been dying?" Yang continued as she quickly grabbed some of the items that looked like she needed them.

As she turned around quickly as to hide the tears in her eyes from her friend, she took a few steps to the machine and started her best to try and fix something that she knew no matter how broken it got there was still a way to fix it.

Sniffing a little Yang winced as she felt herself being spun around by force before the culprit wrapped their arms around her. "Yang, I get this by far isn't the easiest thing to deal with. But I'm here for you Yang. You don't need to hide the crying." Blake said forgetting about the white shirt she was wearing, just because of how much pain Yang clearly was in.

Fighting the tears back the best she could Yang started to push Blake back, already loathing the fact that it felt exactly like she needed. "Gawd, gay this up much Blake? I'll be fine. I'm used to dealing this kind of shit by myself. I had to do it with one parent already. So just don't gay this up much more." Yang half lied as she turned back towards the bike and started to slip in the star driver and rotate the screw.

"Yang, you're crying." Blake said softly narrowly dodging the tool that was thrown in her direction.


"It is okay to cry Yang." Blake whispered as she pushed Yang's head down into her shoulder as she started to rub her back. Just hoping that it would help her out. Even if it was a small part. Blake would feel a lot better about this. If Blake was being honest, she had no idea how Yang was even able to stay as collected as she has.

Ruby smiled as she popped the last grape in her mouth, a little glad that Yang didn't seem as mad at the fact that Cinder and Ruby had been talking while Ruby walked towards the table. But Ruby also wasn't sure if it was from her not seeing it from her constant kissing with Weiss, or because she genuinely didn't mind that Ruby was talking with Cinder again.

Not that Ruby really minded either way. She knew her sister was wrong about Cinder. Cinder unlike Yang hadn't harmed Ruby at all. And had even helped her with some of finer things about social interactions.

What she did know for sure though was the fact that Yang was at least happy at this moment and wasn't going to bring up her medication which was really what mattered to her. As long as she could go the rest of the day with her being this happy.

"YOU HARLOT!" The group could hear yelled as Yang pulled back from Weiss and just smiled at the woman's twin storming towards them covered with fake insects and some real ones. "YOU BROKE INTO MY LOCKER TO DO SOMETHING THIS JUVENILE!?"

"Now Whitley, that is a serious accusation. I mean I'm sure you have proof and that is the reason you've come stomping over here. Otherwise, I'm going to ask you to leave." Yang said with a smile on her face as she could see an eye just start to twitch at her simple statement.

"What. Possible. Other animal would break into a locker and do something like this?" Whitley stated as he started to flick the items off of him.

"I don't know everyone you perv on or insult thinking it won't make it back to them. I mean word does travel fast inside any social setting. And given how quick you are to assume it is me, with this slanderous speak... I'm honestly feeling attacked."

"I'm going to get the camera footage and I will get you expelled." The teen stated as he smacked the table as Yang just started to chuckle at him as he walked away.

"GOOD LUCK!" Yang yelled towards her with a smile on her face as she looked towards Ruby who had slumped over in her seat. Slight worry starting to over take Yang as she could see the pills still remaining in the box.

Separating from Weiss with a heavy urge to not want to, Yang walked around the table and snapped her fingers lightly in front of Ruby's face. As she waited for a response, she began to curse her luck. Tilting the girl's head up, Yang took a deep breath as she looked towards Blake.

"Blake, go get the nurse. Ruby is having a seizure." Yang bit as Blake quickly stood up and nearly ran into the building as Yang tried her best to keep Ruby's airways clear. "Weiss, can you just keep an eye on the time?" Yang asked calmly as she began to go down the ways she would get revenge on Whitley for causing something like this on Ruby.

She didn't care if she got expelled or sent to jail. No one was allowed to cause Ruby's seizures in Yang's eyes. Accident or not. She just had to make sure Ruby was going to be alright first.

"But Ruby isn't doing the limb spasming thing I'd associate with seizures. Are you sure she is having one? I mean there wasn't even any flashing lights." Weiss asked as she glanced at her watch.

"One, Ruby's seizures are induced from sounds. Two you aren't the only one that thinks that those are the only seizures out there. Ruby normally just loses all her muscle control hence me holding onto her head right now." Yang said with a smile towards Weiss as she could see her nod in understanding as Yang felt like she had to continue. "Just let me know if it goes beyond three minutes. Because then I might kill your brother." Yang said calmly as she glanced up to see Blake running out closely followed by the nurse.

"What happened?" The male nurse asked as he quickly grabbed Ruby's wrist just to check to make sure Ruby's heart was still beating. "And how long has it been?" He continued as he was glad at the beating when he quickly took over what Yang was doing and begun to move the people out of the way to just lay her down where she was sitting.

"Whitley Schnee came over yelling and just left after he smacked the freaking table." Yang stated as the nurse took a deep breath and reached into the bag that Yang had seen far too many times for her liking when she could see the man pull out a flashlight and quickly moved Ruby's eyelids up.

As the light was flicked across Ruby's eyes, Yang breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of Ruby's body at least twitching back to life. Something that made Yang at least a little glad that she might have worried over nothing but she also knew what would happen if she didn't at least report it to the staff.

"Um... it just went over three minutes since Yang asked me to keep track." Came the soft voice of Weiss. As if she was ashamed from the fact that her brother had induced something like that causing Yang to bite the inside of her cheek.

"Yang, go inside, call your parents and tell the principle to call an ambulance. Blake, go tell your mother that Ruby won't be in for the rest of the day. Weiss, get to class." The nurse demanded as Yang just shook her head knowing that he would know what was best at this moment for Ruby from the simple fact that she knew he was at least qualified to handle things like this.

As Yang walked into the school with Weiss next to her, she quickly pulled out her phone and scrolled down to the person she knew would demand to know first, Yang pressed the phone to her ear as she could feel Weiss rubbing her back soothingly. Knowing that she would have to leave the embrace of that Yang took a step to the side just outside of Weiss' reach so she wouldn't get comfortable with it.

"Yang, it is school hours. What is the matter?" Came Summer's soft voice as Yang just took a deep breath as though to prepare herself about this whole situation she knew would result in quite possibly the head of Whitley to roll.

"Ruby just had a seizure and when I left it just went over the three minute mark. So I'm following the nurse's orders and calling you to let you know." Yang said as she could almost hear the colour drain from the woman's face as Yang took a deep breath getting ready for just the assault blaming her. Something that she supposed that she deserved given her history, but she also knew that deep down Summer knew that Yang was no longer like that.

"Yang, I'm already in my office. Make sure they bring her here and be in the ambulance with her. I'll call Raven." Summer stated as what Yang just knew was the hardest thing for her because Yang knew she was going to be beating herself up for the rest of the day and even the weekend because she allowed Ruby to come back to school early after being out for so long.

Saying a quick goodbye Yang hung up her phone and slipped it into her pocket as she frowned at the lack of contact of Weiss near her. It felt like she was going to be entering the lion's den but she knew that it had to be done. It was needed for Ruby.

Pushing the door open, she could see the silver haired man just glance up at her a little shock at the action until Yang spoke up. "You need to call an ambulance. Ruby had a seizure that has gone over the safe mark. I already called Summer." Yang said as she could see the man quickly reach for his desk phone as he punched in the numbers.

"Do you know what triggered it?" The man asked quietly as before he interrupted himself. "I need an ambulance at Beacon Academy. A student has just had a seizure that has gone on longer than three minutes." The man spoke with a finality that Yang was at least thankful that she was able to get him and not the demon woman who seemed to have something against Yang.

Not that it mattered really. She was going to be able to finally get Ruby some help at the minute and it would even get her the rest of the day off because she knew that she had to go with Ruby. The man's calm voice broke her out of her stupor as he placed the phone down. "Now Yang, do you know what caused it?"

"It was Whitley Schnee. He came over yelling and just causing a bunch of noise. I'm sure you can even see it from one of the cameras that are everywhere here." Yang said knowing that they would at least backup her claim. She just hoped that they would do something about the boy before Yang had to take it upon herself to cause him harm. Something that she would have no issue with really.

"I'll look into this. But you need to leave him alone for now. If your sister has recovered enough, bring her to the nurses office."

"Why though Ozpin? All that is going to happen is their father is going to buy him out of trouble!" Yang snapped at the calm man who just continued to meet her gaze. It was as if he knew that Yang wasn't truly mad at him.

Standing up calmly, Ozpin started to dust off his suit as he continued to meet Yang's eyes. "If there is proof he intentionally caused it Yang, that is an expulsion worthy offense. If what you said is true even accidental his punishment can range from suspension to possible expulsion. It is something I will look into as I said. Now go be with your sister. Okay?" The man stated calmly as Yang just took a deep breath and stormed out of the room.

It wasn't that she was mad at the man. She knew that he was going to be just with his punishment. She just knew that it wasn't going to be something that she couldn't stand he would get off with what was far too light of a punishment in her opinion.

Shoving the doors to where they had been enjoying lunch open, Yang just frowned at the sight of Ruby fighting the nurse. To do what Yang just knew was so she could keep up with her routine. Walking towards where Ruby's head was, Yang carefully lifted it up and rested it on her lap.

"Ruby, you won't be able to stay the rest of the day." Yang said as she could see Ruby's already pale colour blanch to a somehow whiter colour at that one statement. "Summer already knows and you have to go to the hospital." Yang continued as she could see some defiance in Ruby as she was gently lifted into a sitting position. It was something that Yang knew was her at least accepting that this was a non negotiable point. But she just wished that she could have spent the rest of the day doing what she loved.

"But I feel fine." Ruby pouted as Yang stood up and grabbed her sister's bag and started to pack the items up for Ruby as the nurse stood up.

"You know after a certain point Ruby it can damage your organs. Especially your brain because your lungs can't exactly fill with air. So let's follow what Ozpin wanted." Yang said as she slipped Ruby's lunch box into her bag before she slung that over her shoulder as the came to a stop next to Ruby and held her hand out for Ruby to take.

Reluctantly, Ruby took her sister's hand as they followed the nurse into his office. Ruby pouting the entire time. This had been the one thing to ruin her day. The one thing that was guarantee to turn any day into one of the worst days. She never liked having seizures, but even then what made some of them worse was the trips to the hospital where she would be required to take multiple tests to make sure she didn't have some extra damage.

"I'm sorry Yang. I know you wanted to spend time with Weiss." Ruby said as she could see her blonde sister just shake her head. Something that confused Ruby a bit more than it probably should have.

"It is fine Ruby. We already made plans to see each other tomorrow, and I even convinced her to go to a party with me. Right now, you are what I'm worried about. And so is Summer and Mom. So let's make sure you are alright first." Yang said as she smiled at the man holding the door open for them.

"I feel fine though." Ruby said as Yang let go of her hand allowing her to take a seat on the bed allowing her to just raise a hand almost to her ear before Yang caught it and lowered it down again.

"Ruby, you could be. But this is a safety thing. Just relax. And accept that this can't change. You don't want summer to worry about you do you?" Yang asked already knowing that it would be enough to keep Ruby there and would willingly go into the ambulance. But Yang also knew if it got back to Summer she might just be skinned, but it is the only way at this point.

Summer smiled as she hung up the phone that was resting on her desk. Not even going to talk to her brother in law about a topic that she knew he kept trying to push her towards. None of that mattered as she opened the door to the stairs, Summer started to just jog down them as to not injure herself.

Rounding the corner, Summer started to leave the stairwell and started to pick up her speed as she could already picture Ruby going to be torn up at the simple fact that she had to give up her routine by near force for the rest of the day, but Summer knew that she could calm Ruby down about that.

Swiping her card, Summer opened the doors to the emergency room, just causing her to smile as she could see the normal cases of accidents leading to deep wounds to the occasional person not reading the warning labels of items to the parents over worried for reading them.

Walking up to the desk, without even needing to voice who she was looking for, the nurse pointed. Smiling as she turned, and could feel her smile fall at the sight of one of the nurses trying to do something by force and Yang just trying to calm Ruby down.

Stomping carefully over, Summer shoved the nurse out of the way to look at her daughter. Turning around Summer glared at the woman knowing that she was probably going to have some sort of problem. "My daughter who had an atonic seizure doesn't need an IV. Now, I suggest you go attend to some other patient quickly before I make it my business to have your job, and make sure you aren't going to ever be able to work in the medical field in any capacity again." Summer snapped as she could see the woman blanch a little before she started to run towards the desk as though to ask if what she was looking for.

Grabbing Ruby's hand, Summer just smiled as her daughter seemed to relax at the contact. "I'm sorry Mom." Ruby muttered as she moved away from Yang and closer to her mother as though she was glad that she had arrived just so she could avoid unnecessary things.

"It isn't your fault Ruby." Summer said as she used her free hand to brush some of Ruby's hair out of her face before turning to Yang as if asking what was going on. Something she just hoped that Yang would give her because she didn't want to get into a fight this close to Ruby. Especially after Ruby having a seizure that day.

"I honestly thought she knew what she was doing and I was just trying to make it easier on her." Yang said raising her hands in defence as Summer just smiled at the fact that Yang had meant well.

Just smiling at her before looking back towards Ruby, "Come on. I don't want your ears to get infected and your uncle should be getting your name down for the scans so you don't need to be here longer than you need to be." Summer said removing her hand from Ruby's as she started to climb off the bed she had been forced onto.

Even though deep down Ruby was feeling just fine. A little mad at how she couldn't finish her day out at school, but she knew deep down that this wasn't something that she can really help about. But at least for now, Ruby could address some of the diagram problems without feeling like there was someone over her.

Stepping through the doors again, Summer just took a deep breath as she turned to Yang. "Yang, go find your mother. I told her to call or text me once she got close so I could get her past all the security and that... but she hasn't and I called her just after you called me. She might have just been stopped in the waiting room. You know how she is in hospitals." Summer said as Yang nodded her head and started to walk off muttering under her breath.

Shaking her own head Summer just glanced towards Ruby and quickly snatched the hand that was raising towards her ear. Glad that Ruby at least was now in hands she knew were safe and some of the only ones she truly trusted when it came to Ruby and making sure Ruby did what she was meant to do. She knew that this was the easiest and fastest way to make sure Yang's story was true.

As they came to the elevator, Summer broke the silence between her and her daughter. "Ruby, what do you remember before you had the seizure?" Summer asked as Ruby continued her staring at the ground. Just to make sure she didn't step on some crack. It was infinitely more interesting to her than possibly getting Yang in trouble which would turn into her being hurt by Yang because she couldn't keep some lie Yang had said up. "Ruby, I promise I won't get mad and if Yang caused it I promised she won't harm you." Summer continued hoping to coax some answer out of Ruby.

"It wasn't Yang..." Ruby muttered as she continued to stare at the ground. "Whitley just came over yelling about something and I was just happy Yang didn't notice I didn't take my medication and then it goes blank until Nurse Ryan was trying to keep me calm and laying down." Ruby said as she bit her lip knowing that she probably just got Yang in trouble by mistake but she knew that her mother wasn't going to accept anything short of an answer.

"Why did Yang not notice you not taking your medication?" Summer asked calmly as they walked into the elevator and she pressed the button for her floor.

Raising the opposite hand from Summer up before she could feel a hand over her ear, Ruby just frowned at the fact she knew there was no way that she was going to be able to not get Yang in trouble.

Taking a deep breath Ruby continued to stare at the ground as she could feel Summer start to tilt her head. "Ruby, come on. You can tell me." Summer spoke softly as Ruby just raised her hand once again to feel it get pried away from her.

"Yang was busy kissing Weiss. And Blake was busy reading so she didn't remind Yang or tell me." Ruby said just hoping that if she could at least divert some of the future anger off of Yang provided that she could at least bring someone else down with her. "I was just feeling happy that I didn't need to take them and that no one was focusing on me causing me to feel like I was being normal." Ruby spoke softly as Summer frowned a little as she reached up with a thumb to try and fish Ruby's bottom lip out from her teeth.

"Ruby, I know you don't like the pills, but they are meant to make you feel normal and prevent trips like this." Summer said trying to see if the thousandth time was going to be enough to get Ruby to accept that even if she didn't like them that she still had to take them. If just to stop things like this.

Standing up and keeping hold of Ruby's hand Summer just took a deep breath. "But let's just get these tests done Ruby. Once they are done, we can see about me making some cookies if you are in the all clear." Summer said knowing that it was going to be one deviation that Ruby never truly minded. But she also knew that it was probably because of how seldom it happened.

"Can you make chocolate chip?" Ruby asked softly as the doors began to part.

"I'll make any type you want. But let's make sure everything is alright with you first." Summer said with a smile as she took a few steps out of the elevator. A smile as she could see Ruby practically wanting to speed up the walking just so she could get closer to the cookies. "You can't rush the tests Ruby. If you do you could spend the rest of the weekend in here, and then you would get no cookies and be forced to take the pills. Without any juice or milk." Summer said as she could almost feel Ruby not wanting to move but she also knew that she had to.

It was as though she had been stuck between the proverbial rock and the hard place but she also knew at the very least that Summer wasn't going to force her into anything that she couldn't really handle if she could help it. Just the thought of that was a decent thought to Ruby.

Taking a deep breath, Ruby just knew that she could get through this no matter how temporarily uncomfortable she feels by it. It will just be something that takes time really for her to do. Glancing up with a new found determination, Ruby started to match her mother's pace knowing that she could get through this. If she could maybe speed it up enough to where she was done early giving Yang the rest of the afternoon, than maybe she wouldn't mind all that much Ruby told on her.

"Mom, calm down. You need to be the mature one. And I get first dibs on killing the little prick." Yang hissed at her mother who looked near exhausted at the notion of her daughter being the one to get the satisfaction of beating that child for causing this.

"If I don't get to, than neither do you Yang. Your move." Raven said in an almost childish like manner that Yang couldn't help but laugh at. She just knew that her mother was being serious in her reasoning but Yang also knew that she wasn't exactly fond of following the rules when it came to the likes of this. Or ever really.

"This isn't a negotiating thing Mom. I see him nearly every day at school. And even some of the times I'm at Weiss'. I have more chance to beat his snobbish rich boy ass than you do. I'm not going to pass up a chance to beat him because my mother thinks she can get away with a juvenile offence still." Yang snapped back as Raven's glare harshened two fold at her. It was something that Yang was more than familiar with. Just because she knew that her mother was still sensitive about the likes of her age.

"Then neither of us are going to beat his ass. So march towards Summer and your sister." Raven demanded as Yang continued to glare at her. It was something that Yang recognised very well as a tactic she used herself to get a few punches in someone or even run to give someone them.

Glaring a little at her mother, the blonde just smirked. "At least I know where I get that from. You first." Yang spoke in a cold tone, one that she knew wasn't going to be something people around would feel threatened by, but she knew with her mother it would be recognised in the manner it was meant. That Yang knew the trick and she wasn't going to be falling for it.

"We'll both go together." Raven said calmly knowing that she couldn't trust her daughter to not try what she just attempted. Even if deep down she knew Summer would be mad that she would actually threaten or possibly even kill a Schnee and by extension ruining her life and their daughters' lives just because of one incident that might have been a genuine accident. Something that Raven didn't care about at that moment in time, she just cared about what happened.

Grumbling as she started to follow in pace with her mother, Yang just knew that she had to keep an eye on her mother for at least a few minutes longer. From there she knew Summer would be able to hold her mother from killing Whitley a lot easier than she ever could. And Yang also knew that they couldn't exactly hold her back unless they tried to guilt trip her but she knew that they couldn't even really do that given their history of trying and failing.

Instead the only thing Yang knew they could do was threaten some punishment that Yang would do on its head or just not do it and ignore it. As they walked into the elevator Yang and Raven both reached an arm across the other's chest as though just to prevent the other from running out until the doors closed.

'Well... at least I also get that as well from her... I just wish she was a bit more trusting of me.' Yang thought a little bitterly about her mother as the doors closed and both of the women taking a few steps aside just so they could stare at each other.

Deciding to just voice her displeasure on the subject, Yang spoke up to her mother. "You could have trusted me to not ditch you in the elevator."

"No I couldn't. You are my daughter and we both thought about ditching the other. The only difference between us is I have a lot more experience leaving things to the last minute." Raven said as she crossed her arms as Yang quickly uncrossed her own and glared at the woman.

"Not to mention I don't have crow's feet. And I don't have a fat building up in very mom like areas. Like your ass." Yang said as she could see her mother's hatred shift from Yang's target to her with a harsh glare. A glare that Yang wasn't going to back down from. She knew that she could probably take her mom. Or at the very least it would probably end in a draw from someone calling security or worse Summer finding them.

"I beat the last person who made comments like that into a hospital stay. I'm not afraid of causing a fifty fourth trimester abortion Yang. And we both know Summer would eventually forgive me. As for your grandmother or uncle, we both also know I already don't care what they think. I even go out of my way at points to do the opposite of what they tell me." Raven stated her glare never breaking as Yang just shrugged her shoulders.

Smirking at her mother Yang just knew that she had pushed her mother's buttons, and just knew that she could push them further before retribution. "And I don't mind committing matricide. So you can try. And then you'll probably need to go to therapy from getting beaten by me so bad but I suppose memory is the first thing to go." Yang said knowing that at the very least she won this time.

Laughing a little Raven started to crack her neck. "You forget who has your baby photos and even video of the first time you went to the big girl potty. And who has the new girlfriend who hasn't seen any of that."

Glaring harshly at her mother knowing that she would do that just to spite Yang and take the both of them down in the process. "You wouldn't."

"I don't know Yang. In my forty five year old brain I'm forgetting if you like or dislike those things. So I'll just assume you do like it anytime Weiss is nearby." Raven said calmly as the doors open. Turning towards it, Raven took a step out as she placed a hand over the door knowing that it would stop it from moving and give her a chance to get one last jab at Yang. "So your move Yang. Now get out so we can go to Summer and Ruby."

Yang knew she was left stuck practically in that situation. She knew her mother had no shame and she knew that Summer wouldn't mind Raven dusting those items off and would in fact encourage it just so she could look back on some time that was a fond memory. Grumbling a little as she walked out of the box with her arms crossed not feeling like she should or even could chance her arm with her mother.

Not while she was like this. The possible reward wasn't worth the very likely sacrifices she'd have to make. But to Yang really nothing was worth that trade off. And she knew that once she found the items she was going to destroy all of them in some huge fiery inferno. From there she'd be just fine chancing her arm.

Opening the door to Summer's office, Yang smiled at the sight of her uncle sitting there with a magazine as Ruby sat at Summer's desk with the owner of the office quickly standing up from the seat next to Qrow and quickly walked over to the other mother daughter duo quickly pushing them out as she walked out as well, a small sense of fear started to course through Raven and Yang's bodies. It was almost like they both knew that something was going to happen to the one or both of them. It really was something that neither wanted to be part of the mother's wrath, and both knowing that would just most likely doom the other.

"I honestly don't know which I should be more furious at at this exact minute." Summer stated glad that she had closed the door just because she knew Qrow wouldn't have the strength in him to force Ruby from grabbing a hold of her ears. She knew at this minute she couldn't afford her wife and step daughter not receiving her anger.

Weiss gasped loudly before covering her mouth at the sight of her father delivering a powerful blow with the back of his hand across her brother's face. She knew that something bad would have happened to him for what he had caused, but she had no idea as to why her father would do something such as smacking him given that any marks would be noticed and questioned.

She wasn't sure why but she was at least glad that Winter had been in the room and appeared to at least be somewhat calm about the entire situation. It was almost as if she had expected something along these lines if not something worse.

"You seem to bring more and more shame to the family Whitley. Whenever I think you've bottomed out, you've surprised me. And not the type I enjoy." Jacques spoke as he bent down to grab his son by the collar of his shirt. "You've seemed to have done the impossible in one day besides invoke my ire you insolent whelp." The man spoke before he used his free hand to deliver another blow.

If Weiss was being honest, she wasn't fond of her brother at points but for once she had to say that he didn't intend to cause anything. But she couldn't seem to rush to his defence. She was frozen to the spot as she watched her father just seemingly beat her brother giving everyone very little reasoning behind his actions. Or at least thus far he has.

"You not only managed to possibly kill any further developments from a mind that despite what I would like even your grandfather couldn't seem to match. But you are suspended and possibly expelled if the dimwit's parents so much as ask for it. And because of who all attends there and who some of the alumni are, money can't secure your position." Jacques continued as he fixed his dishevelled suit as Weiss could suddenly understand why Winter had expected something like this.

"What are you talking about? I never touched that retard. You can ask Weiss. She was there." Whitley stated just trying to defend himself. It was at the point that he was shocked that some foolish rumour had spread already to her father.

"For once you had a marvellous idea when it comes to this. Let's ask her." Jacques said as he quickly turned to Weiss. "Why don't you tell your brother what happened after he left?" Jacques stated calmly as Weiss gulped.

It wasn't that she wanted Whitley to be punished like he had been, but at the same time she just knew from what she witnessed of Yang and the nurse was enough to bring her some worry for what will happen to Ruby. She had no idea about what could happen to the woman who hadn't seemed to have a single worry the rest of the day from what she had heard from Winter and from what she had seen herself.

Gulping again knowing that she had no choice but to speak, despite the fact that she knew that she was probably ringing the knell for her brother. "Ruby had what is apparently called an atonic seizure and she suffered for more than an apparent safe time and could now have a laundry list of organs damaged. All stemming from the yelling and loud noises because apparently she suffers from auditory seizures." Weiss said as she noticed her father holding his hand out with the palm facing the ceiling as though he was trying to gesture that his point had been made and just further arguing would be pointless.

Wiping the side of his face, Whitley continued to stare at the man as he contemplated his next course of action. One that really Weiss couldn't see ending for him any better than it already had. She just knew that if Winter and herself weren't there than she had no doubt that Whitley would have probably developed a walking into doors habit.

"Weiss, do you have any studies this weekend?" Jacques asked calmly as he took some deep breaths as though he was trying to figure out where he was meant to go from there. Everything was seeming like it was falling apart all because his youngest had been an idiot.

"I do father. I have fencing practise at eight tomorrow, opera practise at ten and then ballet at one." Weiss said as she could see her father lean back in his chair as he took another deep breath and ran a hand over his eyes as though he was trying to think of something.

"I'll cancel all of them. Your job the weekend is purely to get closer to the sister of your brother's superior. By Sunday night I want a full run down about the condition she is in. I don't care how you get that information." Jacques stated as he took a final deep breath. "All three of you are dismissed. But Whitley remember, pray they don't want blood. Because I have no issues at this point in time throwing you to the wolves and watching them devour your body. At least then you would provide something useful for this entire thing. We will discuss your punishment when it is just the two of us."

Not waiting to be offended any further, Whitley stormed out of the room as Winter and Weiss stood carefully as to not invoke the same kind of anger with their father. Stepping into the hallway, Winter glanced towards her shaken sister as she spoke up for the first time in seemingly forever to Weiss.

"Weiss, before you tell Father about how well Ruby is doing. Let me know." Winter said getting her sister's full attention. She was curious as to what Winter had planned that would cause such a thing but that didn't matter. "Also, don't let your girlfriend come over for a while... if the rumours i've been told are true about what she does to people who harm her sister... she may just actually kill Whitley and with Father like this, I doubt he would care."

Nodding her head a little, Weiss just took a deep breath as she spoke up a little. "Is Whitley actually suspended and the only thing that is stopping him from being expelled is Ruby and Yang's mothers?" Weiss asked calmly as Winter just sighed a little to herself. It was as though she revelled to Weiss the answer, but at the same time it just boggled Weiss' mind.

"Yes. It is because he could really have killed Ruby from his actions. According to Kali Belladonna who is her form teacher because of how long it lasted she could have anything from heart damage to brain damage, to even her muscles just deteriorating. Which is why she had to go to the hospital." Winter said calmly as Weiss just frowned a little.

"I hope she is alright and that Yang is doing good. Yang didn't look all that well when we separated." Weiss whispered softly as she felt Winter pull her into a slight hug. One that she hadn't given to Weiss in years. Really since they were young children.

"I keep telling you Weiss. Stop letting your emotions get to you when it comes to her. This isn't going to last. If you must continue down this path, it will only lead to more pain." Winter scolded softly as Weiss just frowned at knowing her sister was right but at the same time this comfort was something that she hadn't noticed how she missed. "If you are positive that you are going to be fine with that pain Weiss, you can simply text her or better yet call her. It will help you, but if you aren't one hundred percent sure that you will be fine when this is over I suggest you don't contact her." Winter continued as she pulled back a little to see her sister biting her lip as though she was unsure.

"Go to your room Weiss. I'll find Klein and ask him to make some of his special milk tea for you." Winter said calmly as Weiss just nodded her head. If she was being honest, she really was about ready to just scream to try and find the answer to which option her sister gave her.

But she knew that there was no easy answer she could find for her. There was only confusion and anger in recent times. But maybe her weekend with Yang would be enough to figure her answer out a lot easier than she could now. The only problem was that whenever Yang seemed to talk to her, that it just removed most of the thoughts from her mind which would surely include the thought of how much pain she would cause the woman who had given her seemingly nothing but countless joy.

As Winter watched her sister walk up the stairs, she just let out a deep sigh. 'You are going to be in so much pain Weiss. No matter how this is going to end. I just wish you would have taken my advice earlier.' Winter thought with a melancholic smile.

Throwing the pair of pliers in her hand towards the small lip at the back of the table, Ruby just couldn't help but take a deep breath. She didn't know why she was even here. Glancing towards her hand, Ruby frowned at the small sliver of metal sticking out of her hand.

Grabbing it carefully as she was about to pull it out she could see Raven taking the seat next to her again before she took a glance at the hand.

"Here Ruby, let me take a look. You don't want to injure yourself more." Raven said as Ruby relented her grasp on the shard of metal and gave her hand over to Raven to take a look at it. "How did this happen?" Raven asked as she placed down the doughnut she had been eating as Ruby started to mumble a little.

"I need you to speak up Ruby." Raven said calmly as she reached over to one of the drawers under the station before and pulled out some band aids and a pair of tweezers.

"The wire was broken... and I was trying to strip the wire but I was holding the pliers the wrong way from what you taught me." Ruby said just fearing that she wouldn't be allowed to continue this. Especially considering that they were nearly done the breadboarding of the circuit. It was at the point that she wanted to finish this project off.

"Well, it isn't in deep." Raven started as she gave the piece of metal a sharp tug upwards as Ruby just winced at the simple thing. "But now you know why I told you to not extend your pointer finger above the blades. So I'll tell you the same thing I told Yang and some of the people I've worked with. If it doesn't kill you, learn from it and don't let it happen again." Raven continued her point as she ripped one of the band aids free from the rest.

Letting go of Ruby's hand, Raven smiled at the sight of Ruby using her other hand to start trying to find anything wrong with the circuit. It was something that just boggled the older woman's mind in just how she could tell her step daughter was getting invested once more in circuitry and energy consumption. Something that was going to make Raven at least feel a little better about how Summer had yelled at her.

Quickly applying the plastic cloth, Raven picked up the doughnut and took another bite from it smiling as she glanced over the breadboard. "So, do you think it will run? Or do you think it will short circuit and we become happy that it we are doing this on a rubber mat?" Raven asked hoping that Ruby would be able to get the joke, but she wasn't going to hold her breath about that.

"It isn't going to turn on. The circuit isn't complete. Which as I was trying to get a wire ready. Once that is in... provided my math is right... it should run just fine." Ruby muttered under her breath as she reached towards one of the large spools and started to pull a length free before grabbing the snips and cut the new length.

"But weren't you working on something that at this stage is negligible?" Raven asked trying to figure out what was going through Ruby's mind as she started to strip either end of the new wire.

"Somewhat. I was trying to figure out the best type of wires to use, as well as other things. Namely trying to make sure that plugging the device into the mains isn't the only option for Tyrian if he wants." Ruby muttered, not noticing the smile that started to take over her face. Something that just made Raven smile herself.

"Sounds good Ruby."

Author's Note:

So... sorry I didn't update this in... holy shit nearly 6 months to the day of me finishing this. But in my defence, life became hectic and I then I drank a lot at points. But I should be back to a monthly upload thing here.

By the way those of you who don't know what breadboarding is, I'm not sure if I explained it earlier but even if I did no harm no foul. It is where you test a circuit out before you make any permanent connection, I find it kind of fun to do.