A day in remnant, is like a day in non-stop danger. Evil creatures known as Grimm roam around remnant.

A baby named Kakarrot, was sent suppose to be sent to Earth, but instead was sent to Remnant.

A few years have passed ever since this happened...

Goku is now a saiyan, with a passion filled to the brimm with fighting. He will not stop training, until he surpasses his limits.

Goku was able to unlock a saiyan passion deep inside him called, Super Saiyan Blue. A Combination of Calm Mind and Power.

~Now on with the story...~

"Goku!" Ruby yelled.

"Yes?" Goku said.

"Goku, don't you have an Aura?" Ruby asked.

"A-U-R-A...?" Goku said. "I only know about KI." Goku said, scratching his head.

"Nevermind." Ruby said.

Yang walked in the room.

"Hi Goku." Yang said.

"Hey." Goku said back, smiling. Everyone always loved it when Goku turned super saiyan. His hair changed into a blonde, like Yang's.

"Well, Im off to go now." Goku said, floating away.

"Bye!" Goku said.

"Bye Goku!" Ruby said.

Usually, Goku loved fighting. He never wanted to destroy his opponent quickly, he always wants to have fun and fight them without full power.

As much as Goku fights, he has a soft heart. He always spares someone he knows that'll become a good guy.

~At another place in remnant~

A mysterious figure, looking like Goku, but more different. He had the same wardrobe as Goku, but his clothes we're red and black

His ears we're pierced, and looked like Goku. He might look like Goku, but don't let him fool you...

"AHHHH!" Sounds of Citizens screaming. This "Goku" is destroying the town of Remnant, What shall the Real Goku Do...?

"Hehehe..." The Goku is known as, Black Goku. He's not the real Goku, it's just Goku's body stolen by another entity.

As the Real Goku floats, The RWBY team is watching the news.

"There is...a myterious black figure destroying the town!" The news reporter says.

"Isn't that weird...he looks excactly like Goku!" RWBY team said.

"What!?" Goku said, floating back. He didn't go that far.

"We have an imposter on our hands, we have to stop him." Yang said.

"Girls...I think he might be on a whole other level..."

"What are you talking about Goku? We can take him!" Yang said.

"It's best if I go. You girls stay here."

"No, we're all coming with ya!" Ruby said. Goku let out a sigh, but he couldn't deny it, they seemed desprite to come.

"Fine..." Goku said.

"Lets go!" Yang said.