In the earlier years when quirks first appeared; in many of the darker parts of the world governments across the globe formed a group of individuals who didn't gain powers themselves. They banded together putting aside political, personal and even religious views, as their endless greed and desire for power far out weighted their political alliance with their respective nations. Over time these people found each other through need and want; they forge a cabal through their desire of designing and creating a creature /person whom they could control. A to achieve their goals these individuals in this cabal they chose to go through some of the more shadowy ways and unsavory methods; by killing, manipulating and blackmailing those people who became obstacles and problems to their goals. To position their members of the cabal into key positions so they could funnel resources and money into a project that the cabal had labeled G.O.D.

As time passed, the cabal had gathered information through their own personal researching with those with quirks but also through what they stole from outside sources in the world in general. But also, the cabal during this time had also gone into collecting the DNA from heroes, villains and just regular people with quirks they demean an interest or of use to the project. Most the time collect a sample of DNA from Heroes, or even villains weren't that hard for them when checking the battle scene for it. It was slightly harder to get regular people with quirks DNA without just swapping that blood vial at medical labs and such. It took them ten years, but through these actions, the cabal had gathered a large amount of information by leaps and bounds ahead of the public by changing records to cover information the cabal didn't wish going public (while also ushering resources from all over towards their goals.)

Many of the low-level members of cabal scientist group didn't work the field, they were responsible for collating and mapping the genetics of each possible quirks power and where they appear on the human genome map to move the G.O.D design forward. They always gave special attention to quirks with an ability to manipulate the environment around oneself and or had high telepathic or psychic application. It took billion from multiple countries and countless hours, but soon the design for their super quirk was nearly complete. But many of the higher ranked scientists around the world were busy developing a theory or theories, along with other cabal scientist giving them many leads they would need to move project G.O.D forward now. So, one day that they may create a being with ultimate power, but they also believed that the being with this type of quirk couldn't live if he or she attempts to use their power even once as the power it body would need to generate and consume would drain every ounce life from the subject.

The cabal scientist switched their gears, no longer looking for a signal quirk for there being to wield as they believe they had that, what this group now believe they needed a quirk a source to keep there being alive while it wields its power. It took them many years and failures as many of the quirks subjects who had promising powers they believed would fulfill the requirements but at most the cells would either do nothing as they were rejected or if they were accepted they fizzle after a few days of a division as the DNA couldn't hold up to replication. Then on the darkest day that never happens in human history, the cabal would by the end of that day gained the single most valuable sample of quirk DNA they'd ever harvest from any one subject.

It was late in the afternoon, there were rumbling throughout the entire cabal network all day on the radio about a hero and villain punching-it out through a city in Asia, and the hero had been seriously injured in the final moments of the battle even with the villain being captured. The collation of world government had swept the hero up before anyone could learn his or her identity which made many in the cabal believe that it was a significant hero and they were right.

It was nearly midnight at Landstuhl, Germany AFB; A seven forty-seven painted pitch black with the marking of the world hero association consult on the side. As it taxis to a stop, an ambulance came ripping onto the tarmac and towards the plane as the doors opened. The ramp was lock into place with the door as it waited for the people for the disembarking people. As the nurse and ambulance crew got out, they were stunned to see their patient. For most, it has been a dream to see a hero of this caliber, but at this moment, it was a nightmare as they saw the symbol of peace hooked to machines and other things keeping him alive. They had only flown him this far to hide what had happened, and most of the people here knew they are sworn to secrete or death. But for most that was not a thought that they dwell on with the symbol of peace in such danger.

The ambulance crew load 'All Might' one of the ambulance drivers were tearing up slightly as a man he thought was so strong and had looked up to growing now looked so frail at this moment. But he shook the thought away and shouted for his partner to haul ass to the hospital while he went to work on a check on the vital and making sure everything was still connected correctly. It didn't take the drive to get to the hospital on the air force base. In fact, his partner had just finished his re-check on the vitals, and all the connectors as they pulled in to the back doors of the ambulance were open and "All Might" was pulled out by a group of doctors. Of course, no one knew that several of the doctors in this group were all members of the cabal and had been for years as they had been collecting DNA from soldiers who had quirks but had all been called in for this emergency surgery that was to be kept secret at all cost.

The cabal desperately wanted 'All Might' DNA but they also realize they need to ensure that the symbol of peace remains alive as the world without him would possibly be the world worst off until their creation was mature enough to pick up the slack. As the cabal surgeon went to work trying to put their patient back together the other members of the cabal the nurse and staff assistant the surgeons made sure to collect as much of the blood and tissue as they could from 'All Might' without drawing any unneeded attention. As the life-saving surgery went on, and they had to remove part of "All Might's" stomach and some of the intestines. Some of the cabal surgeons want to take the whole thing, but the head member of the team at the site realize that in doing so it would be too much tissue coming up missing to explain away and draw undue attention and they were getting plenty samples as it was without bringing notice from normal medical people.

It took them several days and fifteen separate surgeries, all while they kept 'All Might' in a medicated coma and treated the damage caused by the attacks of the villain they weren't allowed to know anything about. But, he survived with all their hard work the doctor and staff had put into saving him. A while that was going on the sample they manage to get from the symbol of peace made their way to cabal laboratory where an in-depth study began in how they could possibly replicate his quirk or something close to it in some way for the project and solve the problem with G.O.D. It took them several months, of pain and sleepless nights. But eventually, one of the scientists late in the evening while working with a concentrated formula of both the project G.O.D and refined formal of retro DNA copy quirk of 'all might' accident got mixed together without any other solutions when a small earthquake caused the tech to drop both beakers on top each other. The tech was going to clean up the mess that was made, and start again, but for some reason, he took a sample of the mix and ran through the system to discover that in an accident the find that cabal had been waiting for had arrived. As he watched the retro Frankenstein version of the mightiest hero quirk almost willingly merge with their work and more, he watches as it rewrote thing at the cellular level.

The lab tech made sure to carefully collect the new sample in a fresh beaker and store it and report his finding to his superiors. It took them only a short time to arrive on the scene but they too agreed with that this may be the only way to achieve their goals with this project. The scientist in the cabal took their time and cultured the new DNA and let it grow, so they had enough for their plans but also while that happen to analyze it to make sure this truly was the lives they wanted to bring into this world. It took nearly a year, but by that time they had to construct the next step in their odyssey, they had built their specially designed gestation chamber with which they could and would monitor and accelerate the growth of their beings through cellular manipulation. And while they grew in the tank they could teach them everything they would need to survive in this world, once they emerge from the tank.

On the day, the project moved forward the cabal placed twenty fully fertilized embryos into the tank, as they didn't expect all of them to survive anyways. As the machine ran through the night the embryos were drawn together by an unseen force as they were they were absorbed into one another until only one remained in the chamber and began its cellular division. The next morning the techs were all in shock as they watch the video of the embryos merging into one before starting their cellular division. They ran a scan through the tank and found that the remaining embryo was now five times larger than they originally thought it be by that time but with a few new calculations taking the absorption of the nineteen other embryos explain the growth.

With this embryo being the last it was the last hope to see G.O.D project be achieved without starting again with the DNA collecting. It was slightly discouraging that they had gone from twenty potentials to only one in the matter of a night sleep. But now they were facing an unknown as this embryo had the potential of all twenty as it was a genetic chimera. And now had no clue how this being if anything would help the world or if he/or she destroy it with the power they have, and they gave to them. But most of the cabal as always still only dream of the day that this being would possibly see fit to bestow upon it creators all the power they desire.

The cabal no interest in waiting for life to progress at its own speed, so they brought in two people from the outside they had to discover through their research. The first was a little old lady she looked to be in her nineties, and she hunches over as she walked with a cane. The other was a young man dressed in the robes of a monk.; but his aura gave off he was a theft working a scam to the untrained eye they look like an ordinary human, but to the cabal, they were both people with powers they could use. The old woman Ethel was really twenty-four years old; her quirk caused her to rapidly age unless she touches anyone and stole youth and vitality from them which allowed her to become younger again. It wasn't a beautiful power, but it was one that made her living as Assassin very easy as she killed anyway to remain young and vital as the effect of her quirk were always temporary for her. And then she became an old lady again depend on how many years she steals from a victim convert into months and days until her body would burn through it. The man in the monk's robes, but also had a quirk and a dark past not as bad as the woman'. But for being as young as he was far from on the side of the angels as the cabal had used his services to gain intel on politician outside of the allowed them to blackmail through the guises of the young man's quirk called 'dream weaver' which allowed him to enter the fabricate of a person sleeping or unconscious mind and bend it to his choosing while he looked or deposited information into it. Of course, his power had the drawback that while he used it that his own physical body was open to physical attacks.

In the end, both quirk welders were interesting subjects for the cabal, and with the group's protection, they could develop their own individual quirks without worries of society labeling them villains or heroes. And in so many ways the two became stronger for that very reason and were usable in this project. Because as Ethel used her quirk to speed along the aging process of the G.O.D subject by her contact through the special design contact points in the chamber for her. All the while they had Walter with his 'dream weaver' quirk giving it the best education and writing life into the child's head that it would never have lived but the cabal wanted it to believe it had. But if cabal had done its homework on those two they would have known that one of their key pieces to this project was moonlighting as a spy for the league of villains. An over the several months of their creative growth and progress the spy had updated their true master as Ethel could only become so young at each age growth. Without running into problems, it took her weeks before she could burn off all the extra life energy before she could return for another round of age acceleration. Of course, this allowed for Walter and cabal to improve the subject mind and body through the cabal's tech and Walter's quirk as it laid slumbering in the gestation chamber slurry of chemicals and fluids.

But in those several months, the embryo had grown from egg to a baby to an adolescent child of thirteen – years of age. It had become apparent earlier on that the subject was male, but now at this stage of development he was five feet and two inches tall. He was the average weight for a boy his age as they feed him through tubes and other means everything he needed since they couldn't take him from the chamber yet. But his silver colored hair had grown to a long length; so long it seemed to be draped itself all over him. But also, the fact that the subject couldn't be removed from chamber yet they had yet to see the color of his eyes, in the long run, it didn't amount to much but to some, they wanted to know. Even more than the regular scans, the higher up wanted when they were never there to view the results unless the head researchers called a meeting to go over the results as their only concern was gaining powers for themselves anyway. But it was on the day when the head researcher called everyone in for a meeting to reveal that the subject viable to be removed from the tank the unthinkable happened.

The league of villains decided to take the chance or opportunity on that day as they had been tipping off ahead of the cabal of the development on the project. And across the globe a shadow organization that had taken years to grow to learn the price of being one as they were systematically taken apart by those they thought they could fight against. Of course, since the head was at the central facility listening to the report on the project word didn't reach them until a group of villains stormed through the security at the installation. And they learned what was happen elsewhere as they attempt to call for help from those with quirks to only find that their other site had either been destroyed or been overtaken as well. The finishing blow to the central facility was as just as the head researcher was about to activate the fail-safe, but suddenly his body locked as Walter used his quick to enter his mind and made him experience a temporary version of 'locked-in syndrome.' To which revealed whom Walter allegiance was to, as the other villains enter the room killing many of the people inside except for those that their mole told them they need to awaken the sleeping subject.

As Walter's quirk wore off the head researcher; Ethel came from out of nowhere with her hands extended ready to kill Walter but before she could. A man with energy chains whipped them around her throat than with a quick and mighty yank he snapped her neck, and she went tumbling to the ground like a rag doll. As that Walter walked up to his former boss with a smile before saying.

"No worries we'll see that our dear child has the best home to grow in once we see his power. It not like we could actually allow you quirk-less apes to abuse him like you do the rest of us could we."

With that, Walter stood and took a communicator from one of the other villains as he waited for things to begin.