Abandoned Hashima island

Six months since the fall of the Cabal

Thomas no longer wished to risk the safety of his actual villain base, but he wasn't willing to expose his new acquisition to the world yet, while it learned at least some form of control over the powerful quirk it most definitely had. So, he had some of the villains in his group construct a place for it to live on the island of Hashima. There Thomas watches the child develop on its own, depending only on itself for things it needed when coming up against things in that desolate environment. Where they had chosen to abandon him. But also when they forced him to use his quirk through exposing him to some types of danger they created for him.

It soon became very apparent to Thomas through their many trials and errors. That the child possessed a quirk which gave the boy the ability to change and warp reality at his will. Because many of the things that the villains threw at the child as a test were destroyed, with many different types of things from stone creatures to tidal waves formed with different types of materials. An the likelihood the child had multiple quirks was growing very unlikely as time went on.

As Thomas looked at the boy, he smiled and said to himself.

"The cabal was right to name their little project GOD because this little miracle is slowly becoming one."

Then the unthinkable happen for Thomas and his group of villains that put all their hard work into question as the boy fished for his breakfast using a spear he fashioned with some debris one early morning. And unknown ship caught sight of the young man from the shore as it was passing by on patrol and decided to see if the boy needed any help. And as the alarms sounded and the Villians awoke to see the Oki Mariner on their screens some of the weaker members of the group began to panic as other seem to fume at the thought of a hero taking what they had stolen. But more Thomas was worried who else would come if they tried to intercede and prevent the help of the boy. And what if the boy was harmed in the process he knew from Walter that the cabal had brainwashed the child with a key phrase so allowing a hero to remove him wasn't as big of a problem as it appeared. He could always regain control over his boy if the need arises and there be less exposure for his group he thought. A few moments passed they then saw Sea Rescue Hero "Selkie." Step onto the front of his ship and shout out to the boy.

"Ah,…hoy their boy are you in need of any assistance? you really shouldn't be on that island it is dangerous there!"

The boy looked up at the thing on the ship that was talking to him for a moment the boy thought about destroying the thing and the ship with everyone aboard it. As part of his fear, it was another threat, and he knew after all the test and tortured the villains had put him through it wouldn't take much to do. But something inside of him told him to stop as his eyes began to glow… that this person meant him no harm, nor did anyone else on the ship, so he reconsiders for now and as he let his guard down his body seems to just let go, and he dropped his spear and fainted, he collapses into the sea in front of the hero. This of course made the hero Selkie dive off of his ship and into the ocean and swim to the aid of the boy. As he got to the young man, he saw the abuse and savage treatment the child had been through. It sickens the rescue hero to see this sight, but he keeps his composure and lifts the child into his arms and said.

"It'll be all right now I'm here."

As Selkie said this, the child felt tears stream down his face, but the child didn't know why as he couldn't find the strength to move his body not even in the slightest or the strength to think. But also even though the man that held him was cold and wet with seawater from diving into the ocean. The child felt warm and safe against the muscular man soft and furry chest for the first time ever.

Selkie not wanting to get the child anymore wet waited until his ship got closer than handed the boy to one of his crewmates before pulling himself aboard. Selkie watched as Sirius administered medical attention to the boy as his men watch not knowing they were all being watched by another party. Soon as Selkie was sure the boy was okay, he shouts to his men.

"Head for port and radio for medical to meet us there this boy looks like he been through the ringer and he going need some help."

With that the men went to work as there, Captian said; As Thomas watched as the Oki Mariner disappears from all of the screens, and once this happens he let out a roar that caused all the electronics to suddenly brighten before exploding.