A/N: Hi. I know I haven't written anything for ages. Yes I am currently writing a new Divergent Fanfic. It will be a while before I will be ready to publish it. So, I thought I would have a little fun with the Divergent characters in the mean time. I have the whole book typed out so I can guarantee I will finish this story. Hope you enjoy.



"Tori, it's time," I say while looking out the tattoo parlour's windows.

"Are you sure?"


I nod my head towards the two figures walking towards the initiates dormitory.

"They look so cute together," Tori almost coos.

"I'll call Harrison. Can you call Tris and Four over?"

I watch as Tori walks towards Tris and Four. If I can save just one person with what I am about to do. Then for Four's sake I hope it's Tris. Not that I want anything to happen to Tori. It will break my heart to have to deal with her death. I just think Four deserves a little happiness in his life. If it wasn't for the books I would never have thought that Tris would be the one to finally start to knock down the walls he has built around him.

"It's time Harrison," I say into the phone and hang up. He knows what to do, we have been planning this ever since we were kids growing up here in Dauntless.


The house was large. Eight bedrooms in total all with ensuites. Three lounge rooms, kitchen and dining area, and a games room which had been converted into a training room. A row of treadmills, weights and punching bags were surrounding a fighting ring in the centre of the room. The two-story apartment was more than large enough for the twelve sleeping occupants who were beginning to stir.

First to stir was Eric. Not used to a single bed for his large frame he soon found himself lying on the floor, having tangled his legs in the sheet covering him. He landed with a loud thud that woke the occupant in the other single bed within the room.

"What the hell?" Max yelped raising his head to see what the noise was. Looking around the room he felt totally confused. He went to bed as usual in his apartment, but looking around the room he could see that this wasn't his apartment and he wasn't in his own bed. To make matters worse Eric was lying on the floor looking just as confused as he was.

"What is going on?" Eric asked Max.

"No idea," Max replied.

Both men got up and found that they had a suitcase at the end of their beds with their names clearly marked on each case. Eric walked over to his case and he popped the locks. He looked inside, he found the case contained his own belongings. He pulled out a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt and quickly got dressed. Wanting to leave the room and try and find out what the hell was going on.

"Get dressed," Eric barked at Max. "We need to find out what is going on."

"Calm down Eric," Max tried to reason with his fellow leader, understanding that this may not happen any time soon. Especially with Eric's strong and imposing personality.

"Calm down? Calm down? You cannot be serious right now? We have no idea where we are and you want me to calm down. I don't think so. Just hurry up, I want to see what is going on," Eric was almost screaming.

While Eric may not have been screaming, his voice was loud enough to startle some of the other occupants that were in the apartment.

Shauna was next to wake. At first she didn't realise that she wasn't in her home. A raised voice was not uncommon to hear in the Dauntless compound so she didn't open her eyes straight away, instead enjoying cuddling next to Zeke. It wasn't common for them to both be on the same shifts with their different jobs, so whenever they could spend these quiet times together Shauna tried to make them last as long as possible.

"Are you awake?" Zeke mumbles to Shauna.

"Mmm. No not yet," she replied.

Zeke chuckled as he held Shauna closer. Never would he have imagined just how good his life could be until he finally realised Shauna was the one for him. He would never admit it, but he loved these moments with Shauna. The quiet before the storm he always thought. Because once they woke up and left the solace of their bedroom it was back to the usual chaos of Dauntless. The chaos that Zeke loved so much having grown up in Dauntless.

Zeke opens his eyes and sits up about to kiss Shauna when he sees that he isn't in their apartment, "ha," is all he can get out.

Shauna waiting for the kiss that never came opens her eyes to see Zeke with his mouth open wide speechless. "What's wrong?" Shauna asks.

"Where are we?" Zeke asks with a confused look on his face.

"What do you mean?" Shauna asks. She then sits up and is looking at what Zeke is looking at. Not their bedroom. "What did we drink last night?"

"Just the usual. We better get up and see what is going on."

While Shauna and Zeke were getting dressed, Eric and Max had made their way from their bedroom. Eric opened the door and saw that there was a sign on the door with his and Max's names on it. He looked at the other doors along the hallway and groaned at what he was seeing.

"What's wrong?" Max asked.

"Look," Eric said as pointed to the other doors along the corridor.

"Well this could be interesting," Max said with a smirk. Thinking to himself that Eric should be in a world of hurt with the names on the other plaques.

Eric walked towards the staircase when he heard a door opening. He looked up to see Uriah and Marlene walking out of the room closest to the stairs. "Hey man," Uriah says in his usual cheerful voice.

Eric just nods and keeps walking. Uriah looks at Marlene and they decide to follow Eric thinking that this must be some crazy initiation game like capture the flag. Max follows behind the three and is trying not to laugh at the positive energy coming of the young couple. Just having these two here should be enough to drive Eric crazy.

Eric reaches the bottom of the stairs and finds Tori, Lynn, Christina and Will all sitting around the dining table with cups in their hands. "Lynn," Marlene shouts running over and hugging her best friend.

"What is going on?" Uriah asks.

Tori hands an envelope to Max and they all sit there holding their breaths. They watch as Max tears open the envelope and scans the words written on the page. He then throws the letter on the table and says, "has anyone seen Four?"

Eric picks up the letter and starts to read aloud.

"Dear Max and friends,

You have all been relocated from Dauntless. There is no way to escape where you are until you do what has been requested of you. All weapons have been removed from the premises and I ask that you all try to get along while you are here. If anyone feels that they can't keep their emotions in check there is a training room set up on the ground floor.

There are cameras setup throughout the apartment so I will be able to tell when you have completed said tasks.

I have left you with enough food to last two months, this should give you plenty of time to finish what I am requesting. You will notice there are no sharp knives in the kitchen, this is to keep everyone safe. All your food has been pre-cut.

For further information, you will need to talk to Four. I have left a package with him outlining what you will need to do. Don't try to wake him or Tris as they were injected with a sleeping serum while the rest of you only inhaled it. It may take them a few more hours to wake."

"Is this some kind of joke?" Zeke asks.

"You tell me," Eric says. "You're the one who is usually pranking people."

"I think you two should calm down," Max says getting between the two men. "Let's take a look around and hope that it isn't long before Four wakes up."

"Why don't we just wake him up?" Lynn asks.

"Do you want to be the one to wake him up?" Zeke asks Lynn. Remembering the time he tried to wake Four up by breaking into his apartment. A shiver runs through Zeke as he remembers the black eye and sprained wrist he ended up with.

"I will," Eric says cockily.

"No," Max states. "We wait, if he has been injected with the sleeping serum he isn't going to be any good to us until he wakes of his own accord.


"Ohhh," I groan. I feel like I have the worst hangover of my life. What did I do last night? I can't help but smile as I think of my night with Tris. But what happened after that? Tori. I try moving my hand to my head but I can't. My arm is stuck.

I open my eyes and look to where my arm is. What? I am lying in a bed with Tris. How did this happen?

"Tris," I whisper.


"Yeah," I say.

"I feel so tired," Tris moans. I don't think she's realised where she is. Tris lifts her head and opens her eyes. "What is going on?"

"I have no idea," I say. As Tris lays her head back on the pillow.

"How did we get here?"

"All I remember is walking you to your dorm and then Tori asked for our help in the tattoo parlour. After that I have nothing," I say trying to think what else happened, how we got here.

"Can we just go back to sleep for a little longer?" Tris asks.

"We should just break down the door," someone says from outside the door.

"I would if it was anyone else's door. But I'm not breaking down Four's door," another voice says. It sounds a lot like Zeke.

I look at Tris and she has a furrowed brow trying to listen to whoever is outside our door.

"But Tris is in there too," I woman says. "She wouldn't hurt us."

I put my arms around Tris protectively. We don't know who is behind the door or where we are.

"Just open the damn door." That sounds like Eric.

"You open it."


Next thing I see ten pairs of eyes staring at Tris and I in bed together.

"Alright, Four's getting some," Zeke cheers before getting an elbow to his ribs from Shauna.

Eric looks at us with a raised eyebrow. "Get up! We need you to tell us why we are all here."

"Me? How would I know why we are here?" I ask.

"Just get up," he says sounding annoyed and passes me a piece of paper.

Tris and I sit up and start to read the note. We look between each other and she looks as confused as I feel. I shrug and go to get off the bed thankful that we were still in our clothes. Thank goodness whoever put us here didn't undress us.

"We will meet you downstairs in five minutes," Eric says and walks out of the room.

I get off the bed and look around the room. There are two suitcases at the end of our bed with our names on one each. There is another metal box next to the suitcases. I open the suitcase with my name on it and find an envelope addressed to me. I pick up the envelope and can feel there is something inside.

I rip open the envelope and a key on a chain falls out along with a letter.

"What's this?" Tris asks picking up the key.

"I'm not sure," I say.

I open the letter and it says:

"Dear Four

I know you probably have a few questions right about now. But I promise you are safe. The key that you found needs to stay with you at all times. You are the only person here that can protect what is in the box.

I need you to open the box with the group. From there you will have further instructions on what you need to do.

I have removed all weapons from the premises that the others know of. But I have left a gun in the panel above your shower. Do not let anyone know that you have a weapon and only use it if it is absolutely necessary. The reason you are all here is to try and save lives not end them.

Don't try and hide your relationship with Tris from the others. The two of you are stronger together."

"We better take this box down stairs," I tell Tris.

"I wonder what is so important in this box," Tris says.

"Let's go find out," I say holding out my hand to her.

We get down stairs and find everyone sitting around the dining table.

"Finally," Zeke huffs. "What's in the box?"

"Wait," Christina yells. "Who cares about the box. Why are you two holding hands?"

"I got a note telling me to open it front of everyone," I say ignoring Christina.

"You're dating an initiate?" Eric snarls.

"Now Eric I think you need to calm down," Max says putting a hand on Eric's shoulder.

"Calm down. Is it even legal for him to date an initiate?" Eric raises his voice.

"It's none of your business who I date," I say. Standing as tall as I can.

"There are no rules against it. So, let's just drop it and open the box," Max calmly tells Eric.

"Well come on open it," Christina impatiently says.

I give her a death glare and she whispers, "or not."

I put the key in the lock open the box. Everyone tries to lean in to see what is in the box. First there is an envelope with my name on it. Then there are three packages wrapped in brown paper. They each have a number from one to three on the package.

I open the envelope and start to read:

"Dear Four

Inside you will find three books. I need you to sit as a group and read the books together. It is very important that everyone reads the books at the same time. It will not help anyone to jump ahead and read the books before everyone else.

You probably have eleven people looking at you wondering why all of this is so important. Well, before there were factions a young woman named Veronica Roth wrote three novels. A trilogy, it was called. She wrote others but we won't get into that now. Back when they were written they became very popular and they even made movies out of the books. Although there is no use letting you just watch the movies because they differ slightly from what you need to read.

Everyone thought the books were just some made up story, but this isn't true. Ever since they were written a member of my family has been trusted to look after the books until a period in time when the events from the books starts to come true. You see Veronica didn't just make up this world, it was a premonition of what is to come.

Now we are at a time where the books events have started to come true. Exciting as this is, it doesn't end well. Eight people sitting in the room with you will end up dead if you cannot change what Veronica saw. Along with one of you becoming paralysed. This means that seventy-five-percent of you will be either dead or incapacitated if the events in these books come true.

I know you are all probably thinking that this is some crazy stunt but would you rather be part of a crazy stunt or would you rather hope to save your own lives? The choice is yours. Well it isn't really because I will not be letting you leave until you have read what is in those books.

Have fun and happy reading."

"As if I'm going to die," Eric scoffs

"We can only hope you're first," Christina whispers to Tris. Tris is trying not to laugh with Eric looking menacingly at the two girls. I pull Tris closer to me.

"So, when do you want to start reading?" Uriah asks.

"I think we should start now. Open the first package Four," Max says.

I reach into the box and pick up the first book, ripping the paper off it. I look at the titled and I am in shock. I look around the room, trying to gauge the reactions of the others.

"Divergent," Christina reads. "I thought they were a myth."

"Erudite are hunting them," Will says.

"Why?" Marlene asks.

"Because they can't be controlled. They don't fit within the faction system and need to be disposed of accordingly," Max says.

"Why do we need to control them?" Will asks.

Yes, Max I am thinking, please tell us why we need to be controlled. Maybe I will finally get the answers I have been looking for.

"Just read the damn book so we can get out of this place," Eric grumbles.

"Let's all sit in the lounge room it will be way more comfortable than in here," Shauna suggests.

We all start to move towards the lounge room. I haven't even had a chance to properly check this place out. At least whoever put us here seems to have made it comfy.