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Chapter 2: Lessons

As Sabo busied himself finding grub to fill his belly, Ace set about trying to teach Luffy the ropes. Ace smirked to himself as he eyed Sabo from afar. "Ace, why do you have this sorta scary look?" With that, he quickly schooled his expression. He would get that piece of fine feathers later, right now; he had a more pressing matter at hand. He had a mission, to instruct Luffy on the rules of the breeding season, and to train him in the fine art of mounting.

That's right, it was a delicate technique, and he would have to teach it to the one person he had deemed impossible to teach. Sabo had told him, Luffy was not impossible to teach, he just had a short attention span. Ace mentally scoffed, yeah right, more like a one-track mind.

"Alright, Luffy," Ace began slowly. "As you know, it's mating season and-" "I know right?! Isn't it exciting Ace?! Are you excited?! I'm excited!"

"Would you shut up and listen?!" Ace smacked Luffy's head with a wing. "Ooooowwwww….Ace, why did you do that?" Luffy pouted. "Just listen, you worm-brain!" Ace sighed, and no, Worm-brain was true. Luffy liked meat a lot; and what in their diet had the most meat? Worms. Ace swore that Luffy is secretly a bird of prey, what with him wanting meat all the time when there were delicious berries all around. Ace sighed again.

"Ok, listen. As I was saying, mating season is but a short period compared to the rest of the year, so, every second is an opportunity." Luffy tilted his head to the side, and Ace would have gushed cute if he wasn't talking about a serious topic, so he settled to yell it mentally. "We have to attract females, who are called Reeves. We do that by dancing, which I will show you later. The most important part, is the mounting of a female. Get that into your head, Mounting."

Luffy nodded eagerly, "Right! Mounting!" he chirped. Ace sighed, "Right…do you even know what the term 'mounting' means?" Luffy hopped up and down excitedly. "Yes of course! What you did with Sabo last season!" At that, Ace smirked, re-living the memories of that sweet, sweet moment. He shook his head quickly, Focus Ace, Focus. "Right, that. But watching is not the same as doing. So, I'm gonna teach you."

At that, Luffy went on an all new high. He bounced around like he was rubber. "Yay! Ace is gonna teach me, Ace is gonna teach me! So, so, I get to mount, Ace, I gedda?" A tick mark throbbed on Ace's head and he once again, whacked Luffy's head, half to get him to shut up, and half to get him to stop that bouncing. Luffy went down in a flurry of feathers. "Aaacccceeee!" He groaned.

"Like hell you get to mount, Lu! With the females, sure, but with me, hell no!" At that, Luffy pouted, still face-planting. "Aww...but you said I could learn!"

"Yeah, learn through experience that I'm going to show you! Uh duh! What, did you think you were gonna know immediately what to do when you first hop on?"

"Well, yeah, that's generally the-" At that, Ace scoffed. "Mounting is delicate, Luffy. If you are not careful, you could hurt the other, and that won't be pretty. You don't want to hurt them, do you? You wouldn't want to hurt Sabo, would you?"

Luffy shook his head vigorously, beak clamped shut.

Ace nodded, "Right, so first, you have to know the signal to mount. If you mount prematurely, that's a no-no. You could get thrown off and/or rejected. If you force, well…that's dastardly right there. Anyway, the signal is that the other bird will crouch for you."

Luffy cocked his head, "Like this?" He then proceeded to crouch low. Ace circled Luffy's form slowly, inspecting. "You do not need to crouch down so low, spread your feet apart, and then you can better able to balance both of our weights. Lean downwards a little, so your tail sticks up a bit. You can spread your wings for more balance."

Luffy did as instructed and Ace nodded approvingly. "Right, when you see this, it's the signal to mount." He circled around to Luffy's behind. "Now, when you mount, you don't just jump on like a freaking canon ball, that is counted as aggressive. You can flutter upwards to land gently on their backs, or you can climb on. Climbing's trickier."

With that said, Ace slowly climbed on to Luffy's back, one talon at a time. "Now when you climb up, you want to approach them from the side, not from directly behind them. Be mindful of where you step, you don't want to accidentally poke them or injure them with your claws. Do not, absolutely do not, curl your feet, you hear that, Lu?"

Luffy nodded, shifting slightly as he adjusted to the added weight. "Yup!" He grinned. Ace took that as the signal to continue. "So, you must find the right position to balance yourself, not too far up that you can't reach, but not too low down that when you shift backwards to mate, you fall off. I find the best position to be at the wings." He placed his feet, spread apart on the crook where Luffy's wings met his body, the shoulders.

"Then, the other will move their tail feathers aside, so you can reach their cloaca."

Luffy's face took on a look of confusion, "Huh? What's the c-clo-coa-coa-kia?"

"The cloaca, Luffy." Ace sighed. "It's where you pee and shit from. But also where your sperm come out, and where the other's will be too. Basically, it's where you mate."

"Oh. So…it's the swelly-thing!"

Ace sighed once more, "Yes, Lu, the swelly thing. Now, move your feathers aside."

Luffy shifted, "Um…which way?"

"Anyway!" Ace gritted out. "Geez, Sabo wasn't as bad as you, asking so many questions!"

"But Aceeee!" Luffy cried out, "You wanted to teach me, and Sabo's different! He knows about all this stuff!"

Ace rolled his eyes, "Yeah, and you're supposed to know too! Now move your feathers aside!"

Luffy grumbled, "Yeah, yeah…" He shifted his tail feathers to the left.

Ace then proceeded to bend down from the right. "Now, when the tail feathers have been moved aside, you want to balance yourself such that you can reach down from the side. You have to bend your body downwards such that your cloaca touches theirs."

Luffy felt Ace shift around on his back, before bending backwards as he had said, showing superb balancing skills, and then Ace's cloaca touched his.

Luffy gasped. Th-this was-! This sensation! It was unlike anything he had ever felt before, and he loved it, he wanted more.

Luffy's mind was on cloud 9, and Ace's voice felt like it was miles away, warmth was rushing and spreading throughout his body and it was sending him into euphoria.

"You now have to rub against them, and let your body handle the rest." Luffy barely registered his big brother's words as he moaned when Ace started rubbing against him. He didn't want him to stop, ever!

" If you think that they are getting uncomfortable…" Uncomfortable? Who would find this uncomfortable? This was heaven!

"You can rub your beak into their neck to help them relax." Luffy crooned in bliss while Ace brushed against his ruffles. He threw his head back with a moan as he felt Ace release into him. This is mating? Oh, then he would gladly mate with his brothers!

"Of course, you can be affectionate but not too affectionate, that's reserved for me and Sabo only, got it, Lu?" Ace's slightly husky yet sharp voice cut into his pleasure and he nodded, his head momentarily cleared.

"After that, the mating is done and you can dismount." Ace hopped off, chest heaving, cooling down. Luffy whined at the loss of contact and stumbled back to reality as he staggered, trying to regain balance. He sighed when he fell against Ace and was supported back up. Luffy rubbed his head into Ace's side, coming down from his high.

Ace still sported a blush and Luffy panted slightly. "This…" Luffy gulped. He lifted his head to look his brother in the eye. "That was amazing!" Luffy's eyes shined and sparkled. Ah, now he couldn't wait to mate with Sabo! It is going to be so awesome, that was for sure!

Ace chuckled, draping a wing around Luffy's back. "Glad you liked it, Lil' bro. It means I did a good job." He laughed.

"Shouldn't you be teaching him how to dance, Ace?" Sabo's voice cut through their happiness, scaring them from the suddenness and they jumped.

Ace whirled around, how long had Sabo been standing there?!

"Later!" Ace griped, "Geez, I'm teaching Lu important stuff here! Dancing's the easy part, Sabo!"

"Sabo!" Luffy hopped up to his other brother. "Have you had breakfast already?"

Sabo nodded, "Yes, I have Lu; and Ace, at least teach Lu the basics of a mating dance."

Luffy pouted, "But…dancing's boring! I would much rather mate with my big brothers! Sabo, let's mate! I wanna mate with Sabo too!"

At that, Sabo flustered, wings flapping, "L-Lu! That's-! N-not-!"

Ace bonked Luffy on the head with his beak. "Idiot, that's the bet! If we manage to mate with more females, then the one who has the most number wins, and gets to mate with Sabo, while the loser has to suffer through the agony of watching and not being able to get in on the action!" He snickered.

"Hahh…?! But Acceeee!" Luffy and Ace proceeded to bicker over the fairness of the bet while Sabo simply sighed and tried to hide his beet-red face behind his wing. Why had he agreed to this bet again? Oh, right, because he was too competitive and wouldn't go down without a fight when challenged, leading to him impulsively, against his better judgement, agree to this bet; something he was starting to regret ever being a part of if he was going to be treated as a prize by his dear brothers. Then again, it was his fault for brazenly putting himself in the line of fire and offering, suggesting, that idea. Woe is him.

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