Dance Central

"STAR BUTTERFLY!" The harsh voice rang out echoing against the near empty walls of the castle. The queen was obviously fuming, her daughter was trying to skip out on her dance lessons once again. Even though it is tradition for the royal family to be the ballet masters of the kingdom, her daughter was not in the same mindset. To her dancing was meant to express, not be some garbage tradition that was followed with no care of how it made you feel. "Young lady you better get back to this ball room and take your lessons!"
"Tsk, as if mom." The princess in question was in the garden, making sure that the guards who would obviously be sent for her would, "happen to look the other way" as she passed through. Star was honestly just looking for a personal escape from the daily practice. She wanted nothing more than to be free, so she did the only thing she could think of, she packed a small bag, and was running away. Now most people would think this was an extreme, but hey, when you are most likely going to be forced into it if you stay, even if it's against everything you stand for, you would look for any way out you could possibly find.

Meanwhile on Earth

Marco Diaz was just your average 17 year-old in Echo Creek, young, adventurous (okay maybe not very adventurous), and just care-free. There was one thing that often happened in this small city that set it apart from others, it hated dancing, now most young people would follow in the footsteps of the adults in the town, hate dancing, which this town has outlawed they hated it so much, but that is besides the point, most followed their parents, but not all. There was an underground ring of teenagers, they grew up with a beat in their hearts and movement in their hips, so they up the ante, there is an abandoned warehouse district on the outskirts of town, there they all get together. Marco Diaz was one of these people, he loved the rhythm that came with dancing and all things associated. Hell he nearly got arrested for dancing, were it not for the fact that he was mopping and came up with the excuse that he was slipping and trying to regain footing, cops can be so dumb no? That was when he was approached by a couple of students who can only be considered his best friends at this point, Jackie Lynn Thomas, and a Janna something or other, she never gives her last name to anyone. What they had was simple an offer, it was nothing easy for him to find. Cue flashback.

"So you're Marco Diaz I take it?" Janna had a smugness in her voice that hid her true meaning, he was quite oblivious and didn't pick up on it.

"Depends on who's asking, I don't trust anyone I don't know yet they know me," His caution was clearly expressed, from his limbs being taught and ready to run, to the edge in his voice.

"Easy tiger, I get that you're probably paranoid considering, what happened, but I saw you on the local news," still smug, but more defensive about it, Jackie began, "How long did it take you to regain your footing while you were slipping? I'd have to guess a solid five minutes, you know that sounds a lot like break dancing."

Marco, at this point was starting to pick up what was being put down, "Why, I guess it does, how would you know what break dancing sounds like?"

"Let's just say we have experience," Janna at this point had her arm around Jackie's shoulders, almost protectively, "But we have an offer for you, warehouse district, building three, can't miss it. This Saturday night, hope to see you there."

"I just might, sounds fun if you ask me, nothing like exploring the outskirts of town, right?" With that the girls walked off, and he went home to get a small duffle bag Flashback

Now he was walking around town that Saturday morning, he was going to be out all day he told his parents, they trusted him, even with what happened last Tuesday. He had just stopped at a crosswalk when a girl was walking up to him, long flowing golden hair, eyes shining like the ocean in the moonlight, and a slight dance in her step, that was when he realized the cops were coming behind him, he ran over to her, although she had earbuds in and pulled her into the closest alleyway, which got her to stop and pull out the earbuds.

"Hey buddy! What's the-" she began but was soon cut off.

"Shh! What were you thinking? Dancing in the open like that?!" the worry in his voice evident, and he was worried.

"What do you mean? I was just dancing. There's nothing wrong with that, right?" She was confused, I mean, someone stopping another from dancing like it was some crime.

"In this town yeah, they made it illegal. You're new here aren't you?" All he got was a mild blush and a small nod from her.

"Alright, well follow me, I'm going to a place that is supposedly safe for it, just stick with me and try not to dance!"

"I don't know, I just met you, and this is very sudden."

"Do you want to dance?"


"Do you want to dance?" These words were so kind, and hid no malice, Marco hoped she picked up on that, and she did. She smiled brightly, and took his hand, which he had unknowingly reached out for her to take, and she replied with four simple yet powerful words.

"I would love to."

A/N: This is going to be the first of a possible series that I may do. I got the AU from a one and only Coskii on tumblr, check them out I recommend it, AU is used with permission.