This is my first multi chapter fict in over a decade, and first non anime. I do not mean any disrespect to the Polynesian cultures as I take creative license with the characters. I will be doing some research to make things as accurate as possible adding in some of my own flair. I will be using more Hawaiian influences instead of the other Polynesian cultures due to the face I live here on Oahu ( for the time being) and that information is easier to access

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Chapter 1: Kai a Pele

It had been five years since Moana had returned the Heart of Te Fiti to the goddess, and now she was chief of her village. Her parents, while they relented about her way-finding, they still tried to arrange a marriage for her. The most recent was female- just in case.

While considerate to their actions, she just was not interested. Not in marriage at least.

Over the years, Moana had finished growing, gaining about another half an inch of height, more defined curves toned with muscle, and her hair was longer, reaching her mid back, usually tied back in a tail to keep it out of her face. Instead of the pinkish red top and cream skirt, she was in the traditional red attire. The top tied over her shoulders and behind her back.

In her gut, she could tell something was going to change soon, and that she was not going to like it.

The night was young as Moana walked along the beach, a good ten minute walk from the nearest hut, when she noticed something off. The singing geckos had gone still and the tide recessed to the point of at least twenty yards of coral had been uncovered. That's when she heard a deafening roar. Looking up her face paled as she saw a kai a Pele coming her way.

Quickly she turned yelling for everyone to wake up and make a futile attempt to make it to higher ground. Time seemed to slow as the wave first hit the beach behind her, water surging past her waist pushing her into the village, then it started to recede, sucking her with it as another giant wave crashed around her. It was hopeless as the monumental waves crashed over the village this time hitting the huts. Children screaming for their mothers, others crying for their loved ones.

There hadn't been a raging wave in generations, the village was not prepared. There were also no early warning signs. No trembling earth, no smoke during the day to indicate a near by volcano. She prayed to the gods for help; for her friend, the ocean, to save at least some of her people.

One thought rang through her head as darkness closed in as a tree fell over her. One name. One person she had not seen in six months.


Maui knew something was wrong. Heading south to his best friend's island on the canoe he and Moana made about a year back. He saw something out the corner of his eye. Abandoning the craft, trusting the Ocean to carry it to safety, he transformed into a great hawk.

It seemed like the goddess, Pele, has given birth to a new island, violently. With how much ash and smoke was in the air, being carried by the wind towards the north east.

The vicinity of how close it was to Motunui struck lightning into his gut.


The demigod switched directions and flew as fast as his wings could carry him. "She better not be harmed." Was the only thought running through his head as he raced toward his adopted home.

He was too late. The giant waves had destroyed the village, and not one human to be found. The debris field span to the reef line. The remains of the huts, floating above their foundations. Animal carcasses were being fed on by the sharks. The coastline had changed all the way to the mountain. Shrieking in despair he glided towards the island where he had been stranded for a millennia to grieve.

The demigod chanced a glance down; he saw a figure floating amongst the rubble. Heart leaping into his throat, Maui, dived to get a closer look. It was her! He quickly scooped her up gently in his talons, her skin was cold. Preying to the gods that she survived he continued his course.

Minutes later he landed on the fateful island where they first met. He checked her pulse. Face paling. "No, no, no, NO!" He screamed in denial, fists clenched in his hair, as he tried to control himself. "Please Mo, don't do this! Don't leave me…" Maui sobbed holding his friend's cold, listless, body to him close. She was too young, too strong. It was then he realized how much this slip of a human meant so much to him.

Tears falling he gently laid Moana's body on the ground, he turned to the ocean. "Why! Why her!" he raged, to the gods, to the Ocean, throwing bits of rocks and drift wood into the deceptively calm seas, "She was your friend! She gave you the Respect you deserve! How could you take her!" The heat was lost from his words. "How could you take her from me." Maui, collapsed to his knees, never noticing the light blue iridescent glow encasing the young woman behind him; but he sure as hell heard the gasp of air and then intense coughing and the unfortunate sound of regurgitating water.

Maui turned in surprise. She was alive! "Moana!" He reached her and hugged her close. relishing in the woman's beating heart, and the warmth returning to her body.

"Maui?" She asked weakly, before she passed out in her best friend's arms, still shivering.

He sighed in relief, thanking the gods for returning the mortal to him. Even though she passed out, he could live with that, she was alive. That's what counted. Laying down, and tucking, Moana, close to him to keep her warm and to protect her from what could come; he vowed to never leave her side again as long as she lived. Even then he would do all he could to follow her into the afterlife.

Now the only worry was the cost of bringing her back. Nothing the Gods did was ever free.

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