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Over the next several days, Moana and Maui continued their trek to Motunui. Hoping that were survivors, that there was usable supplies, the destruction. So the two could have closure.

Moana was still having a hard time accepting the events over the past week. The Kai a Pele, being dead, being brought back to life, now an immortal girl who turns into a fish when wet.

When the denial reached its peak, Maui, "accidentally" tipped the boat and dropped the unsuspecting woman into the water.

After the fifth time, her denial turned to anger. While she never took it out on Maui, the Ocean was not so lucky. Not that it could respond, but it did seem remorseful somehow.

Moana also decided to use the unscheduled time in the water as swimming practice. Always in sight of the canoe, and always in Maui's line of sight. It definitely took some practice, using muscles she had never really used before.

One night on a full moon a peculiar conversation came to mind.

It started out normal. Maui had just stepped onto the beach from a short venture at sea about eight months ago . They, as always, started teasing each other.

That night was different. Somehow their playful teasing turned flirtatious.

"Oh really Curley. You may be the village beauty here, but you're a little on the skinny side for me. Add a good ten inches to your waistline. Big Maui likes something to hold on to…"

Of course she knew he was playing with her, and pretended to be aggravated and insulted.

Somehow the night ended with Maui placing a chaste kiss on her cheek.

She blushed at the memory. Of course the demigod caught the rosiness in the light of the silvery full moon. "What you thinking about Curley?"

She flicked her tail up in boredom, while laying on her back. "Oh just about that kiss on the cheek last time you were home."

Maui smirked a bit. "Oh really?"

"Yup," she popped the 'p', "looks like I can't gain that extra weight you like after all." She smirked when she saw mini Maui pull up a scoreboard and place another tally under the wave that signified her side. The match this time around was rather even.

"Yeah, all that exercise seems to be trimming that waist…." he stopped. Even for playful banter this was really dangerous territory. He glanced over to the new demigoddess.

Her eyes were narrowed and glowing. 'Well that's new.'

"Maui. Are you calling me fat?" He gulped. He really stepped in boarshit this time.

"No! I was…I just meant…"

Moana raised her arm to swipe at him. The poor demiguy was so flustered and trying to dig himself out of the hole he didn't notice the playful smirk on her face.

Neither noticed that when her hand lifted, so did some water. So neither of them expected the water to douse Maui with enough force to throw him overboard. "Holy sharkbait!" He landed with a great splash.

"What in the name of the gods was that, Mo?!" He asked stunned as he clamored aboard. He noticed that she was staring her hands in astonishment.

"I have no idea." Her voice was strained and high pitched. "Not only am I fish freak; but I control the water too?"

"Hey, hey none of that." He gathered the finned demigoddess into his arms, to console her, as was becoming habit. They both relished the warmth from the embrace. "You, are most definitely not a freak. You are still the, fierce, strong, boarheaded, woman I know. " he didn't realize this was the first time he really held her while she was all fins and no feet, and that her dorsal fin was extremely sensitive, and the attention it was getting from Maui's soothing ministrations was causing Moana to feel a little…warm. "You are also the most caring, and beautiful inside and out."

"Maui." She said breathily, eyes clouded. She was too far gone to hear the last of his words. Maui fortunately recognized the signs and stopped what he wa doing and removed his hands.

"Mo, breath, calm down. We didn't know that would happen." She tried to take a breath, but his face was too close to hers to stop herself.

So she kissed him.


Maui, hastily pulled away. Not that he didn't like it, he did, a lot! Unfortunately now wasn't really the best time. They had to check on Motunui. They also had that insane quest, thousands of miles across the ocean. Didn't help that they were grieving.

He told Moana this, and she said she understood. She still slipped off the canoe to practice her swimming. Regardless of the fact it was well after nightfall, it was feeding time for sharks- though he doubted any would bother them due to the shark king. He figured she was sulking. After letting her swim for about an hour, Maui plucked her out of the water.

"Come one Princess, time for your beauty sleep." She glowered.

"Not a princess." She grumbled halfheartedly. Besides you need your rest too! You've been doing all the work." Maui shrugged.

"You getting a handle on your abilities and coming to term with what happened is more important. Besides, you getting splashed by a rogue wave, makes you a useless wayfinder, being unable to steer with all of your body weight and all."

She sighed. "I guess you have a point." She grabbed the blanket he handed her. "You know Big Guy, you're better at comforting people than you give yourself credit for."

"I guess it's something I picked up over the past several millennia. But I have one question for the God who gave you this unique set of abilities."

Moana raised an eyebrow. "What's that?"

"Why the hell would they give a wayfinder fins?" Moana could not hold in her laugh.

It was the most beautiful thing Maui had heard in months.


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