Hello readers and welcome to my new story. So, I watched an entire gameplay of Danganronpa. When I got started, I was so hooked on it that I finished the entire series in a week. It probably would have been less if I didn't have school. After watching the last class trial, I checked out a few fanfics and then the idea of Class 78th seeing the future came into my head.

When the idea came into my head, I couldn't just not write it. Especially since there weren't already one out there. So, here we are. I hope there will be several of you who will enjoy this kind of story, and with that out of the way, enjoy.

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Chapter 00: Prologue

Class 78. Out of many of the classes in Hope's Peak Academy, they are one of the classes who're closest with each other. There were a few rough patches, but no one can doubt their bond towards one another, especially towards their lucky classmate.

Currently, the sixteen students are waiting in the classroom for their teacher, all of them discussing the news their principal gave them. "I wonder what kind of trip this will be." Makoto Naegi, the Ultimate Luckster, said. He and the others are gathered in a circle to discuss what the possibility is. "Anyone got any ideas?"

"How about Hiro tells us?" Sayaka Maizono, the Ultimate Pop Sensation, suggested. She's sitting right beside Makoto. "Maybe he could make a prediction."

"Predictions that have a 20-30% chance of being right." Byakuya Togami, the Ultimate Affluent Progeny, remarked. "I wouldn't count on them being correct."

"Hey!" Yasuhiro Hagakure, the Ultimate Clairvoyant, shouted in offense. "Just you wait! This prediction will be totally right!"

"Then let's hear it then." Aoi Asahina, the Ultimate Swimmer, spoke up. Right beside is Sakura Oogami, the Ultimate Martial Artist. "It'll pass the time at least."

Hiro nodded. "All right." He close his eyes, gaining a look of concentration. "I see….us spinning around in a colorful force. And when that spinning stop, we'll be in a big area." He then snapped his finger. "Maybe we'll be going in a dimensional area!"

Silence ruled the class at the ridiculous thought. "...Your idiocy never ceased to amaze people." Celestia Ludenberg, the Ultimate Gambler, remarked. "Such an idea is ridiculous, not to mention impossible."

"It's totally possible!" Hiro defended himself. "Just you wait, this'll happen!"

"Somehow, I doubt it man." Leon Kuwata, the Ultimate Baseball Player, inserted. He's leaning in one of the classroom chairs. "Anybody else has a guess?" He turned to Kyoko. "How about you Kyoko? Is there anything your old man told you about it?"

Kyoko Kirigiri, the Ultimate Detective, shook her head. The detective is sitting beside Makoto as well. "No. Not even when I went to ask him."

Makoto, Togami, and Sayaka perked up at this. They know that the principal doesn't hide anything, especially not with her daughter, unless he wants it to be a surprise or it's something upsetting. "Now I'm really curious." Togami spoke once again. "What could it be that the principal didn't tell Kyoko?"

"I can answer that for you."

The sixteen students turned to the door, where the voice came from. Right at the classroom door is an african american man with dark brown eyes, black hair, and is wearing a business type suit.

Junko Enoshima, the Ultimate Fashionista, stood up and pointed at him. "And who are you, lowly peasant?" She questioned with a king-like voice, a crown on top of her head.

Beside the eccentric girl is her sister Mukuro , the Ultimate Soldier, who's shaking her head at Junko's antics.

The man wasn't surprised by Junko's announcement. He merely smiled. "The lowly peasant is the one in charge of your trip. My name is Spirit."

Many eyes lit up in surprise. Several thought that ome of the staff may be leading the trip, but they guess they were wrong. Junko, meanwhile, drop the crown off her head and wiped her surprise look before gaining a sad one. "Does this mean I'm punished for insulting you?"

"I've been warned about your antics, so no." Spirit smirked at the disappointed look on her face. "Now, let's discuss the trip you've been told about."

"Where are we going, anyway?" Hina asked him. "And why are you leading the trip?"

"You would think that one of the staff would be leading it." Togami commented on as well. "Not someone outside of Hope's Peak."

The man merely smiled. "I'm not gonna answer the where part yet." He told them. "As for why, I suggested this trip to the principal, and he agreed. Since I know the location, he let me lead."

There was a few who seemed slightly suspicious, the others doesn't seem to think anything is going on. "S-So, what is t-this trip?" Toko Fukawa, the Ultimate Writing Prodigy, asked hesitantly.

"My fortune told me that we're going to another dimension!" Hiro declared to him. "Am I right?"

Byakuya sighed in annoyance. "Ignore the idiot, please."

"Actually," Spirit began. "For once, his prediction is correct." Before anyone could say anything to that, Spirit clapped his hand. And when he did, the classroom change into a multitude of colors, spinning around the place. Several students cried in shock as they spin around alongside the color, and when it stopped, they all landed on ground below them.

"Ouch….." Makoto groaned, getting up from his fallen state. When he got a look from his surrounding, his eyes widen.

They're not in their classroom anymore. Class 78 are now in a giant living room, with several couches and recliners spread around, a large table at the front of those chairs, and a flat screen TV. The room looks to be very expensive, along with the entire house.

Gasps of shock and surprise were heard when the rest of the class got up. Even Togami, Kyoko, and Celestia seemed to be rattled by what happened. "What the hell?!" Mondo Oowada, the Ultimate Biker Gang Leader, shouted. "Where the fuck are we?!"

"Was I right after all?!" Hiro shouted in panic, grabbing his head. Even though he predicted the outcome, he was shocked at this as well.

"This is where you'll be staying until the trip ends." Spirit told them. "Food and drinks will provided, as you all know, and the trip will last a few days at the least. A week at the most."

"What did you do?" Kyoko questioned, her own voice showing panic.

Spirit smiled. "I teleported." Was his answer. "To an isolated location. Whether it's somewhere on earth or another dimension is up to you decide."

Shocked ran through everyone's body. "But, that's impossible!" Togami cried out, losing his composure. "It shouldn't be possible to teleport, anywhere!"

"Yet here we are." Celestia countered, after managing to gain her composure. Togami doesn't have anything to say to that. "If I may, how did you do that? And do you have any other power?"

"I have my ways." Was his answer to the first question. "As for the other question, yes. While I'm in this area, there are several powers within my grasp."

By now, everyone could feel nothing but shock at what's being told and shown to them. Despite how she feels, Sakura spoke up. "And there's one more question in mind." Sakura stated strongly. "Why did you bring us here?"

"Oh yeah." Makoto then remembered the reason for this trip. "We've been told that this trip is important for our future. Why?"

Spirit hummed to himself. "While I doubt this will be the last question, I'll answer anyway." Spirit said. "This trip isn't just important for your future. You guys are gonna actually SEE your future, in detail."

Silence ruled the area. Nobody could say anything, to shock at the entire thing. Several brains were fried at the information given to them. "...This is too much." Hifumi Yamada, the Ultimate Fanfic Creator, stated. He held his brain in pain. "Too much information. Too many things happening."

Spirit chuckled. "I'll give you time to process all of this. I know this is probably overwhelming, and I apologize for giving you all this info."

They all indeed went to processing all the info, including one Makoto Naegi. Everything that had been told to him and what he had seen, is unbelievable. Teleportation? A look into the future? That all seems impossible, something from a sci-fi movie. But yet….

….Here they are. From a classroom, to a living room, they teleported. They couldn't even claim that they got knocked out, since it didn't feel like they woke up.

"...I assume showing the future is one of your powers?" Kyoko questioned. The others turned to the Ultimate Detective in shock.

"Are you just accepting this?!" Byakuya exclaimed.

Kyoko turned to the prodigy. "We just witnessed ourselves coming from the classroom to this room in mere seconds. Right now, I'm willing to believe anything."

"A-Are you a ghost?!" Hiro suddenly questioned, getting scared. "T-That explains everything! And why your name is Spirit?! A g-g-ghost!"

Spirit sighed and facepalmed, along with a few others, after getting out of their shock. "No, that's just a nickname Yasuhiro." Spirit explained patiently. "I'm not an actual spirit nor a ghost. As for your question, Kyoko…." He turned to the young detective. "No. Showing the future is not one of my powers. I merely gathered this information, which was available to everyone in my home."

"Seriously?" Ishimaru Kiyotaka, the Ultimate Moral Compass, spoke up. "Our future could be shown to people from your own home." Spirit nodded.

"I could explain, but we're wasting enough time as it is." Spirit sighed. "Look, the point of this trip is so you guys could see what the future holds for all of you. Trust me, this will benefit several of you, if not, all of you. It will benefit you A LOT, and the principal agreed wholeheartedly. So, I suggest to just accept the situation as it is, sit down, and watch."

Many of them, after their brain wrapped around the situation, thought about what he said. If his words were true, then they can see what's in store for them. Some don't really want to see, wanting it to be a surprise or so it won't mess up their path, but the fact Spirit is saying that it's in their best interest to watch their future peaked their interest even more.

"I don't see the harm in watching." Makoto admitted, getting attention from everyone else. "I doubt this is a prank. This guy seems like a more serious person rather than a prankster. Besides, if the principal agreed to this, then we should put our faith in him and do this."

Everyone thought about Makoto's words. "Makoto is right." Kyoko agreed. "This must be important if the principal wanted us to watch this. It's best for us to sit and see for ourselves."

"Something must've happened if the future." Chihiro Fujisaki, the Ultimate Programmer, spoke quietly. "Maybe if we do watch this, we could stop whatever from happening."

Byakuya, after managing to calm himself, sighed and nodded in agreement. "It would be interesting to see myself in the future. Of course, I know what my future holds for me, but it would still be interesting." A few people rolled their eyes at that.

"This must be to change our destiny for the better." Hiro murmured to himself, though the others could hear him. "Our guardian angels must have sent this, to protect us!"

Hina crossed her arms and sighed. "I don't think it's that Hiro." The swimmer disagreed. But then she perked up. "But it would be nice to see what we would be doing in the future."

"All right! Let's use this chance to bond even further than before!" Taka announced strongly, sitting on one of the couches.

Mondo nodded. "If my bro agrees, then I'll join too." Mondo then sat beside Taka and soon enough, Chihiro join them.

Eventually, everyone got into a seat. Byakuya, Celeste, Junko, Mukuro, and Toko got recliners for themselves, with Toko taking the recliner closest to the Togami heir. Kyoko, Sayaka, Makoto, and Leon sat on another couch together. Sakura and Hina sat on a small couch together. And finally, Yasuhiro and Hifumi took the last couch. Luckily, it was big and sturdy enough for Hifumi's big frame.

"Everyone ready?" Spirit questioned, sitting on his own recliner. Everyone nodded. "Good. Now, let us begin." With that, he summoned a remote into his hand and turned on the TV.

And that's the end. I hope several of you enjoyed the prologue. This chapter will be testing the waters. See how many are going to read. I hope there will be many of you that will want to read. Though if the numbers are small, I still might continue writing. After all, this is a story I couldn't not write. Review, favorite, and follow and I will see you later.