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Chapter 99: Watching Chapter 5: 100 Miles: Pain of a Junk Food Junkie Part 11

The scene switched to Byakuya and Makoto at the archive, with the former looking through one of the shelves. "I believe there was a file related to Fenrir somewhere over here…" He mumbled to himself as he shifted through the files. "Ah, here we go."

"You know… it's kinda disturbing how familiar he is with the archive room…" Sayaka remarked with a sweat-drop. "How often was he reading in there?"

"Probably everyday, from the moment he found the room…" Hifumi guessed.

Grabbing the file from the shelf, he walked back to Makoto. "Take a look at this."

The luckster grabbed the file from him and opened it up… only to be met with an unfamiliar language. "Umm… I have no idea what it says." He stated plainly. "What language is this?"

While many of the students were as confused as future Makoto, a few managed to recognize the language. "French…?" Kyoko spoke in recognition.

"The file about Fenrir is in French…?" Chihiro spoke with a little surprise.

"Not surprising, considering the organization is located primarily in Europe…" Celeste mused. "It makes sense that it would be France that would make a file about them."

"And Byakuya can read it…?" Hina spoke with some surprise.

"Of course I can, dolt. I'm surprised half of you could've gone through high-school without learning at least a single word of it…" Byakuya replied snarkily.

"...Dude, most of us high-schoolers are too busy trying to grasp English…" Leon deadpanned. "Let alone French."

"That's pretty much for those rich, elite schools to teach…" Hiro added.

The Togami heir merely rolled his eyes. "Whatever."

"How did you make it all the way to high school without learning a single word of French?" The Togami heir admonished him.

"Uh… I'm pretty sure most high schoolers can't speak French…" Makoto deadpanned.

"Well, whatever." Byakuya merely rolled his eyes at that. "I'll read it for you, but I expect you to repay your debt a hundred times over."

'A hundred times…? Isn't that kind of extreme?' Makoto thought with slight disbelief.

"The hell do you expect for him to pay you back with…?" Mondo asked with a raised eyebrow. "Bedtime stories, or some shit?"

"Spare me the childish suggestions…" Byakuya responded back with his usual sharp tongue. "There are plenty of ways for Makoto to pay back the favor I gave him."

"But a million times…?" Sayaka spoke with some exasperation.

"I fail to see how that's in any way unreasonable."

'Of course you don't…' Was the blank thought of around half the students.

With that, Byakuya began reading. "Fenrir is an elite fighting unit based out of the Middle East. Unlike military contractors, they are a fierce group of soldiers who engage in direct combat. They claim that a single member is equivalent to an entire company or regular soldiers. Just like Fenrir, the Wolf of Ragnarok, their mere presence is enough to strike fear into any enemy. They have been involved in countless military battles and operations, most of which are highly classified."

"However, some time ago, they completely ceased all activity." The heir continued. "At present, their continued existence cannot be confirmed. There are unconfirmed reports that the key members of the group were all neutralized. Rumors indicate they were killed to keep them from revealing the many state secrets they'd acquired. Some, however, believe there was mounting internal tension within the group, and they simply imploded."

"...Okay, the more I hear about these Fenrir guys, the more I'm understanding how Makoto's feeling there…" Leon stated, looking more than a tad stun. "That shit sounds crazy."

"Definitely something you would find in science fiction…" Hifumi murmured in agreement.

"I-I would go a-along the lines of modern military drama…" Toko offered.

"But it isn't fiction. They are part of our reality, the one we have." Byakuya interjected, arms crossed. "There are many events across the world that would seem unimaginable, unpredictable, to any common plebeian. Fenrir is just one of many of those events."

"..." The lucky student was silent, clearly digesting all that had been read to him.

It was a silence that Byakuya picked up. "...What is it?"

"This all just sounds like some kind of… alternate reality." Makoto said dazedly.

"Well, it isn't. This is our reality, the only reality. These people are part of our world." Byakuya refuted ruthlessly. "Their battlefields aren't much different from our lives here. An unpredictable, unimaginable world… that's what makes it all so exciting."

'"Exciting" definitely isn't the word I would use…' Makoto thought blankly to himself.

"Scary would be a better word, I say…" Hina said with a small shudder.

"For reals…" Hiro also found himself shivering at the thought of being in that kind of world.

"..." Celeste, in contrast, couldn't help but find some relation with the future Byakuya's words. Despite any claims otherwise in the second chapter, the two of them really are alike. Not only in the pursuit to win, but… also in the pursuit of the more interesting and exciting things in life.

"You want to feel special. Feel unique. And Taeko Yasuhiro is just a plain old, normal girl."

The gambler pushed out the words as quickly as they came, her hands clenching together. There's no need to think about it. Not now. Or ever, rather.

"So, did anything jump out at you?" Byakuya then inquired. "This may be your last opportunity to learn about Fenrir."

'Now that you mention it…' Makoto thought in recollection. "The report said something about where the name Fenrir comes from, right…?"

"That's right. It said Fenrir is… the Wolf of Ragnarok." Byakuya confirmed with a nod. "Speaking of which, would you like to know something interesting related to that? To show that they're a member of the team, each soldier that joins the squad… would get a tattoo representing Fenrir somewhere on their body."

"What…?" Makoto's eyes widened at that piece of info. 'They got a tattoo… of Fenrir…? Could that mean…?!'

"It seems as though they will figure out that the body is Mukuro…" Sakura mused with narrowed eyes. "That should be more than sufficient information to make such connections."

"Not to mention Kyoko, you know, being alive…" Junko pointed out, her voice a tad dry.

"And considering that they all thought that Mukuro was the mastermind…" Sayaka trailed off, the unfinished statement ringing for everyone to hear.

The statement being, that it'll be a very confusing trial for the future survivors.

He was broken out of his thoughts by the ringing of the school bell. And as per usual, the school monitor turned on. "Time is utterly silent, and yet it constantly assaults us - organisms, the earth, natural phenomena…" Monokuma spoke. "It damages us little by little, until the end. You should really think about that."

"Anyways! It's time to begin the class trial! So, please meet up in the usual spot! Puhuhu… See ya later!" With that, the monitor shut off.

With that announcement, tension arose once again within the room, one somewhat different from previous times. Not exactly dreading who among them will be killed, or at least not just that… but whether or not their future selves can figure out the scheme being played.

"Then the time has come…" Byakuya stated.

"All we can do now is try to uncover the truth during the class trial…" Makoto spoke in agreement.

"It would seem that way. Let's go."

'Please… let there be something that'll prove Kyoko's innocence.' Makoto pleaded to himself, nervousness and anger swirling in his heart. 'Don't let that bastard get away with this fake trial!'

'...What can they do to figure out the trap? What can my future self do to stop from being painted as the blackened?' Kyoko thought, and thought hard; her eyebrows scrunching up tightly together in figuring out this puzzle. 'Can they? Will they?'

'Wonder how Miss Junior Detective is gonna try to wiggle out of this one…' Junko thought with some amusement. 'Not that it matters. I have all the cards in my hands, so there's nothing she can do to point at me.'

The scene then switches to Makoto and Byakuya entering into the elevator room, with Hiro, Toko, and Hina waiting for them. "Whoa, Byakuya and Makoto showed up together!" Hiro noted with some surprise.

"Where the heck have you two been?! You just disappeared without a word!" Hina questioned with exasperation.

"We were investigating, of course. How could you not figure that out by this point?" Byakuya retorted back.

"M-Makoto's ranked high enough for you guys to go off t-together… just the two of y-you…?" Toko hissed jealousy.

"...The hell are you jealous about?" Leon questioned, giving the writer a weird look.

"M-Makoto had Master's full a-attention! T-T-Trust even!" Toko exclaimed, both defensively and enviously. "Enough for them to be… a-a-alone with e-each other!"

"Toko. Stop. Please realize how that sounds…" Makoto pleaded, his face green at the thought. Byakuya merely held a disgusted look, and refused to look at the book writer.

That earned a bewildered stare from Hina. "What, are you jealous?"

"Or… are you making up some kind of creepy fantasy for yourself?" Hiro guessed warily.

"Honestly? I vote fucking both…" Mondo deadpanned. "Wouldn't put it past her."

"S-Shut up, you dumb b-biker…!" Toko growled back. "No one asks y-you!"

Hifumi suddenly perked up, recalling something during the viewing of the second chapter. "See? I knew Miss Fukuwa was imaging- Ow!"

"And I'm gonna say it again; keep that shit to yourself." Leon interjected verbally, tossing a baseball in hand.

"Stop talking and brace yourselves. He'll be here any second." Byakuya pointed out to the group.

That got the survivors silent, and waiting tensely. 'Any second…' Makoto thought to himself. 'He could show up at any time…'

"We stood there for five full minutes, waiting for something weird to happen." Narrator Makoto spoke as the camera showed the group waiting antsily. "And then five minutes became ten…"

For a moment, the students were confused as to what's going on. But then it quickly clicked for several of them. "...Is he waiting for Kyoko to get there?" Sayaka slowly deduced.

"Speaking of… where is Kyoko, anyway?" Hiro questioned, scratching the side of his head. "She still isn't appearing yet?"

"Did… did she hear any of the announcements?" Chihiro wondered, furrowing his eyebrows in concern. "Does she know about the murder and the class trial? Any of it?"

"That's… a good question." Was all Makoto could say, his mind now occupied on that idea. If Kyoko is at a place where she doesn't hear the body discovery or class trial announcement, what will happen? Will the trial go one without her? Will they try to find her? Will Monokuma even let them know that Kyoko is alive?

"What's going on here? Why hasn't Monokuma shown up yet?" Byakuya questioned in confusion.

"Maybe he died again…?" Hiro suggested.

"What should we do?" Hina asked the group. "Should we keep waiting here, or…?"

That's when Monokuma popped up. "Or what?!"

That caused several of the students to jump in shock. "Dang it! Can I not be surprised by that for once…?!" Hina complained to herself.

"And now he shows himself…" Celeste narrowed her eyes at the screen. "With Kyoko still absent, what will his next move be?"

"Jesus!" Hiro yelped out.

The bear laughed at the jump. "Did I scare you?"

"I demand an explanation!" Byakuya exclaimed with a clear scowl. "Why did you waste my time and make me wait like that?!"

"What? I made you wait?" Was Monokuma's response, tilting his head. "You've got it all backwards. You're the ones making me wait!"

"...Huh?" Makoto said in confusion.

"I'm waiting for everyone to arrive! We can't start till everyone's here, now can we?" Monokuma explained further.

"And that's confirmation that he's waiting on Kyoko…" Taka nodded his head slightly at that.

"But why wait? Why not search for Miss Kirigiri, and drag her to the elevator room himself?" Hifumi mused curiously. "That's what he did with Miss Fukawa, didn't he…?"

"D-Don't remind me of t-that…!" Toko stuttered out angrily.

"You forget, the mastermind has been unaware of where Kyoko was for the past few days." Celeste pointed out. "You cannot physically drag someone you don't know the location of."

"Yeah, that's true…" Hina hummed in agreement.

"What are you t-talking about…?" Toko asked, sounding just as confused. "Everyone is here. We've all been w-waiting for you."

"Puhuhu… sorry, but you're wrong." The bear refuted. "But I've been waiting ten minutes, so it's okay if I punish the one making us all wait, right?"

That caused several of them to stiffen up. "He… he's not gonna just go and kill Kyoko just like that, is he…?" Hiro asked nervously.

"With how much the mastermind wants her dead? I would imagine they wouldn't pass up the opportunity." Byakuya's answer did not make anyone feel better.

"Miss Kirigiri should probably make her last minute appearance soon then…" Hifumi said nervously.

"If we all agree it's a violation, I'll arrange a punishment right now-!"

"If it's me you're waiting for… I'm here."

And just like that, the group deflated in relief. "Right in the nick of time…" Mondo huffed out in relief.

"You really got to stop playing with our hearts like that, Kyoko…!" Hina whined, though she sounded just as relieved.

"You're really testing the limits of what you can get away with, huh…?" Junko remarked.

"It's not like I can control what my future self has done…" The detective responded back. "Merely observe what I could've done."

Everyone turned their heads to the direction of the doorway… to see Kyoko. "I'm here, and no rule's been broken."

Her arrival caused Makoto's eyes to widen dramatically. "K-Kyoko!"

"Kyoko?! You're still alive?!" Hina exclaimed with both shock and joy.

"N-No…! That's a gh-gh-gh-ghost!" Hiro shrieked in terror.

And just like that, nearly everyone groaned near simultaneously. "Not the ghost shit again…!" Mondo growled to himself.

"Hiro, dude, just shut up…" Leon stated as he face-palmed.

"H-Hey! It's a perfectly valid conclusion…!" Hiro replied defensively, holding his hands up. "I mean, we all thought Kyoko was dead before, didn't we?!"

There were several different ways the group would have responded to that defense; they all chose none of them, and merely silently put their attention back to the screen.

"Stop t-talking…" Toko told the fortune teller flatly.

"If you wanna fight, do it at the class trial! You need to save some of the fun for later, right?" Monokuma interjected.

"But is it okay that there's no particular penalty for being late?" Byakuya questioned with a frown.

"Byakuya…!" Makoto, along with a few others, looked at the Togami heir in shock. "Are you really suggesting that Kyoko get hurt by Monokuma?"

"While being punctual is indeed needed, Monokuma's brand of punishment is not one I would be pushing…!" Taka spoke of his own protest.

Byakuya merely sighed. "Perhaps it's irritation with the girl herself. Or suspicion in regards to her talking. I'm not sure what my motive is." He admitted to. "But I doubt the bear would've killed her outright. My future self was merely suggesting some sort of penalty, not an outright execution."

"I made it here just fine. What school regulations did I violate?" Kyoko argued back calmly. "Am I wrong?"

"You're so selfish… so spoiled!" The bear grouched in response. "You're right. There's no penalty, officially. But I bet you'll be sorry later…" His eyes then took a menacing gleam. "No, I'll make sure you're sorry later…!"

His words got varied emotions from the group; from anxious and worried looks, to angry scowls and glares. "The mastermind is determined to put a stop to Kyoko's pursuit…" Celeste said, her tone neutral.

"To the point the fucker will cheat his way to do so…!" Leon growled, fist clenching.

"There has to be something that can prove Kyoko's innocence…" Taka spoke with a worried frown across his face. "Something that proves that it wasn't her, is there?"

"I'm really hoping there is…" Hina said, biting her lips nervously.

"Anyway, hustle your butts onto the elevator! I'll be just one step ahead of ya!" And with that, the bear disappeared once again.

Once he was gone, the five survivors rushed up to where Kyoko was at. "Kyoko…!" Makoto spoke in pure relief.

"So you really didn't die!?" Hina followed up with her own relief.

"Of course I didn't die…" Kyoko stated in response, smiling slightly.

"Thank God!" The swimmer beamed at the lavender-haired girl. "I'm so glad you're okay!"

"Perhaps, but that's not necessarily a good thing for us." Byakuya interjected.

"And Mr. Togami seems to be immediately suspecting Miss Kirigiri now…"

"It's something we already suspected would happen…" Sakura sighed. "The only thing we can do is hope they come to the right conclusion…"

"The trial itself will likely not be short…" Mukuro spoke in musing. "I doubt Kyoko will just stand and have all suspicions fall directly at her…"

"I wouldn't." The detective herself spoke up assuredly. "It's likely why I took so long. So I can have my own investigation before the trial."

"That would make sense, since you knew to get to the elevator room…" Chihiro hummed.

His words caused Makoto, along with Hina, to look at him in confusion. "Huh…?"

"He's right! Now we've gotta deal with a gh-gh-ghost!" Hiro shrieked once again.

"I told you, stop t-talking…!" Toko growled at him.

"What she said…" Leon jabbed a thumb at the book writer, a flat look now across his face.

"The fool better not waste time pushing this ghost nonsense, I swear…" Celeste grumbled to herself.

Hiro slumped down at the words jabbed at him. Is it really that hard to believe that Kyoko could've been a ghost?

"Come on, let's just go. Whatever we need to discuss, we can do it during the trial." With that, Byakuya headed to the elevator, having not looked directly at Kyoko at any point.

"Master! W-Wait for meeee…!" Toko, of course, followed right after him in quick fashion.

"Good call. Who knows what might happen to us if we take too long…?" With that acknowledgement, Hiro was the next to head to the elevator.

"I'll be happy when this trial is all over…" Hina sighed as she followed the others.

That left Makoto and Kyoko in the room as everyone else piled up in the elevator. The former of the remaining two turned to the latter with an anxious look. "Listen, before we get started, I have to ask you…"

"..." Silently, Kyoko placed her attention on the lucky student.

"Where have you been this whole time?" He asked her. "You used that key of yours to go somewhere, didn't you? So…"

"Is now really a good time to ask about that…?" Hina asked with a small frown. "Monokuma could pop back up if we take too long."

"I know, and I'm sure future me knows, but… with how long Kyoko was gone, I couldn't just leave it for later." Makoto replied sheepishly. "Not after wondering if she's dead or not."

"Fair. Can't imagine keeping shit to myself in your shoes…" Mondo acknowledged, with others nodding in agreement/sympathy.

"I went to investigate the 2nd floor of the dorms." Kyoko revealed.

"The… 2nd floor?"

"There aren't any monitors or cameras there, so I was able to avoid Monokuma completely." The lavender haired girl explained. "Of course, I also missed his announcement because of that. I had no idea a body had been discovered."

"And that answers whether or not Kyoko heard anything…"

"So how did she know to come to the elevator room?" Leon questioned with a raised eyebrow. "Did she hear the announcement about the class trial, or something?"

"Likely so." Sakura was the one to answer. "She may have come out from the 2nd floor dorms, just in time to hear the class trial announcement. Then took the time to look at the body, and gather what evidence she can."

"I can imagine that…" Byakuya hummed. "Kyoko isn't one to go into a trial or mystery with nothing…"

"I'm not, no." The detective herself spoke up in acknowledgement.

"Then… when did you find out?" Makoto asked curiously.

"Just now. I finished my search and came back down, just in time to hear the class trial announcement." Kyoko answered. "I took some time to go over the crime scene first. I can't go to a trial completely uninformed, can I?"

"You must've been in quite the rush, considering the body was on the fifth floor…" Celeste commented.

"Likely so." Kyoko acknowledged with no trouble. Even with around ten minutes of time, she doubted her future self took the time to gather evidence at a slow pace.

"So that's why you were late…"

"I'm sorry I kept you all waiting." The girl apologized.

"But… if you were on the 2nd floor of the dorms…" The luckster then spoke in musing. "...then that's what the key you found goes to?"

"Actually, to be precise… not quite." Kyoko corrected him somewhat. "I used Monokuma's secret tool, which can open any lock in the school."

That caused practically half the class to widen their eyes dramatically. "ANY LOCK IN THE SCHOOL?!" Hina, Hiro, Leon, and Junko all screamed.

"The fucker got a key that can access anywhere?!" Mondo shouted in disbelief.

"No wonder he called it his precious…!" Sayaka exclaimed. "Kyoko managed to steal a very useful tool!"

"And it makes Monokuma's actions even more understandable…" Byakuya stated in musing. "With Kyoko's disappearance, and with her hand on a key that could access any door in the school, the mastermind couldn't just sit back and let her do what she will."

"The key was likely a game changer. One that the mastermind couldn't let her fully utilize…" Celeste concluded.

Makoto's eyes widened dramatically at this. "What…?!"

"Hey! What are you two doing?!" Hina suddenly shouted from the elevator. "Hurry up, before we get in trouble with Monokuma!"

Both students turned their heads towards the elevator before putting attention back on one another. "We can go over all the details after we get through the trial, okay Makoto?" Kyoko assured him. "Right now I just want to focus on surviving our current situation. Because this is probably the single most crucial moment so far for me."

"...What the heck is up with her wording?" Junko asked with a raised eyebrow. "The most crucial moment for her?"

"Is… she already aware that Monokuma is targeting her?" Makoto deduced with some surprise. He turned to the detective herself. "Kyoko, do you think?"

Kyoko looked down in thought. "With what happened during the night, and seeing the body for herself, I wouldn't be surprised if she suspects something." She stated.

'For… her?' Makoto repeated to himself, confusion clear across his face. 'That's a strange way to put it… the class trial is important for everyone, right? So why would she say it's a crucial moment for her?'

"Well, if that's all…" With that, Kyoko headed to the elevator.

'I'm just… overthinking what she said, right…?' With that uncertain thought, Makoto became the last to step into the elevator.

"With Kyoko? No, you're definitely not." Leon deadpanned.

"Do you say these things on purpose, Kyoko…?" Hina moaned, both palms in her face.

"Yep, definitely enjoying her mystery act…" Sayaka muttered.

And again, Kyoko made no moves to acknowledge such claims or deny them.

Once they were all in, the elevator closed up and started descending. As usual, the students were lowered to the trial room in complete silence. "We just stood there, silent and still." Narrator Makoto spoke. "After an immeasurable period of time, the doors opened without warning…"

The scene the elevator stopped, and the door opening, light shining on the faces of the six remaining survivors. "A dazzling light penetrated every depth of my eyes." The narrator continued. "But it wasn't the illuminating light of hope…"

"It was the blinding light of despair."

Some couldn't help but feel chills going down their spines over the commentary. "Dude, do you have to sound like an ominous bastard…?" Leon said with a small shiver.

"S-Sorry…" Makoto replied sheepishly, despite not being the one narrating. Would he really be sounding like that if he was retelling this killing game?

"Still… it leaves me with a bad feeling…" Sayaka couldn't help but say. Something inside her is screaming that she isn't gonna like this trial. Not one bit.

And her intuition never failed her before. So she can't help but dread what's gonna come.

The screen then showed a bright, purple and green room. "Ahh, I've been waiting for this! I feel like it's been forever since we got together like this…" Monokuma spoke eagerly. "The time for pointless jokes and jabs has passed. Let's get on with the show!"

Slowly, the six remaining students took their places on the podium. "And so, the curtain opened up for the fifth time…" Narrator Makoto spoke. "A deadly judgment… a deadly perception… a deadly betrayal…" The scene showed Hina, Hiro, and Toko, all of them looking tense.

"A deadly riddle, a deadly defense, a deadly faith…" Then the suspicious Byakuya and composed Kyoko were next.

"A deadly…" Finally, it showed a nervous yet determined Makoto on screen. "Class trial…!"

There were various different feelings the class were feeling.

Some like Hina, Chihiro, and Taka just feel nervous over the possible outcomes.

Others like Sayaka and Hiro felt this unexplainable dread.

Those like Sakura, Makoto, and Mondo wanted nothing more than the trial to blow up in the mastermind's face.

The more composed students, such as Byakuya and Kyoko, were analyzing any possible means of solving the true mystery.

And Junko… Junko felt giddy with anticipation. Wondering what despair-inducing outcome is gonna be reached.

Cause one way or another, there will be despair. She can feel it.

And that's the end. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter; the shortest one I've made in a while, I'm pretty sure. But with the actual trial coming up, I felt it best to save the start of it for the next chapter, so I hope none of you mind. Now we're heading the trial itself, the spiciest part of the fifth chapter. Review, favorite, and follow and I will see you later.