Equestria Desire

Chapter 1

Contributor: DragonPony022

Kurama furrowed his brow in frustration as this wasn't how it was supposed to go. Naruto and the Uchiha had finally sealed up Kaguya in another Chibaku Tensei. But then things went south as she, in one last bit of revenge before being fully sealed away, dragged both Naruto and Sasuke into the pitch black void that not only knocked them out instantly but was seemingly tearing up Naruto's body.

"I'm not going to let you die like this Kit! I don't care if I erase this half of myself I am not about to let you die after everything you have done for us" Kurama roared as he pushed his energy through Naruto to heal up the wounds almost as quickly as they popped up.

"Kurama, let us help you" Matatabi said as she and the other Bijuu couldn't stand by and watch the boy who had helped free them, befriended them, and fought for them suffer like this.

"Then find a way out of here! The sooner he is out the sooner he is safe! After you set us on a path I want you all to let yourselves be pulled back to your other halves" Kurama said as the other Bijuu widened their eyes at him.

"You aren't coming with us?" Son Goku asked while Kurama shook his head.

"I'm staying with the kid until I know he is safe, even if there is only a tiny bit of myself still alive when this is over. I will let my last bit go back the second I see him leave this place still intact" Kurama said in a tone that the others knew there was no use trying to talk him out of it.

"You heard our brother. Now find a way out, I doubt we'll get him back to his original world but anywhere is better than this. Do it fast as at the rate Naruto is being torn apart Kurama won't be able to last much longer" Gyuki said as the others pooled their energies and started to search and make Naruto drift through the completely black void.

Kurama could feel his consciousness fading as his chakra was getting much too low but he continued to heal Naruto before he noticed a rip open up in front of the path they had Naruto drifting towards. "We found somewhere brother, we don't know where it goes but it's somewhere out of here" Gyuki said as the others looked towards Kurama, worried as the fox's body started to get dangerously skinny at the low amount of chakra he had left.

"Thank you, now leave" Kurama said as Gyuki put his hand on Kurama's shoulder before the fox shoved him away. "I said leave! I have to make sure he gets through safe and I don't want you all being stuck! I'm fine with fading but I don't want you all to go down with me" Kurama said as Kokuo tried to speak up onto for Gyuki to send her a 'let him be' look that only made her and the others frown more.

"We will see you again brother, but not this half of you. We will still miss you nonetheless and we will make sure father saves the others from the illusion" Gyuki said as each of the Bijuu patted Kurama on his back, lending him the little bits of chakra they could offer while still keeping enough to protect them on the way back.

"Keep the kid safe, he's done a lot for us. I hope wherever this takes him he is happy. He deserves it" Son Goku said as the others nodded and one by one they faded away, leaving Kurama to be the last one in Naruto's seal.

Kurama let out a low chuckle as Naruto drifted closer to the rift. "Thank you for everything you've done for us Kit since because of you we are free. You fulfilled your promise, I'm just sorry you couldn't live peacefully in your world. Hopefully this one is good for you" Kurama said as he braced himself before pouring, in one full burst, all of his and the bits of his sibling's chakra into every bit of Naruto to the cellular level to keep him safe as he entered the rip.

"Stay safe" Kurama muttered as he faded from the seal just as the rip closed behind Naruto.

Naruto, as he fell from the sky, was surrounded by a golden sphere of energy before he landed in a dense forest with a loud crash that the dome took the force of to keep him safe. The forest almost seemed to move towards him as various trees around the dome shifted and melded together with roots that burst out from the ground below it until a massive tree stood up taller than any other tree and cocooned the dome inside it.


When she first woke up this morning Celestia, the princess of Equestria, thought it was going to be another normal and boring day of royal duties and for the most part it did until she felt something powerful break into the world in the direction of Ponyville.

"Princess! Princess!" a familiar voice yelled as a purple unicorn burst into the hallway before she noticed her there and ran towards her. "Did you feel that just now?" she asked as Celestia nodded.

"Yes my dear student Twilight I did and I think I personally need to go and investigate this occurrence" Celestia said with a frown as she could feel the power radiating from here and the major thing that worried her was that it felt on her level. "Stay here and I will be back soon hopefully" Celestia told her student as Twilight nodded and watched as she left.

"Shining Armor, gather my guard's fastest flyers, we are heading to Ponyville" Celestia said as Shining Armor nodded and saluted before signaling the guards with his magic before ten pegasi landed, five on both sides of them.

"Stay on guard while I am away Shining Armor I will hopefully be back soon" Celestia said before she and the guards took off in the direction of the energy she could feel.

It didn't take her long to realize it was coming from the massive tree in the Everfree forest.

As she tentatively landed, her guards flanking her, she found the energy around the tree to be...peaceful. Honestly to her it felt like pure nature was radiating off the tree, and by the hordes of birds and animals gathering around the tree it showed she wasn't the only one being put at ease by it.

"Is the tree dangerous Princess?" the captain of her pegasus guards asked as Celestia shook her head.

"I wouldn't say it is dangerous but I would like to station guards here and put a barrier around it in case unsavory characters try to do anything with it. I want to be alerted the moment any changes happen with it" Celestia said as the guards saluted to her while her eyes were still locked on the tree.

She might not feel anything malicious in it but that didn't mean she wouldn't be cautious about it. Despite the feeling it gave her that it would change things for the better she was still nervous about it but decided whatever came of it she'd deal with it then.

-A Few Months Later-

Naruto groaned as all the muscles in his body felt like they were on fire and he had been crushed under Gamakichi. As he opened his eyes he was quickly confused as he found himself inside a massive hollowed out tree.

'W-Where am I?' he wondered before he widened his eyes and quickly looked around. 'Wait Kaguya! I remember finishing her off but what happened next?' he thought as he tried to stand up only for his body to feel off, unaware why until he looked down at his arms which quickly made him widen his eyes.

"Wait… I have fur?" Naruto asked out loud as his arms looked like Kurama's only with a lighter orange color to them. The further he looked around at his body the more confused and shocked he became as he noticed his body was that of Kurama's in make up with nine tails billowing behind him to even the long ears on top of his head. The only difference was that he seemingly had more fur on the top of his head to resemble his spiky hair of sorts with two spiky bangs hanging down the sides of his face.

'Kurama? Are you and the others still there?' Naruto asked as he tried to talk to them like he always did only for there to be no response and he didn't feel any of the Bijuu inside him. 'I know we won so did they maybe get pulled out of me by the Sage? If so then where the hell am I?' he wondered before he decided the only way he'd get answers was by leaving whatever tree he found himself in.

'I still have chakra but it feels off so for getting out better keep this simple' Naruto thought as he clenched his fist and punched through the trunk before he started to pull at it and tear off pieces off the wall until a doorway his size was made for him to leave out of.

"Halt! Stay where you are!" a voice ordered out before he looked over to see it came from a winged horse clad in golden armor while four others stood beside them.

'Am I in some sort of odd summon realm cause I swear those are not how normal horses look' Naruto thought as they looked much more cute if he had to describe them in any way.

He was a bit taken aback as a large white horse landed behind them as this horse was the size of him with a long blue, green, and pink glittery mane. She, like the horse in the armor had wings, but unlike the armor one hers were much larger and she had a long white horn. The horse wore a golden necklace around her neck and a golden crown on top of her head right above her horn as her purple eyes looked him over.

"At ease captain for now" the horse said as she briefly looked over at the armor wearing horse before looking at him with a kind smile. "I am sorry for my captain as she was just following orders to keep whatever came out of your tree from leaving until I arrived. My name is Princess Celestia, may I ask your name?" Celestia asked as Naruto nodded, trying to take a step out of his tree before he fell down with a groan.

"Ugh stupid weird hind legs" he groaned out before he pushed himself back up with his arms. "Sorry, legs are asleep. My name is Naruto Uzumaki" he introduced as looked at her and held out a hand towards Celestia only to frown as he forgot they were horses and set it back down on the ground.

"Well Naruto, it is nice to meet you but can you tell me how you arrived here and the cause of the tree?" she asked as Naruto frowned and rubbed the back of his head a bit. "I felt you enter this world and since then I figure you have been sleeping in hibernation in this tree" she added making Naruto frown a bit more at the 'enter this world' comment.

"Well...the thing is that I don't quite remember. I just woke up and last I remembered I was fighting a goddess. Everything that happened after is blank" Naruto said as he kept the fact that he used to be human and anything about the Bijuu a secret for now. "Honestly I'm just shocked at things since my world had horses but they definitely looked...different" Naruto said as Celestia chuckled.

"We are called ponies here. Those ponies with wings are called pegasus, ones with horns are unicorns, and those with neither are earth ponies" she explained as Naruto rose an eyebrow at her.

"And what are you called? I mean you are quite bigger than the others" he said before one of the guards beside her stepped forward.

"Be respectful when talking to our princess like that!" they yelled, their wings spread out before Naruto frowned before they watched him sit up until he was to Celestia's height. They already knew he was large, the guards only measuring up to his chest, but as he fully sat up he was much larger than they expected.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound bad. I was just genuinely curious" he said as he stretched his back a bit, his muscles still being sore but figured sitting upright was better than being hunched over.

"That is fine, it is quite alright" Celestia said in a calming tone that eased the pegasus' annoyance away. "I am an alicorn although a special one as due to my domain I am immortal. Normal alicorns have attributes of all three pony classes and are rare as there are only three around, myself included, and all three are princesses" she said as she understood he wasn't of this world so all of this was very new to him.

"Are there other foxes here?" Naruto asked as he was pretty sure there weren't given the odd looks he had gotten from the pegasi when he first left the tree.

"Not that I know of but there could be. For now would you be against coming back with me to Canterlot as there are things we need to still discuss and I feel it might be better to talk in my castle instead of out here in the forest" she said before he nodded with a bit of a frown.

"I'm fine with it but my legs are pretty sore so is it close by?" he asked before Celestia smiled and waved her hoof at him.

"I can summon a carriage to take us to Canterlot so don't worry" she said as he watched her horn glow and a large enclosed carriage materialized behind her before its door opened for them. "And don't worry I can help you walk since you seem to be sore" Celestia added as she noticed him limp forward only to almost fall until she surrounded him in her magic and gently helped him onto the carriage.

"Stay on guard around the tree until we return the next day. Also it goes without saying not to mention this to anyone" Celestia said as the guards saluted her before she closed the carriage door behind her.

"Thanks, my legs are not working too well right now" Naruto said as Celestia sat down on one side of the carriage before the pegasus guards pulling it took off into the sky.

"That is fine, I expect you are not use to your body?" Celestia said, smirking as she noticed a slight flinch from Naruto. "Do not worry I will not ask if you are not willing to tell but know I will offer help if you need it" she added as he nodded.

"I've had a body like this somewhat before but it was different. This might take a while but at least I have hands" he joked as opened and closed his hands.

"I have seen foxes before but you are definitely the first with hands like that and with that many tails. When I felt you enter this world I felt your power but I am glad you seem to be peaceful" she said with a smile, making Naruto chuckle as he looked outside the carriage window to see the massive castle that was getting larger as they got closer.

"Is that your castle?" he asked as Celestia nodded.

"Yes and you don't have to worry about anyone seeing you right now as the guards up front will land us near the throne room so we can talk more" Celestia said as the carriage started to fly lower to properly land in the throne room.

"Guards absolutely no one is to bother us while we are in here, if they need to talk tell them they can wait until this morning. Also prepare a room for him to stay in for the night nearby" Celestia said as the guards saluted to her while she stepped out of the carriage. She was about to help Naruto out before he waved her off since he knew he had to learn how to move around eventually.

"Please sit wherever you like as there is much to talk about" Celestia said as she walked up to her throne, watching with a chuckle as Naruto wobbled a bit as he walked out of the carriage that quickly disappeared once he was out of it.

"First though, as ruler of Equestria, I must ask what might be your intentions as if you plan to be a danger to the inhabitants I will have to deal with you personally" she warned as she threw open her wings and summoned her magic to put some backing in her threat.

Naruto was a bit stunned as the weight of Celestia's power instantly reminded him of Kaguya as he also swore the room just got incredibly hotter, the heat radiating off Celestia before he held up his hands.

"I don't plan to be a danger, honestly. Back in my home before I wound up here I was fighting against a villain who was trying to put the world under a mass illusion so I think my alignment is pretty good" he said as the heat basically vanished instantly and Celestia tucked back in her wings with a smile.

"Oh then I see no danger in you and I am sorry but I had to find out before telling you about my land" Celestia said as he waved it off.

"I understand since I am someone new and all" Naruto said with a slight chuckle as he instantly made a mental note not to piss off Celestia since he figured the sun on her butt wasn't only for show.

As the night went Celestia did her best to tell Naruto the basics of Equestria and how things went along in it from cutie marks to currency and even magic while Naruto told her about what had happened prior to his arrival here, his world, and their magic called 'chakra' which interested her a bit. He did though keep his human nature and the Bijuu a secret as he felt those should be saved for much later.

They continued to talk throughout the night before she realized just how late it had become.

"We should probably stop now as it is getting rather late. We may continue tomorrow as I have something in mind that might help you become more acclimated" Celestia said as she stood up and Naruto frowned, a bit confused, but nodded as he stretched a bit.

"If you say so. I don't know how well I'll be able to sleep but I might as well" Naruto said as he stood up, finding it slightly easier to walk now that his muscles had stopped hurting.

"Guards, please show Naruto to his room for me please as I have things to prepare for tomorrow" Celestia said as two guards saluted her and stood in front of Naruto.

"Right this way sir" one of them said as Naruto nodded and followed after them. Once out of the throne room Celestia let out a slight sigh at the work ahead of her before she could lay down but she knew she wanted to help Naruto after being thrown into this world so it was the least she could do.

Of course she'd still keep an eye on him until she was fully sure he wasn't a danger but she felt like he wasn't a real danger. She might have only his word on it but he didn't give off any feeling of a threat but as ruler she still had to be careful.

Naruto frowned as the door closed behind him before he made his way over to the bed and sat up on it. 'Okay so I'm in an entirely new world full of talking horses that like to be called ponies….at least I'm alive' he thought with a sigh before he moved his hand down to his stomach 'but I'm all alone' he added as he could feel the Bijuu's energy in him but he couldn't feel them. 'I hope they are just safe back home and everyone else was able to get out of the illusion' he thought before he shook his head and stood back up off the bed.

'I can't get all mopey like that. I'm sure the Sage helped them or something. They are safe and so am I. I doubt I'll be able to ever return home but that doesn't mean I can't make a life here...though first things first I need to practice moving this new body around' he thought as he looked at himself and his tails, grateful that the room Celestia put him in was rather large so that he could move around without being cramped.

-Next Morning-

Celestia smiled as she watched Naruto enter her large dining room, which was empty at this time in the morning, without nearly as much trouble as he had last night. "I hope you slept well since apparently there were reports of a lot of bumping and crashing around the area of your room. You wouldn't happen to know the cause would you?" she asked with a smirk before he rolled his eyes.

"Yeah very funny. I was just having a bit of difficulty with my tails as they are harder to control than I thought they'd be. You're lucky you have one as keeping balance with nine is really difficult" he said as Celestia chuckled and nodded.

"Well I am happy to see you are getting the hang of your new body. I couldn't imagine how that must be but you seem to be taking it well" she said as he sat down at one of the seats before she levitated some food over to him.

"I don't know what your diet is so I hope you are okay with our food" Celestia said as Naruto looked over to see foods like pancakes, hash browns, and other regular breakfast food besides the lack of bacon. But then again he figured with them being horses he doubted that they would eat stuff like that.

"Yeah this works but, just curious, ponies don't eat meat do they?" he asked as Celestia shook her head.

"Pegasi are known to eat fish sometimes due to their need for protein to keep their wings strong but other than that nopony really eats meat" Celestia said as Naruto shrugged his shoulders as he was find with fish before he picked up the silverware and started to eat.

"So what's the plan for today?" Naruto asked as he looked towards Celestia who frowned and made her cup of tea float back down to the table.

"That is all up to you Naruto and where you would like to stay. You are free to live here in the castle with me and the other inhabitants if you like or we can find you better living situations as I understand not everypony is suited for life in Canterlot" Celestia said as Naruto rubbed the back of his neck with a frown.

"As much as I am thankful for the offer to stay here I think somewhere smaller might be better. There are way too many negative emotions here and somewhere smaller and less royal might be best" he said while Celestia nodded, him having brought up his ability to sense negative emotions last night when he brought up his chakra.

"I figured you might say something like that which is why, after breakfast, we will be heading to just the town that I feel will be perfect for you so you can get integrated with pony culture as well as meet new people and make new friends. I already notified the mayor of the town early this morning and got a quick reply back so they are expecting us" Celestia said as Naruto rose an eyebrow, a bit worried how other ponies might react to him as the guards so far tended to be a bit jumpy around him.

"Don't worry the ponies there are very accepting plus since your tree is nearby that town we will be able to make excuses for most of the things you will be there to learn" she said as levitated back up her cup of tea to drink from as Naruto decided he might as well finish the food before they had to leave.

The actual ride to the town was a bit quicker than the ride from the tree to the castle but as he looked out of the window he was able to see the town below. Most of the houses looked like straw roofed cottage with a large building in the center of it all.

As the carriage landed he backed a bit away from the window as he could see somewhat of a crowd waiting outside for them. "Do not worry I told the mayor you were different and a fox but not dangerous so I hope that'll help" Celestia said as the carriage door opened and she stepped out before looking back to encourage him to follow.

Naruto paused for a bit in the carriage before letting out a sigh and following after Celestia. He wasn't ashamed of what he was since in all honesty he'd rather be a fox like Kurama instead of a pony as he figured the lack of hands would get to him. His nervousness more stemmed from this all being a new world to him and new people that he'd have to win over again.

"Oh my when Princess Celestia said you were a fox I didn't think you'd be that large, or have that many tails" a grey maned mare said as she pushed up the glasses on the end of her snout up a bit.

The mare had blue eyes with a two toned grey short mane with a matching normal length tail. Her coat was a tannish color as she wore a white shirt collar with a green handkerchief tied in it. Her cutie mark seemed to be a piece of paper rolled up and tied with a teal ribbon.

"On behalf of the ponies in Ponyville I, Mayor Mare, would like to welcome you to our town" Mayor Mare said as she motioned to the 'Welcome to Ponyville' banner above them while the ponies cheered behind her.

"Thank you, this means a lot" Naruto said with a slight smile, being careful of showing his fangs as he didn't know how the others would react.

"This here is Naruto Uzumaki. For most of his life he's lived in the Everfree forest alone until he created the massive tree that sprouted up a few months ago as home. When my guards showed up he stayed hidden but when I came to check I felt him in there and I coaxed him out gently. He is new to ponies, having never seen any enter far enough in to find him until now so I hope you welcome him warmly" Celestia said as Naruto was impressed by the excuse she created to hide everything about him for now.

"Oh my gosh! I've never seen a fox like you before" a pony said in a very soft but excited voice as Naruto looked down to see who it was.

The pony teal colored eyes and had a long pink mane that curled at the end and a matching pink tail that was a bit longer. Her coat was a pale gold and her cutie mark was three pink butterflies.

He was a bit confused as she kept circling around him and even went as far as to pet his tails which made him feel odd until he made them move away from her. "Oh sorry they just looked so soft. I'm Fluttershy, it's really nice to meet you" Fluttershy said as she looked up at him with stars in her eyes.

"I'm sorry about that. Fluttershy is our animal expert and I thought having her alongside might help make sure you are comfortable here" Mayor Mare said as Naruto nodded.

"It's really okay, I was just surprised as that's the first time someone's touched my tails that's all. It's nice to meet you though" Naruto said as he held out his hand towards Fluttershy who put her hoof in it and let him shake it.

"Well I must be off but I will be in contact with you Naruto later as I need to relieve my guards from defending your tree" Celestia said to him before she turned to Mayor Mare "and as always it was a pleasure to visit pony" she added as the mayor smiled with a light blush and bowed before Celestia walked back into the carriage that started to drive towards the Everfree forest.

"How about of tour of Ponyville and then we can find you somewhere to live and maybe work since Princess Celestia said to help show you a pony's way of life. You don't mind that do you?" Mayor Mare asked as he shook his head.

"I'm totally fine with helping out around town where it's needed" Naruto said as Mayor Mare smiled up at him before she, and a crowd of other curious ponies that stuck back a bit further behind them, walked through town.

"I have to say I didn't know there were foxes like you living in the Everfree forest. Have you met any others of your race?" Fluttershy asked as Naruto shook his head with a frown.

"Been alone for as long as I can remember so I don't know but I don't think there are. Honestly I'm just glad Princess Celestia found me" Naruto said as he built up on Celestia's cover story.

"I mean your paws aren't like any paws I have ever seen and your ears are more like a rabbits. Plus you have so many long tails" Fluttershy gushed before she embarrassing covered her mouth once she realized she had be babbling a bit. "I'm sorry you just are so unique" she said before he waved her off with a chuckle.

"Yeah I guess I am a rather odd fox I mean instead of paws I have hands and my ears are rather odd but I'm glad a pretty pony like you seem to like how I look" Naruto said as he did like her pink hair while he moved one of his tails over to pet her head, quickly making the pegasus blush at the compliment for the magnificent creature before her.

"You call your paws hands? How quaint" Mayor Mare said with a smile as Celestia had told him ahead of time how no other pony besides her and a very select others have actually seen hands.

He merely chuckled as they made their way further into Ponyville.

Honestly from what the mayor showed him he liked the little town. Everyone seemed friendly enough, although a few acted a bit scared around him the majority seemed to be either interested in him or okay with him.

"Oh my goodness, is that your natural coat?" a female voice asked before a measuring tape held up by magic started to measure parts of him.

The female pony was a unicorn with blue eyes and a very curly purple mane and tail. Her coat was a light grey almost white with her cutie mark being three light blue diamond shaped gems. "I have to say it such a lovely shade of orange. Orange is such a hard color to find a good shade in, too dark and it's musty and too bright it hurts your eyes but yours is splendid darling" the unicorn said as Mayor Mare chuckled.

"Rarity meet Naruto Uzumaki, he arrived not too long ago with Princess Celestia. Rarity here is Ponyville's best seamstress and as you can see she takes it seriously" Mayor Mare said as Naruto chuckled and held his hand out to the unicorn.

"Nice to meet you Rarity, I'm glad you like my fur" he said as Rarity looked at his hand before getting stars in her eyes.

"My goodness darling, your nails are exquisite! They are such a graceful natural point and such a sleek shade of black. And your paws-hands" Rarity started to say before Mayor Mare corrected her making Rarity raise an eyebrow at before shrugging and going back to his hands. "Well your hands are simply something I haven't seen but I can feel they'd be great for helping me out" she said before Mayor Mare chuckled.

"We'll add your place to one of the possible jobs for him Rarity. If you want you may come along and join the crowd for his tour through Ponyville" Mayor Mare said as Rarity frowned and looked back into her shop before nodding.

"My work can wait a while since it isn't everyday a marvelous creature like this moves into town. I must come along so he knows the perfect shops to buy care products to keep his coat magnificent" she said as she stepped out of her shop, turned the sign to closed and stepped to his left since Fluttershy was staying close to his right side.

"Well then, on we go" Rarity said with a smile up at him and Mayor Mare nodded with a chuckle and continued on before the sound of fast rolling wheels made them stop as they neared the market.

"Runaway wagon of apples! Look out!" a voice yelled as Naruto looked to his left to see a massive wagon barreling down the street towards them.

He quickly held out his hands to catch the wagon before hoping he could control his tails enough to help. Thankfully the practice last night was enough to help as his tails helped grab the wagon with his hands to immediately make it stop its crash course without anything inside it being damaged.

Rarity couldn't help but stare as she and Fluttershy watched Naruto stand up on his hind legs to catch the wagon, both impressed with how he could stand up like that. Rarity though, having the sharper eye of the two mares, was also quick to notice how his muscles flexed as he carefully but with enough strength to keep them from danger.

"Oh my how dashing of you to save us like that" Rarity said with a smile as Fluttershy nodded with a thankful smile.

"Whoo that was close, thanks partner" a cowboy hat wearing pony said as she rushed over to them with a smile.

The pony lacked any horn or wings with green eyes and a dull blonde mane and tail, both of which had a red hair tie at the end to make a, pun unintended, ponytail. Her coat was a warm shade of orange with a few blonde freckles on her cheeks. Her cutie mark was three red apples.

"I do have to say it is mighty impressive how you saved my wagon so easily like that, normally only my brother can really stop it when it gets out of control. Plus you even saved everything in it which really saves me as that's everything we had to sell today" the pony said as she trotted up to him.

"The name is Applejack, here have one of my family's products as thanks for saving it all like that" Applejack said as she rummaged around in her wagon before tossing him a shiny red apple that one of his tails quickly caught.

"My, those tails are pretty handy aren't they? I bet you could harvest a lot of apple trees with them" Applejack said as Mayor Mare nodded with a smile.

"We will add you family's acres to possible jobs for him. We are just giving Naruto here a tour of Ponyville first before we help him figure out where to live and work at" she said as Applejack looked away from Naruto and nodded at the mayor.

"Ah I heard about the Princess coming to town to introduce somepony but I really couldn't show up since I had to get our stuff ready to sell. Nice that I was still able to meet ya" Applejack said as she tilted her hat at him with a smile.

"Wait you know the Princess!?" Rarity asked as Naruto nodded with a bit of a frown.

"Yeah she brought me to town and I even got to stay in the castle for a night before coming here. Mayor Mare mentioned her when she introduced you to me didn't she?" he said as Mayor Mare nodded before Rarity blushed.

"I-I was probably too focused on your coat, now I feel foolish" she said as she covered one of her cheeks with her hoof to hide it.

"Ah don't worry about it Rarity, I was the same when he showed up" Fluttershy said with a giggle before Applejack chuckled.

"As much as I would love to stick around I really got to get this to the market, my brother is waiting for me. I'll catch you around" Applejack said before she started to pull the wagon off towards the market.

"I could have saved the wagon too you know" a female voice said above them before Naruto looked up to see a pegasus lying on top of a cloud that hovered above them. The pegasus was rather colorful with reddish violet eyes, a pale blue coat, and a mane that was like a rainbow with it having streaks of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Her cutie mark, from what he could see, was a cloud with a red, yellow, and blue colored lightning bolt coming out of it.

"And if I had been there I would have done it so much faster" the pegasus said as Naruto rose an eyebrow at her.

"I think he did a very good job in saving us Rainbow Dash" Fluttershy said as Rarity nodded.

"He was like a knight with how he stepped in front of us to save us. It was very admirable" Rarity said before Rainbow Dash flew off her cloud before stopping in front of Naruto.

"So you're the one everyone is making a fuss over….I guess you seem pretty cool. Though you'd be cooler if you could fly" she added as Naruto chuckled.

"Glad you think I'm cool" he said a little unsure but decided to take it as a compliment of sorts.

"Well I got to go clear up the skies, you can come watch some other time since I bet you've never seen it done so fast" she said before she darted off, shooting back into the sky with a rainbow trail being left behind her.

"My everybody just seems to be popping up around you" Mayor Mare teased, finding it interesting how others kept showing up around them. "Now come on we are nearly done with our tour" Mayor Mare said as they nodded and continued to follow her.

By the end of the tour lunch had rolled around and Mayor Mare had decided to bring him to a place that looked like a gingerbread house with a cupcake tower rising up from the center of its roof.

"Welcome to Sugarcube Corner, one of Ponyville's best confectioneries" Mayor Mare said as she, Fluttershy, and Rarity - the three that had stuck around til the end - entered the shop before frowning as they saw Naruto was a bit too big for the door.

"Do you need help darling?" Rarity asked as Naruto shook his head before he squeezed into the door only to fall through as, much to his surprise, he quickly shrunk to a smaller size.

"Whoa, I didn't know you could become smaller" Fluttershy said with starry eyes at the prospect of learning something new about him. "Is this your species' form a magic?" she asked as Naruto frowned, looking down at his arms and body before shrugging his shoulders.

"I guess. I've never done this before so it is definitely new. I wonder if I leave I'll go back to my normal size" he said before thinking aloud and walking out to find him quickly returning to his previous size.

"Whoa, that makes fitting you for clothes perfect since you can fit anything!" Rarity said with an excited smile which made him chuckle as he came back inside and shrunk back down and followed them to a nearby table for them to talk to and make an order once they were done.

"Only if I can learn how to control it but just so you know I will wear shirts and pants, if they work with my legs, no dresses though" he said as Rarity nodded with a very slight frown that made him roll his eyes at.

"So how do you like Ponyville so far?" Mayor Mare asked as he rubbed his chin in thought.

"It was different than I thought it would be but in a good way. I actually like it here, it feels nice and calm" he said as Mayor Mare looked very happy while Fluttershy and Rarity did as well.

"So all that needs to be decided is somewhere for you to stay and possibly work at" Mayor Mare said as Rarity and Fluttershy were about to speak only for someone to beat them to it.

"You can always stay and work here. There is a basement underneath" a female voice said as Naruto turned around to see a new pony smiling behind him.

This pony was incredibly pink with light blue eyes. Her mane and tail were a hot pink color and looked almost like cotton candy while her coat was a much lighter pink as her cutie mark were three balloons.

"But Pinkie this is Ms. Cake's place so I don't think you can offer her basement to Naruto" Fluttershy said before Pinkie bounced over to her.

"She's been looking to rent the basement out and if he needs a place and somewhere to work this goes together perfectly. Wait right here I'll go grab her" Pinkie said excitedly before darting off before anyone could say anything else.

"I'm sorry, our friend Pinkie Pie can be rather….hyper" Rarity said as Naruto chuckled as he could definitely see that.

"Here! This is Naruto Ms. Cake! He wants to rent the basement out and work for you" Pinkie said as she excitedly pulled along a female pony.

The pony was an earth pony with soft purple eyes and a two toned pink mane and tail that both made him think of icing. Her coat was a light cerulean and her cutie mark were three pink cherry topped cupcakes. She also wore pair of pink orb earrings and a yellow apron that covered her chest only that had pink frills around the armholes for it.

"Oh my Mayor I didn't know you were here, and with a guest?" Mrs. Cake said as she looked at Naruto with a smile.

"I just got finished touring Naruto here through Ponyville after Celestia brought him here and I figured why not show him one of Ponyville's top confectionaries. We were also talking about possible places for him to work and live when Pinkie Pie ran off to get you" Mayor Mare said with a giggle.

"Well the dearie is rather excitable" she said before holding out a hoof to Naruto. "It is nice to meet you Naruto, I am Ms. Cup Cake. I run this shop with Pinkie here helping me out" she said as he shook her hoof.

"It is very nice to meet you Ms. Cup Cake and while I am in need of a place to stay and work I wouldn't want to pressure you into allowing me" he said as Ms. Cake smiled and waved him off with her hoof once he let it go.

"You don't have to call me my full name, Cup or Ms. Cake is fine and actually Pinkie is right I have been looking to rent out my basement and getting some extra help around the store is always a benefit, especially with your unique hoofs" she said as he smiled.

"They are called hands and if you are serious about welcoming me here then I will be very thankful" Naruto said before Pinkie cheered and surprised Naruto from hugging him from behind.

"Yay! New neighbor-friend-workmate!" Pinkie cheered as the others chuckled and Naruto turned to Mayor Mare who smiled at him.

"I was going to originally offer to let you stay in one of the spare bedrooms at Town Hall but I do feel this is for the best. As for jobs I feel your hands will be very useful here" she said as he frowned and rubbed his chin.

"Actually I was thinking could you make me a list of other places in need of help? If I can get back into the rhythm with something I know I can do I might be able to help out a lot around here" he said as Mayor Mare nodded with a smile.

"That sounds amazing as a lot of places do need the help. I'll get back to you right away but right now I think we should officially celebrate you finding a place to live!" Mayor Mare cheered as the others clapped along.

Naruto couldn't help but smile as the fear of fitting in and getting use to this world grew less and less the more he stayed around these ponies.

He might be in a new world but he was safe and alive meaning he could make a new life here and right now that didn't sound all that bad to him.

-Chapter End-

EDIT: As of 11/15/18 I've made edits to this story, erasing Mr. Cake like seen in the previous chapter as well. The whole cucking element with them just felt Ugh so right now Ms. Cake is a single older mare that Naruto will fool around with from time to time. A 'Friends with Benefit' like Mayor Mare is as well

Yup this is an MLP story. Honestly I don't have anything against MLP and find the idea of a story with Naruto in it rather interesting. This is also the only story I have personally read that has him as a fox as most keep him as a pony.

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