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Weiss was fuming. The hapless students at Beacon Academy wisely stepped out of her way and kept an approximate five meter space from her, just to be safe. People who knew about her reputation carefully avoided any eye contact and held their breaths. People who didn't know much about her other that the fact that she was rich still kept their distance. A pissed off heiress was not one to be trifled with.

Weiss stepped out onto one of the many balconies the academy had and decided to rage in peace. Everyone on the balcony hurried off, not willing to stay with the teen for long.

That foolish dolt, Weiss started, Ozpin clearly made a mistake. There's no way that she would make a good leader. I had extensive training for years and this upstart little girl takes away the leadership spot that's rightfully mine? Preposterous! I will have to make a complaint to the Headmaster immediately.

"Why, if it isn't Miss Schnee, what a pleasant surprise!"

Weiss started and turned around, a beguiling smile on her face. She recognized that voice. "Professor Port, what brings you here?"

The said professor walked up to her and rested his arms, with a little difficulty, onto the fencing. His impressive mustache jiggled slightly. "Why I just came to enjoy the view. Beacon is very fetching in the afternoon, is it not? It reminds me of my younger days when I cleared out a horde of Beowulves on a day such as this!"

Port bellowed with laughter and Weiss simply nodded, her charming smile beginning to slip. She butted in, lest he spent the next twenty minutes talking about his adventures. "I liked your lecture!"

"Why thank you Miss Schnee, I feel as if I had positively affected the class today. And your rapier skills are unmatched! I was very impressed. Your team must be so lucky to have you."

This time, Weiss's smile did falter, if only for a split second. Port took immediate notice. He raised his arms and crossed them behind his back. "My dear girl, what seems to be the matter?"

Weiss debated whether or not to tell him. It was a bit unorthodox, but seeing how a celebrated Huntsman with connections to the upper echelons of the academy was here, she decided to tell him her woes.

"I…I think I should have been made team leader, sir!"

A couple seconds passed, and the heiress let out a tiny shiver as a particularly cold breeze flowed over the two.

"Why that's preposterous!"

Weiss was set back. But her shock quickly became clouded with frustration. "Excuse me?"

Port just chuckled and stroked his mustache. He turned to face the courtyard and lazily watched students walk across the stones. "Do you know what I see when I look at you, Miss Schnee?"

Weiss shook her head, not trusting herself to say anything that could possibly threaten her relationship with the portly teacher.

"I see a little girl who got everything she wanted as soon as she asked for it."

This time, Weiss was unable to contain herself. "That's not even remotely true!"

The professor raised a single gray eyebrow.

Weiss faltered. "I mean, that's not entirely true…"

"Miss Schnee, in all my years at Beacon, I have never seen the Headmaster make a decision he didn't mean to do. Every single team was made for a reason, and he handpicks leaders because he sees something in them."

"Well then what should I do? If I'm not leader material, then what am I?"

Port smiled slightly. "Try to be the best teammate and friend you can be. Teams aren't only built on the fact that the leader is strong. Teams are only strong if the others have an understanding with each other."

Weiss was slightly shocked. She had known this of course, but never paid it much attention, seeing how she had expected to be a leader and not a teammate. But now, those words rang true and changed something in her. Weiss fell silent and stared at her feet in shame.

The professor walked over and placed a hand on the teen's shoulder. "First off, make amends with young Miss Rose. Being a leader is a tremendous responsibility; no doubt she feels the stress now. Second, be her friend. Get to know her. Trust her. Without trust and friendship, there is no team."

Weiss nodded and swallowed the lump in her throat. She curtsied and thanked the professor for his wisdom, then left to find her leader, no doubt feeling horrible after the way she had treated the young girl.


Ruby Rose shuffled through the halls of Beacon Academy, her older sister and Blake not far behind. She felt minimally better after her talk with the headmaster, but she still felt bad about setting Weiss off.

Yang and Blake, sensing their leader's mood, decided to stay back and talked amongst themselves.

Ruby sighed and picked at her cloak. Was this really her fault? Even after the talk, she still didn't feel as if she was a good leader. Heck, she wasn't even old enough to be a leader!

She was so caught up in her own thoughts; she didn't pay attention to her surroundings until a pale hand lightly grabbed her shoulder.

Ruby turned; ready to give out a hasty "sorry" to whomever she had managed to anger this time. The words were right about to slip off her tongue until her silver eyes met ice blue. The words caught in her throat.

Blake and Yang, noticing the arrival of the W of RWBY, decided to step back a little. Yang on a normal day would have been in Weiss's face in a second; no doubt threatening the heiress for making her precious baby sister sad, but today was different. Blake had convinced her to stand back and let Ruby handle this by herself. Everyone needed to learn how to face their problems, and this was a good start.

Weiss gingerly let go of her leader's shoulder and took a tiny step back, a shameful blush on her face. Ruby spluttered. "W-Weiss! You're back! Listen, I'm so so so sorry for telling you what to do when you were fighting the Boarbatusk, I was just worried and I just wanted to help, and-"

Weiss put her hand over the reaper's mouth, stifling the plethora of words spewing out. Yang flinched slightly and cracked her knuckles. Blake just raised one eyebrow. Ruby shut her eyes tightly and waited for the angry tirade to start.

The white-haired teen took a breath. "I…I just wanted to say I am sorry."

Ruby's eyes fluttered open. What?

"I'm sorry for yelling at you and hurting your feelings. I wasn't thinking straight and I was a little jealous that you became team leader instead of me. But I did some thinking and I decided that…you're a great choice to be a leader, Ruby Rose. You may be a dolt sometimes, but I think that you have a lot of potential."

Ruby simply blinked. What on Remnant just happened?

"And I want to start over…" This time, Weiss stuck out her hand. "My name is Weiss Schnee. Would you like to be friends?"

A couple seconds passed and Ruby just stood there, too shocked to even move. Blake was watching with interest, and Yang just hid a small smile.

Weiss's arm trembled. Maybe Ruby didn't forgive her after all. Weiss did hurt her and insulted her. She understood if Ruby didn't accept the offered friendship.

An energetic hand grabbed her porcelain hand and shook rapidly. On the other end of that hand was an equally energetic Ruby Rose, her face positively beaming with joy. "Of course, Weiss! I would love to be your friend! I made you a promise back at initiation, remember?"

Weiss remembered. The little girl she had met in the forest the other day vowed that she and Weiss would become great friends and that she would appreciate the "cool" things about her.

Weiss smiled brighter than the morning sun. She was happy that Ruby had forgiven her for her screw up. She was even happier because this was the beginning of a friendship.

The life of Weiss was a very lonely one. Her older sister had left for the military when Weiss was ten years old and rarely came to visit. Her younger brother, Whitley, was manipulative and cold, her mother passed when she was just a little girl, and her father was…well, father.

Because of her rich background, many people from powerful families tried to become "friends" with her. Weiss may have been young that time but she knew manipulative when she saw it. They were always after her riches, the company, or they just wanted her as a potential wife for the future. So she shut herself off from the rest of the world, never accepting any friendships of any kind.

But this was different. This was the first time anyone actually wanted to be her friend. And this was the first time she was willing to make one.

Weiss felt a heavy arm sling across her shoulder. Yang smirked at the now irate teen. "Well, this is nice and all, isn't it Blake?"

The person in question just nodded, her eyes trained on her schedule and her Scroll as if her life depended on it.

Yang's one-armed grip tightened slightly. "I'm sure you're both going to be great friends. If anything happens, then just call for me, yeah?" Yang smiled a devil's smile.

Weiss just shrugged off the arm and scoffed. But she knew where the blonde was coming from. Winter had been the same towards other people too before she left for the Atlas military.

Ruby hopped around excitedly, still on a high after being accepted as a friend from the ice-cold heiress.

However, they all froze upon hearing a single word from Blake's mouth. "Crap."

The secret Faunus basically started a dead sprint towards the end of the hallway and disappeared from view. The remaining three girls stood shocked, amazed that Blake was able to run so quickly, and curious as to why Blake looked so horrified.

Yang bent down and picked up a square piece of paper that fell out of the raven haired girl's hands. The brawler scrutinized it for a bit before her eye widened too. She wordlessly handed the paper over to Ruby and followed Blake's example. "Every woman for herself!" she yelled back, nearly slipping on the marble floor.

Ruby and Weiss read the paper together and soon followed suit. A cloud of dust, petals, and the single paper fluttered to the floor. They were royally screwed.


Ruby was the last to burst through the wooden door to the class. If she were by herself she could have easily caught up and surpassed her sister, but the Rose was lagging behind, making sure her new friend could keep up.

And now, they literally lay on top of each other, both grunting with exertion. They quickly got up to voice their apologies to the teacher.

But nobody was at the professor's desk.

Their words fell short. Ruby and Weiss sighed in relief and shuffled over to their seats. Thank god this professor was late. They didn't know who it was, but being late to any class would mean detention with Professor Goodwitch for a week. And they did not want detention with the Witch of Beacon.

They all but collapsed onto their seats next to Yang and Blake, who had already recovered from their jog and were now laughing at their expense. Ruby, recovering from her run, decided to have a look around the classroom. To her delight, team JNPR was in the same class as well. Juane flashed them all a thumbs up and a wink to Weiss, Pyyrha just gave a small wave, Nora was…well, Nora, and Ren just nodded in their direction.

Sadly, team CRDL was there as well, and they were already picking on Juane or Faunus by flicking eraser bits at them.

Ruby then assessed the professor's desk. It was a standard wooden desk. Unlike other professor's though, this professor seemed to have basically nothing except the bare necessities, including some papers and pencils, some paperweights, and a coffee mug. Other professors usually had some modicum of decorating skills in their classes. Port had pictures of Grimm and the occasional trapped Boarbatusk, and Oobleck had a coffee machine and dozens of depictions of Remnant's past history.

Compared to other classrooms, this one was just dull. The only intriguing thing was a holo-disk on the table, but even that was turned off.

Team RWBY all took a look at the clock. 2:45. Ten minutes had passed since class started and the professor wasn't even here yet.

They stole a look at JNPR, who just reciprocated their questioning look with shrugs. Apparently, they had no idea what was taking the professor so long.

Several rows behind them, team CRDL had stopped harassing other students and was now just playing around with themselves. Cardin Winchester, an egotistical orange-haired teen with the body structure of an Ursa Major, sneered and voiced his opinions on the class. "Well, it looks like we'll be getting an easy A, huh guys?"

His cronies laughed along with him, but the rest of the class just sat in silence, whispering amongst themselves.

Cardin bent forward in his chair. "Say, fellas, that looks like a brand new holo-disk, doesn't it?"

The rest of CRDL just laughed and nodded.

The bully stood up and shambled over to the teacher's desk. Students close to him moved out of the way, lest he started harassing them.

Cardin reached the foot of the table and snatched the machine. Pyyrha stood up, her voice unwavering. She wasn't scared of a simple bully. Juane sometimes wished he had half the bravery she had. "Cardin, if you take that disk, you'll be caught and possibly get suspended for stealing the professor's property."

Cardin just tossed the disk around his hands and sneered up at the Invincible Girl. "It isn't stealing if you don't get caught. Even if one of you dweebs said something to the professor, who's probably a lazy idiot seeing professor's not here, you have no evidence to trace it back to me. I'm gonna make sure this little puppy is well hidden."

Pyyrha just huffed and sat back down. One way or another, Cardin was going to get caught. It was just a matter of time before the professor traced the stolen disk back to him.

Weiss, who was watching with annoyance, turned to Yang. "Who's the professor anyway? His name wasn't on the paper that Blake dropped."

"First off, it's a she," Yang corrected, "Second off, Blake told me her name, but it was something weird. Miss Degachuff? Something like that."

Weiss frowned that name sounded very familiar. She had sworn she had heard Winter mentioning it sometime.

Degachuff? Huh, that sounds almost exactly like…

The heiress's eyes widened in terror. Oh no.

At the same time, Cardin turned on the disk, no doubt trying to sync it to his Scroll so that the disk would say it belonged to him now. But as soon as he turned it on, a flickering message in bright red popped into existence, capturing everyone's attention.

Cardin, surprised by the sudden message, squinted against the bright light and tried to decipher the words. "Prepare for impact?"

The wall exploded.

All the students in the class were immediately thrown out of their seats by the shockwaves and were flung to the opposite sides of the classroom.

For the next thirty seconds, the room was filled with thick dust and coughing students trying to recover from the surprise explosion.

Yang was the first to recover; her Aura had taken the least amount of damage due to her abnormally large Aura pool.

She waved the smoke out of her face and helped the rest of her team get on their feet. "What the heck was that?!" she exclaimed.

A gust of wind blew through the now exposed classroom and swept the dust and debris away. Team JNPR had recovered with the exception of Juane, who was busy hacking out some stray splinters in his mouth. Most of Team CRDL had been knocked out, seeing how they were the closest to the windows when the explosion happened.

To everyone's relief, everybody seemed perfectly fine; their Aura's had saved their lives.

A small, but sadistic, laugh caught everyone's attention. They all turned to face the new hole in the wall. They were greeted with the sight of blonde hair, golden eyes, tiny body, and a smoking gun barrel. Weiss whimpered. Why did it have to be her?!

Tanya Degurechaff, age 11, smirked, her golden eyes cold and calculating. "Rise and shine, my precious students!" she said, her thin and childish voice shocking everyone present. "I am Second Lieutenant Degurechaff! Welcome to hell on Remnant!"


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