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It was not very apparent to other people that Tanya Degurechaff was not religious. It was kind of hard to tell, seeing how she went to church every Sunday and prayed to God before every time she fought or practiced in the Atlas military.

But for people who knew her well, which was nobody, Tanya hated God more than the White Fang hated humans. After all, it was because of the so called "God" that she was reborn on Remnant in the first place.

After being shoved off of a train station platform by a very emotionally unstable ex-employee, Being X took it upon himself to punish Tanya for her unfaithfulness.

Whenever Tanya looked back on that moment she would scoff derisively. She didn't believe in that thing and she never will. Being a God was impossible after all. Nearly all forms of logic rejected the supernatural abilities of "God." Therefore, the only logical explanation for this rebirth phenomenon would be the interference of the something similar to the devil: Being X.

Sadly, this kind of mindset was what exactly ticked off the bastard and now he was reborn as a little girl in a small village outside Atlas. At first she had been shocked. She opened her eyes after a blinding white light and found herself as a baby in a dingy orphanage. Looking up, she saw a motherly woman with humble clothes gently feeding her some baby food.

At first, Tanya had been shocked and unbelieving. She put it off as a type of ridiculous hallucination by Being X or some imaginative world he had cooked up before his brain died seven minutes later.

But she had to accept this was reality a couple of years later. If what Being X said was true, then if she died in this world, she would not be reborn again. And that was unacceptable. She wanted to make her way to the top and live a cushy life.

Some things she noticed as she grew up in the orphanage were that this world, Remnant, was much more technologically advanced than Earth's. It had robots, flying gunships, something called "mechashift" weapons, and holographic screens. The only thing they didn't do was going to space. Apparently this world's energy source, Dust crystals, lost energy as they started to leave the atmosphere.

Tanya soaked up everything she could to know more about Remnant. After curfew at the orphanage, she would regularly stop by the old library downstairs. To her surprise, the books contained English words, something she had been fluent in in her previous life. It paid off learning English to communicate to the foolish Americans that wanted to enroll in the company.

One book in particular caught her attention. It was a basic book explaining Aura and Semblances. Of course, the young girl was extremely interested in learning about these types of things. Anything that would help her survive and make her way to the top was greedily absorbed.

Apparently, every Semblance was different, but every Aura acted pretty much the same. The Aura protected while the Semblance had different types of abilities it could do. It sounded a lot like magic since it came from the soul, but Tanya had been forced to accept that it was not magic, more like a spiritual shield or whatever.

Tanya's nose crinkled up in disgust. Uh, more about spirituality. I heard enough from that so called "God."

However, that didn't stop her from trying to unlock her own Aura. Nearly every day after reading that book, Tanya crept out of the orphanage during lunch and explored the village, trying to find some traveling Huntsman on how to unlock her Aura.

Most of the time the Huntsman would just laugh and ruffle her hair, which she tolerated with a slight grimace, and often told her to come back when she was older. Sometimes though, she got a few helpful tips after fooling them into thinking that she was planning on becoming a Huntress to protect the world.

Apparently, there was no set way to unlock Aura. It was only unlocked during stressful situations or life-threatening scenarios, both of which did not happen often at this village.

That rang true until a year later when the village was overrun by a horde of Grimm.


Tanya sighed as she trudged her feet through the dirt path towards the orphanage. She had just come back from a nearby tavern to talk to a very drunk Huntsman and try to wheedle out some tips from him, but he had just stared down at her with sleepy eyes and told her to bug off and annoy someone else.

Tanya kicked a small rock in frustration. A perfect opportunity to get answers and it was gone. Tanya stared up at the sky impassively. It was late into fall and the sky was thick with dark snow clouds. Another miserably cold day at the orphanage.

Luckily, nobody seemed to want to bother her. A couple stupid young boys had tried to tease and bully her a couple weeks back. She endured the relentless teasing for a while until one day, all the boys had been found in their rooms with massive stomachaches and had to be taken to the hospital, where they were diagnosed with severe cases of food poisoning.

It was a simple matter to switch out their bread with moldy ones when they weren't looking.

A particularly cold gust of wind whipped her hair into frenzy. The eight year old girl angrily brushed it away and brought her old parka closer to her.

Tanya looked up. She had been so lost in her thoughts, she completely lost track of time. She was already at the orphanage and just in time too. It was beginning to get dark and dinner was almost over.

Tanya reached for the door knob. She sighed in resignation. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow…

Out of nowhere, the village alarm sounded. Tanya looked up in surprise. She had heard it once before when there was a fire near a restaurant, but this alarm sounded different. She craned her ears toward the sound and flashed back to the different types of alarms she had memorized from the village's rulebook. It wasn't a fire bell, it wasn't a pandemic alarm, and it sure as hell wasn't an avalanche alarm, seeing how it hadn't even started snowing yet. That left only…

Tanya's eyes widened; Grimm.

She had read up on Grimm before of course. They were soul-lacking creatures that were completely black, save a few white masks and bones, and disintegrated into ashes when they died. Some people in the village believed it was Mother Nature's wrath upon the humans, but Tanya always believed that they were once ordinary animals twisted by some kind of virulent disease. Which explained why there were so few real animals left; Grimm didn't eat regular animals after all, only humans.

But now wasn't the time to think about that. She had to get out of here fast!

The blonde looked up at the orphanage building. The lights were beginning to turn on and she could already hear shocked cries coming from the windows. Tanya debated on whether or not to get her things but decided against it. She wanted to live, thank you very much.

Tanya began running as fast as her short legs would carry her towards the emergency shelter. All around her, villagers were pouring out of their homes, all carrying their children and some very heavy looking luggage. Tanya scoffed. Fools. That would be the death of them. You can't run for your life when you're carrying around fifty pounds of kids and items.

Tanya easily outstripped the slower people, who were shuffling the same direction she was going. Tanya saw a couple Huntsman and security run around, spewing directions and aiding civilians to the shelter.

One of the security guards started to help an old woman who had fallen down from the weight of some screaming children. A Huntsman ran over to help until him and Tanya noticed something out of the corner of their eyes. "Nevermore!" screamed the Huntsman as he readied his weapon.

Sure enough, three fully grown Nevermore had started to swoop down upon the villagers, as well as some Griffons. Everybody started to scream and stampeded over to the shelter, which was now in view, illuminated with red light.

Tanya was buffeted by the crowd of people. She cursed her tiny body. People took no notice of her and nearly trampled her to death in their mad rush to escape.

Tanya was shoved to one side and fell face first into some garbage bags next to a building. She took a little bit to recollect herself. With a groan, she pushed herself up, her blue eyes burning with anger. "Damn stupid villagers." she hissed, brushing off her clothes.

With a slight limp, she started heading towards the shelter. To her alarm, the doors had begun to slide closed. Apparently everyone had made it except for the security and the Huntsmen.

Speaking of which, how were they? She looked behind her to assess the situation. Her mouth turned drier than the Sahara Desert.

The Nevermores had apparently decided that they did not like the annoying humans anymore and were now tearing them apart with their talons and beaks.

The blonde girl stumbled and fell. There was no way out of this. She had never seen a person get torn apart so easily and violently before, so she was pretty much in shock. She didn't care for them, obviously, but it was still a very disturbing sight to behold.

One of the Nevermores grabbed a still groaning security guard with its massive talons and threw him towards Tanya's general direction. The guard died immediately after landing on the dirt ground and his standard rifle clattered over to her.

Unfortunately, that brought the Nevermores attention to a shivering little girl, who was desperately trying to get up off the ground.

The black bird shrieked and stalked over. Its eyes burned red and a growl emanated from its mouth.

Fumbling with her hands, Tanya finally found her grip on the fallen guard's weapon and aimed it at the giant bird. Having never held a gun before, Tanya fidgeted around with the weapon for a bit before finding the trigger.

The Nevermore recognized the threatening stance and charged at the girl.

Tanya grinded her teeth so hard she thought they would break. She was terrified out of her mind yet she was filled with determination. She wouldn't stoop to a level where she would pray to God for assistance. No, if she were to die today at this very moment, so be it. She would not praise that bastard.

Tanya screamed in retaliation and pulled the trigger.

"Eight years and you still refuse to believe."

The Grimm froze and so did Tanya. In fact, everything froze. The other Grimm had stopped moving and the fires that had spread from the carnage had stopped burning. All was quiet.

"Even at the brink of death, you refuse to even consider the possibility that I am God."

Tanya gave a wolfish smile. "Ah, Being X, what a lovely surprise. So nice of you to stop time just before I'm supposed to die. Has it really been eight years since we last talked?"

The voice paused before starting again. "I have decided to intervene to save you from dying."

Tanya raised her eyebrows. "Oh? And what's your reason for that? Are you going to save me by killing this stupid bird? Then do you think that I'll praise you for saving my life? Is that it? You and I both know that's not going to work you bastard."

Tanya could have sworn Being X was smiling as he started talking again. "No, I will not kill this soulless creature. You will. I will only unlock your Aura and make your Semblance known to you."

Tanya blinked and grinned. Now at least she had a chance to live. She hoped that whatever her Semblance was had something to do with teleporting out of this situation or killing the Grimm.

"But there is a catch. Every time you wish to use your Semblance, you will have to pray to me. Failure to do so will result in the inactivation of your Semblance. Your Aura will still be active, but your Semblance will not."

Tanya spluttered and glared up at the sky. "So this is your idea?! You think that when I pray long enough I will start to believe in you? You son of a bi-"

"Only time will tell," interrupted Being X, "Some of my most faithful followers did not believe in me in the past. We shall see if it happens with you."

The disembodied voice disappeared.

Tanya barely had time to react before the Nevermore unfroze and charged towards the girl. Tanya rolled out of the way and felt something warm inside her. Something powerful had started to open up. This was no doubt the Aura awakening, but her Semblance was still unknown to her.

Her blue eyes crinkled in hate. She had no choice. She began to pray. "Glory be unto God, for he will deliver us from evil."

Her body started to glow gold and her eyes followed suit. Tanya took in a breath and dodged another oversized peck from the bird. "May his glory smite these soulless creatures and send them to where they came from."

She pulled the trigger.

The Nevermore barely had time to shriek in shock as golden light exuded from the gun barrel and a hot bullet brimming with energy burrowed into its flesh.

The bullet found its way straight through all the vital parts of the Grimm and exited the back, killing the bird nearly instantaneously.

The glowing projectile then exploded in a golden light, creating a massive shockwave of pure energy that killed or severely crippled the remaining Grimm in the vicinity. The explosion wasn't necessarily large, but the Grimm were packed onto a single street in their mad dash to eat the blonde girl.

As the bodies started disintegrating to ash, Tanya let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. A couple seconds passed and the only sounds heard were the bodies of the Grimm and burning wood.

A burning wooden beam crashed down, startling the young girl out of her stupor. She let out a single chuckle. Then another. And another. Eventually, it escalated into full scale maniac laughter. This was obviously not laughter of happiness and relief. There was some relief in the laugh, but it was mostly filled with hate (imagine Tyrian's laugh as he stabbed the Beowulf). She hated the fact that she had to pray to use her power. She hated Being X. She hated everything.

Tanya stared down at her hands, which were caked in mud and trash. The golden glow had started up again, healing her bruises and cuts. It felt immensely satisfying, as if she were settling into a hot bath after a long day.

She stood up and turned to face the shelter. Unfortunately the shelter seemed to have collapsed in a flurry of fire, most likely caused by a collapsed building next to it. There were no survivors. Tanya clicked her tongue. Now what?

A dull humming noise caught her attention. She looked up into the cloudy sky and saw massive headlights bearing down on the village. Atlas military. At long last, they had arrived.

Tanya stood up and started waving her hands in the air. "Hey," she called, "Over here!"

Unfortunately, they did not seem to hear her.

Tanya raised her gun up in the air and fired off a single shot of glowing energy. She wouldn't figure out until later in the hands of Atlas military that her Semblance seemed to be turning any projectile into a localized explosion. And the energy given off scaled with how much of Aura she pumped into it. The less Aura pumped into in it, the less power the projectile had, the more Aura, the more devastating the projectile would be.

This golden bullet finally caught one of the pilots' attention. No doubt he had thought the shot was from a surviving Huntsman or a security guard using a flare of some kind. Tanya smiled a devilish smile as she registered the shock on soldier's faces when they saw that it was a little eight year old girl wielding a rifle with disintegrating bodies of Grimm surrounding her.

"It's about time you all showed up; I was getting a little cold."


Tanya reminisced all these events as she readied her rifle to aim at a blank wall. On the other side of that wall were her future students. It had been three years since the village had been wiped out. There was only one survivor: herself.

Because of how easily she took down the Grimm, the Atlas military took immediate interest in her. Her power was very destructive, and they saw this opportunity to use her as a weapon.

So they gave her a test to see which level of schooling to give her. They had expected her to do fairly bad, seeing how she was a poor orphan child, but to their surprise, she passed easily, exceeding all of their expectations.

Because of this, they placed her into the academy nine years early.

She fit well into the militaristic academy and steadily rose up in ranks throughout the years. It wasn't until an excursion with the White Fang that people started realizing that Tanya may very well be the devil. People had only thought of her as a cute genius.

An attempted assassination attempt against General Ironwood had failed when Tanya saw a laser sight trained on the man's chest during live-fire training in the forest. She had tackled the General with as much force as she could muster and fired a single shot in the general direction of the shooter. The resulting explosion incinerated everything in a twenty meter radius.

A bit overkill, but Tanya wanted everyone to know that even if she was young, she was ruthless, calculating, ready to kill, and not one to be trifled with.

The General thanked her profusely and later awarded her with the Atlas Medal of Bravery, much to the chagrin of a certain aspiring Schnee girl, who had strived to try and get the medal until an eleven year old child stole it from her very grasp.

The Atlas upper echelon, sensing this as an opportunity to use her as a weapon, wanted to enroll her in the military and send her on some missions to exterminate or capture criminals and White Fang. Unfortunately for them, the Council obviously did not like the fact that a child would join the military at such a young age.

After weeks of heavy debating, it was agreed that Tanya be placed at Beacon Academy for a teaching job, seeing how they didn't have a Military Strategies class. Huntsman inevitably had to work with the military sooner or later, so it made sense to set up a class at Beacon. And she was to stay and teach there until she became at least fifteen years old to officially join the military.

It took some convincing, but Headmaster Ozpin had finally accepted Tanya as a faculty member. She was, after all, well versed in military strategies, passed at the top of her class, and was a decorated and named student.

Which brings us to our current situation.


The first thing the new students saw after the resulting wall explosion was a young girl wearing white Atlas military fatigues with a medal shaped like a gear. Her dainty hand nonchalantly gripped the standard issue rifle, the barrel still smoking.

Her golden eyes started to fade into blue, and she smirked at the shocked faces of the students. Her eyes rested on a certain white-haired girl, who was staring at her with a look akin to terror. Another Schnee, huh?

"Rise and shine, my precious students," yelled Tanya, "I am Second Lieutenant Degurechaff! Welcome to hell on Remnant!"

A hulking teen with orange hair stood up, scowling in anger. Tanya noticed that he had a holo-disk gripped tight in his hands. He stomped over to her, his face contorted with rage. "I don't care who you are, but you just knocked out my team! You could have killed them!"

Tanya nodded. "Yes, it seems so, but it was their fault for sitting so close to the window in the first place. Expect the unexpected."

"How the hell is anyone supposed to expect a stupid little girl to blow up the building?!"

Tanya smirked with devilish glee. "Insulting your new professor, I see. And you stole my holo-disk. That grounds for suspension, you bumbling oaf."

Cardin decided that he didn't want to take any more crap from the little girl and reached over to try and grab the gun from her hands.

What happened next would forever cement the respect and fear the students would have for the blonde girl.

In a flash, the miniature girl whipped the gun out of the teen's grasping hands and brought a vicious swing with the gun at Cardin's head. He stumbled; obviously in shock that such a little girl was able to pack such a strong punch. Tanya then tripped him with an outstretched foot and slammed the butt of the rifle down onto his stomach, sending out all his breath in a whoosh.

Tanya almost lazily pointed the gun barrel towards his face and aimed down the sight. "Insubordination and attacking your professor. In Atlas, you would be stripped of your rank and sent to prison. However, this isn't Atlas, so be glad I'm letting you off with the very minor punishment of a detention, even if you insulted me and attempted to steal my holo-disk."

Cardin's eyes crossed as he stared down the barrel of the rifle. He may not have been very smart, but he knew danger when he saw it. And this little devil girl scared him more than a dozen Deathstalkers. He wisely kept his mouth shut.

The blonde girl lowered her gun and straightened out her uniform. There was a dust speck on the lapel and she brushed it off lazily.

She turned to face the class, who were still in shock at what happened. Tanya looked at her wristwatch. "It's 2:50 at the moment. That means we still have an hour and twenty minutes left in class. Plenty of time to start what I meant to do today."

She looked back up at the class, who had started to whisper amongst themselves. They still had qualms on whether this was the new professor or not, but nobody dared to argue.

Tanya straightened up. "Well, what are you waiting for?! I want all of you to get your weapons and make it to the Emerald Forest. Headmaster Ozpin authorized the use of live fire training today. I will be shooting shells at your locations. Your goal is to stay relatively alive until the period ends. The last person to arrive at the forest will be cleaning up the debris alone! Get to it!"

Everyone scrambled out the hole in the wall, eager not to make the diminutive girl angry. Cardin just whimpered and dragged his bruised body off the grass. He ran after the fleeing teens, followed by his teammates, who had woken up just in time to see their leader get beat up by an eleven year old girl.

Tanya watched them leave with a grin. This was going to be fun. And it was safe too, with no danger of being killed in action. A cushy job terrifying children. This should be easy.

She glanced down at the classroom and sighed. "Great, how am I going to explain this to Glynda?"


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