Written for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry (Challenges & Assignments). This is for the DADA class assignment of Patronus. I'm writing for the crossover!AU prompt. I'm crossing it over to Avatar: The Last Airbender because I can't help myself haha. Other challenges/resolutions this qualifies for will be listed down below.

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Worth It

It had very much been a whirlwind; that much is true. She sometimes thought back on everything that had happened since they'd first met. It seemed like they'd known each other both for a million years and a single second, but neither was true. It'd only been a few years since everything had started. She never could have imagined what awaited her at the end of that long road, but it was worth it.

Andromeda remembered the screaming match between herself and her mother. It had been the worst one, the one she'd left on. She still hadn't gone back. Four years have passed and she never contacted them and they never contacted her. They'll have removed her from the family tree; it'll be as though she'd never existed. That's okay. She had something better. Someone better.

Ted had been both a blessing and a curse to her throughout their history together. First a curse, when he was causing her to doubt everything she'd ever known to be true. Within weeks his presence shifted into a blessing as he became her safe place, her one confidant. When her family was particularly awful, he was the person she could count on. He'd always been there for her. Always. So why should it matter that he didn't have abilities like they did? That wasn't what determined a person's worth at all.

Who cares that she can create whirlpools and heal injuries? He can mend emotions and comfort the distraught. Ted was the truly talented one of the two. He'd overcome so much and continued to do so. He constantly amazed her. He was the kind of person who just lit up the room. There wasn't an unkind word she'd ever heard him say. Still, he wasn't perfect. He had this bad habit of carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. It had taken her a week to get him to tell her that a group of waterbenders had drowned his mother. Then he'd immediately proceeded to trying to comfort her, when it should have been the other way around.

She couldn't believe how one person could have so much influence in another's life. He'd come in like a hurricane, but still left no damage. She'd been an ice sculpture prior to his appearance in her life. Somehow, even though he couldn't wield flames, he'd melted her ice. Even an actual firebender couldn't have done that.

Her relationship with her parents and sisters was destroyed beyond repair. She'd never be able to return to the Northern Water Tribe. The people who'd been hurt by her family was innumerable. But she was happy. And it was all because of him, because of Ted. There wasn't any question about it; happiness was all she'd ever wanted and he'd been the only one to give it to her. Things had gone by so quickly that she'd never quite gotten the chance to really think about her actions and what they meant. But if this is what it all led to… it had definitely been worth it.