This story is much different than the other ones. This isn't really a ship, per se, but more of a friendship. Without further ado, I give you Forever!


Forever: Tikki x Plagg

There are some rule in the universe that just exist.

Wash your hands before you eat.

Brown piles on the grass are not chocolate chips.

All stars die.

Where there is life, death must follow.

Yin does not exist without yang, and yang does not exist without yin.

Tikki and Plagg followed the last rule very well.

They were that rule.

Where there was Tikki, there was Plagg.

Where there was Plagg, there was Tikki.

It was as simple as that.

Until Marinette and Adrien arrived.

They were a very different matter.

Marinette and Adrien had the strongest aura Tikki and Plagg had ever felt.

This was where another rule of the universe came into play.

Don't tell a Miraculous user the other's identity.

So here was Marinette and Ladybug, the whole of yin, in love with Adrien, half of yang.

So here was Adrien and Cat Noir, the whole of yang, in love with Ladybug, half of yin.

It was torture for Tikki and Plagg not to tell their chosens those vital details about who the other half of yin and yang were.

Until they sensed it.

It was almost time for them to find out.

And then the day came.

Valentine's Day.

"Marinette?" Tikki asked. "Can I go out for the day?"

"Why?" Marinette replied.

"It's because of Cat Noir's kwami, Plagg. I don't sense any dark magic today, so we'll be fine," Tikki said.

"If you're sure," Marinette frowned.

Tikki zoomed off and almost immediately ran into Plagg.

"Plagg!" she shouted, hugging him with her little flippers.

"Hi, Tikki," he responded.

"It's time for Marinette and Adrien to know," Tikki said.

"They grow up so quickly," Plagg sighed. "It seems like yesterday when I met Hercules."

"So you do care about your chosens. You're not very good at acting, Plagg. Adrien knows that you love him," Tikki giggled.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say. Wait! Is that- is that- yes, it is! Camembert!" Plagg yelled.

"We're going to be seen!" Tikki said, trying to muffle Plagg's voice.

"It's in that bakery," Plagg responded, pointing at a small building with less than a dozen customers inside. "And I bet my immortal life that the second scent I smell is cookies."

Tikki perked up. "Cookies? Fine, just don't let anyone see us."

They zoomed into the bakery's back door.

"Let's find that cheese," Plagg said.

"And cookies," Tikki reminded him.

They swiftly grabbed their desired food and left the bakery.

"Plagg! You took five cheese wheels?" Tikki scolded him.

"But it's camembert," Plagg whined. "You wouldn't understand. You only eat cookies, the most repulsive food on earth. They're an absolute insult to those with refined taste buds, like moi."

"Whatever you say," Tikki muttered.



"Marinette and Adrien are different. There's something odd about them."

"It's their lack of confidence. Marinette tried to give the Ladybug Miraculous to someone else at first. But I think that Marinette's starting to believe in herself," Tikki thoughtfully said.

"Adrien is like that, too. He's an absolute doormat when he's not transformed. As Cat Noir, though….he lets his real personality show," Plagg said. "I just don't want the kid to get hurt."

"I know what you're thinking about! It's not going to happen this time, it won't, it can't…..I don't want it to happen," Tikki cried.

Plagg hugged her.

"I know that this is how it always turns out. Half of the time, one of our chosens kills the other. It's not fair. It's not. But we have to accept it. Adrien and Marinette love each other too much. They're not going to kill each other. And even if they do….we'll live with it because we have each other. Whether I like it or not, I'm stuck with you for all eternity, Tikki," he said.

"I know," Tikki quietly said. "I'm stuck with you forever."

That was another unspoken rule of the universe.

Tikki and Plagg are bound together.



I know, another short one. Whatever, I still think it's sweet.