Unless he was in some alternate universe where the sky looked like a thatched roof and the floor was wooden, Narrock came to the conclusion someone moved him when he decided to take a nap. Not that the ground was unreasonable, he was use to sleeping under the stars with nothing more than his possessions to keep him warm. Still it was nice of the townsfolk to bring him in but they were strangers and so he checked himself over anyway. First he ensured the eyepatch over his left eye was still there, it was custom made for his travels to ensure it wouldn't wear down before he did. He would have started checking himself over if an old friend didn't speak up, "No worries old boy I made sure they took nothing. Darn well spooked off as soon as I started talking hehehehehe." His friend continued to chuckle has he drew him from his belt. "Enserric please tell me nothing has occurred since I fell asleep?" The dagger gleamed, "They tried putting you in a cot but it ripped as soon as they let go other than that no nothing has happened." Enserric, when he met the talking blade he was held by an undead lord that occupied Undermountain. Not to shy away from such a weapon, he slew the lord and his comrades and learned about Enserric the Gray, a wizard whose soul got stuck in the sword upon his death. While he couldn't use him in his long sword form when he transformed into a dagger the pair of them became inseparable especially after all the money he put into the various upgrades for him.

He got up and saw that it was still daylight which meant either he slept a whole day or only a few hours. Either was fine for him as adventuring meant any idea of a sleep schedule was destroyed within days of beginning. So he checked his bearing and walked outside to where once bodies lay were gone and several townsfolk scavenged what they could from the ruin homes. "Doctor!" Narrock turned to see the man that reminded him of Nasher approach waving his hand as a few of the villagers stopped their work to stare at him. "Thank the gods you're okay after Garret said you collapsed, we brought you into rest, we didn't expect you to weigh a ton… also didn't help when your belt laughed at us when we tried to put you in a cot." Narrock did his best to resist grinning, "I apologize for Enserric but thank you nonetheless. Is there something you needed?" "Ah well we've buried the dead but one was the priest of the village and well I thought since you seemed to bless them maybe you could…" he trailed off looking down as he scratched the back of his head. "Your gods and mine are different would you and your people allow such a thing?" Narrock didn't care much but it was better than trying to give final rights and someone calling you a heretic mid blessing. "Maybe your gods will be better than ours since they allowed… this to happen," his eyes become cold and sullen. A man who has lost faith due to tragedy, one that many have walked along the same path, himself include years ago. Narrock nodded, "Take me to them and let me bring them peace for living and dead."

Narrock stood before the graves, looking at each mound and the small crosses that were planted before them each with a name carved into them. It was basic but with so much death in such an isolated area it would be the best they could do. To the side all the villagers came to say their final goodbyes to friends and loved ones. He nodded and began the Ceremony; villagers saw strange lights appear around the doctor and the gravesite seemed just a bit brighter than before. "Silvanus blessed Oak Father, this Forest Master calls to you. I do not seek power but guidance, not for me but the souls that lay before me. Their final moments were of fear, terror, anguish and for one acceptance that the end had come. Guide these souls into the great cycle Father Silvanus, guide them back into nature, so when they are reborn not as man but as beast, as bird, as life to the forest so that they do not feel that fear again. Where life that was taken give back to where life may be renewed." The villagers watched as the trees themselves stretch forth from the forest to shelter the graves to block which would do them harm. "May I be selfish for one of them blessed Father? The boy who accepted death, the boy not ten winters old, bless him with a life of happiness where he can frolic in the forest and know joy before then cycle begins again. Bring joys to those whose lives barely began." Narrock bowed his head to the forest; he knew Silvanus was a god of balance. He abhorred gods such as Talos for his destructive power and allied with those of Lathander who supported life. He was being selfish but for that boy, for those children, perhaps he could be selfish just this once. Both he and the villagers heard what sounded like an old man chuckling from the forest while the humans were bewildered, Narrock focused on one of the smaller graves… a sapling sprang forth. He read the name 'Bevil' on the cross; it was a good name, a strong name for such a brave child. From there a few more mounds, saplings broke the surface; Narrock bowed deeper to the forest, "Thank you Oak Father for your blessing and guidance." With that the lights faded and the forest became quiet just as it was before but the sun now shone through the leaves and danced upon the petals of the saplings. Narrock walked back towards them, "Was that alright?" half the village was in tears staring at either the graves or the forest. The man from before held out his hand, "Thomas Murdock captain and leader of what's left of our village." He grasped it, "Narrock"; he nodded "Thank you doctor Narrock for everything you've done for both the living and dead of this village."

A day passed as Narrock stayed with at the village hall with Murdock and few other key people of the village such as a couple of merchants and a wealthy farmer. Most of the time the village was packing up they decided that with over half the town dead it was time to try and group up with another village. The village most of them agreed on was called Baldrin although there were apparently a couple of villages along the way there. Marcus the farmer said that those were 'Faunus' villages and would never except humans. Narrock had no clue what a Faunus was but merely figured they were a subgroup of humans like that of aasimars or tieflings. Still they all agreed on one thing for now, the need for more protection. When travelling they could be beset by 'Grimm' or more likely bandits. Which lead to now, apparently a couple of months ago they lost contact with some 'huntsman' who lived nearby with his son and since no one was really in any shape to go venturing into the woods, Narrock volunteered himself to go find the old bugger. "I can't force you to do this doctor" Murdock said as the others looked at him from the council meeting table. "It's not forcing if I volunteer but I will need a guide. I do not know these woods nor do I know where this person lives." "Garret, you meet him yesterday, he can guide you through the forest. He was a hunter before… well before all this." Narrock felt a question pop into his head and felt the need to ask, "Then what is the difference between a hunter and a huntsman then?" "You're joking right?!" one of the merchants spoke up… his name began with an R but that all he could remember as he gave a deadpan look to him. "A huntsman… well huntsman or huntress are those who devote their lives to killing Grimm," Murdock explained. "They give their lives so that people like us can live in peace." "If this huntsman is alive than I shall tell him he failed his duty and the lives of 48 people are on him." It was brutal but with the basic explanation Narrock saw whoever this huntsman was had failed what was essentially their purpose. The flinching everyone gave confirmed the brutality but no one tried to correct him either. "I'll get Garret and you two can get on your way."

Garret thanked him again as they began walking into the forest, for his wife and for the others. Narrock simply nodded and continued following him deeper into the forest before something emerged from the bushes causing Garret to raise his spear up and take a defensive posture. The best description Narrock could give was it was similar to a werewolf but smaller and certainly less threatening to anything he had faced before. The pelt was pure black and had glowing red eyes. The creature seemed to notice them as its claws detracted themselves and prepared for combat. "Get back doctor, I will deal with this" Garret said as he prepared to charge. A good man but a fool nonetheless he thought as Narrock walked beside Garret and drew Enserric from his belt. Then it did something that confused Garret, it whimpered when it turned its gaze to Narrock. At the noise Narrock strolled forward with the creature trying to shuffle away from his approach. "Stop" he stated and the creature obeyed as Narrock grabbed its jawline and made eye contact with it. Dancing behind its eyes was something… it was hazy but he had a probable idea what it was. "How strange, have you humans ever looked into the eyes of these beasts? It looks like there is someone controlling them or at least guiding their action." "What?" was the only thing Garret said. "Indeed: pale skin, glowing red eyes, and black blood running through her veins. Tell me creature do you know who she is? Where she is?" The creature made no noise locked up in what Garret could only tell as fear but such a thing should be impossible; Grimm afraid of someone human. He heard of Grimm that continued to charge on even if a group of huntsmen were slaughtering their numbers. What about the doctor that terrified literal nightmares of Remnant? "No… useless" a quick flick of his wrist and the creature's throat was slit by Enserric and threw away the body like it was trash. "Hatred, angry… pluuuh this beast's blood tastes awful, it's all filled with negative emotions and has no sweetness to it. It's burnt tasting and it sucks" Enserric stated even as the blade eagerly drank the remaining blood of the creature. "Well… shall we get going?" Narrock asked as he stared back at Garret. He was sure of one thing; he was no simple doctor or priest.

They encountered a few more Grimm along the way the cabin but all of them turned tail when Narrock approached much the amusement of the doctor and dagger. Garret was sure that if the doctor truly wished it he could have torn through the entire village and no one could touch him. A man who made Grimm flee in terror was a powerful man indeed. They arrived at a large cabin being as least two stories tall and most of the walls being overgrown. Even with the old look none of the windows were damaged and the chimney was emitting a small trail of smoke indicating at least someone was home. Garret went to knock on the door as Narrock began admiring the plant life that was growing along the home… it also looked like the plants were eager to be touched but that was likely his imagination. After a couple of knocks the door opened to a young man perhaps 18 winters old who look surprised to see that pair of them. "What do you want?" he asked as he stared at them with suspicion. "We are here for Oswald and ask for his help" Garret replied as Narrock took up beside him. "No" he stated and closed the door before Garret could speak. He began banging the door again as Narrock wandered around the cabin to see if there was another entrance. He found it in the form of barely opened window, the hinges of it would likely alert the son of his attempted break in so there was really only one solution so he rested his hand on the windowsill. Where once Narrock the half elf stood now sat Narrock the mouse as he squeeze through the crack and made his way down the ground. He was in a room and from the amount of dust on the cloth and boxes it was likely a guest room. So he left through the underside of the door and took in the layout: the main entrance now had a chair propped against it was Garret continued to call and bang on the door, the son sitting on another chair eating what looked like soup as he stared at the door. He saw that the stairs were blocked by numerous boxes it was unlikely that Oswald was upstairs so he began checking under the other doors on the ground floor.

The fourth time checking lead him to his prize and the reason why they were refused at the door. Oswald was in bed barely breathing as a device seemed to be pumping air into him as well as having terrible lesions along his arms. Oswald was dying of a disease that Narrock didn't know of. He shifted back to human form and locked the door before sitting down of the chair beside the bed. Perhaps it was his constant gaze or the action of locking the door but Oswald stirred from his slumber to simply stare at him. "Who are you?" he rasped, "Where is my son Walter?" before breaking into a fit of coughs. "Your son is in the other room entertaining my… associate and I am a doctor." He continued to cough, "I've *cough* met many doctors before *cough* you do not look like one." Narrock nodded, "true I'm not officially a doctor but I am a healer." "A hack, I'll buy nothing from you snake oil salesman" Oswald said glaring with what little anger he could muster. Narrock stared at him with indifference, "48 people are dead." Oswald raised his eyebrow at him. "The village about 20 minutes east of here was attacked and while you lay here doing nothing 48 men, women and children died because you wouldn't do you your duty as a huntsman." "You- You dare lecture-" Oswald stopped as he coughed more violently. "There deaths are on your head Oswald, on you and your son so we came here to ask for your help in moving the village. Murdock spoke some words of praise about you but I do not see the man he spoke of, all I see is a coward." Narrock felt his collar grabbed by Oswald as he rose from his bed. "I am no coward, you know nothing about the life and responsibilities of a huntsman, and who are you to question me?!" They stared at each other; Narrock saw the lines of age welded to his face but he saw a change in his eyes, ones of experience, great battles and lost comrades. The eyes he saw reminded him of one of his old companions Daelin, a center of pure rage in battle but his intelligence of shone through as both a barbarian and a half-orc. His life was hard especially with the death of his mother at such a young age still he enjoyed learning about the experiences he gained on his travels. Oswald stared at the one eyed man and saw something similar in what he saw in himself, this man was no doctor he was a killer perhaps even a former huntsman like him, though perhaps not former from the small shine that gleamed out from beneath his robes. He let go and sighed "Even if I wanted to help I cannot this," he gestured to his body, "is killing me. I barely have the strength to stand let alone fight." "Then I have your word? If I cure you of this disease you and your kin will help defend the villagers as they travel." "Travel?" "They make for Baldrin village in hopes of teaming up with the people there." Oswald chuckled, "Sure if you oh snake oil salesman can cure me then I'll pack up everything and head out to defend the people from danger." Narrock stood up and moved the chair to the side before an orange light appeared in his hands; Oswald widened his eyes at the display. Again he muttered his incantations and prayers under his breath as he did days before with the others before pressing the light into Oswald body. At first nothing happened until Oswald could breathe easier, the dust that plagued his lungs had cleared. Then the lesions began to clear at a rapid rate, "What trickery is this?" "Need a hand Oswald or can you stand on your own two feet?" At first he was unsure as he planted his feet on the floor but he rose up and didn't feel dizzy or out of breath. He turned to see he was slightly taller than the healer, "Name?" "Narrock… Doctor Narrock to the people of the village." He nodded, "Very well I'll pack up my things and my son and we'll meet you back in the village in what a day or two." Narrock nodded, "Sounds good I'll go collect Garret and head back as he opened the window and hopped out. "Oh and uh sorry for breaking in and stuff" Narrock shrugged as he walked back to the front and dragged Garret away from the home.