The explanation didn't take long and there was no real need to convince Garret to stay, so the pair of them left back towards the village. Narrock knew and frankly didn't care about the looks Garret was sending him, he was what he was. To these people he was merely a doctor; to the Grimm or whatever they actually are he was a monster. At the end of the day either definition is correct as both certainly described Narrock perfectly: a healer and a monster, most however see those titles and think of one word that best describes both… an adventurer.

The trip back was uneventful until they reached the gates when they were ambushed but not by Grimm, but by children. Before either could say a word the children grabbed Narrock's hands and his robes and dragged him off to wherever they were going. Garret just stared as he didn't even resist the apparent kidnapping and went to tell the others the news, though he would only tell Murdock about what happened with the Grimm. Murdock always had a good sense when people lied to him so he would know that Garret wasn't lying when he tells about putting fear into living fear itself. With Narrock on the other hand, he simply followed the children, adopting an old persona of his as a teacher and mentor, one that he hadn't worn in years. When they stopped he finally got a good look at them, the youngest looked five winters while the oldest was twelve, then came the onslaught of questions. Turns out after basically saving the village the children that survived wanted to know all about him since the 'grown-ups' had been hogging him for the last few days what better way to meet than by doing a snatch and grab. He abided and asked that everyone sit down before playing two million questions.

"What is the light you used on everyone?" asked the oldest whose eyes had harden since sitting, likely seeing a loved one fall. "How did you do that thing with the trees?" "Who is syl…syl… the old guy you said?" "Do trees normally laugh?" Are you a huntsman?" Various questions bombarded him as the group of thirteen children finally released their undying curiosity and focused it solely on him. Patience and stern voice got them to calm down just like his old mentors did for him decades ago. "So many questions for someone as little importance as me, please let us do this one at a time and I will try to clear up anything your heart's desire, now for the first question I heard. The light is a cure spell; tell me how many of you believe in magic?" Several hands raised most of them from the younger ones. "That is exactly what it is magic, healing magic to be exact." "Magic doesn't exist, there is no such thing" spoke one of the older kids, a girl that look eleven years old. "Who are you child?" "Rose," she stated with her hands on her hips. "Tell me Rose are you so well-travelled that you can't believe in something as magic? It is all around us after all." Rose and the older boys scoffed but Narrock smirked. "Air, Earth, Water, and Fire, the elements that hold the world together and create everything around us. But there is a fifth element: magic. It is what binds everything together and allows others to harness it power. Do you not see it?" The children looked at the forest surrounding them, the wind on the breeze, the dirt at their feet, the sound of the river. "All that is, is held together by magic and we as people stand in awe of its grace. Nature is giving to us and in turn we respect it, it's like that at your village is it not? You harvest trees for homes but also plant more to ensure the forest gets back their own in time. Give and take, as some alchemists call it equivalent exchange, magic allows for the giving and taking when harnessing its elements."

"If magic is real why not show this whole equiv-whatchamathing?" One of the younger boys asked, his eyes lit with wonder at the every mention of magic. Narrock considered it and figured the adults would know about magic so showing magic to children wouldn't cause any harm. His hands lit up in orange sparks as he formed the best spell to show off. Fire arose from his fingertips before slowly crawling through the air, the flames dancing for the children as it began to take shape. The fire still danced but the framework was complete as the flames took the image of a sword, a scimitar to be exact. Every child was silent in awe or disbelief as Narrock checked the blade before extending it forward for all to see. "Flame blade, a simple spell I learned in my youth that helped in a few situations. Magic harnessing the power of fire and giving it shape and purpose." He waited as the silence lingered before the same boy spoke, "so cool." That seemed to be the spark as all the children began talking amongst themselves or staring and muttering while watching the fire. "But… but magic can't be real, it just can't. Nowhere in any of the books of Remnant ever mention magic!?" Rose spoke as she gazed in disbelief. Remnant, so that's what this world is called, how interesting. "And do you still have those books; there may be something you missed?" Narrock was nudging her, not physically but… he was new to this world, this Remnant. Lore and History books would provide at least some answers to where he is and what kind of world it is. "No, I couldn't have missed something," Rose stated weakly before getting up and leaving back to town. Narrock made to follow after dismissing the blade but the others would not allow him to leave so easily.

It was nearly dusk when they returned, doing his best to answer questions but it was a never ending wave of questions and explanations and most likely most of the things he said went right over their heads but they were entertained. After all that had happened to make them forget just for a while was better than anything he could have done otherwise. As all the children waved goodbye, Murdock waited for him with an eyebrow raised and a smirk threatening to break. "Have fun?" Narrock merely grunted as they began walking through the village. "We should have everything ready to go tomorrow and we'll leave once Oswald arrives. Thank you again doctor, I will find a way to repay you." Narrock waved is hand, "I want nothing Murdock; do not pay a man that has not asked." "You said you were lost when you came, how about once were settled at Baldrin, I can give you a map and point out all the local villages in our area, will you allow that?" He sighed and a thought struck him to take advantage of, "Throw in some history and lore books and you have a deal" Narrock stated as he held out his hand. "Deal," Murdock shook with enthusiasm not meant for a man of his age but it mattered little, an accord was struck and that's all that mattered.

It took helping with dinner to realize that his friends had returned to his side in the form of two blue eye-like flames in the fire pit. No one else seemed to notice but they watched him as he made his rounds ensuring that everyone one was feed. When he was done, he nodded at the flames and mouthed 'I am fine and safe, stay hidden until I need you' finishing with a smile. The eyes nodded and disappeared. Next the wind blew and whispered to him, "Are you alright?" He grinned and whispered back, "I'm fine really, these humans however have never apparently seen magic before so stay hidden all four of you." "I obey Milord." Narrock rolled his eyes before going back on duty; they never seem to call him by his real name. Not that he actually cared but it would be nice having a civil conversation without a million titles being thrown around like the ones he has with the village.

The next day Narrock was helping secure the harness of one of the caravan's to its owner. Without much in the way of livestock many of the caravans would have to be pushed or pulled by the strength of the villagers. Heavier convoys were secured by the wealthy farmer's stock of oxen and horses but there was going to be many convoys so the trek to Baldrin would be slow. Narrock had examined the trek to the village and estimated at least a week of travel if nothing happened, though hoping for nothing always spelled trouble for travelers. Narrock left the owner to secure his own cart; in truth it wasn't his but a widow's cart and with her two children they could not pull it alone, so he volunteered to pull it. As he got himself secured more caravans arrived and started to sort themselves into the line, with Oswald having arrived in the morning with Walter in tow, helping to secure him into the cart. "You sure you can pull this doctor, yer scrawny arms may not be able to handle the load?" Oswald asked a smirk never leaving his face. Upon arriving Narrock discovered the man had quiet the temper but he also liked joking… with everyone no matter the expense. It reminded him of Tomi, all he needed to do was divide his size in half and it would be like he never left. Narrock merely grunted in response ensuring his gear and his backpack was secured before waiting to move.

Murdock observed the creation of the convoy as Garret went to scout out the trail they'd take for the first few days. Garret told him what happened; the whimpering, Narrock's observation and their fear of the good doctor. Garret has never lied to him but even this was hard to believe though the description of the lady reminded him of what an old friend spoke to him after being incredibly drunk. It was very hush-hush but he said something about a black queen. Nothing blacker than one who would rule the Grimm came to mind after the description. He also watched the village converge and begin their final preparations; it was when Oswald came to his side did he realize what they had done. "Noticed it too eh?" Oswald asked as he turned to face the convoy. To a normal person it would look random but every convoy that had placed themselves in position was a glance or turn of the head away from looking at Narrock, he rested at the very heart of the convoy. "He saved the village and you, he has giving them courage and hope. I'm not all that surprised that he rests at the center of us all." Murdock stated as he pulled out his pipe. "We can leave whenever you're ready Captain' Malcolm said before nodding to Oswald 'sir." Murdock glanced at the gates to see Garret standing there looking at him before nodding. "Alright everyone let's move out!" He called as the wagons began to leave what was left of their village and head hopefully to somewhere better.

They had been in three days of the trek without to many complications except for an Ursa stumbling onto to their convoy on the 2nd day. The guards had made ready with Oswald taking out a bulkier great axe when the Ursa stopped and made eye contact with Narrock. The guards and Oswald were confused as the bear roared than ran away back into the forest, while Narrock smirked while catching sight of Murdock looking at him. He merely nodded and started walking again. On the third day or night rather they were a few hours from one of the Faunus villages while Murdock and Oswald explained exactly what a Faunus was. He was correct in that they were a subclass of human except they have different animal traits. He heard of the Great War and the massive amounts of racism that still exists even though the unification during the war was supposed to end it. It reminded him too much of the racism between elves and dwarves, in matters of war they'll help each other but the moment there is no threat they go back to cursing each other. They're rare cases when that didn't happen but it seems similar to what faces the Faunus. Still another side needed to be heard so he crept into the brush when many had fallen asleep, turned into a crow and flew away.

A few hours on foot meant only a few minutes in the air before he descended upon the village, the watch held no torches as they observed outside their walls. Narrock landed on the palisade near one that had what looked like cat ears sitting on his head. He merely meant to observe the man but as time went by the guard made his way beside him, regarding the bird that didn't fly away before leaning on the wall. "Rare to see a bird with two eye colours especially if one of its eyes is vibrant green" he stated looking at Narrock with vague interest, the bird regarding him with a stare. "Bet you're real smart too." "Caw" "Alright one caw for yes two caws for no" "Caw" The man smiled before looking around to ensure no other guards were nearby. "Okay easy question, do you think I'm insane for talking to a bird?" "Caw caw" "Hey I like that answer alright now for the more serious stuff, do you know what I am?" "Caw" "Are you afraid of us?" "Caw caw" "Those fires and smoke in the distance, are they humans?" "Caw" "Are they here to raid us?" "Caw caw" "Then why are they nearby?" he mumbled to himself as he looked back at the smoke. "Their village was attacked and are moving to another to find shelter" Narrock stated still in bird form.

A high pitch scream came from the guard who jumped back from Narrock to stare at him, while two guards one from each side came to see what was going on. "Dylan are you trying to get us all killed?" The guard beside the cat stated slapping him in the head. "Captain the bird talked like actually talked not cawing like usual." "Playing with the birds again? Birds can't talk Dylan straighten up your act." The sound of a throat clearing before the pair and the other guard regarded the bird, "You would be right if I were just a bird. Fortunately I'm not" he stated as the crow began to grow and step onto the wall, wings to arms, beak to face and the feathers shifted back into his robes. All three stared at him mouths agape as he straightened himself. "The humans were attacked and are travelling to somewhere safer as their losses were many." "W-what are you?" muttered the captain. He tipped his head a few times in thought, "To them I'm the Doctor, and to you I'm a bird, to the world… I'm just an adventurer." "So why come to this village?" "Simple I am new to this place, didn't know what a Faunus was so I came to observe. You have no torches… night vision yes?" Dylan nodded as Narrock gave a firm nod, "I see interesting now best if I go before the humans send a search party for me. Good night." Before any could object Narrock vaulted over the wall and transformed into a panther before sprinting into the woods. "No one is going to believes us" the third guard state finally finding his voice. "Nope" was all that the captain said.

No one had truly noticed his disappearance and the trek continued as it normally did, sauntering along old dirt paths and through the wilderness itself when need be. It wasn't until the last leg of the journey as the ascended a slope did something occur, something that made Narrock leave the cart with a guardsmen to find out what was happening. The guard merely stated that Murdock and Oswald were waiting at the front and that it might be bad. The walk took a few minutes to find the pair staring over the horizon at a lot of forest and the target of Baldrin. Even without the spyglass in Oswald's hand he could see something was wrong. The palisade had been attacked with chunks of the top stakes missing yet there was an effort to reinforce which meant one of two things; either they are really on top of getting repairs or there's another attack on the way. "Not good" he stated looking at the others. "We'll have to move faster to reach the village" Murdock began as he stared at the fires within the village. "If we get there before whatever comes back we can at least double the militia." "And," Oswald spoke, "with me and my boy they'll have a better chance than doing it alone." "Doctor I'd hate to ask-" "I'm already here Murdock, and don't worry I'll help in the defense but the safety of your own people is a higher priority. We can worry about Baldrin once we get there." Narrock stated as he turned to return to his cart. "Agreed. Alright everyone get moving as fast as ye can, we've got a new home to defend!" Murdock shouted as they pressed the convoys closer to Baldrin and whatever was going to happen.