Chapter 7

Sandra's POV

"A diary that possess a person," Aslan said, "Now I've heard of everything."

"I agree," I said, "But how the heck is a diary able to do that?"

"I think the answer might lie within this Chamber," Aslan said, "Your former form was personally trained by Salazar Slytherin so he knew about the chamber."

I thought this over and it did make sense.

"I'm not sure going down there would be a good idea," I told him, "The monster lies within and I don't want to be a dead form of Merlin."

"Then I think that you need to learn an art that Salazar taught Merlin," Aslan said, "But to do it we need the diary."

I had a really bad feeling about this.

It took forever to find where Dumbledore hid the thing but I found it and brought it back. He had me sit down and then instructed me on what to do next. I put my hand over the diary and worked to clear my mind. It took hours but I finally managed it. I found myself in a bathroom, everything in the room was black and white. A handsome boy of around fifteen appeared in a bathroom, a weeping girl could be heard.

The boy opened a passageway and a huge snake came out of it. I didn't know if it could hurt me so I looked away. And then he spoke and the door opened and the snake turned its attention to her. I watched her die, her ghost coming from her body. She stayed there while the boy recited a spell and I could feel something, like something being ripped out of him. I looked down at the floor and saw the snake going back into the hole.

I looked up to see the fragment of a soul going into the diary and then he left, leaving the dead body behind. I forced myself out and vomited.

"Dear me, what the heck did I just see?" I asked Aslan.

"What did you see?" Aslan asked.

I told him what I had seen and he sighed.

"It sounds like a Horcrux to me," Aslan said, "And it's inside this diary."

"The creature is a Basilisk," I told him, "Which makes sense, if you think about it."

"Get the biggest snake that you can find, and the most deadly, and you can cause fear," Aslan figured and I nodded. "You know what Merlin would do?"

"Kill it," I answered.

"Correct, but you need to be careful," Aslan told me, "If you look at it then Merlin vanishes from Hogwarts, again."

"Don't worry, I'm not that stupid," I told him.

"I never said that you were."

I managed to get the diary back to the Headmaster without him knowing that I had taken it. During the first match of the game I noticed that a Bludger was coming only for Harry. I sensed house elf magic and I knew that I needed to do something. I went down to the bottom and ran along the whole of the pitch. I found Colin Creevy being stupid and getting right into the line of fire.

"DUCK!" I screamed, pulling him down.

The bludger went past us and I glared at him. I pushed myself up and went after it, not caring that I was getting involved with a game or interfering with it. No, I had to protect Harry from that thing. Of course luck just didn't have to be on my side as it slammed into Harry's arm. Thankfully Hermione Granger managed to keep it from attacking him again and blew it up.

"You can fly without a broom," she said.

"Later," I told her, "Come on, Harry, let me heal your arm."

"I don't think so," said the most annoying man in the world.

Great, just kill me.

"Professor, I think that he should go to the Hospital wing," I heard Wood say, "Of course, Harry, great catch."

"You are damn annoying," I told him, "Harry is hurt and all you care about is the damn game."

"Hay, you're just jealous that your house lost."

"Like I care about the stupid game."

"Quidditch isn't stupid," he said.

"Yeah, it is," I hissed.

"Could you both stop arguing about a game that I even think is dumb," Hermione told us.

"She/He started it," we both said at the same time.

"People," Hermione muttered.

I glared at him and then turned my attention to Harry, who made everyone gasp and Colin wanting to take his photo.

"As you can see, his bones are no longer broken," Lockhart told everyone.

"He doesn't have any bones left," Hagrid said.

I lost my temper and gave him the hardest left hook that I could muster. That knocked Lockhart out cold.

"Remind me never to make her mad," Neville said.

"Wicked!" the Weasley twins said.

"You knocked out a Hogwarts Professor," Snape said to me after I was taken down to his office.

"Yeah, and I don't feel bad that I did it," I told him. "That man shouldn't be allowed near children."

"While I agree," Snape said, "You can't punch people out. I'm taking ten points for what you did and only because I don't like him either. You will have detention for a whole week."

"Great," I muttered.

"You may leave," he said and I got up and went to the door, though I stopped and turned around.

"You can't tell me that you didn't want to do it either."

And I left.

"Well I'm glad that you got detention," Hermione said, "Attacking a great wizard."

"Dumbledore is a great wizard, Lockhart is a joke."

"Don't try and argue with Hermione," Harry said, hissing in pain. "She believes anything that books tell her."

"They never lie."

I snorted at that.

"So why did Snape take only ten points?" Neville asked me.

"Because he doesn't like Lockhart either," I told him.

"To change the subject," Harry said and I was glad that he was changing the subject. "Ginny Weasley was taken to some hospital."

"St. Mungo," Neville told him.

"For what reason?" I asked, even though I knew.

"Don't know but they said that she'll be out in a week or so."

"Glad to hear that," Hermione said, "Any idea what's wrong with her?"

"No," Harry said, "And neither does any of the Weasley's."

Thankfully no one turned and asked me if I knew.


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