Chapter 8

Sandra's POV

"Going home to your filthy family," Malfoy asked me.

"My home isn't filthy," I told him, "It's better than your house. So going home as well?"

"No, Mudblood, I'm staying at Hogwarts."

I cursed mentally. If Malfoy was around then I couldn't get anything done. I signed up to stay over for the winter holiday's, not noticing Malfoy's name. I complained to Harry, who was now out of the wing, and Hermione.

"We can't have everything that we want," Hermione told me.

"Yeah, but we can wish."

"True," Hermione said. "So are you staying at Hogwarts this year?"

"Yeah," Harry answered.

"I'm hanging out with Harry so that he won't be lonely," I told her. "Are you staying?"

"Of course," she said, "Remember that we're working on finding out who the Heir of Slytherin is."

"It's most likely an old man," Harry said.

"Not if he sired a child," Hermione reasoned. "Personally I think its Malfoy."

"No, it's not Malfoy," I told them, "The boy that I saw from the diary had black hair. Unless someone in the Malfoy family suddenly has black hair then it's not them."

"So what are we going to do now?" Hermione asked us.

I was about to say something when Seamus came running to us, looking excited.

"There's going to be a dueling club," he told us.

"Now that should be interesting," I remarked as he ran off.

"I'll go as long as Lockhart isn't leading it," Harry said, "I can't stand him."

"How stupid do you think Dumbledore has to be to allow him to lead anything," I asked him.

"A Dueling Club, interesting," Aslan said, "Though I doubt the Basilisk can duel."

"I just want to knock someone off their feet, like Parkinson," I said. "Or Malfoy."

I heard Aslan chuckle.

"I think it's time for you to take possession of Merlin's staff," he told me.

I nodded and I went into the room.

The staff was taller than me, made from blackthorn, and the length of it was carved with symbols that my mind understood but I couldn't speak. The moment that I touched it I felt the magic of the castle flood me. My core, which had gotten a boost when I battled Quirrell, almost caused me to pass out. When I came back out I stumbled.

"Mentally tell the staff to lower its power a bit," Aslan suggested and I closed my eyes.

The staff must have sensed what Aslan had asked me to tell it, because it lowered the amount of magic that I was connected to so that I wouldn't pass out.

"The staff will remain at that level until at least your fourth year," he said. "But, in the end, you will be more of a match for Tom Riddle."

"Glad to know," I said.

"The staff will boost your magic when you duel and it can't be summoned out of your hand," Aslan told me.

"Glad about that," I said to him.

I was in the library doing my work when Harry and Hermione found me. That staff was floating a couple of feet off the ground.

"Is that-?"

"Yeah, it's Merlin's staff," I told them in a low tone. "Malfoy thinks that it's a branch and tried to throw it out."

"Trust Malfoy to ruin things," Harry said. "Oh the Dueling Club is tomorrow."

"I'll be there," I promised and they left me to my work.

The next day I headed for the Great Hall for the Dueling Club. I had a horrible nightmare about Hogwarts burning. I wanted to tell the Headmaster, but he was off doing something that must have been work related. I brought the staff with me, because it wouldn't leave me alone if I tried to leave it behind. To my complete horror Lockhart was in-charge of the Dueling club.

"Oh why are you upset? I think it's great."

I rolled my eyes at Hermione's comment.

I had to watch as Lockhart attempted to teach anything that could be used. Only Professor Snape was able to do anything that looked like magic. And then we were put in pairs and to my complete disgust I was paired with Malfoy.

"I'm going to shame you, you filthy Mudblood," he snarled.

"I'm not scared of you," I told him.

"Remember, disarm only," Lockhart told the students.

We pointed out wands at each other, but before I could cast he cast a spell that hit my wand. The whole thing exploded and I screamed. He laughed at me.

"That's what we do in Slytherin house," he said, "Now-."

"What's going on here?" Snape asked, coming over.

"My wand," I cried out, "he destroyed my wand."

I could sense the cold fury coming from my Head of House. He grabbed Malfoy and marched him out of the hall. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to see that it was Harry.

"I'll buy you a new wand," he told me.

"Thanks- I-."

I stopped as my staff glowed, making everyone cover their eyes. A sound of something falling on the stone floor went through the hall. When the glowing stopped I looked down to see a wand lying there. I bent down and picked it up. A warmth flooded my body and I brought it down, a dragon coming out of it.

"Okay, this is strange," Hermione said.

"I think this is Merlin's wand," I told her.

The look on Harry's face told me what I was thinking. This was turning out to be a strange year.

News that Merlin's wand had come back to Hogwarts was all over the castle by morning. Those that weren't narrow minded bigots that had been at Hogwarts during my first year all knew about my battle with Quirrell. Even the Slytherin's were amazed at not only the staff but the wand as well. It was connected to the only light wizard to come out of Slytherin.

"I think it's amazing," Daphne remarked.

"Yeah, it is," I said.

"I'm not surprised," Aslan said, when I told him what happened. "You're Merlin! Your former form hid the wand in his staff and only you can use it."

"Do you think that Merlin knew this was going to happen?" Hermione asked him.

"Merlin knew many things," he said.

"Aslan, I had a vision of Hogwarts," I told him. "It was on fire."

"It's a sign of trouble," Aslan said. "Let's hope that your vision never comes to pass."


A/N: Sorry about the huge wait and I hope that you enjoy this chapter. I also realized that I made a mistake by having Ron back at Hogwarts when he's supposed to be homeschooled. Ron won't be mentioned in this story anymore.