Hi my name is yusuke urameshi yea that yuke but that was not allways me but lest not talk abought my past life so when I woke up I was 6 it was a shock and for fuck sake why did it have to be in japan I hate this country the olny good thing that comes from here is art but at least I am not in north kr so I started to meditate to find my spirit energy it was eazy I even made a spirit gun while I was looking at it my fucktrad of an ex jdf of a father came in the room so I shot him with it thats what u get for beating me for no rezen u cunt I put my hand down and start crying my mom walks in and she is shocked at the sight my dads head exploded she is so drunk she calls the cops thay take her and me to the police station we get questioned I say I dont know what happened one sec hes walking in the room the next his heads gone all wile crying to put on a show after a few hrs thay let us go thats when I desided I need to lay low so the years roll by I get stonger I beat all the bullies eazy but it was when I turned 13 in 1989 I got the attention of sakyo it was when I want to tokyo to see the sights and find a shady hocker that I met him I was walking in the shady part of town at night and some thugs where being drunk assholes to me I told them to fuck off and knocked the frist fuckhead down the street the other thugs started to run then the man I would call sakyo came up with his hands up then he ask so kid what is some one like u doing here at this hr and I said tried to get layed but if u have work I might be interested he said haha kid ur just my style y dont we get some thing to drink and we can talk so we walk in to this bar we get are drinks from the bar and we go in to one on the privet rooms I take a lazy sit on my side he asks me if I am from around here I tell him I live In Sarayashiki he asks me my name I say u first so then he said he name was sakyo I said u can call me red so then we get to talking it turns out he needs mussel for a job u see theres this group out there that needs to be taken out thay came in to a friend of minds territory and cuting in to my friends bizness if u do this for me I will make a place for u in are syndicate and I can pay u 2800000 yen I tell him I am freelance but I will take the job do he gives me the info and tells me to meat him at his hq when the jobs done I found there hide out there eather asleep or doped up on opium I use sperit shotgun to take them all thay look like swiss cheese and these guts every where when i know i killed them all I steal the drugs and put them in 2 duffel bags that where on sight I run to the pick up pont an I see him with 2 other people one is a realy tall and burly man the other is a short and slander I go up to them I say I have a perzent for u I throw one of the bags of dope at him the short mans arm extends like luffy from one peace and he grabs it my face it in shock then the biger man asks me to fight so we spar and I have the upper have I would say I am at b class with all the traning I put my self throw skiping school then he gets stornger but I keep matching him but after 20 minets I am exzosted paining on the ground sakyo said frist time fighting a demon i am saprized with a power like urs u would be not have run in to others then he drops a duffel bag next to me I open it up to see a the money and a phone number he then said all was use a pay phone if ur looking for work call but there are no garinties I will have any thing for u after resting up for a good few hrs I run home my moms passed out from getting drunk and I take out 800000 yen and leve it on her end table with a note on top got another job heres the rent for a while then I proceed to put the money and drugs in to my safe the sun was rizeing and I was like fuck it time to sleep I proceeded to passout on my western syle bed