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I was walking dow the street on day there was a cowd I see what go on its in in thew after noon on my off day I cut throw the crowd and I see kuabara kasame cose me got hit by a car and there a little kid cying then I look up and see kuabars gost and then he just figers out hes dead and not hulustionateing then boton shoes up and give he the talk of notexpecting him dieing and take hime to spit work to give him a nother shot then I think wehat the fuck times gos on and I atend kuabaras funural I paY MY RESpes then sit down kikeo is crying profusely then one of theses shit bag teachers come up to me and says what is a drop out doing here ur disrecting kubaras good name then in perfect english I say showing some fucking respect to a man that I could I saved if I was walking a little bit faster and ur collectivist mind set is retarded maby u need to read some max striner and learn some physiological egoism u elitist pick the room gos quit for a few secons then kubaras sister whent up to the teacher and told him get out of here yuske mite not have bin close to kuabara but what he said is the true ur lucky most people are not fluent in English or fa-loss-a-fee or u would look like an ass I bet u dont even know what hes talking abought and u call ur self a teacher get the fuck out of here he did nothing but show respect till u came at him he then leves then she turns at me and says hi my isshizuru and I thank u for comeing but for those of use not well vesed in english I will aske u to leve then I say just one moment I just wana check a pusle if thats ok with u I just did not think kazuma would do something like that till I saw he body on the ground and the medics distracted by the boy he saved then she said fine but after that u can leve then I got to the casket and take he pule I feal it then I turn to the woman and say take his pulse I mite be tripping she then dose and says what the fuck my bother is alve I am gana sue the shit out of some one and someone that has a cellphone call the ambulance I then open my suit case to take out a cellphone its big and clunky but it dose the job I call then get the information to the dispatcure and we wait the emts come and chech the boys pusle I note there not the sames ones as last time thay feal the boys pulse and take him out of the casket to the hisptial then a man approaches me and says thank u I would have killed my son if it were not for u if theres any thing I can do just ask then I go all godfather on him I offered my help but I do not need any thing from u as of right now but I might call u up on that favor then he start to lol nice god father reference by the way my name is shnji whats ur then I say mine is yosuke I think I will be going now I hope for a fast wake up and recovery I then leve its bin a few months since kubaras fural its spring time and kuzuma made a full recovery a week ater his funeral whern I am aproched by a man with red hair whereing a perple school unifore he says freelancer I want to talk then I say in english what do u want and y are u dressed in perple u mite as wle be whereing rembow but theres any thing wrouge that even tho gay pride in this country is nonexstent in the public eye he then says this is my school uniform and ur look no one heard u even thow u just kick there ass and tell them to move to north keara so back to bizness I have a ? for u if u had to give up ur life to save some one u love would u then I say dose that person have ur concent and are there loop holes kruma says then come with me I proseasod when we get there the obect is the forloe hope it take the life of one who uses it I need it to save my mother then I say what if when using it some one else make a conditary with thay save ur life we both have pely of sperit engery and inclueing that deam engery I segence benth it so when are make the wish then he says to tarow tiem gos on we make the wish he both live but then kumzma shows up yuke what are u doing her I then throw him the miror and say maby u should look in to ur pervus coworkers before u juge the swition then boton shows up and I say bule hird female get the miror and talk to ur empoloyt abour ur orgizes track react with its emploies with the same job title she then sars at me then she says what have u told kzuma then I say I told him to ake to that ? U know ur harble at gathering intel if u actual coperated with governments that have black op spyic divtions and nogotion pece with the 3 kings of deaon world u would cut down on so mutch bullshit u know feed them the pole pots and josif stlins of the world most people are sumb bags any way but no u wana gandstand I swere it like u want a never ending could war ur like the nobles of eruper fighting to power and land yet ur option are stronge then u but just want top be left alone and rule there kindoms u want to invate and how would u know that I croced the miki of of and I tock one of ur exemplys and his frind with me also reshing the tech that can make a protal helped I astion convided renze to olny eat convect sex ofenders and yes he is doing fine then boton said we are leveing now are kurama u are under arest then I say so what his saying is moms life now a crim u have a sick sence of jice old lay then se say I am not old u humans are just have short life spands then I say she lady u take old as an insult the perimis of giza are old and thay call them a marval then kurama cut in thats enuff freelanser ur funny but I am gana turn my self in I swere if I did not know better I would think u where a deamon but u know ur ponts are going over her head she is just a cog in a masheain unable to think for her self just takeing order for fear of punshment krum an boton then leve then kuzuma came up to me and asked is it true then I said yes y would I lie there is still a sprit dective leve in japan but she is a raceist biget not saprized by how the general populis looks at farguners I refue to use the wold in jaspize for a restion but I digress talk to bule hair lady then he says her name is boton then I say I dont care if her name is fuck me up the ass and dont tell her u told me ur name I want to get in her head make her think u own me that mutch then he says yea I know we then leve the roof time gos on its summer now I get a call hay red is mr big I have a favor to ask u I have an old frind that lives in the mountians shes looking for an aprentic I need u to get the gig I will own u a shit ton and I will give u a spot in the drak torment on my team this year then I say shure but if ur team wins I get to make the requst ten he said fine I hang up the phone god dame it if I did not know abought the sprit orp I would not be noting this I think I then make my way to gen kai at the secualed time and date I get aproched by a munk looking dude freelancer is that u I then look up to see Kazemaru what the fuck u doung he body grading go boring u know u can just get a passport and buy a visa to america right I know u know how to londer ur money then he said well I was thinking of moveing japan sucks for starting a bizness and then having some one elce run it I swere its so anyaning I think I am gana take ur advice now that ur here I wont stand a chance but this will still be fun then kuzua aproshes me yuke want are u doing here and tell me some thing to prove its u then I say ur sister is respectble harce female that done give a fuck abought gender roll then he said ok thank god its u I thought u where that rando guy who is he hes a budy gourd and thats y my frind told me to come then Kazemaru said who is this freelacer and my name is Kazemaru then I said hes sperit word new laky and dont u know how to be discreet the whole munte heard u then kuzuma said shit I thought I was being quite then I said I was jokeing u where olny load with ur issal ? But u stial brought up sasption we then where interuted but ggki and it when as canon then when I got to the sprit strth machen I made it hit 999 even holding back omy power I payed the other gets and got perfect scores then she aprched me and said let me guss toguro still cares then I said if he dident I would not be here also u know the berlin wall fell right then she said u younging have no respect these days then I said thats y I plain to move to the usa one day japan is not the place for me even thi land has the same ethocentic nationist coulture its repuleise then see strats to lol that a god one kid maby if I had a head like u I would do the same thing but now its time for the next round plz folow me to wait for the others revolutionary u know if sprit would could intervine in ur actions u would have bin assnated by now then I say I know but its worth the risk btw if the next round is life or death can u watch me up with the guy whereing pare beads with a black hate something is off abought him then she saids she thing I the waited in a room as it wild up with out people the last person to enter then she leads up to a bulding its pictch black she then said here are the match ups freelancer vs Shorin then she gos on kazuma is fighting the guy that where the helmet now we start my fight I power up and run up to him and puch me so hard he hets knocked to the flor and cofs up blood then I say show me ur ture power holding back will olny get get killed like rezen supidty gentizeing all us humans like a dumb d class would u kill human to learn there techneeds but ur to spipisd to tarn ur body he then drops he discize then I use more power and splater his head winer freelancer ithen walk out side boton aproches me u know ur luky king yama retrided then I say u know who gave u consent to rule y dont u go to north korea I think u would feal more comterbule there then sea saisd comparing athery to north korea thats in ur file u know ur going to hell then I say haven is for GARND STANDING BITCH THAT WANT TO BE SLAVES SO FUCK U TOO FOR WHATING ME TO LIVE BY SOME BULLSHIT STANDERED THAT IS UNRELISTIC I BET U PEOPLE WOULD WRIGHT A PEACE TEATY LIKE THE TRETY OF VESAY AND START A NOTHER WAR then she said we are not nogoshition with deam would king thats out of the qustion and that come from qumna him self then I say that tell the grown ass man to stop looking like a baby and maby he can tink like a ration adult but then agin most humans cant do that then boton said ur suck a lost couse I swere what whould u do to work with us and invation or some one sending a shit ton of musaku bugs to earth but I would count that as an act of war the she said then I will can tact u if suck an event ocures and then she get randos sole and leves then after a while I sence the battles and every ots alive but rando the lose walk away is shame its come down to the semifinles me kuzu the ninga dude \and the lest guy was guy with guyes and tshit that I am a sceptic then genki said al reget we are moveing to the semi fineals but we need to change ven to we go to a valy I feal the sole then sing in english walking throw the valy of death dont give a fuck and u know how it is then genki said I wan man just said this a place where many ware where fought and the engery from this bales and remintsa o there soles still exsit now for the frist match up me have freelancer vs kuzuma we got to starting ponts then genki said go kuabara make his spit sword but I am allread behind him and knock him out then the next mich happens and the ninga take out the other guy eazy with his sprit blast but the guy is still alive but barly then we hare are battle I end it as quikly as possible and knock him out before he can even get off a blast then genki come up to me how did u move so fast and u barly used any sprit energy then I say training in a gravitron helped alot then she sead shoe me ur full power I then let open the fuled gates then she said I would say ur s rank no wonder sprit wourld wont come after u thay dont even have strong euff fighters to beat u now after I heal these bozos let the traing comence ok let me just run home quick and give my mom rent money so I do that I get back in a few minets then I say to genki its nice to serce my legs then gen ki just loled and the training comenced