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I had never considered myself one to believe in fate or destiny. But when the pants came into our lives, I knew that it meant something special. Lissa would have you believe that it was God who had a hand in everything. I was more sceptical. Whatever it was, the pants entering our world was one of the best things to ever happen to us.

Where they came from and why they chose us… that will always be a mystery. But perhaps that was part of their miracle. The fact that they knew how much we needed them. How much we all needed just a little bit of faith to hold onto.

Whatever it was, the pants were exactly what we needed, especially during that summer.

We had been foursome for as long as I could remember. Longer than that even! Our mothers had met at a prenatal aerobics class. With little in common, the women quickly developed a pleasant friendship that led to them interlinking their lives (and ours) from that point onwards.

The first one born was Lissa. The rest of us followed within the week.

Over the following decade, we spent almost every day together. Raised along-side one another, we became the best of friends. Closer than that even; we were sisters. We were there for each other, to understand the things that no one else in the world could.

When Viktoria's dad left her family, we spent the next week sleeping over at her house to prove to her that her life wouldn't change for the worse.

Jill's hospitalisation at eight years old was tough for us all, but we stuck together through it all. There wasn't a day during those few months where at least one of us had not been at the hospital, lending our strength to one another.

The girls were always there for me over the years in replace of my absent mother. While Janine Hathaway rarely attended her own daughter's competitions, my sisterhood never missed a single one.

After Lissa's parents were killed in a car crash when we were 15, we were all there to give her a shoulder to cry on. As her mental heath deteriorated, the sisterhood were the ones that Lissa knew she could always count on for support.

And that's how it always was with us. When one was in need, the rest of us were always quick to rally in support, supplying much needed hugs, loving words, and (of course) comfort food. It was all give and take (but mostly give).

Together, it was as if we formed one single person.

Beautiful, charismatic Lissa.

Shy and dainty Jill.

The rebellious, loving Vika.

And me, Rose. The wild and unstoppable one.

We were one, and had never been apart. And all of that was about to change. This would be the one summer that made all the difference.

All thanks to the pants.

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