AN : This is my first fic, just an idea that popped into my head and wouldn't go away. So there it is, hopefully you'll like it, forgive me for the potential mistakes I have not spotted, English is not my native language. Feel free to point them out to me, I'm always looking to improve my writing.

Matt went to bed early that night. Both his day job and his other activities had been rather taxing lately, and he needed the rest. So he cut his patrol short, and by two a.m. he was in his bed. That was when things started to get weird. He stood in a white room, and he could see. Matt's dreams were often associated with what he sensed during the day, smells, sounds, world on fire. Pictures only came when he was reminiscing something from his past, but this definitely was new. The empty room was silent, and when he hesitantly took a step forward, the sound was muffled. The first thought that popped into his head was cotton candy. The floor felt like dense cotton candy. He scoffed. How ridiculous was this. He tried to see if the room had any doors, or windows, or even walls, but it seemed to stretch out into infinity. Strangely, he was not bothered by this, even though he knew he normally would. But then again, it was a dream so maybe he could stop worrying and enjoy the quiet room with its cotton candy floor. Just as he was about to lie down in it to fully enjoy the softness, an accented voice disturbed the peace of the moment.

« What in Dad's name is this ? And who are you ? »

Annoyed at the intruder, Matt looked up, and saw a tall and rather handsome man, sporting a black tailored suit. His hair was carefully parted, and a groomed stubble covered his square jaw. The man glared at him, and spoke again.

« And why in the me are you wearing that ridiculous outfit ? »

Curiously, Matt glanced at his arms, and noticed for the first time that he was wearing his Daredevil suit. It truly looked odd, now that he could see it. Part of him wondered how his mind was able to conjure such an image. And it was really... red. He briefly wondered if he was seeing the real outfit, or just the idea he had of it.

Obviously impatient, the other man kept starring.

''Well ?''

The lawyer, annoyed as well now, decided not to answer. He was already bothered enough by people during the day (and the best part of his nights), he didn't need to make an effort for his subconscious as well.

A moment passed, and when it became clear to the intruder that Matt would not respond, he shot a sharp look at the sky, and started to scold the... ceiling ?

''Is this your newest idea ? I don't comply to your little schemes when I'm awake, so now you harass me at night? Is that it Dad ? Well congratulations, consider me angry. I should come back to tell Mum she has my full support for whatever evil plot she has in store for you. Or just take care of things myself.''

Matt was gradually becoming angrier at his own mind for not letting him sleep in peace, so he decided it was time to tell this crazy dream person to shut up and let him enjoy his night.

''Excuse me, do you mind ?'' But his burst of anger was cut short by the decidedly obnoxious stranger.

''Yes I do ! I would like a chance to have a moment of peace, away from my Father and his stupid plans and instead I'm stuck here, with a man in an absurd devil suit. I don't even remotely look like that ! Except for the red, but horns, really ? Even you have to admit how silly they are.''

An air of disbelief spread across Matt's face.

''Like you ? As in... The Devil.''

''In the flesh'', he answered with a smirk. He extended his hand and introduced himself :

''Lucifer Morningstar. I would say nice to meet you, but right now I'm too busy being pissed at my family to care.''