Lucifer... Well this was a first. Maybe this whole Devil of Hell's Kitchen thing was finally getting to him, and this was his brain telling him to stop. So his exhausted mind had made up a British man claiming to be the embodiement of all evil. Weirder things had happened. In an unusual cynical fashion, he wondered if this was the Catholic boy in him trying to push the sef-inflicted punishment further.

" I assure you, I am not a product of your imagination. You look familiar, haven't I seen you on TV before ? "

Matt then realized he had been talking to himself, but before he could answer, ''Lucifer'' began again.

"Who did you piss off to earn the privilege of my company ? Dressing up as the Devil is hardly worthy of His (he pointed upwards) attention. Do you need to be punished ?" he asked with a devious grin. "Because if so, I would be more than happy to oblige, and then we can both get back to our undoubtedly funnier nightly activities. I have a feeling none of us will actually be able to wake up until we figure out what it is that we're here for. "

For a moment, Matt stood silent, but then quietly answered.

"You're saying... This is not a dream ? Then why can I... " . At this, he gestured at his eyes, even if he knew his mysterious companion would probably not understand what he meant.

"And you're Catholic ?"

"That's what's caught your attention ? No, mister Impostor, I'm most certainly not a Catholic. Like I told you not minutes ago, I am the Devil. Satan, Light Bringer, fallen angel and newly retired Lord of Hell. But I guess it would be hard to comprehend for you people. Especially if you're... ugh." The fallen angel let out a heavy sigh, and glanced upwards again. He dropped to a chair Matt could have sworn was not there a second before, and took out a pack of cigarettes. As he lit one, he noticed the look on the other man's face.

"I don't suppose you want one ?"

The lawyer shook his head as an answer, and tried to process everything the man across him had just stated. He could not believe it, obviously, but it had also occurred to him that he had never had such a vivid and unusual dream before. He decided to play along with the delusion for the time being, until he could figure what was going on. Maybe he had been drugged. Or taken as part of a secret underground experiment. As this thought popped into his head, he mentally huffed. Foggy was rubbing off on him. He missed his glasses, and more importantly, his senses.

" Oh for crying out loud, will you stop ? As much as I dislike working with your kind, I need your help to get out of here, and your little monologue is not helping in the slightest. So ? "

Albeit reluctantly, Matt found himself agreeing with the strange man. If just to get a decent, dreamless night of sleep, he had to find a way out of this stupid dream. And maybe it was the lack of rest his mind suffered from, or just his dream-self being more impulsive and literal, but his first action was to pinch himself. No pain. That was new. And that was a new realization. In this place, whatever it was, Matt felt utterly relaxed, physically at least. Not an ache remained in his body. Not even the nasty bruises he had gotten from some arms dealers earlier hurt. He glance at his arms, and sure enough, they were gone. When he had pinched himself, Lucifer had stared at him, looking desperate. He mumbled something under his breath about silly humans in ridiculous get-ups, and started to walk away, without Matt realizing.

When the lawyer looked up, the man was gone, the room looking as empty and peaceful as it had before his interruption, the only difference being the now empty chair.

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