Like Father, Like Daughter

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Chapter 32: Future's Past

Marco was used to rough rides, but this one was something else.

Through the portal, all they saw were shades of black and white before hitting the hard ground.

Marco thought he had gotten over his motion sickness, even before going to Hekapoo's dimension. Now, though, he struggled not to empty his stomach.

He felt Hekapoo's warm hand, patting his back gently. As he looked over to her, she didn't seem much better.

After taking a moment to catch their breath, they looked around; they found themselves in a city's scorched and ruined remains. From what Marco could tell, they were in what remained of a family home.

"Where are we?" Marco asked.

"No clue," Hekapoo told him, "this place seems familiar, but I can't place it." She pulled out her scissors, "Let's go back to Seraph." Hekapoo focused on the room they left their daughter. But nothing happened; her scissors failed to open a portal. "What? Do they have a crystal around here?"

It did seem familiar; Marco couldn't say why. The sky was a weird dark blue, everything seemed to be in a strange blue tint, and it felt a bit cold.

The ground shook beneath them; the ground broke apart, pushing them back was an enormous worm monster rushing out.

Its maw opened wide as tendrils reached out for them.

Hekapoo fired balls of fire at the tendrils reaching for them as Marco pulled out his scissors, turning them into a sword.

"I'll rush forwards and attack through its mouth! Keep the tendrils off me!" Hekapoo barked an order.

"Got it!"

They rushed to fight the monster, but they were stopped as flaming blades fell from the sky, skewering it. Soon the beast fell to the ground lifeless.

Both Marco and Hekapoo moved to cover their sides, ready for anything.

Above them, something flew on fiery wings and held to a sword of flames.

The flames flickered away as the figure landed before them. They wore a long black coat and had on some torn-up jeans. They wore a yellow top and a torn red hoodie over it. The hood was pulled over their head, but a pair of yellow horns stuck out of it.

They paused before they pulled down their hood to reveal a young woman with short reddish hair.

"Mom? Dad?"

Their eyes went wide, realizing they were looking at their daughter but years older.

"Seraph?" They whispered.

Seraph reached them and hugged them holding them tightly, "I've missed you so much." Tears squeezed out of her eyes.


More people made their way to them, and some of their faces seemed familiar.




One was Sensei, older too, his hair turning gray, he was wearing tattered black clothes with the same dragon symbol he wore sewed onto his new shirt. Standing next to him wielding an ax and wearing beaten armor was Miss Skullnick, who didn't look all that older.

Then he saw Janna, now a woman in her late twenties, she wore a pair of jeans, a dirty green jacket, and her beloved beanie. Her coat had some runes on them, protective sigils, but Marco didn't believe they worked.

Jackie was standing beside her, carrying a futuristic rifle. She had the same post-apocalypse look like everyone else; her clothes were tattered and ripped. She had on a beaten black jacket, a thick belt, and a bandolier holding small items and tools. She aged like the others, and Marco noticed her hair looked wilder than it should.

"What's going on?" Marco asked. "Where are we?"

Seraph let them out a long tired sigh, "Your home, dad. This used to be home, and I've been going by Sera for a few years now."


They left the Diaz household's remains to Janna's house's remains, which wasn't doing much better but had a spared basement.

Inside they found the basement stretched to whole streets worth; Sera explained she changed used magic on it.

Inside by a small fire, some people prepared a simple meal. There were a few dozen people there, all armed, and all looked ready to fight. Most held onto large guns, swords, and some even had magical weapons. However, Hekapoo didn't sense a drop of magic in them.

"You did this?" Hekapoo marveled at her daughter's ability to stretch out space.

"Yeah, I figured it out from Star's notebook," Sera admitted as she readied a bowl of beans and handed it to her father.

"Yeah, where is Star?" Marco asked, taking the bowl of food, feeling a bit guilty about seeing there wasn't much to go around. "What's going on?"

Janna patted his head, standing over him, "Man, I can't believe you used to be so short." She gained a half a foot since the last time they saw each other. "As for your question, it looks like you two skipped the last 15-16 years."

Jackie smiled sadly at him, "Yeah, it looks like you're on the other end of aging up this time."

"Gah!" Hekapoo said out loud, refusing the food, "I hate time travel stuff; it always makes me feel sick."

"What happened?" Marco asked again, "What happened to Echo Creek? My parents? Star?"

Sensei shook his head, "It's not a pretty story, Marco."

Hekapoo hated that she didn't figure out that her scissors failed to work because they were already in the place they wanted to go, just not in the way they hoped to find it.

"Are we sure they're the real ones? I mean, it's not the first time we've seen shapeshifters." Miss Skullnick held her ax close.

"They're real," Sera insisted, "I could always sense my mom's real version, and all her clones poofed when she vanished. I also sensed the magic portal that dropped you off; I never forgot how it felt when you were taken there."

"So, what did happen?" Hekapoo leaned in.

Sera looked away and to the fire, "That's a long story…"

She told them about the fall of the Butterflies, the fall of the High Commission and Mewni, the armies that fell to Erebus and the army he rose, how Earth endured, how humanity, for its many faults, refused to give in. How a general and his lieutenants took them in and helped Seraph during the lowest points and how they gave their lives for them.

"Why didn't you all go?" Hekapoo questioned the group.

"I'm a troll," Miss Skullnick huffed, "I'm practically built for fighting, why wouldn't I stay to help win back my home?"

Sensei smiled, "My mom was safe in the other dimension; I figured I could be more of use here fighting."

Jackie smirked, "Well, I couldn't just leave behind my home."

Janna snorted, "I stayed for your daughter." She glanced at the others as if snickering why the other didn't just admit it. "Marco, you'd vanished. I figured someone should watch her back."

"Didn't they drag you into Hekapoo's dimension?" Marco questioned.

"They tried. I've been fighting by your daughter's side until you could come back."

Marco smiled, "Thank you."

"Yeah, most of us that stay behind just try and fight where we can." Jackie told them, "Trying to find a weakness or any way to end this."

"I think we have today." Sera smiled, looking at her parents.

"Oh, you're thinking of Commander Pines' plan?" Janna gave her a look.


"The General said it wouldn't work," Skullnick mumbled.

"I think I might have tried it on his own," Sensei added.

"Then he knew for sure, it would be a waste of time," Jackie told her.

"What?" Marco asked.

"One of the resistance leaders here on Earth had this plan," Sera explained, "to use time travel to undo this whole mess. But Erebus planned for that too, took over the Plains of Time and Forced Father time back on the wheel of progression. So, we started to collect items for time travel, devices, and magical relics. We had to find the right thing and way. Depending on how you travel, you get slightly different rules."

"That's not going to work." Hekapoo told them, "Omni doesn't do the best job of explaining those things, but from what I gather time doesn't want to change. If you go back in time, you'll find that events don't change; you were always a part of those events. Maybe little things do change, but the result is the same. And even if you do manage to change things, the result isn't what you want; there are always consequences."

"Right!" Sera agreed, "The problem there was that when you go back in time, you're changing your history. That's the paradox. If you change the events that led you to the past, how can you change them in the first place?" Sera smiled, "But you don't have that problem. You guys skipped the years; this isn't your history. If we can send you back, you can become a part of events and make sure this doesn't happen."

"Do you have a way to go back in time?" Hekapoo took a turn to question.


"The Vault," Jackie explained as they laid out pictures and maps onto an old table. "This is Erebus' joke. Every time Erebus or his army conquered or destroys a world, they took everything that made that world special or unique; every treasure that Erebus thought was even half interested in got put there."

"You think some time travel stuff is there?" Marco asked.

Sera nodded, "Yeah, I'm sure of it."

Janna sighed, "We've tried attacking that place before. It's not going to work. If we plan this outright, we might be able to do something. If we call Commanders Stewart, Pines, Clawthorne, and Boonchuy, we might get enough forces to pull something together. We'd need to come up with a huge plan, but that's a maybe. It's also going to take time; most of them are in other dimensions. And I doubt we can get them on this hair-brained plan without something."

Marco looked at those maps, "How big is this place?"

Jackie told him, "It stretches from what was San Francisco into Los Angeles. Erebus pretty much totaled the mountains and forests to build that thing."

Janna shook her head, "I never thought I'd root for an Earthquake to sink the state."

Hekapoo questioned, "How can he defend a place that big? I mean, if you send an army."

"Bots," Sera explained, "A while ago, Erebus took over a world of machines and used them to guard the treasury. I don't think he's ever there. He just has that place here as a bad joke. He even made sure to make it portal proof. The bots are stationed every 30 feet ready to attack anyone who gets too close."

"So sneaking in isn't an option." Marco sighed.

"It's the only option," Sera told them, "if we can get the others to come to help us out, we can't win this fight. If we start winning, Erebus will show up, and then it will be all over. But maybe there is another way.

Remember the General used to say: Think sideways, no plan ever survives the enemy, but if you can do something unexpected, you can throw them off. Hide true motives-"

"Sneak someone past the wall." Janna understood, "If the army makes an attack, then it gives a small group a chance to sneak in. "

Jackie mused out loud, "It might work, nothing fancy we can move the army for a frontal assault and force some of the bots from the back to help defend. I don't want to try and hold the line; we'd lose too many people. The bots aren't all that smart, but if someone is there to send a message to Erebus."

"Fall back when you have to. I'll take them inside; a party of three might be able to sneak in." Sera explained.

The group was quiet and resolute; they figured they could be ready to go by night and told everyone to prepare.


Sera waited above ground at the entrance, keeping guard.

"Aren't you going to eat anything?" Marco asked as he and Hekapoo came to check on her.

"Yeah, a little later. I volunteered to give the guard a break so he could eat before we headed. I can eat a little later."

Both Marco and Hekapoo decided not to eat anything.

"Besides, I could use some time to myself." Sera told them with a tired sigh, "I could use some time to clear my head."

Her parents sat beside her; no one knew how to react in this situation. Marco hadn't read in any child-caring books about how to deal with your kid after losing years. His little Seraph grew up without him, again, was this how his parents felt. He chose to stay with Hekapoo, and it didn't look like anyone had any choices here. Was this the universe playing some cruel joke on them? He got an extra 16 years, so it was always making him pay for it, taking them from Seraph taking it from the world.

"I- I- thought you guys were gone. Like, never coming back gone. And, here you are."

"We would have been here sooner if we could have. We will." Hekapoo tried to reassure her.

"I thought about what I wanted to tell you guys; I spent a lot of sleepless nights thinking about what I wanted to say." Her voice broke, "And now that you're here, I don't know what to say."

"Are you really okay with this?" Marco asked her, "If your plan works, you… well, time travel stuff, I'm not sure how it works."

"This you won't exist," Hekapoo confirmed, "I'm pretty sure if we do manage to keep Erebus from attacking them, none of this happens. This whole timeline gets wiped away. You -this, you- never happens."

"Good," Sera put it bluntly, "it hasn't been a good couple of years. My Uncles and Star, Mewni, the Battle Nexus, My grandparents, my friends, and so many friends afterward are gone or worse."

"Worse?" Marco let out.

Sera shook her head, "It's not night yet," she motioned to the setting blue Sun, "its blue for a reason. It cost us, someone. It's the showiest one, but there are more examples than I can count. Wukong teleported everyone out of his dimension at the cost of his own life when Erebus showed up. Princess Quasar against the Endless Divide and Astrobell, and so many more. We can sometimes mourn, but we can't linger. We can't even make them a monument somewhere. So, I just never forgot because I'm afraid if I do, they will be forgotten along with all the good they did."

At this time of day, the sky should be filled with bright oranges and purples streaking across the sky as the sunset; instead, it was a deep dark blue. It was an odd sight, but one that seemed to be fitting.

"I'm sorry you had to be alone." Marco apologized.

With tears in her eyes, Sera smiled, "Don't be silly, I had Janna and Jackie, and Sensei and Skullnick watching out for me. I was never really alone."

Hekapoo hugged and soon followed Marco; Sera resisted for a second before she melted into the embrace.

"I did miss you though,"

This is one way or another, would likely be the last chance they would have to be together.


After a few hours, everyone headed out; they took jeeps and bikes and old rusted cars. Marco decided not to ask about Nachos or Cinnabar; they would have gone down without thinking twice if it meant protecting Seraph.

The group paused, letting the other driver pass; Marco and Hekapoo got off with Sera.

The parents looked at Janna, Jackie, Skullnick, and Sensei.

"Thank you," Marco told them, "everything you've done for years for Sera for-"He tried to find the words, "there is nothing I could ever say to-"

Jackie put the finger on his lips, "It's okay," she kissed him on the cheek.

Janna took the chance to kiss his other cheek. "You can always repay the young me. I'm sure she will have loads of ideas."

Marco chuckled. "I'm sure she will."

Hekapoo pulled out of her boots a few pairs of scissors and quickly scrawled some names on them. "Ah, I'm not great at this so-" She handed out a few scissors to the group. "They're just some spares I keep on me for emergencies, they have your names and-just don't do anything stupid."

"Thanks," Sensei smiled, feeling the pair of scissors in his hands.

Skullnick knew what the scissors were; Sera had told them several times but holding a pair of her was something else. She smiled, "And the way your daughter made it out to be, you'd think these were impossible to get."

Hekapoo wanted to say something snarky but couldn't muster it. "If things go bad, use them, just run if you have to."

Sensei gave Marco a hug, "Okay, bro, be careful."

"Will do, Sensei." Marco bowed to him.

The gray-haired man bowed back.

None of them said goodbye.

Sensei drove the jeep to catch up with the others. Jackie and Janna sat in the back and watched Sera and her parents.

Soon they were gone in the dark, and Sera mustered, "Okay, let's get going."

Sera managed to conjure a flame to help lead them through the dark.

Hekapoo felt off; her connection to her forge was weird now. It was trying to reconnect correctly, she'd be fine, but it distracted her and made her head spin from time. Marco laid a reassuring hand on her shoulder, and they carried on.

The silence was horrible; they only had so much more time left together, but what could they say. Marco's stomach ached, if they went through this, they should make a better world, but they'd have to wipe this Seraph away.

Was it right?

It seemed like Sera was giving up, maybe everyone here felt the same, they had to know the plan, but none of them argued or put up a fight.

"We're here." Sera's voice broke him from her thoughts.



The resistance army charged the front gates with everything they had. Alien machines rushed at them, attacking them. As some of the robots began to fall, others moved from other locations to help put the fight down.

"We gotta move," Sera told them,

The trio rushed the wall seeing a gap open up; Sera grabbed her parents and unfolded her flames wings, lifting them above the walls and onto the other side. They rushed to the walls and the first door they saw.

They rushed in, prepared for a fight. But for once, it looked like they had some luck; no one was there.

"We gotta keep moving." Sera urged them to check to see if anyone was coming around the corner.

Marco had his sword ready and Hekapoo her scissors as daggers. Sera still had her father's sword and could call on flaming weapons.

"The wings…" Hekapoo mumbled, "how did you do that?"

"I fell, and something happened, I remembered a painting grandma showed me. Of an angel with beautiful flaming wings, I guess I stuck with me and the same power that lets me make a flaming sword let me do it."

Hekapoo would have to thank Angie next time she saw her.

"How do we find our way through this place?" Marco looked, "I don't think anyone is here."

Sera sighed, "This place was made for, and by Erebus, I doubt he planned and let anyone in here if he didn't have to."

"So, we have to think how a crazy masked shadow would design in a building." Marco sighed at the thought.

Hekapoo tapped her foot, "Yeah, I've known him a lot longer, and let me just say he's an idiot, and you don't have to overthink it." She motioned to a sign with an arrow that said: This way to the cool stuff.

"I still can't believe we're losing to him." Sera resisted every urge to facepalm.

Erebus wasn't the kind of guy who would bother to remember where he left his toys and trophies.

They walked down the halls, finally finding a crossway, and followed it down the path that said: Time Travel Stuff.

"Okay," Marco found a map on the wall, "time travel stuff looks to be right past the Forgotten Hall."

"Okay, let's get this done." Sera nodded.

Soon they found a Sign over the hall and walked into it. They didn't pay it much thought until they saw what was there.

They were all filled with glass cases filled with random items.

Marco's eyes fell on a weird ruby helmet that seemed to have four face holes. Hekapoo tried not to look at the skeleton of a giant axolotl. "He wasn't such a bad guy, a little stiff, but…"

Sera gasped as she saw a case with a broken rapier with a pair of goggles, a large broken red sword with a weird mask with a demon's grin painted on it, and a tattered blue coat.

Marco cringed when he saw seven preserved eyes; it made him feel like puking recognizing those eyes belonging to the Oracle he had met long ago. He wondered why she left Hekapoo's dimension for this.

One case held a golden box with three grey jewels and frogs decorating it.

There was a staff, on the end it had a cracked wooden owl.

One case held a broken white robot ball broken into four parts. Another case displayed the puzzle that Solusod Corruptor of Souls always carried, Lord Wukong Staff, Styx's weapons, Noire's sword, and so many tools and weapons Marco recognized. There was even a display case filled with a variety of horns; some Marco was sure he recognized.

"Is this a joke?" Hekapoo grimaced.

"It's a trophy room," Sera spat out, "people who fought him and lost."

Sera looked like she was on the verge of tears, "They're here."

They moved up and saw more cases, and Hekapoo paled at the following display cases. One held a large skull; one held two skeletal snakes and a broken crystal, another had a single curved horn, one held a golden medallion with an hourglass on it, one held ashes enough for a large book, one held three crowns.

"You don't want to look, dad," Sera warned.

Marco moved to pass her and blanched. In the center was a broken wand, a familiar one. Next to it sat another made of a severed skeletal hand missing a finger and half a green broken star. Hung on the wall above the wands were two sets of wings, one gold one blue.

Marco turned away only to be greeted by a scorched city sign that read: Welcome to Echo Creek.

"We have to keep going," Sera grabbed them and pushed into the next hall.

She didn't want to see any more; she'd seen enough remains to last her a lifetime; she didn't need to see so many displayed like that.

They made it into the next hall, and it was filled with items and things of all sorts. The walls by the entrance had these grand marble pillars.

"Find something that works," Sera told them as she walked around.

Hekapoo found a giant baby chair with a huge bottle. "The baby too?"

Marco found many machines ranging from silver and red phone booths and a steampunk machine that looked right out of the H.G. Wells novel.

They were both badly damaged; he didn't think they'd work.

"Yeah, I doubt he'd take care of any of his things," Marco growled.

Sera was looking around, anything tech-based seemed broken, and anything magic seemed to be dead. Maybe if they took something, someone in their tech division could fix it. She sighed; it took a special kind of genius to wrap their mind around time travel even a good team would take a lifetime. Then her eyes fell on a case, something someone once told her about, and it looked to be intact.

"Mom! Dad! I think I found it!"

They ran towards her, seeing her use her hot little fingers to melt the tape measurer's glass display case.

"A time tape?" Hekapoo sputtered, "I wonder if it even works, half the stuff here looks like junk."

"That's rude, it works," A far wall was lit up as a projected image played out along with full audio.

"Erebus," The family growled, they prepared to fight.

"I mean, I assume you said something rude."

It was Erebus sitting in a very nice looking chair by a fireplace wearing a silk robe. He didn't have that top hat they were used to seeing. He was trying on a fez.

"What do you think of the Fez? Cool? No, of course not." He flung it into the fire. "Anywho, this is a pre-recorded message. So, just stand there and listen. I'm guessing you figured out I sent you into the future. That's why it was 16 years. I was going for a thing there."

The parents exchanged looks.

"I stole these cool time crystals and did my thing. And sent it to you guys, wasn't sure if you'd open a random box, but here we are."

Marco facepalmed.

"Look, Hekapoo, you are fun, Marco seems fun, so your daughter should be double fun. But she is a little green, plus you are coddling her. I figured I get you guys out of the picture for a while. Since you, Marco, managed to grow so much in a mere 16 years, I figured I would give her a chance to run for a while and make her nice and strong by the time you show up. Then things went out of hand."

"Out of hand?!" Sera shouted, enraged by the statement. Her parents held her back.

The pillars around the entrance started to open up.

"It turned out a lot less fun, but now your back. I'm guessing I put this video on autoplay when someone removed the one working piece of time travel tech in the room. My face is going to be red if it turns out someone is just dusting. So, I hope to see you soon. If Domi programmed this right, I should be getting a message soon. I might be napping, so who knows. Anyway, enjoy trying to go back in time and fixing this. I'm pretty bored at this outcome; maybe the next one will be more of a hoot. Buh-bye!"

The projection ended.

"All of this because-"Hekapoo started.

The projection started again, "Oh, one last thing. I'm not going to make it easy for you. I wouldn't be the Erebus you love if I did that, or didn't do that. Double negatives. Uh, okay, I should do a second take. Whatever. Look behind you."

Walking out of the open pillars were these almost imp-like shadow figures with shining gold eyes.

Hekapoo got in front of them, "Heartless! How!? Where did he find any of them? They were destroyed or driven out of the universe!" Hekapoo gasped, "We are in trouble. Nothing can hurt them except one weapon but good luck finding a working one of those."

Marco certainly did know that.

Marco checked his pockets; he didn't have his keys either; maybe Janna stole them again and left them in the past.

He stretched out his hand and called his Keyblade.

Nothing happened; Marco stared at his hand.

Why didn't it show up? His mind went over the possibilities; maybe time-traveling severed the connection. Perhaps the key gave up on him; perhaps it was destroyed in the last 16 years. He couldn't be sure; it didn't matter now.

"Seraph, get that thing working!" Hekapoo yelled.

Sera was messing with the tape, and it was beeping. "I think it's booting up or charging. I think it's working; maybe it's old."

A dozen of those shadow-like beings rushed them, smashing through everything as they did. Hekapoo sent out a barrage of flames to try and slow them down. They lunged at them, and Marco gave it a spin kick.

Sera conjured some flaming sword and launched them at them.

No matter what they tried, they kept going.

Sera pushed the tape into her father's hand, "I'll buy you time!"

She took a few steps forwards and conjured a wall of flames around her parents. The wall was hot and as solid as her sword projections. The heartless tapped on the wall, testing it.

"Hey, uglies! I'm right here!"

The creatures tilted their heads and giggled and rushed at her. Sera focused on the wall of flames as she kicked or punched them.

Hekapoo and Marco slammed against the wall, Marco taking a few burns before pulling back.

They both rushed at the same time only for the wall to slap them back.

"We gotta do something." Marco huffed.

Hekapoo brushed her hair aside, "I doubt I can jump that high, even if I make it, I'm sure it will throw me back. She gets that stubbornness from you."

"She does-"Marco noticed something shiny slipped from his shirt. The necklace held his rings.

Hekapoo noticed them too, and their eyes met.

Sera struggled to fight; she had to put so much focus on the wall; she felt their attacks start to bruise her organs.

"Seraph!" A voice rang out, the wall ripped open.

"Get away from our daughter!"

Marcapoo walked with their head held high, rings shining on their hands. The rings fused them and enhanced their powers and abilities.

They dashed around quickly, hurling away the Heartless and standing before their daughter. The more in sync the people fused were, the more stable and more powerful they would be. In this case, desperate to protect their child made a pretty powerful fusion. They grabbed one of the heartless and smashed them into the ground before flinging them like a rag doll.

Sera huffed, "You have to go back to the past, just go." Sera spotted the tape on the floor dropped during the attack, she picked it up.

"Come with us." They told her.


"We can figure it out; we can't just leave you." Three More Heartless jumped on Marcapoo.

Sera shot more fireballs at others. "We can't keep this up. Aren't the Heartless pretty much unstoppable? They'll just keep coming."

"Keyblades work great, but magic weapons can do the trick."

"Good luck, magic is all but dead." Sera whirled her wrist as she sent out a few blasts of magic. She wasn't sure she could conjure anything powerful enough on the spot to blast them. The Heartless wouldn't let her prepare.

"It doesn't matter; we just have to hold on and get back to the past."

"And then what?" Sera blasted a Heartless, merging it into a wall. "You are going to deal with two daughters?"

"We will figure out."

"If you go back, I'll make a paradox. This whole thing will be for nothing! At best, you will create another timeline, leave everyone here to their fate! We can't do that!"

"We can't leave you! We can't lose you!" Both of her parents couldn't bear the thought of leaving her.

Several of Heartless jumped on them, pounding them down. Whips of flames wrapped around the room, pulling the Heartless away. Marcapoo looked on at wonder seeing the strength their daughter had.

They got up a bit unsteady, the Heartless ready to keep fighting.

Sera pulled them up and hugged them, "I love you guys, I really do. From the bottom of my heart, I love you. No matter how bad things have gotten, I'm lucky to have had you guys as parents."

The Heartless rushed to jump them again, but Sera raised her arms, and a whirlwind of flames filled the room around them.

Everything around them started to melt, and she held the Heartless back, the struggle against the flames, soon they'd break out.

Sera smiled, a beautiful serene smile as the flames flapped around her. Tears escaped her eyes as she spoke, "Make me a promise, please. Give your Seraph years of happiness, give her a life that I can never have. That's my gift to her."

Marcapoo blinked, confused that when they heard a beeping had stopped and listened to the tape reeling back in. They looked down to see the tape had been slipped on to their belt.

"Good-Bye." Sera didn't stop smiling, not even as black hands tore through the flames towards her.

Marcapoo ran for her, but before they could reach her, light consumed them. When the light faded, they found themselves on top of a hill overlooking a city.

It was night, but the city hummed with life and lit brightly by countless lights. They had returned to a time before Erebus attack, but they couldn't even enjoy the peace.

"We have to get her! We gotta save her!" They feverishly tried to work the tape. Both parents felt the urge to save her; it blinded their minds. The device beeped and fizzled before it fell apart in their hands as the device crumbled before them.

There was no way to save the girl they had lost; she was forever out of their reach. Knowing that she had to suffer for years of struggle and meet her end alone was more than they could bear.

No parent should have to watch their child's last moments.

No child should ever be denied their parent's love and attention.

And Seraph should never be pushed to that point.

They fell to their knees and cried, and they would not stop for any time soon.

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