Like Father, Like Daughter

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Chapter 35: Tourist Trapped

Summer had truly arrived, no school for the family, and Rafael was between projects.

Hekapoo moved in with the Diaz family, her whole dimension was gone, and she was now bonded to their son. They didn't see a reason why not. Angie insisted that she had already become family, and she wouldn't let her be homeless. It was an adjustment, but everyone was trying to be welcoming. It's not like Hekapoo didn't enjoy living there. She loved now being able to spend every day with her daughter and Marco.

Marco's parents decided it was time for a family road trip to make her feel more like family.

Marco was very excited about this. He loved the idea of taking his little girl on a good family trip.

Marco was eager to help Hekapoo now, to show her more of the new world. Hekapoo was having a hard time, her home dimension destroyed, she was beaten by a crazy entity, nearly dying, and then surviving it by becoming mortal. It was a lot to take in. Marco was hoping that showing her that Earth was a pretty great place, she could get used to it and start calling it home.

So this odd family packed their bags and packed the car. Rafael was driving, Angie was shotgun, and the teens were all in the back seat.

Well, that was a little weird.

Seraph was only a few months old but physically a teenager.

Marco was physically a teenager but had memories of being older and focused more on the present. His mindset was a bit more teenager-self.

And Hekapoo looked like a teenager but lived far longer. Now she seemed to start aging slowly, matching Marco's age rate. Hekapoo did look youngish, and they wondered if she'd age and how she'd change if she even would.

Anyway, they sat in the back. Seraph sat by the window sitting next to Hekapoo, Marco next to Hekapoo with Star on the side of the other window. It was a bit tight, but they made it work.

StarFan 13 was going to feed the puppies, Nachos and Cinnabar, and Marco was fairly certain Janna would sneak into the house and play with them too, along with eating any food that might go bad.

They got ready to pull off the driveway when Marco spoke up, "Dad?" He held out his scissors.

"Oh right."

Rafael took the scissors and stepped out of the car, and created a rift. He smiled, happy to see he did it right. He got back into the car and handed the scissors back before driving the car into the rift.

The car drove onto a road surrounded by trees, the portal closing behind them.

"We're here," Rafael announced as he pointed to a sign that announced them entering Oregon.

Okay, they were cheating a bit. Gas can be expensive after all. They used the scissors to get them to the state and planned on driving around the state, stopping off at various tourist spots. As it turned out, Oregon was a hotbed for all sorts of tourist spots.

Angie had maps and dozens of pamphlets ready to head to the closest attractions as her husband drove.

Marco and the other tried to pass the time with traveling games such as I spy. That didn't work so well when they all realized there was nothing but trees all around them.


Their first stop was Granny Sweetkins Yarnball.

Marco's parents took several pictures of the giant yarn ball in front of an old lady's house.

As for the others…

It was a huge ball of yarn. Even if they weren't used to magical wonders, they probably wouldn't be interested in the ball of yarn.


Upside Down Town was the second stop. It also happened to be the puke capital of Oregon.

This one was a fair bit more interested. It was a house that was built upside down. With special rental shoes, it allowed them to walk on the ceilings or the floor.

Marco's parents and Seraph were quick to have Marco take a picture of them. Seraph's hair looked like it was standing up, and she was delighted by the sight.

As Marco finished taking their pictures, Star and Hekapoo walked in. They had to stop and change clothes since their usual dresses were not ideal for such a situation. Now wearing shorts and a yellow top, they began to walk around.

"So, what do you think?" Marco asked them.

"It's alright, I guess." Star shrugged before catching her headband that nearly fell off.

"It's a little annoying." Hekapoo swatted a bit of her hair. "When you have as much hair as I do, it kinda throws your center of gravity off when it all decides to go in the opposite direction." She had already turned off her flame since it made the car too hot. If she had let it on, she might set someone's hair on fire here.

"Well, at least I can see both of your eyes for once." Marco smiled at her, looking right into her eyes. It was something since her bangs usually covered up one of her eyes.

Hekapoo smirked, punching him on his arm.

She might have punched him too hard as he was pushed over a bit, and suddenly gravity took over and he fell to the ceiling or floor.

So confusing.

"You okay?" Hekapoo questioned.

"Hey, the souvenir shop is down here."


Log Land was a testament to Oregon's history of logging. It was a theme park around that idea.

The most memorable bit here was when the family got on the log ride. A ride in a log down a log flume that ended at a 90-degree drop.

As the ride started to come to an end, Angie yelled out, "Oh! It's time for the picture! Everyone make a funny face for the picture!"

"Oh! Like what-"Star started.

Everyone screamed.

The log quickly dropped down a 90-degree slope, and they hit the water, splashing water everywhere.

As the soaked group stumbled out of the group, they stopped by the picture hut.

They displayed all the recent pictures of groups hitting the water. Marco's parents had gone with the classic arms in the air as they screamed. Star, in a panic, pulled out her wand in an attempt to stop their fall. Luckily it had happened too fast for her to make a proper spell. All the picture caught was Star flailing around with sparks of magic and cloud stuff forming around her. Marco grabbed the seat in front of him in an attempt to steady himself. Seraph was caught in the middle of howling in delight. Hekapoo, on her end, looked terrified, mortality was making her a bit weird on what could harm her, and she wasn't expecting the drop. The former immortal was caught screaming, grabbing onto Marco for dear life.

Marco couldn't help but chuckle at that sight. He also chuckled at seeing Hekapoo soaking wet, and her wet hair now made her look like a red Cousin It.

"Shut it, flesh wad." Hekapoo puffed, her flame reignited as heat spooled around her, and slowly, all the water turned into steam, quickly drying her off. "That's better,"

"Can you do that?" Rafael asked Seraph.

"I think," Seraph answered. Before she realized it, her grandparents sandwiched her in a big old hug.

Slowly she heated her own body and, in turn, theirs, soon steam came off the three of them, and they too were dry.

Then with a poof, both Seraph and Angie's hair puffed into messy curly puffs.

"Come here." Hekapoo waved over before Marco could react. He found himself in Hekapoo's embrace.

Before she even started, he felt his cheeks grow warm. Slowly heat dried him off.

Star watched them as she wrung out her long blonde hair. Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around her.

Seraph smiled, looking at her providing her with some warmth.

Star smiled back, "Ah, thanks."

Rafael went over to buy a few copies of the picture while Angie struggled to fix her hair.


The Corn Maze had some mixed results.

For one thing, it turned out to be more complicated than they expected. While Marco, his parents, and Seraph were working on finding their way out, Hekapoo was less patient.

After Marco talked her out of burning everything down, she just started running at super speed in the hope of finding the exit.

Hekapoo raced past them to show up two seconds later, coming from the path behind them.

"Not again!" Hekapoo let out a frustrated groan.

"Hey! I think we found a way out!" Star called out behind them.

They turned to find her nibbling on some corn next to a wall that now seemed to have fallen apart after someone tore out several corn cobs. It did seem to lead out, though.

"We need one of these things back on Mewni!" Star cheered as she continued to happily nibble away at her prize.

The other decided to leave before anyone could question this. Star followed their lead carrying handfuls of corn.

If anything, they at least picked up dinner.


They arrived at a mountain that had been turned into a tourist attraction.

It was called Mystery Mountain. It was the home to a mummy museum.

They took the tram up the mountain; it was a nice steady ride but super slow. So slow that Seraph took out her sketchbook and started to sketch out the forest below.

Marco read out aloud pamphlets, "Huh, they say they add new mummies daily. I wonder how they do that?"

"It's probably just a white lie to bring in tourists," Angie told Marco.

"Yes," Rafael added, "It gets more return customers."

Marco nodded, agreeing with the idea. It looked like it was an old pamphlet. They might not have even mentioned it anymore.

Star looked at a missing poster at the side of the tram, "Some woman named Darlene seemed to have gone missing a year ago."

"Hey, what's that?" Hekapoo pointed to the other side of the pamphlet.

Marco flipped it over, "Oh, it's a story- an urban legend about people seeing spider people around the mountains. That's just a story to drum up business. Bring in people hoping to see spider people."

Hekapoo was about to say she knew about lots of real spider people, arachnomorphs, driders, racnoss, and jorogumo, just to name a few. But then she decided not to mention it. If there were any of those on Earth, they would be eating up lots of people. Humans might not be the brightest creatures in the universe, but they would notice if people went missing enough to feed those things.

It was probably just a story to bring in more people.


Overall it had been a fun trip. They had a few hiccups here and there, but nothing too bad.

As they continued to drive through the forest, Angie looked behind.

The group seemed to have fallen asleep during the drive. Seraph nuzzled next to her mother. Angie smiled happily to see the girl sleep peacefully.

She turned back to the road leading her husband down to their destination.

Star stared out the window for an hour quietly. She glanced to her side, where Marco, Hekapoo, and Seraph were all happily cuddled together asleep. Star was trying to enjoy herself on this trip, but seeing them like that made her feel out of place.

"We're here!" Rafael announced, and the other three woke up startled.

Quickly enough, they tumbled out of the car.

They found a large cabin with a sign.

Marco looked up confused, "Mystery Hack?"

"Shack?" Angie corrected him. "I think the S fell off."

"Yes, it's supposed to be this place filled with all sorts of supernatural things," Rafael added.

"We thought that this might be something you enjoy."

Hekapoo stopped a scoff from escaping her lips. Hekapoo already assumed that everything here was probably fake, and there wasn't a drop of actual magic here, but she appreciated the effort they were making for her.

Star, on the other hand, "EARTH MAGIC!" Star let out excitedly.

Hekapoo shook her head but paused, and she started to jump up and down.

"Uh, mom?" Seraph questioned her mom's actions.

"Yeah, go ahead without me." Hekapoo waved them off. "I'll catch up."

She continued to hop. Marco shrugged, taking a moment to stare at her before following his family into the shack.

They walked into the shack and found a few other tourists looking at the displays.

A young woman with a tan complexion wore a question mark t-shirt and brown cap.

"Hello." She greeted the group. "Welcome to Mystery Shack. It's five dollars per person. If you're interested in a tour of all the exhibits, it will be an extra five dollars. Though I should warn you, it's been delayed today. We are hoping to have the next tour in an hour. If you're interested in the tour, it's best to wait to pay for it just before it starts. The guy who does the tour is out picking someone up. Honestly, it might not happen, so it's best to wait to see if he manages to get here in time."

Rafael understood, saying they decided if and when the tour started. He paid for their entry fee and paid for Hekapoo, telling the young woman to keep an eye out for her.

With that done, they started to walk in there, looking at the strange things there. Marco's parents began to take pictures by the dozens of everything there.

Star joined them in as she found the corn-a-corn, some sort of unicorn made out of corn. Star used her compact and quickly began to send the picture to someone.

Marco was confused; most of the items looked utterly fake, and obviously so. Marco had met real mermaids, and he could tell the one in the fish tank was just a taxidermied monkey attached to a fish. The same thing with the 'fairy.' It was just a pair of fox heads on a chicken body. He took a few pictures to send to Janna as he thought she'd get a kick out of them. Then as he kept walking along, he found some odd things. One thing that caught his eye was a stone tablet with runes on them, actual runes. In his time in Hekapoo's realm, he'd come across all sorts of things, including magical runes, and that tablet had real working ones. He didn't think much of that; he knew the knowledge of runes had come to Earth before, maybe a tablet just found its way into a bunch of fake stuff.

He might have just overlooked that, but he started to see a few other things that he recognized as genuine. A crystal ball that could be used to communicate across realms and dimensions, a tooth from some monstrous predator, a horn from something he was sure was related to a minotaur, and what he was sure were an authentic gnomes hat and a monkey's paw.

Hekapoo joined them a moment later. "Did you notice?"

"You mean amongst all the fake stuff, and they have some real magic stuff?"

Hekapoo smirked, "Good, something feels off this whole place. I didn't notice it until I woke up."

"Something is off? What do you mean?"

"A lot of things, I don't think this place has shown everything it has, plus the space around this place feels wrong. It feels wrong in this whole area but specifically in this place."

They started to walk into the gift shop, walking away from the others. The gift shop was pretty empty of people. A teenage girl with red hair in a pine tree hat and a green flannel shirt had her feet up on the counter. She was probably in charge of the cashier, but she seemed too busy reading a magazine. Marco figured if they didn't talk too loudly, it should be fine.

"I'm pretty sure I sense something dangerous around here," Hekapoo spoke in barely more than a whisper.

Marco looked away from her and at something sitting on a shelf, a bobblehead. It looked like a bobblehead of an old man wearing a fez and a suit.

"Uh," Hekapoo smacked him to get his attention. "Hey! Mother of your child talking about a potentially dangerous threat around our family."

Marco couldn't help but smile, "You said our family."

Hekapoo huffed, playing with her bangs and looking away, "Well, yeah, that's what they are. Seraph, my daughter and your folks, are-"

"Hey," The cashier girl tapped Hekapoo on the shoulder. "Excuse me, do you mind if I take your picture."

"Uh, sure, I guess." Hekapoo took a step back and let the girl use her phone to take a picture. "Thanks." The girls quickly sent it off. "Yeah, sorry, it's just my friend, and I were talking about this. It's such a crazy craze, horn headbands. Where did you get them anyway?" The cashier leaned in closer to examine them.

"Yeah, I can't say. I've had them for a while now."

At that moment, a big guy in a suit and fez walked in carrying some bags. "Hey, dude! Guess who's here?"

The cashier walked over to him and, hearing him, so did the other employee.

First came in an older man with gray hair and a big nose.

Marco couldn't help but stare at the man, he didn't seem like a bad guy, but Marco's instincts told him to keep an eye on him. And something about him just reminded him about someone… Janna maybe?

"Hey, Mister Pines," The redhead greeted him.

"Good to see you again, Mister Pines." The other girl quickly added.

The old man smiled, "It's good to see you two. Still working here, Wendy? And still dating Soos, Melody?"

Wendy said, "Well, yeah, it's still better than the logging camp my dad wants me at. Besides, it's a bit nicer now that Soos gave everyone a raise."

The man flinched at the mention of a raise.

"Well, yeah," Melody added. "What can I tell you? I love him. "

The man chuckled at that, "Well, well, keep an eye on him for me." The man turned to Soos, who'd been fiddling with his hat.

"Stanley! Come on and help me carry some of these bags!" A man yelled out from outside.

"No way, Sixer. You packed all that heavy equipment, and I'm not breaking my back carrying it."

Then a man wearing a turtleneck and coat walked in carrying some heavy-looking bags.

Hekapoo looked at the newcomer, something familiar about him.

"Stanford! Stanford Pines!" Hekapoo roared.

Ford looked at Hekapoo confused, "Oh, I'm sorry do I know you?"

Hekapoo eyes glowed, and the fire ignited above her head, pulling her scissors out and turning them into daggers.

"Stanford Pines!" Hekapoo hurled herself at the older man.

Ford reacted by trying to pull out his blaster, only for Hekapoo to knock it out of his grip. Quickly she pinned him under her boot, holding a dagger to his neck. Stan went to his brother's aid but was stopped by the other dagger pointed at him.

He slowly reached for his weapon.

"Leave the knuckles in there, or I'll melt them on your hand," Hekapoo said, focusing on Ford. "Stanford Pines, you are wanted across various dimensions for over 6,000 crimes."

"6,000 crimes!?" Stan let out, "And you were lecturing me about my criminal record."

Marco wrapped his arms around Hekapoo's waist and just lifted her off the older man. She tried to get out of his grip but was having difficulty with her feet not even touching the ground. Finally, Marco set her down. "Hekapoo, calm down."

"Hekapoo?!" Ford quickly got on his feet. "As in the member of the High Commission? Forger of those dimensional scissors? "

"Is she some sort of big deal?" Soos asked.

"Yes, "Ford admitted. "She's a figure of great status and power across dimensions. I've heard of her and her ability to create scissors that work better and in a more convenient manner than my portal did. It would likely take me lifetimes to even come close to creating something close to those scissors."

It was a bit of a sore spot for Ford, but the rumors he heard about the scissors meant they could do what he hoped he could do with his portal but with something that could fit in your pocket.

Honestly, for the first few years, he thought she was only some sort of legend. He only started to believe she was real when he heard more stories about her around Earth.

Marco was trying to settle her, "Hekapoo, please, what's going on."

"He's had outstanding warrants across so many dimensions. Most are theft-related, breaking and entering, and getting involved with fights."

Stan just gave his brother a knowing look.

"Hekapoo, please, I know it's your job, but for the moment, please calm down. We're on vacation. Besides, I think Jheselbraum wanted me to stop you?"


"When I saw her, she asked me to stop her from taking him away, a man twinned but unique." Marco motioned to Stan and Ford, they were clearly twins, and Ford was unique having six fingers.

"Why would Jheselbraum want that?"

"Jheselbraum the Unswerving? The Oracle from dimension 52? Uh, Svadhisthana? Follower of Axolotl?"

"Yeah, that's her," Hekapoo still glared at him.

"Well, we met. She put a metal plate in my head." He tapped his head to make a loud metallic clang.

Hekapoo winced. That sounded like her, and she often did odd things for purposes that no one but her knew.

Ford tried to explain, "She's a friend, I stayed with her for some time recovering, and she taught me a lot."

"Did you build her a hoverchair?" Marco asked him.

"I did! It took me a long time, but it was nice to have something to do."

"Yeah, sorry we broke it."

Hekapoo huffed, "Fine, but when this pit stop is over, we're going to settle this." She fixed her scissors and stored them away.

Ford couldn't help but cringe at her words. The High Commission was an influential authority across the multiverse, and they certainly had some authority to punish him for some of his crimes. He hated to admit it, but he did commit them. He did them for a good reason, but still. He could only hope for some leniency with Marco's help. Then there was the reason he was eager to show up, and he needed to check on something. It might be enough to stay her hand.

Seraph came rushing in, holding a giant eyeball that was one of the displays. It started to lit up in her hands, a glowing black and orange eye formed within it. "Yeah, this thing started to act weird when I got close to it."

A growling-like voice started to come from the eye, and Seraph's mouth began to speak with it. It spoke in an ancient forgotten tongue.

"Let that go!" Marco, Hekapoo, and Ford all yelled out at once.

Ford reacted quickly, taking a box from the shelf and emptying it before using it to scoop up the crystal ball. Closing it up, he left it on the counter and took a step back.

"You okay?" Hekapoo asked as she and Marco went to her side.

Seraph blinked, "Mom? Dad? What just happened?"

"Mom? Dad?" Ford looked over his glasses.

"Complicated." Marco reaffirmed.

"Doesn't sound all that complicated," Wendy commented.

"Maybe we can talk this over," Stan tried to settle things peacefully. "Let's sit down and just talk."

A few moments later, they closed the shack, they were going to close the shack early today anyway, but this just nailed it. After dealing with the other visitors, they gather everyone up.

Hekapoo had agreed not to drag Ford off, not for the moment anyway.

They got everyone else settled in the living room.

Ford tried to explain the situation, "There was an Entity trying to enter our dimension through an unstable rift. The end result would have been the complete destabilization of this dimension. My initial attempt resulted in me falling into his dimension. I managed to escape into another dimension and look for a method to destroy him before he could try again."

"How'd that work out for you?" Hekapoo glared.

"Good, those crimes you are- well, Yes, I did them."

"Confession." Hekapoo pointed out.

Stan was shaking his head, mumbling something about never admitting to your crimes.

"For a good reason, everything I stole was something I needed either to survive my journey or to build a weapon to save my world."

"From this big bad, right?"


"How did that work?"

"I eventually returned home after failing to kill him. I was working to keep him from getting another foothold, but he eventually did."

"Did you use this weapon?"

"Yes, but I missed my shot."

Hekapoo rolled her eyes, "Not filling me with a lot of confidence."

"We did manage to beat him. Well, my brother did."

Hekapoo sighed, rubbing her temples, "So in the end, you didn't even beat this guy, but your brother did?"

"Well," Stan spoke up, "he helped. It was a whole thing. I pretended to be him while the thing went inside my brain, and he zapped my brain, so in a way-"

Hekapoo just stared at him, "So, he did one thing while you risk your life." Hekapoo throws her hands in the air, "Next, you're going to tell me he was the one to let this guy into the dimension."

They all decided to just shut up at this point.

"You went across the multiverse committing crime after crime to stop this guy but ended up doing squat. Give me one reason why I shouldn't drag you away right now."

Hekapoo looked at Marco; he knew that the oracle told him to do it, but he didn't have any idea. He looked around, and everyone was equally doubtful.

Melody whispered to Soos. "So, the redhead with the horns is gonna arrest Ford?"

"Yeah, looks like it."

"For crimes, he did, and admitted to doing."

"Yeah, not a smart move."

"So, he is going to get arrested."

"Yeah, I honestly thought it would have been Mister Pines to get arrested."

"Does this happen a lot?"

"It happens. The last time I didn't see it happened, I was playing laser tag."

The others watched as Hekapoo got to work. Usually, she was pretty casual, but she was talking with such authority. She was easily making a man nearly twice her height sweat. Even Stan and Wendy didn't feel it was a good idea to upset her. The Diaz watched as if they were watching some police drama where a cop was questioning the perp. Seraph's eyes sparkled to see her mom being so in charge and tough.

Hekapoo grabbed Ford by his turtleneck sweater, "Look, you wanted in so many places. You ticked off people all over, and a lot of them have a lot of sway. If you don't want me to drag you off, give me one reason."


The door was kicked open by a young teen girl with a sparkly sweater. A similar-looking boy followed her in a bomber hat and a pig.

They kind of stared at Hekapoo manhandling their great uncle.

"What's going on?" Dipper asked.

Hekapoo just motioned, "Your uncle is a criminal."

The girl, Mabel, just glanced, "Are you sure you don't want-"

"Yeah, it's not me this time," Stan confirmed.

Marco went to them, hoping to get them out of earshot for what might happen. "Maybe we should just step outside."

"What's happening?" Dipper asked, trying to peak past Marco.

Mabel just looked at Marco, "Hey."

That made Marco do a double-take.

Ford whispered to Hekapoo, "Please let me say goodbye to them."

Hekapoo flinched; she forced herself to ignore a memory, something she desperately wanted to forget. She found herself looking over to the side where Seraph was watching her.

She felt the twin's eyes on her, and she felt Marco's eyes on her.

"Everyone outside," Hekapoo said in a tone that denoted no one was to argue with her.

No one had the guts to fight her, and she did motion for Stan to stay.

Soon the door closed, and the three were left alone.

Outside everyone was confused and more than a little scared.

"Ah, wait, we live here," Melody pointed out. Not that it led anywhere.

Marco apologized, "I'm sorry, it's just-"Marco tried to give more explanation of some of Hekapoo's role. "Hekapoo isn't a bad person, and she's just very devoted to her job. And she doesn't like thieves; it's a big thing for her. But, she's reasonable. I'm sure we can talk her down."

"Didn't she make you chase her for 16 years for a pair of scissors?" Angie pointed out.

"Not …make…"

The group looked at Marco having more questions about that before.

Nearby, Dipper had his blue journal with a pine tree opened up as he looked at Seraph. While Marco didn't notice it, Star did, and as her godmother, she felt she had to do something.

Star slid beside Dipper, "Hey,"

"Uh, Hi." Star glared at him, "What are you doing there?"


"You know, looking at Seraph and doing stuff in your journal there."


Star pushed the journal to get a good look at it. The journal pages were open with notes about Hekapoo and Seraph and some simple starter sketches of the pair.

Star didn't take well to that, "You're sketching her?"

"You're sketching me?" Seraph took it much better.

Dipper seeing the way it could be seen, tried to explain, "It's my journal. I use it to document paranormal things."

Flipping through the pages revealed pages about some other things, a self-driving tank, a cloaked figure named the angel of death, The Sapphire Sorcerer, The Living Flame, The Immortal Ill-Tempered Penguin, and Man-Eating Arcade Game.

"You see?" Dipper told them, "I make notes about anything supernatural or weird. I mean, those horns!"

"Pffft!" Mabel waved him off, "Dip! It's fashion! It's a new trend." Mabel showed, pulling up Star's and then went to grab Seraph but found they weren't budging.

"Wait! These are real horns?"

Dipper just said, "Yeah, she has them just like the angry lady with our uncles."

"That angry lady is my mom."

"Mom?" Dipper winced, "How? Does she look really young, or do you look older than you are?"

"Both kinda," Seraph shrugged, "I'm Seraph."

Dipper blinked for a moment, "Okay, but I mean, what are you?"

Seraph looked for a second before touching her chin, "Hm, not sure. Is there a name for what I am?"

Star was stumped by that too, "Uh, well, hi. I'm Star Butterfly. I'm a princess from another dimension."

Dipper looked skeptical, "Really?"

Star raised her wand, forming a rainbow above her.

Mabel leaped on Dipper, "Look! She's magic!"

Angie noticed that "Star put it out before you start another fire."

Star waved it away. Angie had gotten a lot more careful about fires in the last few months.

"Hi, I'm Mabel." She pointed to her pig, "That's Waddles."

"You have a pig!" Seraph's eyes twinkled as she went over to hug the pig.

"Yeah, he's a total sweetheart! Do you have any pets?"

Seraph yelled, "Yes!"


Hekapoo sat down on a chair and looked at the twins, "The only reason I'm even suggesting this is because a mutual friend told me to. So, I'm going to try. I need a reason, any reason. So, I'm going to use a valid excuse. I'm on vacation; At the end of the week, it wraps up. You have to give me a reason why not to take you away by then. Find me a reason."

They certainly got the feeling that Hekapoo didn't want to take Ford away but would.

Stan clapped his hands, "Okay, well, how about I help set you up in town? I'm friends with the hotel manager; we're old poker buddies. I'll make sure you're set up real nice."

Hekapoo could tell he was trying to grease them up, but they hadn't planned on staying there. She could at least make sure it didn't cost them much more.

"Fine," Hekapoo walked out the door.

The twins followed her, and they saw something a bit strange.

Seraph had used her powers to create little flame figures of the laser puppies and the dragon-cycles chasing around Waddles.

Star was using her magic to help levitate the piggy and keep him from the fire figures. Mabel was delighted, and even Waddles seemed to be enjoying his chance at flight.

Dipper was furiously scribbling in his journal.

"Grunkles!" Mabel jumped up and down, pointing to the girls. "I made new friends! Can they spend the night? Candy and Brenda are already going to spend the night! Come on, two more people won't be any more trouble."

"Wait," Seraph interrupted. "Are you inviting us for a sleepover?"

"Yeah, you want to come over?"

Seraph turned to her mom, "Mom! Dad! Can I stay over?"

Hekapoo sighed. She knew this was going to be a lot harder than she thought.


Ludo was walking through a forest, the wand was whispering to him. He left Mewni; even the wand seemed to be terrified of Erebus. Ludo remembered the stories that his parents used to tell him. That Erebus would usher everything into eternal darkness. All the monsters of Mewni feared him. For a moment, Ludo wondered if Dennis would be okay; he hadn't heard of anything happening.

His head hurt. He couldn't focus on it. He walked into a dark cave, and he didn't know why he did, just that it was important for some reason.

Why did he come to this dimension? Why this location? Why this cave? It was something that Glossaryck told him after he asked him something. Did he ask him something?

He walked further into the cave, the wand lighting it. He could see a strange cave painting of a yellow triangle in a circle.

Before Ludo could say anything, his eyes turned green, and he pulled a pair of scissors. He cut through the painting, opening up a swirling purple portal. Something on the other side looked at him.

Toffe spoke, "Hello there, I think we can help each other."

*In the strange, reality-warping location known only as Jay's Workspace, we see the Beta-Reader, RJ "Jay" Writing Ink suddenly appear in a puff of smoke. Instead of his worn-out black hoodie, though, he's cosplaying as Stan Pines from Gravity Falls, fez, cane, and everything*

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