A/N: Adopted from The Awesome Meeeee. With great thanks to her(?) for letting me take this story in.

Title: Lucifer

Author: PrincessWriter123

Rating: T

Pairings: None (yet)

Genre: Adventure/Friendship/Drama/Supernatural

Warnings: AU(ish), mild cussing, mild violence

Summary: It was 200 years that past and everyone seemed to forget about the Black Order, the Exorcists, and Innocence. It was peaceful, up until the reappearance of someone thought to be long dead...

Disclaimer: I don't own -Man or Blue Exorcist, sadly. My art skills are nowhere that good.

Prologue: May We Meet Again

The four of them were huddled under a white cape, the cloak acting as a shield to protect them from their enemies. It was their last chance.

"We're going to die!" the short-haired girl yelled through the wind. Lenalee's normally calm and commanding voice now wavered like a daisy in the final summer storm.

"We'll be fine!" Allen roared over the turbulent air. "We'll get out of here, then we'll get ice cream,and go home, and Komui will be worried, but we'll be okay!" His panting breaths were heavy; as was the blood leaking through his now off-white shirt.

Lavi's face held a seriousness that rarely any had seen in any previous times. He grabbed his female companion's hand, grounding both her and himself. When he spoke, the sound of his voice split through the thrashing currents of the gale that had long tossed away his headband.

"And if we die?" The tone was grave and the words settled like heavy stones in the pots of their stomachs, giving the four the feeling as though they were attending their own funeral.

Kanda, who had been silently glaring at the ground for the duration of the conversation, looked up. He met each of their eyes and each witnessed an emotion that only one (currently) living person had seen before.

"If we die? Then I hope we meet again," he spoke softly, as the howling wind died down, shocking his friends.

Allen grinned at the long-haired samurai, "May we meet again."

Lavi's cheer somewhat returned hope fluttering in his chest, "May we meet again."

And, despite how watery and teary-eyed it was, Lenalee smiled, "May we meet again."

Kanda drew Mugen, its blade glinting in the low lighting, "May we meet again."

All of them were solemn as they prepared to renew their battle. With a nod from all of his companions, Allen pulled Crown Clown back against his body. The sky fell down upon the Exorcists in the form on Akuma, ranging from Level One all the to Level Four.

So they fought. The four fought with body, heart, and soul. They fought until they could fight no more,and then they keep fighting, as though the fate of the world rested on their shoulders. And it did.

The controlled army of agonized souls pulled back, before rushing in again. As the demons converged on the small group, they focused on the fated Destroyer of Time.

At the center of it all, there was a flash of bright green; four bodies dropped and rested at the center of the victorious monsters as they cheered over the corpses.

Looking on from far off, out of sight, She frowned. This wouldn't this wouldn't work. Not at all.