Wait, was that smaller Pokemon seriously eating a donut? Kazuto wondered absently in an attempt to keep his mind off his impending collision with the ground on the other side of the giant ring-shaped portal. His limbs unstuck just before he passed through – and then the scene shifted in front of him, dropping him directly onto a couch in a lavishly furnished parlor.

Well, perhaps not directly. There was still enough distance for his fall to demolish the sofa beneath him, shaking the room and causing several expensive-looking items to fall off the shelves along the walls. Almost immediately, a wave of almost palpable feminine anger surfaced from a room below, its origin quickly moving up towards his current position.

The underlying coldness of her mind simply enhanced the strength of her killing intent, and Kazuto instinctively grabbed at his back to retrieve Elucidator. As his fingers closed around its hilt, he vaguely registered that wait, that wasn't supposed to work I'm not in Aincrad or ALFheim before the door burst open and drove any such thoughts out of his mind.

Contrary to his expectations, though, the red-shirted teen's eyes widened when she saw him, and they appeared to glint an even brighter blue than they already were as her anger dropped away. "YES, I DID IT!" she shouted, twin pigtails bouncing as she pumped her fist. "Take that, Fake Priest! Even though I forgot to set my clocks back, I still got the strongest!"

Hold on a moment – 'fake priest,' tsundere girl wearing red and black, called me the 'strongest' after seeing my sword… "Oh, you have got to be kidding me." Kazuto complained, having recently re-watched a certain anime series from which Yui's combat style drew inspiration.

As if the universe was telling him no, I'm not kidding, Rin Tohsaka raised her right hand to reveal a lollipop-shaped set of three stigmata on its back. "You doubt my power as a Master, Servant Saber? Or will I have to use a Command Seal to get you to cooperate?"

Kazuto sighed. "At least this takes care of my boredom. If I'm the Saber-class servant, though, I wonder if Shirou will end up with the same Archer who wants to kill him…"

"WHAT? Why would you say something like that?" Rin interrupted, only to quickly put on a sloppy mask of indifference. "I'm – I'm not asking because I'm worried about Shirou or anything! Your statement about Archer's motivations just caught me off guard, that's all!"

A mischievous grin made its way onto Kazuto's face. "Oh, really? So you're not even the slightest bit jealous of your sister Sakura, who goes over to his house almost every day?"

As Rin ranted in typical tsundere fashion about how that wasn't the case, Kazuto chuckled, realizing what was really going on. This must be an omake – she's not even questioning how I know all this personal information! That, and the whole fandom shift thing… Thankfully, that means this will probably be over in a few more sentenc