As Logan sat in a chair at the airport waiting for Camille he looked at the ring in his hands. In had a large garnet diamond which as her birthstone. Tonight would be their anniversary. They had now been dating for 7 years.

She had been visiting her parents for about a week and tonight they would be going out to dinner. He bought the ring while she was away shortly after having a video chat with her parents, asking for their blessing. He heard the announcement the her plane had landed and quietly put the ring pack in his pocket.

As he saw her coming down the escalator he run got up and ran to her. After a guick hug and kiss they walked out to his car. He signley listen to her talk about what she had been with her family.

He drove to her apartment that she shared with Jo. He had Kendall lived apartment about a block away. James and Carlos both lived in small apartments across town. All their friends from Palmwoods knew what was going to happen that night and where setting up his and Kendall's apartment to surprise her later when they got back from their date.

Jo had told her that she would be there to hang out with Kendall and they had agreed to meet their later and sleep there tonight. She was getting super excited. She couldn't wait to see them.

Logan and Camille were currently walking through the park that was near The Palmwoods. They when for a walk there on their anniversary since they started dating. As they walked by the tree that they had caved their names in three years ago, Logan knew this was the time and place.

He generally placed his hand on her shoulder and turned to look her in her eyes.

"Camille seven years ago you came into my life. And those crazy years have been the best years of my life. I can't imagine living one more day without you in my life forever."

Then he got down on one knee and pulled out his ring.

"Camille Zariah Roberts, will you be my wife?"

Camille gasp in excitement. Followed yelling " yes yes yes."

Logan smiled as Camille looks at the ring.

As they drove back to the apartment Camille was excitedly talking to Jo. He knew that because those two were talking then everybody else knew they were coming and were getting everything ready.

They parked and he grabbed her hand as they walked up to his and Kendall's apartment. As he slowly opened the door Camille wonder why the lights were out. She reached over and turn them on. Logan caught her as she leaped back when everyone popped out yelling," Surprise". 💜