They lived by the culling tides,

That crashed against the shore,

And back into the deep horizon.

There two lovers made a promise.

A sacred oath to one another,

That neither wished to break.

But just as the sea weathers land,

So too did time weather their love.

As he sailed towards the unknown,

She broke the solemn promise.

Her woes pained against her chest,

Like the waves along the shore.

On some parchment she did write,

Her sins and travesties of late,

Encased within a corked bottle.

She walked to the sea that night,

Begging to take her woes away,

Never showing them to her love,

The bottle bobbed atop the sea,

Swirling in the currents freely.

In calm night and hurling storm,

It bore the ceaseless torrent,

Across the world towards nothing,

With secrets forever untold.

Until one fateful morning came,

When a gull from another land,

Landed atop the sealed bottle,

To peck at the cork screw cap.

Its bottle submerged under tides,

Leaving the bird to glide away.

Yet the cork was now loosened.

Gaining water filled the bottle,

Parchment dissolving, ink fading,

Her unspoken sorrows weeping,

As the salty waters rushed in,

To sink the wandering message,

Thus her request was completed,

Her words never reaching another.

Yet the ocean makes no promise,

Instead bringing the tides towards,

The aching hooves of the woman,

Still waiting for lover or woes.

Author's Note: Here's Winoa Summerdream's poem for Valentine's Day. Thank you for reading and have a fantastic chocolate filled day!