Chopper manages to catch up with Franky, just as they make it up the stairs, and run through the halls to look for a kitchen. Chopper looks up at his companion and starts to notice that with each step they take, Franky's blue hair flattens down towards his head. "What's going on with your hair?"

The cyborg groans at his hair starting to fall to his face before he pushes it to the side. "When I run low on power, my hair flattens. Once I'm charged up, my hair will go back to its SUPER self."

"Got it!" Chopper answers, because even though he knows this is really weird he knows one thing for certain. If they run into an agent, he needs to be the one to fight them until Franky can power back up.

"Going somewhere?"

The pair stops running to the new voice, and look up to find the round agent, that told them about the keys, hanging onto the support beams to keep himself up. "It's about time someone showed up, I was getting bored Chapapa!"

He lets go of the beams to start falling, but flips in mid-air to throw a tempest kick at them.

Both of them are quick to jump in opposite directions to avoid the strong kick.

As soon as Chopper landed, he's met with Fukuro appearing in front of him, and giving him a left hook punch to the face.

The reindeer flies back a few feet from the punch, while Franky charges at the agent. Throws a punch back at Fukurou, but he barely feels the weak punch.

"What was with that weak punch?!" He returns the punch back at the cyborg, but his reinforced head was able to take the blow much better than Chopper could.

"I can ask you the same thing!" Franky yells out as he gives another punch back.

As the two get into a full-blown fist fight, Chopper shakes his head as he staggers up. He transforms into heavy point, and goes to back him up.

With Fukurou distracted by Franky's attacks, Chopper manages to come at him from the side and give him a strong punch to his side, just as Franky was giving him another punch.

The combined force of the two punches was able to know Fukurou off his feet and get him to fly through the wall into the kitchen.

"SUPER, there's the kitchen!" Franky exclaims before they rush inside, but Fukurou is quick to get up and stand in their way of the fridge.

"You'd think I'd go down just from that!?" He uses both of his hands to give both of his opponents a punch.

With Chopper flying back through the hole in the wall, Franky only take a few steps back, and rushes to fight the agent. "DEER GORILLA, GET THE-!"

Fukurou decided to take it to the next level by increasing the speed of his punches to give the cyborg a barrage of attacks!

Chopper knows what he's asking for, and starts going back in, but freezes when he sees the pink haired agent they fought in the basement rushing towards him. "Theeeereee you aaaaare!"

He screams in fright while he runs inside and opens the fridge, that's as big as a shed, but Kumadori instant shaves into the room, right behind him. Kumadori whacks the reindeer man on his side with his staff to send him flying. Before Chopper can land, the pink tendrils of work to pin him to the wall.

He groans at the rough hit, as he tries to break free, but the pissed agent won't let him go this time.

"WITHDRAW THINE LIFE FROM THIS WORLD!" Kumadori yells as he goes to stab Chopper with his staff.

"FLAMING SPRING STAR!" Before anyone can react to the new voice, a group of pellets hit Kumadori to not only set him on fire, but cause explosions to hit his side to push him to the side.

The hair immediately lets go of Chopper from the impact, and lets the reindeer slide down, and look to the hole in the wall to see Sniper King having fired that attack from his slingshot to save him. "So cool!"

"Now's not the time to gawk!" Shriek yells, from her spot on the floor, that Sniper King placed her down before his shot, before she points at Kumadori with her good wing.

Chopper follows the direction of the wing to see the kabuki agent rolling around to put himself out, with the lower half of his hair burnt off.

He sees that he's close to the opening of the fridge, so rushes to the fridge and closes the door to lock him inside. "I got him!"

"Nice work!" Sniper King comments as he runs inside to approach the reindeer, while Shriek stays to the side to keep herself from the line of fire.

"Kumadori!" Fukurou stops his attack in shock of his friend being locked up, and gives Franky an opening to get up and tackle him to the floor.

"OI, DID YOU FORGET THAT I NEED SOMETHING FROM THAT FRIDGE?!" Franky yells out when he sits on his opponent's stomach starts punching his opponent repeatedly.

"Crap, I did forget!" Chopper mutters, and to the superhero duo's confusion, he opens the fridge.

With Kumadori inside, he rushes to grab three bottles, and lock the door shut again before the agent could touch him. "Here!"

"Thanks." Franky jumps off of his enemy to catch the drinks, replace the ones in his stomach fridge with them, and closes the door to let them activate. Even with the hole in the fridge's door from Kumadori's stab, the fridge is still able to absorb the drinks.

There's just one problem.

The drinks he just absorbed weren't cola.

They were three bottles of beet juice.

"OH YEA!" Everyone in the room basically froze at the sight of Franky's hair changing into spikes in all directions.

Fukurou stands up, and looks to the other intruders to see if they know what the hell is going on. The only thing he got was them shrugging their shoulders, because they have no idea where this is going.

Lucky for them, they're not going to be left in suspense, because Franky's now pretending that the air in front of him is a turn table by spinning the disks, and rapping.



He throws a round house kick at Fukurou, but it was so weak that Fukurou caught the leg, and threw him to the wall.

That collision was able to snap Franky out of the rapper stage, so he pulls the beet juice out of his fridge, which turns his hair back to normal, and throws them at Chopper. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?! I SAID I NEEDED COLA! WHAT THE HELL IS THE TASTE OF THE BEAT, ANYWAY?!"

Chopper and Sniper King duck to avoid the bottles before the glass broke on the fridge door.

"I just grabbed the first things I could find!" Chopper yells back before he goes to try again.

"You open the door, and I'll get the drinks for you Chopper." Sniper King offers, which Chopper is more than happy to accept.

"Ok, on three. One, two, three!" He rushes to unlock the fridge with Sniper King's arms going in as soon as it's open.

He flinches from the sight of Kumadori eating some grapes. When the agent notices the open door, he reaches out, and freaks out Sniper King before he grabs the drinks.

Once he got them, Chopper's quick to re-lock the door while the sniper throws the three new bottles to Franky.

"Thanks!" Franky catches them, and puts them in his stomach fridge.

His hair starts to change again, but it's not his usual pompadour style. Instead, it flattens down, with a small wave, and parts down the middle like a surfer dude's haircut.

Franky sighs in boredom, as he looks outside at the water. "Brah, why do we have to fight? Why can't we settle this with a surf off dude?"

With a shake of his head, he snaps out of it, takes the bottles out of his fridge, and gets a closer look at them to see that they gave him coconut milk!

"I FRICKING TOLD YOU CLOWNS THAT I NEED COLA! NOT COCONUT MILK!" He throws the bottles at the mentioned clowns for them to duck to avoid the flying glass.

When they straightened up, they start to realize that this is starting to get fun, and stares at the cyborg with stars in their eyes.


Sniper King and Chopper get to work on getting it right this time, but Fukurou decides that enough is enough.

He starts moving to give the duo a tempest kick, but before he can complete the move, a blue bubble forms around him.

"What the-?! AAAAAAHHHHH!" He screams in terror of the agonizing sound in the screech bubble while Franky is shocked by the attack.

He looks out to the bird to see her eyes are glowing blue to show that she's using her devil fruit on him. "Way to go loud mouth!"

"Don't call me-!" She cuts herself off when she sees that the agent instant shaved out of the bubble, and right in front of the bird responsible for his bleeding ears.

It's clear that the attack damaged him because he looks disoriented, but he refuses to go down so easily.

"You little pest!" He reels his leg back to give her a kick, but Franky's fist hitting his back is quick to save the bird.

As for the agent, he couldn't believe the force, because instead of the normally weak punches, the hit had enough force to get him flying over the bird, bounce off the wall and land on the kitchen table!

The table was quick to shatter from the landing with the agent groaning from the annoying hit.

Fukuro slowly gets up, and sees the guy who assaulted him isn't saying anything ridiculous this time. His blue hair is now standing up, and he's wearing a cocky smirk on his face.

"Aow, now that's cola! You guys stay back, I SUPER got this!" Franky tells them before he and the agent charge at each other to get into a full-fledged battle.

Both Sniper King and Chopper relax at the sight of Franky going back to full strength and aren't worried about the outcome, because of Fukurou's weakened state.

"Wow, he really does get stronger with cola." Chopper comments as he watches the cyborg holding his own against his enemy.

The superhero slowly nods before he looks back to the freezer where the other agent is kept prisoner. "What are we going to do about this guy? We still need his key right?"

"No, Franky and I got his key in the first fight we had with him." He says, and proves it by taking the key out of his pocket.

"Impressive, Shriek and I also got a..."

He trails off when he remembers his partner, and sees her lying down on the floor. "Chopper, you're the crew's doctor, right? Can you take a look at my partner? She got injured in our last battle."

"Of course! Here, hold this." Chopper tosses the key to Sniper King, for him to safeguard before he rushes over to the sidekick.

He removes the makeshift bandage, to find that the bleeding already stopped. "Ok, it doesn't look too serious, but flying can make it worse. I'm going to bandage properly for it to heal faster."

"Do what you gotta..." Shriek trails off when she sees something unbelievable behind her friends. "You've gotta be shitting me..."

Sniper King and Chopper turn around to see what she's looking at, and drop their jaws at the sight. And that sight being Kumadori out of the fridge, eating a piece of fruit from the fridge to stuff into his newly large, round, belly.

"What the hell did you do?! Eat everything in the fridge?!" Sniper King asks, but one look at the broken, newly empty, fridge gives him his answer.

"I don't need any concern from you!" Kumadori tells them while ignoring their shouts of denial, and stabs his staff on the floor in front of him.

In a matter of seconds, the food in his stomach was absorbed to make his body distort into a skinny version of himself, then back to his muscular form. "Humans can control every part of their body, from the tip of their hair to their toes, with the right type of training."

To the doctor's horror, his stunt healed half of the wounds he received from his previous fight. "We've got our work cut out for us..."

"You got that right..." Sniper King comments, before he fires his flame pellets the agent, but he's quick to use his hair with iron body to shield.

"Crap, he really can control his hair however he wants." He grabs his partner, just as Kumadori starts manipulating his hair to reach for them.

Chopper is quick to change into walk point to jump out of the way, while Sniper King runs for it in the opposite direction with Shriek in his arms.

The hero jumps through the hole in the wall, then lies down on the floor to hide behind what little remains of the bottom part of the wall.

The trick managed to work to avoid the tendrils, and once they retreat back into the kitchen after Chopper, Sniper King puts his partner down gently. "Stay here."

The bird nods her head while Sniper King gets up to see Chopper running to avoid another attack from the agent's staff.

Sniper King works to back his friend up by going back in the kitchen, and aiming three explosion pellets at the agent. "Exploding star!"

Kumadori looks to see the pellets coming at him, but instead of using his hair to block this time, he swings his staff for both ends to light ablaze from the attack.

Sniper King smirks in triumph of his weapon lighting up, but that satisfaction is quick to die when he doesn't see the agent dropping the weapon.

Instead, he charges at the sniper with the flaming staff. "YOYOI! IF YOOOU WANT TO SEE REEEAL FLAMES, THEN HEEEERE YOU GOOOO!"

"OH SHIT!" Sniper King screams in fright as he runs out of the room, with the angry agent in hot pursuit.

Shriek widens her eyes at the sight of her friend running for his life, while dodging each hit. Each hit from Kumadori's staff may not be hitting his target, but it's surely making things worse, by setting everything that it does touch on fire. "Crap!"

Lucky for her, she's at a good distance from the flames for now. Just in case things get worse though, she flaps her wings, then lands on the edge of the hole in the wall to give her an easy exit into the kitchen.

Chopper though is ready to get in the fray, by running out of the kitchen with a rumble ball in hand. Once he takes the pill, he rushes at the duo.

With the intent to transform into arm point, he jumps right in front of the agent. As soon as he transformed though, it was clear that he wasn't turning into his strengthened form, but into a ball of fluff just before getting hit on the side by Kumadori's staff.

Sniper King drops his jaw at the sight as he watches Chopper collide into the wall while coughing up blood. "What the hell happened?!"

Chopper groans from the hit as he transforms back into heavy point, and gets up. "I can't control my forms as well as I normally do, when I eat more than one rumble ball in a day. This is my second one."

"What?!" Sniper King asks when he ducks to avoid another attack, then turns around with his slingshot to fire iron pellets at his pursuer.

However, Kumadori is not only able to block but this time, counter by transforming his hair into fingers. "Take this!"

He managers to turn them into his own makeshift finger pistols and goes at both enemies!

Sniper King's legs were well protected from the dials strapped onto them, but his upper body was another story by him taking half of the hits.

As for Chopper, he didn't fare much better because the blows managed to hit all over his body.

At the end of the assault, both boys collapsed while panting, with blood starting to seep from their wounds.

Sniper King looks down at the shells on his legs, that both got charged from his blows and starts to get an idea on what they can do to survive this. "Chopper, I'm gonna buy you as much time as I can to get to the form you need to be in."

He ignores the reindeer's confused stare, to look over to the bird, who's been giving him a worried look since he got hit. As soon as they locked eyes though, they acted as though they're telepathic with Sniper King shifting his eyes from her to the agent.

Acting as though she knows what he's trying to tell her, Shriek nods her head to him and locks her eyes on the agent.

Kumadori sees the bird's eyes on him, and that they're starting to change from their usual golden to blue, to signal that she's about to use his powers. He sets his hair after the bird, but that's exactly what the superhero planned.

While he was distracted, Sniper King charges at the agent from his left, and grabs onto his suit. "Take this!"

He lifts his left leg, that's holding the impact dial, to throw a roundhouse kick at his stomach to activate the shell!

To the agent's horror, an explosion erupts from the shell with enough force to get them both flying backwards in opposite directions!

Shriek had to jump into the kitchen to avoid getting hit by her partner when he soars into the kitchen and crashes into the cabinets. "SNIPER KING!"

She widens her eyes when she sees him on the brink of passing out on the debris, with his left leg bleeding from the impact. Even though he's weak from the hit, he shakily gives her a thumbs up to show that he'll live.

She feels relieved from the assurance, and weakly flies back onto her spot on the wall to see that the stunt didn't defeat the agent.

Even so, it's obvious that he was affected from the hit with him now starting to pant as he starts approaching them. However, he didn't get far because they managed to buy enough time for Chopper to be able to transform into arm point.

Chopper musters all the willpower he can muster on his next attack to break through his strong body, and add more damage from Sniper King's attack. "ROSEO METAL!"

With each punch the reindeer musters, hoofprints imprinted onto his body. He refuses to back down, until the very last second of his rumble ball is used up.

Kumadori was only stunned, not by the strength of the attack, but because through the reindeer's punches, he could've sworn that he saw cherry blossom petals swaying in his vision.

Once he changed back into brain point, he collapses, from both the exhaustion, and the heat of the surrounding flames creeping onto him. He tries to catch his breath as he looks at the agent to see that he's not faring that much better either.

"That was beautiful..." Kumadori mutters to himself, as he recovers from his vision, and can only feel the fury.

He collides his staff in front of him, and lets his hair flair out in all directions. "NOOW I MUST DO WHAT I MUST!"

Chopper starts to run from the hair, but has a hard time getting far with the flames starting to envelope the hall.

Shriek starts setting up her power to help, but Kumadori didn't forget about her. His hair manages to catch the bird and tangles her up in his hair with a crushing grip.

She squawks in pain of the abuse, but the agent could care less when he works to catch the other animal.

Chopper knew that his options are limited, and can only one way for them to stop the agent, and save his friends. He grabs the third rumble ball, just when the hair wraps around his waist, and yells to the bird. "SHRIEK, GET SNIPER KING AND RUN!"

The bird is confused by the demand when she sees the reindeer toss the pill into his mouth.

Once taken, Chopper starts changing again, but both Kumadori and Shriek get a more ominous feeling than his previous transformations. Not only was his hair growing to unbelievable lengths with his body to match up. The transformation didn't stop, even when he reached the ceiling. His enlarged horns just broke through them like paper, to him continuing his growth until he was almost as tall as a giant, with a blank face to show that the adorable reindeer isn't in control anymore.

Kumadori's hair loosens around the bird, from the shock, enough for her to jump out and rush to Sniper King.

The superhero is frozen enough on his seat on the floor from witnessing his friend's growth, but he still couldn't believe. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!"

"Chopper ate one of those weird pills and turned into this!"

"THAT'S REALLY DEER GORILLA?!" Franky yells when they turn to see that he just finished his fight with Fukurou, with the agent lying on the ground unconscious, and a key in hand.

"Yea, it's really him!" Shriek confirms but a monstrous roar from the behemoth makes her almost doubt her words.

Kumadori snaps out of his stupor from the sound being so strong that it caused a tremor, and charges at the monster. "DIE!"

Chopper notices the agent, and with a flick of his hand, he swatted him to the floor with enough force to at least double his pain.

When he tries to get up, Chopper just swats him down again like he's a cockroach. After the third hit, Chopper picks him up by the hair, and crashes through the wall, to get to the kitchen.

Franky's group were too stunned to do anything when the reindeer walks in, but he doesn't pay them any mind. Instead, he crashes through another wall, to get to the balcony, and throws the agent to the island, like he's a ragdoll.

"What the hell Deer Gorilla?!" Franky yells at him, which scares the hero duo.

"What are YOU doing Franky?! Don't provoke him!" Sniper King yells, but the reindeer doesn't even glance at him.

Instead, Chopper starts climbing up the building with no other aim than to cause as much destruction as he possibly can.

"Yo Long Nose, is there any way to stop him?" Franky asks the sniper.

"I have no idea!" Sniper King tells him.

Franky groans at the situation, before he gives them his solution. "In that case, the answer's clear. We need to kill him."

"NO, WE WON'T!" Sniper King yells before he stands up, and hits the cyborg in the head for even thinking of that idea.

He instantly regrets standing, because his injured leg can't take his weight, and he starts to collapse.

Franky is quick to catch him, by wrapping an arm around his torso. Knowing that his friend can't run on his leg, he picks him up on his back, with his hands under both legs to keep him from falling. "Fine, we won't kill him, but we can't have him on a rampage either. Let's go find the others to see what we can do."

Sniper King silently agrees to the plan by holding onto the cyborg's shoulders with both hands.

Shriek hitches a ride too by weakly flying onto the cyborg's shoulder, that Sniper King isn't hovering his head over, digs her talons into his metal shoulder, and points her good wing forward. "ONWARD THEN!"

"I'm not a horse!" Franky yells but knowing that she's injured too, he lets it go, just this once. With a groan from the weight, he runs off in search for the others, with his new baggage in tow.

Meanwhile, on the spiral staircase towards the bridge, Rose has been staring out the windows they passed, to see what's going on at the tower. There were times when she'd see lightning shoot out of one room from Nami's fight, along with slashes coming from another part of the building from Zoro's fight. Even if she were to comment on them, she knows that telling them of something that small wouldn't do much, but either earn her or Robin another beating.

When Chopper's monster point came into view, and climbing the side of the building though, her face reveals pure amazement of what his form looks like in person. "Holy shit!"

Spandam and Robin grow confused by what's surprising her, stop moving, and look out the window to see Chopper out there.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" Spandam yells, which gets the CP 8 agents to stop moving with their prisoner to see it.

"Is that Doctor-Kun?!" Robin asks, because she recognizes the monster's hat to be the same one the adorable reindeer wears, but she can't believe it.

"That's him alright, he ate too many rumble balls..." Rose answer while feeling bad for how this transformation takes a toll on him.

Rufus whistles in amusement of what's going on, while Andreos grows worried about this development. "Are Nero and Lucci's agents able to deal with that?"

Spandam grits his teeth in anger, before he digs into his pocket for his den den mushi, and starts yelling at the agents. "CP 9, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING?! NOT ONLY DID A PIRATE GET IN, BUT A MONSTER IS ON A RAMPAGE! ANSWER ME, YOU IDIOTS!"

Robin looks out at the snail that Spandam is using, and widens her eyes at the sight of the snail he's holding. "THAT'S NOT A DEN DEN MUSHI!"

Robin's comment got everyone to look at the snail in the idiot's hand, to find that she's telling the truth. It's not the den den mushi that he's activated but the golden buster call snail. He manages to dig out the baby den den mushi, and groans to himself. "DAMMIT, THIS IS THE DEN DEN MUSHI!"

Rufus gives Andreos a look, as though to ask if he can kill him now, but Andreos just shakes his head. The swordsman knows that he more than deserves it, but he knows that just activating the call isn't grounds for it if he was actually in charge of the call. If this idiot can rack up all of his offenses in this, he can get a pain worse than death when this is all over in Impel Down.

Rufus groans at this, but silently agrees to wait.

"What'd you do this time?" Lucci answers the call with Spandam freaking out at him.


"CANCEL IT RIGHT NOW!" Robin calls out to him, but he doesn't do so.

"There's no way I will do that! What I did was right! This will be sure to kill those pirates!"


He punches her in the face as he continues his rant. "SHUT UP! It doesn't matter how many die, as long as we take you in and I get my promotion!"

Rose wants nothing more than to kick Spandam down the stairs, but she can tell that he's just a few steps out of range. When she looks at the baby den den mushi, she narrows her eyes at it to see that the button on top of the snail's shell is blinking a red light. "Hey, is that snail supposed to have a blinking light?"

Spandam hums in confusion before he realizes that the snail is in broadcast mode. "Oh crap, it's broadcasting all over the island."

Robin widens her eyes at the comment, before she takes the chance to get the islanders to flee. "EVERYONE, LEAVE THE ISLAND IMMEDIATELY! IF YOU STAY HERE, YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!"

"I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP!" Spandam yells as he releases his grip on her and gives her another punch with enough force for her to stumble five steps down the stairs.

"AND I TOLD YOU TO STOP IT, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" Rose yells, and causes him to turn his anger onto her.

He drops his baby den den mushi, and releases as much animosity on her as his scrawny arms can muster in his punches. The snail was only able to capture a few hits, and groans, from Spandam's abuse before it hits the floor and turns off the call.

Robin can almost feel the hits that Rose is taking, and starts taking a step towards them, but stops when Rose makes eye contact with her.

Rose's head reels to the right from another punch before she eyes Robin again, and shifts her eyes towards the stairs.

The archaeologist's eyes widen from what she believes she's implying, but remembers what Franky told her about buying time. Knowing that staying around won't do anything to help the group reach them, she doesn't hesitate to make her move by running down the stairs.

Rose would've grinned at how Robin finally listened to her, if she wasn't in so much pain from all the hits she got.

After Spandam's punches start hurting his hands, he grabs the top of her hair, and pulls up so her bruised, and bloody, face is looking up at him. "This was all your plan, wasn't it?! You knew that this was gonna happen, you disgusting monster!"

He gives her another punch, before the prisoner lifts her lips up into a devious smirk. "Even if I said anything, you'd still find a way to turn this to shit. Just as how your attack on Water Seven five years ago got-!"

Spandam's knee to her stomach stopped her from ratting him out to the other agents, and got her into a coughing fit.

As she's trying to get air back into her lungs Spandam rants out, and goes back to punching her. "You really think your lies can destroy me?! I'm a highly respected member of the World Government, and you?! You're just a piece of shit that doesn't belong anywhere! Not in this world, and not even in whatever cesspool of a world you crawled out from to get here! Your only worth is whatever real knowledge you can give us! After that, we'll throw you out to whatever hell we choose! Now, let's..."

He stops hitting her, when he realizes that he's missing a prisoner and sees that Robin is at least fifty steps below them now. "GET BACK HERE!"

He goes to run, but Rose lifts her leg up to kick him right between his legs to bash his family jewels.

Spandam can barely utter a scream, let alone an attempt to run when he rolls down the stairs.

After a minute, he manages to stand up with wobbling legs, and shakily points at the outsider. "B-beat... and g-gag... that bitch..."

The two agents only nod, while the wounded man falls down the stairs again. He doesn't stop trying to get up, just to fall down the stairs again, until he recovers enough to go down the stairs to go after the other prisoner.

Despite the order that was given, neither agent raised a hand at her again, because at this point, they consider him a traitor for unleashing the buster call. The only reason they didn't act on arresting him right now, is because they don't want to be dragging a third prisoner, when he's helping them with getting the girls past the gates.

As they're waiting for him and Robin to come back, Andreos looks down at the girl, to see that she's struggling to catch her breath from the abuse she just took for speaking up. "You really need when to learn to keep your mouth shut. You look like you can't take much more of this..."

She answers by coughing out a little spit, that has some blood in there. Even though she feels like she can black out at any moment, she gives him a weak smile as she struggles to get her breathing back in control. "Thanks for the concern... But I don't have much to lose right now... Besides, compared to you guys, and my foster dad, he hits like a little bitch."

Rufus chuckles at the insult before he looks to his comrade. "Hey Andreos, can you read her pulse?"

The agent nods, so the explosion man gives the outsider a question of his own. "What were you saying about his attack five years ago?"

She finally gets her breathing back in order, before she takes the chance to give Spandam's case more information. "Look at his first case to retrieve Pluton's blueprints from five years ago. He reported an attack on Water Seven that was caused by the Puffing Tom's creator, and his apprentices. It was actually him that did it. He staged it to try to get Tom to give up the blueprints, then send him and his disciples to death. The only piece of the plan that worked was killing Tom by getting him sent to Impel Down."

Both agents widen their eyes at this, with Rufus looking at Andreos for confirmation.

Once Andreos gives him a nod, he starts to show a pissed off smirk of how he's in power. "I see. Andreos, if any stray cannon fire comes at Spandam, from the buster call, don't waste your energy in saving him."

"Wasn't planning to." Andreos answers with the same kind of annoyance as his leader.

Rose is quick to grin at how it looks like Spandam is going to get what he deserves, but just as quickly fades when said man coming back.

When Rufus sees them, he acts as though he complied to his order by grabbing a handkerchief from his breast pocket. He goes in front of the outsider with the red rag in hand, and starts twisting it. "Any last words outsider?"

Rose growls in irritation, before she gives him the finger. "Fuck the World Gov-!"

Rufus takes the chance to stuff the middle piece of the cloth in her mouth, then wraps it around her head to knot the ends together to effectively silence her.

"Good work." Spandam comments as he approaches them, with one of his hands is holding onto Robin's arm tightly while she tries to struggle free, but with no luck.

Spandam works to catch his breath from having to run so much to catch her, but he doesn't care. All he cares about is sending these horrible girls to their demise as soon as possible. "Let's go already."

The other two simply agree by dragging Rose with them, with Spandam and Robin following behind to continue their journey to the bridge of hesitation.

Meanwhile, at marine headquarters the blaring sound of sirens ring in the air from the activation of the buster call.


As for the Fleet Admiral, as soon as the siren rang, he punches his desk in fury of what happened. With an idea of what caused the buster call, he makes a call to the control room. "WHO STARTED THE BUSTER CALL?!"

A nearby officer jumps out of his seat, and scrambles to answer the head of the navy. "S-sir, it appears Aokiji has requested the buster call!"

Sengoku groans at the name, because he knows that it was actually Spandam. "Get Aokiji to my office immediately!"

"Yes sir!" He hangs up the call, to proceed with the order, and leaves the Fleet Admiral alone with his thoughts on this situation.

If Rose knew about Spandam having the buster call, could she have known that he was going to set it off?

If so, then she's a lot more of a threat than he thought. If she told us that he did this, they would have made a move on Spandam before this, that could've prevented this. However, she only gave them the information of what he has, and brushed it off as something simple.

And even if she didn't know, and just CP 8 being with them caused the buster call to emerge, then it'd be her fault all the same. Her existence brought CP 8 into this mission, and in turn could have caused this chain of events if that unit's involvement had anything to do with this.

There are just too many factors that are too frustrating to him about what's happening now.

Only one thing is made certain for him: Rose's knowledge is a double-edged sword.

It could either benefit the world greatly, or bring chaos in its wake.

Once she's in headquarters, he needs to make sure to get everything he can out of her, then use it to banish her from this world. The sooner that mission is successful, the better off everyone will be.

He groans at how frustrating this mission is becoming when a knock snaps him out of his thoughts. "Come in."

The door swiftly opens to see Aokiji walking in. The ice Admiral knows that it has something to do with the buster call, so he closes the door behind him, and steps inside. "What caused this?"

Sengoku points to a chair on the other side of his desk, which gives him the hint to take a seat.

Once he sat down, Sengoku gets down to the full details of this. "I need to know this for certain. Did you give Spandam permission to use the buster call?"

Aokiji widens his eyes at the question, because he knows that the snail should be nowhere near that idiot's hands. "Of course not! Who said I did?!"

"Spandam himself. On his mission to bring both Nico Robin and Catone Rose through Enies Lobby, he bragged about having the golden snail. This buster call was of his making with your snail. Where did you keep it?"

"In my office drawer..." Aokiji pinches his nose at the irritating news of the snail being stolen. He didn't expect someone in the government to have the balls to steal from an Admiral, but it's not like he kept it under lock and key either.

That's sure to change once he gets it back. "How'd you find out he did it?"

"The outsider told me about it, as well as how he plots to take over the World Government with Pluton. While she gave us that, she failed to mention that he'll pull the trigger. And even though I want to, not even I can stop the buster call. Whether or not that was her plan, I'm not sure..."

He scowls at how uncertain he is of everything going on, before he looks to Aokiji. "What I do know is that her existence is dangerous. I need you to go to the buster call to see that Rose and Robin are secured."

Aokiji slowly nods before he gets up, and starts stalking out of the office.

Once out, he lets out a small huff in how things have played out. Now it's time to see whether or not the outsider's words were true in that Nico Robin did find a place in the world.

With that thought, he walks off to get his bike, with no sense of urgency to get to the island. After all, the only pirate in that crew who had a chance against him was the outsider. He's sure that the buster call would be able to hold them off before he arrives, so he goes at as much of a leisurely pace as if he's on one of his walks.

Just a minute before the buster call was made, Luffy managed to reach the bridge's room.

Instead of finding the girls like he wanted, all he saw was Lucci standing smugly in the center of the room. When the assassin spots his opponent, he gives him a cocky smirk, and tips his hat to him. "Welcome to hell."

"Pigeon guy! Where are Robin and Rose?!"

Lucci can feel nothing but amusement at Luffy's angry question, and looks to the door behind him. "They're right through that door, and on their way to-!"

He stops his taunt when his baby den den mushi starts ringing. He takes the snail out of his pocket, and much to Luffy's confusion, looks pissed. "Give me a second, it's my idiot boss."

"Forget that, I'm going after them!" He runs through the room to try to get to the door, but the leopard man was already a step ahead of him.

By the time the rubber man was a quarter of the way in, Lucci appeared in front of him, and roundhouse kicked him to the wall.

When Luffy was getting up to kick his ass, he stops when he hears Robin's voice coming out of the snail. "Cancel that immediately!"

The pirate captain stays quiet, as he listens to the conversation between the archaeologist and her captor. From what he's hearing, the island doesn't have much longer, but as long as he can get the girls out before the marines arrive, then it won't matter.


Luffy widens his eyes at the sound of his queen's voice, but his surprise is quickly turned into anger when he hears the sound of her beating following her outburst.

He starts charging towards the door, but Lucci was quick to block his path, and go for another punch.

This time, Luffy was prepared to block, and go for a counter with all the force he can create.

The two sides begin a battle of fists with neither side refusing to back down.

When Lucci's blocking another one of Luffy's punches, he notices Rose's gem, swinging around from his opponent's neck from the fight.

He smirks at the mysterious gem, when he goes to grab it.

Luffy is quick to notice his trying to take it, and lands a kick on his stomach that's strong enough to send the agent flying back. "LEAVE HER NECKLACE ALONE!"

Lucci is quick to get up, and couldn't help but chuckle at Luffy's furious order. "You don't even know what you have do you? That little jewel could very well save your life if you hand it over, and leave right now."

"HELL NO! AND I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IT IS, IT'S MY QUEEN'S TREASURE!" Luffy yells out as his blood boils enough for him to get into second gear, and re-enters into the battle.

Lucci doesn't hesitate to rejoin the battle with the intent to kill, while Luffy is willing to do all he can to get past him!

No matter what it takes for Luffy to take care of this guy, he's willing to do all he can for it, to get the girls back, and give this necklace back to Rose personally! "LET'S FUCKING GO!"