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1. Boom Clap

"Boom clap. The sound of my heart. The beat goes on and on and on and on and boom clap. You make me feel good. Come on to me come on to me now."- Charli XCX


"Robin, we have not gone on the date in a month and three quarters."

"What do you want me to say, Star? Finding Red X is top priority right now."

"But is that not what couples do on your planet to show how they feel about one another? Go on the romantic outings?"

"Yes, Star. But we're superheroes first. The romance comes after, and, right now I'm focused on being a superhero. Red X has been causing a lot of turmoil and havoc around the city. There's no reason we shouldn't have caught him by now. It's unacceptable."

"You allow the fans to show their fondness for you."

"They're just groupies, Star. I can't help that they pounce on me and kiss me whenever they get the chance."

"So, I suppose I'm allowed to kiss our male fans as well?"

"Uh…well…You know that's different. I don't kiss them. They kiss me."

"Robin, you are not being the best boyfriend I expected you to be, and I am hurt beyond words."

"What are you two pinheads doing?" A raspy voice suddenly stunned the two brotherly Titans who were eavesdropping on the couple's dispute with their ears against Robin's cold metal, bedroom door.

"Hehe," Beast Boy chuckled nervously and swiftly stood up from his kneeling position with his hands clasped in front of him like he was the perfect little angel. "Raven, I didn't see you there," he said to the girl who'd snuck up on them like a ghost in her usual dark blue cape and soft sole, ankle booties.

"Quiet, Greenie. These doors aren't soundproof, you know?" Cyborg softly fussed at the startled teen before smiling a sheepish grin and placing an arm around Raven's shoulder. "Hey, Sis. What brings you down the hall?"

Raven shifted a dark eyebrow and murmured with no emotion, "I was just walking to the kitchen to make tea when I saw you two meatheads eavesdropping on their conversation."

"More like argument," Cyborg added sarcastically.

Raven glared at him, causing an invisible sweat bead to roll down his face. "Whatever it is, I'm sure he'd be upset to know you were listening."

Beast Boy was suddenly on his knees and practically on top of her toes with his most pathetic puppy dog face. "Aww, Raven, please don't tell! Please! I'll wash your clothes for a month!"

"Psh," she blew air and began to walk pass her obviously bored and nosy teammates, "and give you a chance to sniff my underwear? No way."

Raven smirked a smug leer at the green kid and half robotic man's speechless reaction to her remark and made her way down the rest of the hall, around the corner, and through the automatic doors into the commons area. There was a blonde, big blue-eyed school girl standing there in her fancy uniform. She practically jumped in her skin when Raven made her way through the doors. Raven thought it was quite ironic since she was the one who should've been startled by the blonde's appearance.

"Hey, Terra," Raven called casually to the girl who was just standing there shifting her casted eyes side to side. It was obvious she was nervous with the way her arms were hiding shyly behind her back and the frantic tap of her right foot.

"Uh, hey, Raven," she uttered softly, pushing a piece of blonde hair behind her ear before adding, "Is Beast Boy here?"

Raven eyed her funnily, then continued into the kitchen. "Um, yeah. He should be down in a minute. You can have a seat on the sofa."

The girl quietly obliged to Raven's request as the darker one settled her metal, tea kettle on the hot iron of the stovetop. Raven sighed gently as she searched for her missing tea bags. The atmosphere was quite tense with the other girl sitting in such a close vicinity. She could feel her baby blue eyes piercing through her soul, but her stare was innocent and childlike. It was almost as if she was amazed by the gracefulness of the violet-haired girl.

Ever since Beast Boy had found the amnesiac, he'd been bringing her around the tower and hanging out with her, trying his best to help her regain her memory. So, far it wasn't working very well. Yet, it was almost as if she'd never left or betrayed them for Slade. Her and Beast Boy still got along like Minnie and Mickey. He made her giggle; she made him laugh. They both got all nervous and quirky around one another. She seemed to be the only one who never got annoyed by him, which was a miracle. They were almost inseparable, and if it wasn't for the fact that she went to school and had a home now, she'd probably live with them.

Raven hated to admit it, but she was slightly jealous. Not because she liked Beast Boy or anything like that. Ugh. Of course, she didn't like him that way. What she was jealous of was his relationship with Terra. Before she came running back into his life, both of them were single, which meant both of them were often the fourth and fifth wheels when it came to Starfire, Robin, Cyborg, and Bumblebee. She just liked the fact that she wasn't alone in her aloneness. But now that Terra was back, she had no choice but to be. Sure, she was glad the blonde had another chance at life, but she just kind of wish she at least had a pet fish or something. Maybe she'd kidnap Silkie from Star…Nah, that thing was gross.

In fact, she'd actually been pondering this situation a lot lately. I mean what else can you do when you're alone, bored, and tired of reading the same books over and over again? Exxxactly. After giving it much thought, she settled on the idea that she just needed to get out more. The only people she ever socialized with were her teammates, and they were all either taken or not her type. Sure, Aqualad was drool-worthy and made her all starry-eyed, but they were too similar. She figured their relationship would get boring too quickly. She needed someone to set off a spark in her she never knew she held. Someone to make usually calm and collected Raven a fiery mess of emotions. Speedy was just…ugh. Let's just say getting a whopping case of syphilis in her crotch wasn't exactly one of the things on her bucket list this year. But finding someone who truly understands and appreciates her the way she is definitely was. There was Robin. He was her best friend and all, but that's about all there was to their relationship. Besides, he was dating Starfire. It'd be pretty awkward if he started dating Raven right after. Not to mention, his obsessive personality was too much for the empath. She liked to be peaceful which his aura often wasn't.

Needless to say, she definitely needed to get out more. There was this new café not too far from the tower. She'd heard that their food and varieties of tea were pretty decent, and they had live bands play every night. Maybe that'd be the perfect place to mingle and pick up new friends. Maybe she could even find a nice, attractive guy to—

"Raven," Terra's voice suddenly threw a lasso around the short-haired girl's neck, catching her attention instantly.

"Ahem," Raven cleared her throat and head of her previous thoughts. She dropped her tea bag in the boiling water and turned to face the girl who was now standing mere inches away from her next to the refrigerator. "Everything alright, Terra?"

Terra shifted nervously onto one leg and looked up to Raven with worried eyes. "I was wondering if you could give me some advice."

Raven stared at the girl with a blank face. Her? Give advice? Wasn't that more Cyborg or Starfire's thing? "Uh," the shocked girl started, "sure."

Terra let out a breath of relief and then started off slowly, "I…kinda...got my memory back last night. I remember everything." She looked at Raven with a face full of guilt and despair. "All my nights as a homeless, lonely nomad; the way you guys invited me into your lives and home; the tension between you and I; how much Beast Boy loved me; and the way I betrayed you all." Then, she dropped onto a stool at the island counter and let her face fall into her palms. "Ugh, how could I be so selfish? Betray my friends just so I could be better at controlling my powers? I was such a horrible person."

Raven gulped rather loudly. She wasn't the best at comforting people. In fact, she'd never really done it before. But she couldn't just let the now crying Terra sit right there in front of her with tears pouring down her cheeks and not say anything. So, she sucked up her pride and walked over to the girl so that she could lay a hand on her back.

"There, there," she mustered up, her voice as monotone as ever. "Don't worry. We forgive you. Not to mention, you sacrificed yourself for us so that we could live. You saved us."

"Yeah," Terra sniffed loudly, her cheeks a rosy red, "but you wouldn't need saving if it wasn't for the destruction I caused. I don't know if I can continue my relationship with BB knowing all the heartbreak I caused. I feel so guilty."

Raven rolled her eyes to herself and thought with sarcasm, 'I'm definitely hitting up that café tonight. Maybe they'll have a bar that doesn't check I.D.'s.'

"I don't think there's any need for that," Raven began dryly. "Beast Boy knows your past and he still loves you and wants to help you. Just talk to him, apologize, and give the relationship a chance."

Terra looked up at her with childlike eyes and nodded up and down as if to say okay. Then, suddenly, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep! The alarm went off, sending loud signals throughout the tower and catching their sense of sight with flashing red lights. Robin popped up in the commons area in no time with Star, BB, and Cyborg following closely behind.

"Trouble," he said with sheer frustration and ran over to the main computer to check who was causing said trouble.

"Oh, hey, Terra," Beast Boy greeted his old love with a boyish grin. "What brings you here, Hot Mama?"

Terra blushed at the pet name, making Raven want to gag, and hummed softly, "I have to tell you something, but it can wait till you come back."

Next to Robin, Cyborg was eyeing the screen, checking out the location they'd be heading to within seconds. "So, Rob, who's the culprit?"

Then, Robin growled lowly in a tone of annoyance and grit, "None other than Red X."


"Hit him with the sonicboom, Dudes!" Beast Boy screamed the moment he transformed from a determined gorilla back to his defeated, exhausted human form.

Red X was literally giving the team a run for their money downtown at the city's bank. The bank was definitely a new low for him. They were used to him robbing large museums and fancy jewelry stores. He always seemed to be after rare and valuable objects, not plain old dollar bills. Either way, he was kicking their butt as usual. Not one person could capture him with their attempts. Not to mention, there were only three of them left to fight. He'd taped the two girls together on the door of the bank's vault with one of his red x's just seconds after they'd arrived. He managed to close the door and lock them in the cold room before either of their teammates could save them.

Suddenly, Beast Boy cried out as he felt his body being wrapped in thick, sticky adhesive and his mouth being covered right after. "Sorry, Buddy," the robotic voice popped up out of nowhere, then proceeded to roundhouse kick the green fellow in his chin, knocking him out within seconds. "Shouldn't have let your guard down."

The villain whirled around in satisfaction with a heavy sack of cash in one hand, only to see Robin heading towards him with his explosive discs "I'm ready when you are, Cy!" Cyborg ventured somewhere from the side with his canon arm lit and ready to fire.

"I'm right beside you, man!" the older teen assured his teammate as they prepared to unleash an explosion from hell on the frozen villain.

Red X gulped. For some reason, he was stuck in his place with fear. He'd studied all of their moves, powers, and abilities. He knew all five of them in and out so that he was always one step ahead of them while in combat. It'd been working for months, almost a year now, but this sonicboom thing didn't ring a bell.

'This would probably be a really good time to use that really cool teleportation button,' he thought cynically to himself. He looked up and saw a whirlwind of discs and sonic fire coming towards his face. He pressed the button on his utility belt just a millisecond before he met his end. What he didn't anticipate was where he was teleporting to.

"You have some nerve!" he heard a raspy almost boyish yet feminine voice bellow the moment he landed.

He opened his hidden, green eyes only to be faced with two angry beauties. One was the typical, bright-haired, bright-eyed, tanned skin model like beauty. The other was a darker, more intricate beauty. You might not even notice her beauty if you didn't pay attention. Which was a mistake he'd made for months as he fought against the Titans. He always got a tickle out of seeing Robin's temper flaring as he flirted with his girlfriend. The fact that she was gorgeous with a fire body was an added bonus that just made the experience even more satisfying and exciting for him.

"Let us out now or I'll be sure to damn you to hell as soon as my arms are free," a tone of pure agitation and anger filled his ears, reminding him of the interesting situation he was in.

Raven. Just the girl he wanted to think about. But that'd have to wait till another chapter. Right now, he had to keep us his villain persona. "Not just yet, Dark Bird," he finally stood up and walked over to the restricted girls. "There's something really tempting about having two chicks restrained against a wall."

"Argh!" Starfire finally broke her patient anger. Her green eyes lit up, ready to blow a hole right through his mask and that smug look she was sure he was hiding under it. She'd already tried her darnedest to burn the tape off, but somehow it was resistant to their powers. Now, he'd barricaded himself inside the safe with them just to taunt them. She was fed up. Today had already been a tough day for her. She didn't have time to deal with his shenanigans.

"Do as Friend Raven asked and let us down now!" the redhead screamed as loud as she could manage, making her usually friendly voice sound deadly as it echoed against the metal walls.

Bang, bang, bang! "Starfire, Raven, we're coming! We're doing everything we can to get you out of there!" They heard Robin scream from the other side.

Out of nowhere, Red X was mere millimeters away from Starfire's face. If he hadn't been masked, their lips would probably even be touching. Both Starfire and Raven were silent from shock as he pressed his body more against hers, then proceeded to whisper in her ear, "Only because you asked so nicely."

With that, he took a large step back, putting a comfortable amount of space between them. Starfire was speechless and trembling from her anger. Raven didn't know exactly how she felt. Or maybe she did, but refused to admit it. I mean, it was normal to be jealous at the situation, right? Everyone from Red X to Mas y Menos to Speedy to pretty much all of their fans seemed to be attracted to Starfire, but none of them to her.

Out of nowhere, a wave of mixed emotions washed over her. She looked up from the still spot on the ground only to be caught off guard by Red X staring at her. Well, at least she assumed he was staring at her. His masked face was turned in her direction and there wasn't much else in the vault his eyes could be fixed on. If only she could see his eyes…whatever color they might be. She wondered if they were a mix of a midnight blue sky and brilliant stars. Or maybe they were a color as vivid as the jewels he stole like her amethyst irises. Maybe ruby since his name was Red X or even onyx. What if they were a simple, dull, tortoise shell brown? Or maybe they were a pale, spellbinding green. Anyway, that was beside the point. He'd been staring at her for like fifteen seconds now and she was growing uncomfortable. It was almost like he was intrigued by her or as if he was inspecting her like she was a probable object he could steal.

"We're coming, girls! Hold on just a second longer!" Cyborg's voice rang as the sound of the door opening became loud and clear.

The masked thief snapped out of his admiration. "Got to go, Babes. This was fun; we should really do it again sometime," he rushed before taking a pocket knife, cutting the tape off, and disappearing within seconds.


"You sure you don't want a ride back to the tower, Rae?" Robin asked as the others loaded into the T-Car. They were all worn out and feeling defeated as they'd managed to let the villain escape yet again. They'd beaten magicians, huge monsters, a team of villains, and the most dangerous demon, yet they couldn't catch a measly thief? They were ashamed to call themselves superheroes.

"Yeah," she uttered softly in her usual toneless voice, "I think I'm going to go try the tea at that new café up the street."

"Want some company?" he offered, before nervously scratching the back of his neck. They were best friends, but sometimes he was still intimidated by her blank face. "Or a ride at least?"

Raven shook her head left to right. "No thanks. I could use a nice, calming walk. Alone."

"Well, whenever you get time, mind stopping by my room?" he hurried out of the blue. "I could use some relationship advice."

Raven lifted a confused eyebrow. Why was everyone coming to her for relationship advice? She was literally the one Titan who'd never been in a real relationship. Her nickname might as well have been Forever Alone. "Um…okay."

"Awesome," he smiled and opened the back door to take his seat next to a sleeping Starfire. "Don't stay out too late."

Raven smirked at her close, overprotective friend and dropped, "Don't worry, Boy Blunder. I'm a good girl."


A few moments after separating from her team, Raven sat quietly and kind of shyly at the bar of the first club she'd ever ventured to herself. She knew she'd told Robin she was going to a café but as soon as she strolled past the loud, thumping walls of the lively club, her spirit was filled with a risk she wasn't exactly sure she was ready to take. Yet, something compelled her to anyway. Luckily, the bouncer at the door was kind enough to let her in even though she was without an ID. Unfortunately, that also meant she was still dressed in her black leotard and dark blue cloak, which was probably the only reason the bouncer was so kind. However, she hadn't been so lucky in the drink department. The bartender insisted she knew Raven wasn't old enough to drink since she was part of the Teen Titans. So, she decided she'd have to get Robin to change the name ASAP.

Apparently, they were having some kind of live band night and the solo girl was truly enjoying the rhythm of the instruments. The brass instruments awakened her sense of vigor and passion, the percussions made her excited for more while the instruments such as the guitars and the keyboards heightened her rarely seen sensuality. Even if she didn't meet anyone new today, she'd still be able to say she had a good time. It definitely beat moping in her room, meditating all day long, and reading books nonstop.

For a moment, the music stopped and the people on the floor grew agitated. They were losing their adrenaline and desire to dance the longer the silence continued. "Hey, Buddy! How about you get off stage if you're not going to play?!" Someone shouted at one of the guys of the next band on stage.

The guy, who Raven assumed was the lead singer since he was standing at the front mic with no instrument, laughed nervously. "Uh, sorry, guys. Our drummer is running a little late."

"Was running late!" Another voice shouted from near the entrance. Everyone's attention was immediately drawn to a black-haired, tall-statured guy running towards the stage for dear life with wooden drumsticks in his hand.

He was sweating and his breathing was skimpy as he hopped on stage and stole the mic from his bandmate. "Sorry about that, everyone. Let's get this show started." With that, he plopped on the seat of his drum set and used the tap of his drumsticks against each other to count off. "1, 2, 3."

Loud booms and explosions of guitar riffs and keyboards suddenly filled the atmosphere. The beat was automatically enticing and bloodcurdling, making the crowd go wild. Raven thought the music was alright and all, but what she was really intrigued by was their tardy, raven-haired drummer, who was biting and licking his inviting, peach-colored lips with every beating of his drum. Not only was he handsome, but he was also—dare she say—sexy in his white, V-neck shirt and tapered, black pants. His thick, black hair was full and short, stopping right above his forehead with a natural part straight down the middle. She could see his ripped, fair-toned arms perfectly as he flexed his muscles to move his sticks up and down, but her favorite thing by far was his eyes. They were ironically the same light almost pale green eyes she imagined Red X to have and she could see the delicate color from a mile away.

Her tongue was literally caught in her throat, making it hard for her to breathe. Other than his looks and his amazing talent, there was something about him, something about his aura that was drawing her to him. Her heart was beating at the same tempo of each boom and clap of his drum. It was a new feeling. A new spark that'd been lit inside of her. She now desperately needed to meditate, because she was suddenly beginning to think she was losing her mind. Either her Emoticlones were toying with her or the stupid cheesy, romance novels Starfire had given her as gifts long ago that she'd finally broken down and read in her boredom were getting to her. She didn't know, but something was definitely wrong because she was slowly beginning to believe in not only love but love at first sight.


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