The team takes a job that has to do with their hitter's past with the military. Eliot tries to keep it all a secret, but ends up getting caught up with his old life. And that might officially break the poor man.




I know I haven't written in forever, but I have been getting a HUGE writers blocks! I want to thank you whimseyrhodes for helping me with this story! You are one of my favorite authors and inspirations to writing, and I am so glad I asked you for help. I hope you enjoy this story! Byeeeeeeeeeeee!

"Tony Adler," Nate began.

At those words, Eliot looked up and tensed, his hands gripping the papers Hardison had handed out as he stared at the picture of the man that popped up on the screen. He was in his mid-thirties, had short blond hair, brown eyes, angular cheekbones, and thin lips. He was wearing a black suit, which made him look very classy and much older than he actually was, even though the team could easily read right through him.

"Tony Adler is world famous interrogator," the mastermind continued. "He is most known for his punishments and torture sessions. About twenty years ago, there was some kind of an incident and he escaped with no arm. No one knows what happened next, although some believe he got a bionic arm."

The rest of Nate's words were muted. Eliot felt himself shudder, the memories of that wretched man coming back to him. He felt a gentle hand on his shoulder, which made him flinch. He looked up and saw Sophie staring at him, her expression full of worry. Eliot shook his head, as if trying to tell her he was okay.

"... Parker and Eliot, you two will go to Adler's party. You will pose as a married couple, and will try to learn everything you can about Adler. Got it?" Nate was saying, which made Eliot listen again.
Parker and Eliot exchanged glances, and looked back to Nate and nodded.

"We'll all sleep here tonight. I want to start this job first thing in the morning."

Everyone nodded.
When the briefing finally ended, Eliot went into the kitchen, beginning to make dinner. The repetitive chopping and dicing calmed his mind, and the scents helped to ease the tension that had gathered in his shoulders. Within an hour, the food was served and after a quiet meal, everyone found their own spaces to bunk down and sleep.

Eliot walked into the guest bathroom and turned on the cold water. Splashing some on his face, he turned the water off and walked to his bed. He sat down for a few moments, just enjoying the silence. He sighed, pulling off his shirt and crawled under the covers, trying to get some sleep. This was going to be a long job.

After many hours of nonstop tossing and turning, Eliot finally managed to fall asleep.




On the next day, he and Parker were sent into Tony Adler's party.

The two of them stood in front of the huge mansion, gawking at the beautiful building.

"Let's just get this over with." Eliot huffed, tearing his eyes off the house and onto the entrance.

Parker nodded, taking out two fake wedding bands from her bag and handing one to Eliot, who put it onto his ring finger. Parker did the same. They walked into the building hand in hand, showed their invitations to the guards and went in.

Parker clung to Eliot, the huge amounts of people made her want to stab someone.

"And no stabbing, Parker," Eliot said, as if reading her mind. "Please."

The young woman smiled stiffly at him, taking his hand. He could feel the tension in her grip as she fought her instincts to flee or find something sharp to defend herself with. He squeezed her hand gently.

"Ah, and who are you two?" a familiar voice said.

The 'couple' turned around, and Eliot's mouth opened when seeing Tony Adler himself in front of him. He was wearing yet another black suit, his blond hair was slicked back.

Eliot immediately pulled himself out of his daze and smiled. "Mark Cosby," he began. "And this is my wife, Lara Cosby. We were actually here to make a deal with you."

Adler nodded, looking at Parker with caution.

"Quite a woman you've got there," he said. "You must love sharing a bed with her."

Eliot could feel Parker tense up, and he quickly reacted by pulling her closer to him. All he was able to do was smile and nod.

"So what do you need?" Adler asked.

"We have certain things that might interest you," Eliot explained. "If we could talk somewhere private, my wife and I can explain what we have."

Adler nodded. "Come with me."




Adler gestured the two into an office, where Eliot and Parker used the information Hardison had found to hook Adler into working with them. When the meeting ended, Adler had agreed to work with them, since they had what they wanted.

"It was wonderful doing business with you two," Adler said, shaking Eliot's hand. "I look forward to working with you again soon."

With that, he closed the door to his office, leaving Parker and Eliot alone.

"Finally," Parker said, sighing. "I swear if I have to spend anymore time with that bastard I'm gonna stab someone."

"Come on now, darlin'. No stabbing anybody." Eliot said, beginning to lead her out of the mansion. He wondered if Adler had recognized him from so many years ago, but he just didn't know. The man hadn't given any signs of recognition, and Eliot had changed after so many years.

But while on their way to their car, Eliot saw guards following them.

"Parker, make sure you stay behind me at all times." he whispered into her ear, turning around to face the men. "What do you want?" he asked

The man in the middle smiled. "Mr. Adler wants to catch up."

"Parker run." he muttered.

The thief shivered and held tighter to the hitter, but Eliot shook her off, pushing her in the direction of the car.

He watched Parker leave, then turned to the guards. "If Adler wants me," he said coldly, dropping into a fighting stance. "He's gonna have to try and get to me first."

He waited for the men to circle him, not taking his eyes off of any of them. Finally, one of them lunged at him. Eliot dodged, letting the fight begin.




Eliot knew that he had to stay on high alert. Anything could happen with Adler and his men. As he was dodging attacks, he made sure his breathing was steady, and he was on his game.

Suddenly, he felt someone kick his ribs, the impact sending him flying onto the ground. Strong punches were being delivered to his upper body and face. A foot slammed into his kidney and he arched back, his entire body locked in agony, but the men kept on beating and kicking him until he lay in the dirt, a trembling, bloody mess.

The men grabbed the hitter and pulled him up, forcing him into a truck. Eliot didn't resist; he was in no shape to do anything.

In the distance, Parker watched what was happening to Eliot, chewing on her lip as her fingers clawed into the steering wheel. She cried out when she saw Eliot nearly beaten to death. And then in seconds, he was shoved into a truck and drove away. Parker sat still in the front seat of the car, staring at the ground, where she could see Eliot's blood seeping into the old cement.

After a few moments, she shook her head, turning on the car and beginning to make her way to the HQ. When she finally arrived at the office, she barged through the door, calling out for her teammates.

"Parker, what's wrong?" Sophie asked, walking into the main room.

"Adler kidnapped Eliot!" Parker screamed, feeling tears stream down her cheeks.

"What?" Sophie asked.

Hearing her agitated voice, Hardison and Nate hurriedly walked in as Sophie quickly sat Parker down on the couch.

"Tell us what happened, sweetheart." she said, taking her hand.

So Parker explained everything that had happened with Eliot, Adler, and his men. When she finished, she burst into tears.

"We need to find Eliot!" she said, wiping away the tears.

"I know, Parker." Sophie said, pulling her into a hug.

"And we will," Nate finished. "You can count on that."

The mastermind turned to Hardison. "Hardison, can you try and track him? And track Adler as well."

"You got it." Hardison said, standing up and walking over to his computer.

"We will find him, Parker," Sophie said, giving Parker a light squeeze. "I promise."