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Chapter XVI


"Sir!" Arcee shouted as she stood up from where she is at. "Readings show the energy powering the shield is draining!"

Captain Katsumoto looks up at the creature and cursed in his language again. "It can drain energy. If this keeps up then the shield will be gone and we will be defenseless. And if it finds the weapon..."

Obi Wan knew what will happen if the creature does get to it and sighed. "There must be something we can do to lure it away from the base. Isn't there anything these things are attractive to that we can use to lure it away from the building?"

Captain Katsumoto only knows one thing that can lure it away, but shook his head knowing it was a bad idea. "The radiation from the weapon could lure it away, but by doing so it will most likely summon more monsters. No, the only other way to harm this creature is…"

Suddenly they heard and felt a loud stomp coming from nearby. The stomp caused the ground to shake a little as the two older men turned to the source of the shaking. They look up and Captain Katsumoto's expression turns to one of shock. The monster soon stops attacking the shield and turns to the source of the stomp and roars loudly as it expands its wings.

The stomping came from a large creature that stood 355 feet tall, long spikes along its back, appeared reptilian, long tail, and dark scales. Obi Wan recognized the creature from the hologram, but was still shocked to see it.

"Captain, is that?" Obi Wan asked as he gets a nod from Captain Katsumoto.

"The God of Heiwa," said Captain Katsumoto as he sees the same monster that saved him and his soldiers all those year ago. "Gojira."

Godzilla stood over the remains of the destroyed Separatist ship and lets out a thunderous roar that echoed all around the city. The monster, Megaguirus roared back before taking flight. It soon flew into the sky as it begins firing fireballs from her wings towards Godzilla. Godzilla turns to its side so its spikes can take the blow of the attacks before turning to face its foe letting out a loud snort.

Godzilla soon charges at the monster as the Megaguirus begins flying away from Godzilla. Godzilla gave chase though as the monster flew out of reach of Godzilla. It flew up into the sky before flying back down like a bomber before firing more fireballs at it. Godzilla took the hit, but it didn't slow it down.

Godzilla leaps up to bite at the Megaguirus, but couldn't get high enough off the ground due to its size. The Megaguirus flew down again trying to knock the monster down. However, Godzilla lowered its head so the fireballs hit its spiky back. Once the monster flew down enough, Godzilla lifted its head up and hits the head monster under its belly causing it to be fly into one of the buildings breaking through it.

Godzilla roared loudly before it goes after the monster. All while the others look on at the monster fight they are witnessing. For Obi Wan, Arcee, and Okada this was a sight to behold. But for Captain Katsumoto he has seen Godzilla fight other monsters before so he wasn't in awe like the others.

It didn't mean though he wasn't impressed with how the fight is going. He knew Gojira wasn't a mindless animal. It was a very intelligent animal and this fight shows that intelligent. He waited till the monster flew down enough for Godzilla to finally get a blow in.

Godzilla's body is durable and can take any hits. So, Godzilla didn't need to worry about suffering any damages.

Obi Wan watches the two monsters go towards the city now and away from the building, which gave them an opening. "Captain, I believe now is our chance to make our escape."

Captain Katsumoto shook his head in response. "Agreed. Let us hope our friends got the message out before the fighting started."

"Master! Can you hear me?" Ahsoka began contacting Obi Wan through his com-link.

"I'm here, Ahsoka. Is everything okay?" Obi Wan asked noticing the tone in Ahsoka's voice when she contacted him.

"Not exactly. Keisuke was a spy for Count Dooku," Ahsoka replied.

This caught Captain Katsumoto's attention as he grabs Obi Wan's wrist and replied. "That is a lie! Keisuke is one our most loyal men. Why would he betray us?!"

Obi Wan got his arm freed and tries to calm the situation. "Captain, calm down. Now, Ahsoka, tell us what happened."

Ahsoka explained in short what happened with Keisuke. How he is the son of the former prime minister of Heiwa, Masato Omura. How he was working for the bounty hunters to steal a weapon that Count Dooku wanted. That was why he did all of this.

How Keisuke wanted revenge on Kensuke and his family for bringing shame to his own family. And that Shinji killed him, but the bounty hunters took off to get the weapon before they try to escape.

Captain Katsumoto stood in silent as he closed his eyes to reflect on what happened. He knew who Keisuke's family was. He knew from the beginning, but he wanted to give the boy a chance to reclaim his family's honor. To make up for the sins of his father.

He earned his trust and the trust of his team. He proved himself time and time again. Reclaiming the honor he lost. But now to find out it was all a lie to get revenge…it made him glad Shinji killed the traitor knowing he deserved it.

"Ahsoka, get the others to the transporters," said Obi Wan giving Ahsoka her orders. "I'll have the others go get Cody and meet you all there. I'm going to go after the bounty hunters."

"No," said Captain Katsumoto. "We will go after them. We cannot allow them to escape with the weapon. Master Jedi, will you join me?"

Obi Wan nods in response. "It would be my pleasure."

Megaguirus emerged from the city and begins flying away as Godzilla gives chase. Godzilla stops chasing and watches as the insect monster keeps her distance and fires more fireballs at him. Godzilla took the hits, but was not fazed. Instead its spike begins to glow

However, the monster flew towards some buildings as Godzilla monster flew on her side passing by the buildings with ease, but Godzilla got caught between the buildings due to the large body he has. Megaguirus flew back towards the buildings and fired fireballs at the base of the buildings causing them to fall on Godzilla.

Godzilla roared as the buildings fell on top of him, while Megaguirus roared in victory. Knowing Godzilla is trapped down in the heavy buildings. Giving it time to fly down on the Godzilla and use its sharp needle to pierce into the monster to drain of its energy. However, it soon detected something familiar.

The Megaguirus was able to sense a large amount of radiation coming from the building. The monster roared before flying over to the building to begin finishing what it started. Drain the energy from the shield so it can get to the radiation inside. Devour it all and then finish off Godzilla.


Cad Bane and Boba Fett managed to make their way to the laboratory where they were told the weapon is kept. They used the severed hand on the door panel as they head inside to find the weapon they were told about. It was exactly as described by Count Dooku. Boba goes to inspect it and begins using the codes that they were given to gain access to the controls.

Boba examined the weapon and found the details about what it can do. "Exactly as Count Dooku told us. This is the weapon that has the power to destroy worlds. I can't imagine what he will do with it if he has enough of these at his disposal."

"I could care less what he does with this thing," said Cad Bane as he looks at the weapon. "Just as long as we can get it out of here before the Jedi show up."

Boba begins shutting off the security field around the weapon and finds a way to have it be lowered to the lower levels. Exactly where the transporters are at. However, he knew the Jedi and Heiwan soldiers will most likely be there if their comrades informed them of what happened. And they can't risk taking it to the roof since that will cause the creature to try devouring the weapon.

"Well, since our only man on the inside is dead. How do you propose we get this out of here?" Boba asked wondering what Bane has to help them get out of this.

"Luckily Count Dooku predicted this," said Cad Bane as he pushes Bane to the side and begins typing in a code into the computer. "The old man probably didn't know this, but Keisuke's father had one of the scientist put in a fail-safe in this weapon. If the weapon gets damaged then there is a way to remove the source of its power. The core, which Dooku wants so we can bring it to him."

Cad Bane finishes typing in the codes before the middle part of the missile begins opening up to reveal a bright radiation core. Bane goes over and pulls the core out of the missile before putting it inside a lead container.

"The scientist made it seem like they couldn't break the weapon apart and hid this from the other scientists through a special code that wouldn't be detected," said Cad Bane as he puts the container inside a bag. "And now we can get out of here without anyone noticing."

As they are about to leave they hear the alarm in the room going off. Boba goes to the control panel and sees what the problem is.

"You idiot. By removing the core the missile is unstable," said Boba as he sees that even though they did remove the most destructive part of the missile there is still plenty of energy left inside to wipe out half or perhaps the entire city from the radiation explosion. "We have ten minutes to get out of here before it explodes."

"Ten minutes huh? Plenty of time for this," Shinji appeared and opened fire at both bounty hunters.

Boba dodged the blaster shots, while Bane got his left leg shot. Boba took out his Mandalorian blaster and opened fire. Shinji took cover behind the wall. Boba used his jetpack to fly towards the exit. Shinji turns over to shoot at them, but gets tackled by Boba. The two crash across the room destroying much of the equipment and cracking some of the windows.

Cad Bane used this chance to make his escape, while he leaves Boba to fight the boy.

The two fighters continued flying around the room. They slammed into more equipment and against the windows cracking more of them. That was until they crashed to the ground. While they continue punching each other.

Shinji is kicked away by Boba Fett as he notices his jetpack got damaged. He gets it off of his back and opened fire. Shinji rolled out of the way and took cover behind a table. Boba runs over and leaps over the table to open fire. Shinji dodges the shots and pushed a chair in the way where Boba is landing.

The chair knocked Boba to the ground as Shinji opened fire at him. Boba dodged the blaster shots and fires a cable from his wrist gauntlet. The cable wrapped around Shinji's right arm and forced him to drop his blaster. Boba then prepares to fire at him, but Shinji pulls Boba forward and then leaps over a table for cover from the blaster shots once Boba got his footing back.

Boba presses a button on his wrist gauntlet to send electricity through to shock Shinji. However, he felt the cable loosen up and runs over to see Shinji cut through the cable and is gone. Boba begins backing away. He begins looking around as he tries to use his training to help him find his foe.

Shinji kept hidden behind some of the destroyed equipment with one blaster on his left hand and a knife on the other hand. He knew Boba is a trained warrior. He has to be if he is the son of Jango Fett and be a proud Mandalorian fighter. If he is going to beat him then he has to find an opening.

Boba stops walking around and pulls out three small explosion pellets. He couldn't find where Shinji is at, but at least can try luring him out another way. He tosses all three to his right and gets into position. Shinji sees the pellets and leaps out of the way as they blew up.

The explosion knocked him into the air and towards the ground. Boba saw Shinji exposed and chases after him to shoot at him. However, Shinji tosses a device that fired a cable that wrapped around him. Boba fell to the ground and dropped his weapon as he struggled to break free.

Shinji and Boba lay on the ground both unable to move as they were across from one another. Boba tries to break free of the cables, while Shinji tried to get some feelings back in his body from the explosion.

"You are good…" said Shinji as he began speaking to Boba. "I can see why you Mandalorians are amazing fighters. It's a shame though you are wasting your talent helping someone who is going to end up killing you."

Boba just glares at Shinji while pulling a small knife out from his wrist to cut through the cable. "If you are referring to Count Dooku or Bane, forget it. I already know they were planning to betray me. I was planning to kill Bane and leave the weapon behind. Even if I sold the weapon to someone else it wouldn't matter. I know Dooku would get it eventually and once he does he'll most likely hunt me down."

Shinji was a bit surprised to learn this, especially from someone who was trying to kill them earlier. "If that's true then why didn't you just leave the bounty hunters and come with us?"

"Because I'm still a criminal, remember? It doesn't matter if I end up helping you or not. I still committed crimes against the Republic and Heiwa. The first thing you'd all do is lock me up once we got off this world…" Boba looks at the timer back in the room where the weapon is at and sighed. "Not that it matters though since we'll most likely end up being killed."

Shinji shook his head in response. "Not unless we work together to get off this world. Look, I know who you are and yeah knowing the Republic they will likely lock you up. However, the organization I work for could use someone as skilled as you to help us out. If you agree to work with us then I promise that you won't go to jail."

Boba stares at Shinji not believing a word he is telling him. Sure, it sounds good, but he knew it wasn't true. He doubts Heiwa would want a dangerous criminal like him around. Plus, he doesn't do wok for any government where he has to serve them.

Boba soon broke free just in time for Shinji to recover from the explosion. The two grab their blasters and aim them at each other's faces.

"I can tell you don't trust me and that's good. In my line of work trust is a very hard thing to earn," said Shinji as he tries to convince Boba to join him. "However, you don't have to work for us completely. Being an ally is enough for us, especially with what is coming."

"And what is coming?" Boba asked curious on what Shinji is telling him.

"Have you ever wonder why Dooku hired your dad to make clones of himself as an army? Ever wonder why Dooku made sure to keep this a secret from the Jedi? Ever wonder why the Kaminoans placed those chips in the brains of the Clones? And ever wonder what is on them?" Shinji asked as he begins moving his blaster away from Boba's face to try gaining his trust.

"We are merely pawns in the game of Dooku's master. The one behind this war. The one who is using us to give him what he wants. And if we're not careful he will destroy us all."

Boba listened carefully to what he is telling him and sees him moving his weapon away. Boba could have just shot him and then escape, but what he said did make him question everything he thought of. He was curious why Dooku didn't use the Clone army against the Jedi. Why didn't he use them along with the Droid army to take over the galaxy?

He knew about the chips in the brains of the Clones, but didn't know what was on them. Was it a sort of mind control perhaps? Is that why Dooku is waiting? And who is his master that he never met before.

"You have a choice. We work together or we try killing one another…" Shinji moves his hands up and keeps them away from each other to work on getting Boba's trust. "What is your choice?"


Cad Bane left the room he heads down the hallway to make his escape. He decides to try making it to the rooftop and use his rocket boots to escape. Perhaps if he sees the ship he can fly inside and kill the pilot before taking off. He'll get his money and live to hunt another die.

As he turns the corner he stops when he sees Obi Wan and Captain Katsumoto standing at the end of the hallway.

"Bounty hunter," said Captain Katsumoto as he held his sword. "Surrender now or you will die."

Obi Wan ignites his lightsaber and moves it up. "It would do you good if you surrender, Bane. You have no way out of here."

"I wouldn't be so sure of that," said Bane as he pulls out the lead container. "I have the core from the weapon. If you make any move against me I will unleash the radiation."

"Doing that will also kill you," said Captain Katsumoto who knew the bounty hunter is bluffing.

"He's right. We both know you won't do it," said Obi Wan who knew Bane is dangerous, but not psychotic dangerous.

"If I don't get off this world then I'll make sure none of you make it out of here alive," said Bane who didn't care if he did make it out or not. "Now, unless you are both ready to die then I suggest you back away before I end this once and for…"

Suddenly the alarm begins going off as they hear a voice speaking to them through the speakers. "The shield is gone. The facility is now exposed. Please evacuate to the nearest exit. Thank you and have a good day."

Suddenly the roof of the building it torn open as Bane, Obi Wan, and Katsumoto look up to see the Megaguirus monster tearing off the roof. Finding the source of the radiation and growls. Obi Wan used the distraction to grab the container through the Force. Bane sees this and goes to grab his blaster when the monster came down and devoured Bane along with much of where he was standing.

"Run!" Obi Wan shouted as they begin taking off with the monster coming after them.

The two run towards one of the reinforced windows, which Obi Wan managed to slash through with his lightsaber. The two leap out of the building and use their cables to grab on to a piece of the building to swing around. However, the Megauirus broke part of the building where the hooks were connected and the two fell to the ground. The monster sees the two humans on the ground and goes to attack them.

However, Shinji came in with Boba's jetpack and fired a rocket at the eye of the monster. The rocket hits the eye and explodes causing the monster to roar in pain. It begins writhing around roaring loudly. Shinji used his own cable and leaps down from the building before joining the others.

"You two okay?" Shinji asked as he gets a nod response from the two men. "Okay. Let's go!"

They begin running as the Megaguirus begins recovering from the attack. It growls angrily as it sees its prey escaping with its meal. They continued to run until the monster flew over and used its wings to send them flying. The force of the wind sends them across the field towards some of the wreckage.

Shinji and Obi Wan crashed into one of the vehicles. All while Captain Katsumoto crashed through a bus to the ground. His suit managed to soften the blow, but he was still in pain. He looks over and sees the monster beginning to approach the others.

Captain Katsumoto began having flashbacks of losing a group of his soldiers to one of the monsters and couldn't do anything to save them. He watched on as they died horribly and painfully. Their cries of pain and agony ringing through his ear as he stood by helplessly. He shook this off though and refused to lose any more people.

The Megaguirus soon was halfway towards the group and begins charging for a fireball to kill the two humans so it can take its meal.

However, as it fires the fireball Captain Katsumoto grabbed a chunk of debris placing it over Obi Wan and Shinji to shield them from the attack. However, the blast hits him and he screams in pain. Shinji called out to the captain who despite wearing his suit still felt the burn from the flames. Once the flames died down Obi Wan and Shinji removed the debris as the captain stood over them. He soon fell backwards, but Shinji and Obi Wan stopped him from falling to the ground.

Captain Katsumoto began breathing heavily as Obi Wan and Shinji see his face despite his helmet on was burned badly. They knew they have to get him some medical help soon otherwise he will…

They soon hear a loud breathing as they turn around to see the Megaguirus standing in front of them. The monster growls loudly as it begins drooling when it smells the radiation through the lead. Obi Wan ignites his lightsaber, while Shinji takes out his blaster ready to fire at the monster. The monsters leans down to attack when a bright light emerged near the group.

Through the smoke they see what appears to be a bright blue light that emitted a loud humming sound. It soon began building up as they see it going through some large spikes and going up high. The group soon see a large figure appear in the smoke and recognized it as Godzilla. Godzilla opens its mouth and fires a powerful atomic breath at the Megaguirus.

The monster tries to escape, but it wasn't fast enough and its body became engulfed in the flames. Godzilla stops its attack and watches as the flames of its attack began to die down. The Megaguirus was still alive, but barely as it lets out a small roar indicating it was in pain. Godzilla lifts its large foot up and brings it down on the head of the monster before letting out a loud triumph roar that echoed around the city.

Shinji, Obi Wan, and Captain Katsumoto look on in awe at what the monster did. Not only did Godzilla save them, but it killed the monster. Godzilla turns its attention to the group and begins staring at them. Obi Wan wonders what it was doing, while Shinji and Katsumoto simply stared back. After a minute Godzilla soon turns away from them and begins heading back into the city.

Obi Wan was able to breathe easily when he saw Godzilla was gone as he turns to the others. "W-what just happened?"

"It…wanted to see…if we are friends or foe…" said Captain Katsumoto as he began breathing heavily.

Shinji held the captain's hand as he tries to keep him from speaking. "Rest captain. The others will be here soon and we will get you some help."

Captain Katsumoto began smiling a little and shook his head. "No…it is…too late for that…"

Obi Wan called on the Force to sense the captain's life force and soon sees the truth. He turns to Shinji and shook his head. "He's dying. Even if they did get here it will be too late."

Shinji knew it was true too, but he just wanted to be optimistic and believe he would make it. Captain Katsumoto continued to smile as he looks over where Godzilla disappeared to.

"At least…I got to see him again…one more time…and die here…where I was…born…" the captain grabs his sword and hands it to Shinji. "Give this…to my brother…and tell him…I am…sorry…"

Shinji takes the weapon and nods his head. "You have my word. I will give it to him."

Captain Katsumoto nods back before he turns to Obi Wan. "Thank you…for fighting by my side…Master Jedi…it was…an honor…"

"Thank you for letting me fight by your side as well. It was a real honor, Captain Katsumoto," said Obi Wan as he gives a small bow to the captain.

Captain Katsumoto nods before he took his final breath and closed his eyes. Obi Wan and Shinji both lowered their heads out of respect just as the transport vehicles began to arrive as the group inside exit the vehicle to see what is going on. There they see what happened and were in shock.

Obi Wan and Shinji stood up before turning their attention to the others. Okada and Arcee approached the body of their fallen captain before they got on both knees. They soon bowed down showing their respect to their captain. The others stood by in silence as Obi Wan and Shinji leave the soldiers to mourn for the loss of their captain…their friend…and their father.

All while not far away, Boba Fett watched everything that happened. His father told him much about the customs of the Heiwan people and for any of their fallen soldiers. It was similar in some ways to the ways to the warriors of Mandalore. Except he's glad to see the people of Heiwa even in time of war haven't forgotten their past or their traditions.

He turns away and sees the ship flying by to pick up the others. He takes one last look at the city where he spotted the monster himself, Godzilla passing by. He stares at the monster before Godzilla stared back at him. It only for a moment before Godzilla walked away.

Boba doesn't know what happened just now, but whatever it was he decided to let it go and take off to the ship. So, he can escape from this world and return home.

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