Disclaimer: I do not own Looney Tunes and Tiny Toons. It belongs to its respective owners. I own just the OCs. Also the lyrics below should be credited to acosta perez jose ramiro, an awesome fella who has written many stories and also gave me this permission to use the lyrics.


We are tiny.

We are toony.

We're all a little loony.

We're not in a cartoony.

But invading the fan fics.

We're comedy dispensers.

In fan fiction, there're less censors.

At Tiny Toon Adventures,

We still do comedy...

Hey everybody! What's up? Welcome to another Cartoon crossover story and the first crossover between Looney Tunes and Tiny Toons and boy am I so excited to be writing it, especially since this will be the first time I am entering the Tiny Toons fanfics. I hope that you all will enjoy this crossover story and as well as continuing to support me by following and favouriting me and my stories. Well then, enjoy this crossover story :).

Chapter 1 will be published tomorrow so better get ready by then :).