Son of Time.


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Ch 1: Meeting mom

A woman with light powder blue hair, that looked to be between eighteen and twenty-five waiting at a train station. Her maid outfit was blue and white, and she had some knives strapped to her thighs. She had already chased off a fat-man and his horse faced wife, and their beach ball son.

The maid had a genuine smile on her face for the first time in over ten years. Her son, that was taken from her by virtue of being in the same house as two of her best friends when they were attacked, was finally going to be reunited with her. The large incompetent man didn't even think that two cribs meant two toddlers, and if she hadn't gotten their when she did, young Rose Potter might have died from exposure, fortuitously as her godmother, she was able to claim custody of the one year old, and with the help of the goblins, removed some traces of dark magic from her forehead. The goblins also, for a price, agreed to keep an eye out for her son, and they had contacted her in early august, stating that a boy with a similar magic signature as her had came in...

Just one problem, he was claiming to be a Harry Potter. They had allowed him to take money out of the potter accounts based off the fact that the man with him had the proper key, and they boy had genuinely believed that was his name. The goblins had the last laugh, because they refilled the Potter accounts with funds from the Dumbledore accounts, as this deception was obviously his fault.

She thought back to the... SHUDDER... deal she had to make with Yukari, the gap yokai (1), to gain identification usable in this world, as well as contact possibilities and travel, and while she didn't regret it, she definitely didn't want a repeat. Spending all her vacations combing England wasn't fun, neither was the extra work her boss piled on her when she got over her depressions after she failed. Now, because of the goblins, she'll be able to bring her eleven year old baby home.

As she was finishing her musings she saw HIM emerge, but despite her excitement, and her desire to hug the stuffing out of him, she knew better. Instead she held 2 things, one, a place card with his name, and the second, a letter with the Gringotts emblem sealing it, and so she waited for him to see her...

(^.^) ^(^.^)^ (^.^) v(^.^)v (^.^)

Harry winced as he stood up from his seat as the Hogwarts Express ground to a stop, as his injuries weren't fully healed yet, and pulled down his trunk. He wasn't looking forward to the summer, and his aunt and uncle. He was curious however, when the goblin that took him to his vault, hinted that something was going to change for him after the school year, something very big for him.

On his way out of the platform, his friends promised to write him, and he looked around for his 'family'. He didn't see them, but he did see a young woman wearing a light blue and white maid outfit, holding a large card with his name on it. Curious, he cautiously approached her, noticing that she had a genuine smile when she saw him. She then held out a letter with an emblem he had seen over nine months before, the wizarding bank, Gringotts. He cautiously took, and opened the letter, and his eyes widened, looking at her, she her smile grew, and she nodded.

This caused him to throw his arms around her, as his greatest wish, FINNALY came true, he was free from the Dursleys.

(^.^) ^(^.^)^ (^.^) v(^.^)v (^.^)

Finally, her son was in her arms, but as much as she would want to just stand there and hold him, she needed to get back, although when they did get back, she has to take him shopping for new clothes, and burn the ones he was wearing.

(^.^) ^(^.^)^ (^.^) v(^.^)v (^.^)

"Now son, as much as I would like to stand here hugging you, we need to be getting home, is there anything at your last place of residence you would like to retrieve? If not, we can just head home, and then get you some clothes and other essentials," the Maid, Sakuya, said. "Also my name as you would say it, is Sakuya Izayoi."

"No, not really," Harry replied, as they started heading toward the exit. "I only had Dudleys cast off clothes, and some broken toys I snuck out of the trash."

The blue haired maid's expression flashed into an angry expression before her face calmed into a neutral mask. "I will have... words with the people whom you were living with."

Hearing that harry gained a small smile, finally freedom...

Although the shock of having to walk through a hole in reality to get home after they entered an alley was unusual.

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end chapter

(1) one of most powerful yokai in the Touhou setting. Manipulates borders.