Son of Time

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Chapter 8: Cure, and Christmas.

Three weeks was a long time for worried families to wait for the local doctor, but they had no choice, this year's flu was nearly lethal to the young and elderly, making saving lives a higher priority than unstoneing those that are in no danger, so the worried family and friends had to wait.

Erin then swept in after she finished with the human village, and examined the three, and was filled in on where, and how they got petrified.

"I would recommend a mandrake solution. I have plenty of them in stock, so I'll whip them up. I'm surprised that the school didn't have any available to cure the victims," the Doctor finished scathingly. (EN)

"They wouldn't be available until the end of the year," Marisa, who was there to support her students/friends, commented.

"Sloppy, the things are relatively easy to store even without magic, with magic you just slap a stasis charm on them. I'll be back in a day, tops," the attractive doctor said dismissively.

"Before I forget, the headmaster's willing to pay you to cure the rest of the victims," Marisa chipped in.

Erin nodded, and replied, "That's no problem, get me the number of doses needed."

"Sure," Marisa said with a bright smile.

With that, the immortal doctor left.


The next day saw Harry, Flandre, and rose waking up to the occupants of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Marisa, and Erin surrounding them, while Erin was disposing of the now-empty vials, and ignoring the emotional response behind her.

She had a lot of practice in her long life doing so.

As she heard it winding down, she turned around with a stethoscope and some other medical instruments.

"I will need some privacy with the three to make sure there aren't any complications. I also have the requested potions for the headmaster, please contact him for my fee."

Marisa nodded, grabbed the offered potions, then took off to find Yukari.

She needed to go deliver them to the old man, so she left her students/friends behind with their families.


Three weeks... that was how long it took for the older members of the household to let the trio out of the house. (EN)

In that three weeks, homework was done, games were played, cuddles were had between both the three and their respective relatives... and the three started to go stir crazy as they had been not let out of the sight of Remilia or Sakuya since they had been woken up.

So they trudged out into the nighttime snow... and promptly had to dodge several snowballs and icicles from a blue-haired girl with wings that looked like ice crystals.

"I'm the strongest!" the girl crowed.

"Mind if I try?" Harry asked with a glint in his eye.

When he got the assent, he fired off a shotgun blast of bullets, all of which missed. Due to the most powerful fairy in the land of illusions having centuries more experience than him.

Then the battle was on, and it attracted the attention of the mansion's residents.

"Hmm... he needs to work on his tactics more, "Remilia commented dryly. "and why is he only using one hand?"

"I don't... wait, I think, yes, he had his other hand in his pocket with a spell card half withdrawn. He's luring her to be overconfident... not that that's a hard thing to do," Sakuya commented.

"Yes, I see that now, do you really think he has the ability to beat her? He has been only learning for half a year or so."

"Depends on what his spell card does, but since it's winter, and that's Cirno," Rose commented, "more than likely, he's going to get his butt kicked."

Harry was tiring, but his opponent was not, so he decided to use his one-star spell card.

"Yin Yang: Clash of Light and Darkness," he declared while brandishing the card.

Cirno looked at the boy with a blank expression, not expecting much from a clear amateur. Then a blast of black, and a blast of light arced away from him, and missed her by a mile. The blasts were relatively large but slow, and... she streaked in pain, as the two blasts accelerated towards each other, and when they collided they detonated into hundreds of black and white orbs.

She was able to shake it off quick enough to dodge the next attack, and then pounded him with one of her own low-level cards, "Freeze Sign, Icicle Machine Gun!"

The rapid-fire icicles caused Harry to make a nice crater.

Cirno started to giggle and then said, "I'm the strongest! When he wakes up, please thank him for playing with me, bye!"

Then the ice fairy flew off, only to be atomized by a less than amused Flandre. When everybody looked at each other she shrugged and replied, "What? She'll be back to annoy us again, and considering the season, probably tomorrow. She interrupted us."

Rose sighed, there was a reason that the fairies are exceptions to the no-killing rule, mainly because fairies consider dying as proof that they did something awesome... or stupid... or both, and were the closest thing to true immortals in Gensokyo, and so to them, dying is like a vacation, or a nap.

The three true immortals were simply unable to die, instead of resurrecting, something that would make Voldemort insane with jealousy if he ever found out.

As opposed to just being insane.

With a sigh, Flandre picked up her boyfriend and dragged him into the house.

she paused and contemplated the sleeping schedule, and realized that it's her room this time, and so she dragged the boy to it.

She had noted three weeks ago, that her coffin had been replaced while at the school, with one large enough for three people, and discreetly ventilated to allow fresh air inside while still looking like a regular, if large, coffin.

The trio went to sleep, as it was a compromise between the two diurnal and the one nocturnal beings, that they would sleep part of the night and part of the morning. They usually, on non-school days slept until eleven or twelve.


Remilia frowned. She had noticed it before, and it was obvious now that she had stopped to think about it.

Her sister was growing physically older, and at a human rate. It worried her, not because she thought her sister would grow old and die because at the end of the day she was still a vampire, but the reason why she was growing older, and how to deal with what would happen to her sister when the two humans... passed on.

Unless something happened, it would break the blonde girl, and make her worse than she was before Rose, and then Harry came into her life.

This made the girl, and the boy both the best and worse thing that ever happened to her sister.

She believed her sister could possibly handle the two deaths in a fight, but due to old age while she herself remained in the prime of her life? It would probably break her. The obvious solution would be to turn the two into yokai, but such is forbidden in Gensokyo, with some... she paused. There were yokai races that humans could come according to the 'laws' that governed the land of illusions.

Mainly because the conversion is comp0pletly automatic, and many times it happened without the person even knowing.

Her friend Patchouli was an example of a type of Yokai that humans can become without penalty.

The magician. Since the two were currently learning magic, it wouldn't take much for them to be pushed into that change, especially with one of the hardest working magicians in existence doing the training.

Summoning Sakuya, she waited for the maid to arrive, as she wasn't so crass as to make decisions for her son without her input.


Sakuya frowned. She had stopped aging when she started using her powers regularly, which is why she still looked twenty despite having a twelve-year-old son, and she expected it for her son as well, but this would be a nice backup plan for the duo of humans. Rose would need a boost in any case.

Looking at her employer, Sakuya simply nodded her assent.

Remilia gave a smile as she turned to her desk to write a letter to the children's instructor.

"One more thing, we should probably give the trio The Talk, I'll handle my sister, you handle the other two."

Sakuya froze, then winced, the trio needed to get it, and soon. While twelve was a tad young, the fact that they looked to be heading in that direction already, and possible would get them in trouble if they weren't informed early, trouble of both the legal type and pregnancy type.


Marisa looked at the note and frowned. She wasn't unhappy about stepping up the training of the two so they could break through the barrier from magic-using humans to true magicians, and she could agree with the rational, but she wanted it to be the children's choice.

With a nod, she decided that it would be the children's choice, she would tell them what Remi wanted her to do, and why.

She also would do it away from Flandre, the child was cute but scary when angry.

She also didn't want the girl to be guilty about her being the reason why the two broke through said barrier.

It was too late for that though.


"Sister!" an energetic blonde yelled as she glomped her blue-haired sister.

"Flandre," the reserved vampire said with a smile as she returned the hug. "Please sit down for breakfast, we need to talk, away from your friends."

"Oh?" the younger vampire asked as she sat at the small table, in a seat that had a blood cake and tea already set out.

Sakuya was doing some clothes shopping for the other children, as their clothing was getting a bit tight.

One overall as he was starting to fill out with proper food and exercise, the other was entering a dreaded part of her young life... puberty and her clothes were starting to fit wrong.

"It's about your relationship to the two humans, Rose and Harry," Flandre stiffened as she thought her sister was going to forbid interactions with them, when the older vampire continued, "They are both the best and worst things to happen to you. You are happier and more mentally balanced, but have you thought of what will happen in a hundred or so years? Humans don't usually live over a century, wizards and witches can hit a century and a half, have you thought of this?"

Flandre froze, the fact she hadn't taken into account in her interactions with the two humans hit her full force.

She would be in the prime of her life when they died.

Remilia looked at her sister. She hated doing this to her, but she needed to know, how serious is her sister about the two.

CRUNCH, when the table under Flandre's grip. "I... I... I don't care. They are precious to me, can't you understand that?" the vampire looked at her sister with her tear-stained visage.

"I do," Remilia stated. This caused her sister to flinch back and then continued, "That's why I have a plan, and why I just tested you. If they had died in old age, with you watching them wither and fade from life, you would have broke, and I see that separating you from them will have the same results, which led me to instruct Marisa to help them become magicians."

Flandre's eyes widened. Magicians, that... would solve many problems. She then looked at the table and winced, "Sorry..."

Remilia waved it off and said, "Doesn't Harry have a spell to repair something? Let us have him fix it, now let's finish our cake, while you tell me about that school you three have been attending."

It was a much more cheerful conversation between the vampire sisters, only marred by the fact that Dumbledore now knows of Flandre's race.

Then it was time for another more serious talk, one that had the jewel winged vampire running to her room with a red face.

The more serious talk was... The Talk Bi-sexual version.


When Flandre reached her room, she noticed that her friends weren't there, it was a good thing because she needed time to calm down from her embarrassment.


Unknown to her, the other two were holed up in their own rooms suffering from the same damn thing... at least Harry only needed the regular Talk.


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