Walk Across the Sea

Disclaimer: I never wrote the bible.

I am standing on a shore of an island looking toward the land across the sea;

a land that is filled with trees with fresh green leaves and sweet fruit like apples and plumbs that I desire to taste and colorful flowers that decorate the land like lilies, tulips, and blue bells.

I look at the sea and wondered how I will cross it to enter the delightful land.

Then I see God standing on top of the waters stretching his arms out to me.

Come to me, He says to me, and do not be afraid for I care for you and will protect you.

I look at the sea made wild by the wind that is so strong that it could pull the strongest tree from its roots, and so fear enters my heart.

How can I cross the sea and come to you when the sea is so rough I could drown in the waves.

Trust in me, I will protect you and keep you safe from harm;

Just take a step and I will hold you up the rest of the way.

So I took a step on the sea and lo and behold I am standing on top.

Then I take a few more hesitant steps towards him, but stopped when I look at the rough waves.

I cannot continue I must go back for I will drown.

Keep your eyes on me and don't look at the rough waters, He says to me for I will keep you safe from drowning.

So I swallowed my fears and took a few more steps until I feel God's hands in mine and then a strong sense of peace came over me for I know that he is protecting me from harm.

I continue to walk until I stand very close in front of Him.

Then hand in hand we walk together until I we get to the beautiful land where I can enjoy my rest with my God whom I love most of all.

The End