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A/N: This story may contain child neglect and other topics rated for 13 years old and older.


John ran into the room. His eyes went from his baby boy to his wife's corpse when flames erupted. Handing his youngest to Dean, John told Dean to take care of Sammy and run. After trying to fight the growing flames to get closer to his wife, John had to abandon his beloved's corpse to get to his children.

Outside in the yard with his children, John stared off as the EMTs and Firefighters did their jobs. Once the EMTs gave his family the all clear, John took baby Sammy into his arms and grabbed Dean's hand. The small family got inside the Impala and drove to the local hotel. There the boys waited out the coming weeks as their father drank and researched. After those weeks, John made contact with a woman by the name of Missouri. Missouri put him in touch with the hunter community and namely, in touch with a man named Bobby Singer.

A year past as the Winchesters occupied the home of Bobby Singer, and in that time, John was gaining the knowledge and skills he needed to protect his remaining family. Planning on leaving with his family soon, John ran across an interesting book in Bobby's collection. The book took him and his family down a path no one could have anticipated.

This book contained information about demons including a certain yellow-eyed demon. With a sober mind and a plethora of information, John put together that the demon who murdered his wife had some sort of connection to his youngest son. Thus, John decided to talk with Bobby about putting his youngest in a safe haven that would protect him from any further demon involvement. While Bobby agreed that the boy needed to grow up protected, he did not like the lengths at which John was planning to go. John felt that they needed to carve symbols into Bobby's Panic room to protect the inhabitants from any demon interaction and then place his youngest in that room for the rest of his life.

Bobby saw that if he did not appease John's wishes he would take his sons and do who knows what else in the name of protecting his sons. So, Bobby and John got to work carving sigils into the walls of the panic room and then placed all of Sammy's things in the room. With Sammy's new room in order, John took Dean and set off on a quest to kill the demon, Azazel. Bobby was left with a 18 month-old baby who would come to grow up without knowing much beyond the world of the Supernatural.