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Trouble in paradise:-

Chapter one:-

He checked the rear mirror, for the third time, and slammed his fist on the wheel, they are still behind him.

He sped up, the trees whipping past him on the high way. the road was curvy so he tried to drive as fast as that allowed him.

The gap was closing between the two cars, so he pressed his foot harder on the accelerator an yelled in frustration


In the other car Gibbs was driving the car as fast as he could behind the suspect's car. Ziva, Tony, and Tim were with him.

"You won't get away this time, Damon" Gibbs mumbled

Gibbs pressed harder on the gas pedal too that's when the road took a sharp turn to the left and the car almost spun out.

"Hang on..." He yelled at his agents and they did even before he tells them too

"Jesus Christ, are gonna kill us" Tony said out of breath

He got the car under control miraculously but that allowed the suspect's car to get away

The suspect's car stopped with a screech in front of a huge gypsies carnival, he jumped out of the car and disappeared between the people inside.

Gibbs and his team got to the same spot a few minutes later. Gibbs slammed his foot on the brakes the minute he saw the other car and the car came to a sudden halt.

The four doors opened at the same time and the four agents jumped out of the car armed and ready to catch their suspect.

"DiNozzo, McGee this way" Gibbs gave them his instructions " are with me"

Tony and Tim walked side by side, eyes searching every face...but the Carnival was too big and it was crowded

"McGee, you go to the left and I will go right." Tony said and walked away


McGee mumbled to himself

"Where are you Corporal Damon? Don't do anything stupid now"

Tim was checking the faces around him when he felt a hand grip on his arm.

He turned around and a very old face came into his sight. Hard life carved deep and shallow lines on that face of a very old woman. She was catching his arm and a kind smile was on her old face

"How can I help you ma'am?" He said gently

"I don't need your help,child, but you need mine" she spoke with confidence

"I beg your pardon?"

"You are in mortal danger, child...your life will end in a few minutes and I don't want this to happen"

"What?!" he said in shock that he couldn't hide. Her words sent chills down his spine

"Take this amulet child, just put it in around your will protect you from evil...and from death"

"Ma'am I'm a Federal agent we're here on a mission, so please..."

"I know who you are...And I know what I'm talking about, child." She said calmly, the smile never left her face

"I'm an experienced fortune teller, my name is Rose Maiara. You are in great danger, please, just take the amulet"

"Ma'am with all due respect, I don't believe in fortune telling" Tim was in a rush but he didn't want to be rude to the old lady, so he just said

"Thank you for your concern but I need to go" he made an attempt to move away but she tightened her grip on his arm

"I've been doing this long before you were born...don't take me lightly"

McGee thought he can offer her some money to get rid of her but when he tried to do that she shook her head

"I'm not after your money, child. You can keep it. Just take the amulet"

"Why are you doing this then?"

"I can recognize a good soul when I see one. Please take it"

Tim allowed the old lady to put the amulet around his neck just to make her feel good. He thanked her and walked away

"God bless you and keep you safe" she whispered after he left

Tim thought that Tony will mock him the minute he sees the amulet around his neck. so he just took it off his neck and put it in his pocket.

Tony and Tim met again "Anything?" Tony asked him

" about this warehouse " Tim pointed at a building in the far corner of the carnival

"Let's check it out" Tony said moving towards the warehouse


Tim opened the big door, holding his gun up high, Tony right behind him...they got down a couple of steps

"Dammit" Tim said when he felt himself stepping in water...The day before was a rainy day and the rain water must have accumulated in the warehouse

There was only dim light coming from the high windows as it was getting dark. they walked into the place checking every corner with their eyes.

The building was big and has two floors and lots of room

"That will take time...I will check the second floor " Tony whispered and Tim nodded

Tim noticed a door leading to the basement. Damon may be hiding in the basement...

he got closer to the door when he heard a movement from behind, he turned around quickly and Damon was standing a couple of meters away from him, a gun in his hand

"Federal agent...Corporal Damon, drop the gun ?"

"I won't drop the gun. You can kill me if you want, Agent McGee. Don't worry I won't press charges" Corporal Daniel Damon said

"Corporal Damon, please drop your gun...I don't want to shoot you, I just wanna know where are the girls?" McGee said calmly

"Don't worry about the gun, Agent McGee, I won't shoot you either...I brought the gun to end my life...So you can either shoot me or I will shoot myself but you won't catch me alive and I certainly, won't tell you where the girls are" Corporal Damon said nervously

"I really feel for you, Corporal Damon. What happened to Angela was horrible, but those girls are innocent and ..." Tim's compassion was genuine but Corporal Damon interrupted him

"And my girl was innocent too, agent's justice...eye for an eye"

"Corporal Damon, you have every right to be angry...I know how you feel" Tim tried to talk some sense into the other man

"Don't you dare say you know how I don't have children, agent can never know how I feel okay?!" he sobbed and continued

"For three years I have lived on the hope that Angela would be found alive but that hope was destroyed and shattered when...

She was all I have...NCIS agents should have done a better would have doubled your effort if the girl was the daughter of a man in authority.

Director Vance and SecNav have to suffer as I did...They will never see their kids again" He shouted as loud as he could

Tony hurried back when he heard the argument " Drop your gun, Corporal Damon...It's over" Tony yelled from the second floor

"I can rest in peace now. I executed my revenge ... I will end my life now and you will be the witness..." Corporal Damon said

He aimed his gun to his head

"Don't do it" Tim said

As much as Tim hated it but he couldn't find another way but to shoot Damon in the leg to prevent him from killing himself. So he fired his gun and Damon fell to the ground screaming in pain and holding his leg.

"I'm sorry...I'm so sorry" Tim mumbled

Corporal Damon's gun was thrown away from his hand

Everything happened so fast after that...Tim walked carefully towards Damon to help him...Tony moved towards the stairs his eyes fixed on Damon and calling Gibbs

Corporal Damon desperately looked around and realized that he fell near an Electricity box which was covered with a"Dangerous" sign and without thinking he made a desperate jump and just stuck his hand in the box.

"NO" Tim shouted

Damon's body started to shiver violently, his back arched and he screamed in pain as the electricity flowed through him.

Electricity moved from Corporal Damon's body through the water pool on the ground to where Tim was standing he started shaking harshly and felt agonizing pain in each and every one of his cells. His heart started hammering in his chest as if it wants to break free.

He wanted to scream from the pain but all he could do was to gasp. Heat poured through him and taking a breath became a struggle. The last thing he heard before everything fades to black was Tony's voice calling his name.

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