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A born light

Chapter Seven:-

a couple of hours later...

Tim opened his eyes lazily , it took him a minute to remember what was going on with him

Tony and Gibbs were still next to his bed

"Hey, are you feeling?" Tony said cheerfully when his friend woke up

"Fine" He mumbled

"Great...I can't imagine how happy the rest of the team will be when they hear the good news. They were worried sick about you. They'll be thrilled"

"Vance and Jackie...How are they doing?" Tim asked already expecting the answer

"Oh, they are desperate, man" Tony huffed

"I really hope that we can help them...and the poor girls...God knows how they are doing?" Tim said sadly

"We are doing our best, Probie...hope we can find them soon" Tony said

"Have you contacted my family yet? cause I'm very sure they are worried sick and..." Tim stopped talking when he saw the galnces Gibbs and Tony exchanged

"Would someone tell me what's going on, please?" Tim said worriedly

"Listen, Tim, your family is still in Paris. We didn't want to upset you while you are still sick but your father is sick...He fell very ill when he heard what happened to you and he's admitted to a hospital in Paris...they couldn't come back. I'm sorry" Gibbs said

"Oh God" Tim was terrified when he heard what happened

"Is he gonna be sick is he?" Tim asked

"He's still weak but definitely better. Your mom calls me everyday to check on you...she's torn between here and there...she visited you a couple of times and went back to Paris...yesterday she told me that your dad is getting better...I think they are coming back soon" Gibbs said encourageingly

"Would you please call her for me, boss...I need to speak with her...Paris is five hours ahead of us that means it's 11:00 am now there" Tim said weakly

"Of course, Tim" Gibbs said and dialled her number and handed the phone to McGee

"Good morning, Agent Gibbs. Is everything alright? Is Tim alright?" Sheila's worried voice came across the line

"Good morning's me" Tim said

"Tim...Oh my God Tim...honey...thank God you're awake" she said and started sobing

"MOM...Please calm down...I'm fine...I've never been better. how's dad?"

"He's better, sweetheart, much are you...are you in pain?!...I'm so sorry I'm not there for you " she kept crying

"It's alright mom. Don't worry about me. I'm not in any's Sarah doing?"

"She's in the USA, honey...she'll be thrilled when she hears the news...I will call her and let her know . I won't make it long cause I know you must be exhausted. I will see you soon sweetheart...I love you"

"Take good care of yourself, mom... I love you too. bye"

Tim ended the call and the phone almost fell off his loose grip...

"Whoa, Tim, are you okay, son? Do you want me to call the Doctor" Gibbs and Tony were both alarmed

"No, boss, I'm fine...I'm just a little dizzy and exhausted" Tim closed his eyes tiredly

"Okay. You should probably get some rest and I think we need more coffee"

Gibbs huffed and walked towards the door when the door was opened and

a very beatiful burrentte in her late twenties or early thirties walked into Tim's room confidently but concern was obvious in her eyes

Gibbs was standing right in front of the door so she addressed him

"Good morning, sir... My name is Dr. Gonzales. I was told that NCIS needs to speak with me? What is it about?" she gave him a questioning look

"Wow, Probie...I'm so glad you insisted that we speak with her...she's gorgeous" Tony whispered into Tim's ear

Gibbs greeted her and said

"Yes, Dr Gonzales, that's Agent here..."

"Agent McGee" Gabriella's eyes widened when she saw Tim in the hospital bed

"What happened? " She said and moved towards the bedfoot, grabbed Tim's chart and started reading

"My were in a coma?!...I didn't know that you are are you feeling? better I hope. I can't believe that can I help you? "

she said excitedly then she stopped speaking when she noticed that the three of them are staring at her

"What...did I say anything wrong? " She said then looked at Tim and added

"You don't remember me do you, Agent McGee?"

Tim blushed and said

"I'm so sorry...but no, I don't. May be it's my messed up memory after the coma" He said quickly when he noticed that she looked disappointed

"I'm so glad you are fine...Now what can I do for you?" she said with a smile

"How do you two know him?" Gibbs asked her

"It's a long story that goes five years back..."

"We 're listening" Gibbs said

"Okay...Five years ago a snowy day...I was driving my car on the high way...the road was very slippery and the weather was terrible ... for just one second I lost control over my car and everything went upside car went off the road down steep inclination and I thought that we were doomed...I believed no one would stop to help us cause no one would know that we are down there..." She said and a shiver ran down her spine when she recalled this memory

"Oh, man...I know who you are" Tim said already starting to remember

"I'm so sorry I should have known it's you...Five years is a long time" he started to apologize

"It's okay, Agent McGee...I know my face was a big mess after the accident that's why you didn't recognize me" She gave him a reassuring smile and continoued her story

" My grandmother was with me in the car that day . I was stuck in the car, I couldn't move but she was free. She was bleeding from a wound in her tummy though...She insisted that she can go up the hell to get some help...I didn't know she was hurt and bleeding.

Agent McGee was in his way to visit his family and he saw my grandmother on the side of the road...he stopped immediately and rushed to help us...He called 911 and they took their time to get to us for it was snowing hard. Agent McGee never left us...And though the weather was so cold, he stayed with us the whole time...He kept his hands on my grandmother's wound to stop the bleeding till the paramedics got to us..."

Tim was hearing the story from Gabriella but he was not lsitening

He already knows the details but all he kept thinking was

"That was Rosa Maiara...Yes, that was her...her grandmother...that's how he knows her and she knows him" He thought

"Agent McGee followed the ambulance to the local hospital to make sure we were okay...the doctors told him that my grandmother needs blood transfusion and that they don't have her blood type...Agent McGee gave her his blood that day and she was very grateful...In his way back to DC he stepped by to visit us...I owe you big time, Agent McGee."

"You owe me nothing, Gabriella. I did what any other person would have done" Tim said with a smile and then added

"How's she? How's Your grandmother doing?" He smiled

Gabriella lowered her eyes sadly and said

"Nana died a few days ago"

"What?!" Tim said " Oh, I'm so sorry...when did that happen exactly?"

"Two weeks ago...Sixteen days to be accurate" she answered

"What?!" Tim said in a shock sitting upright with a jolt in his bed then he groaned and shut his eyes tightly when the sudden movement gave him a sharp pain in his head

she stood up quickly, patted his shoulder gently and helped him to lay back

"This can't be true" Tim said "I saw her at the carnival that day...two weeks ago, she was very well and pretty much alive. She even gave me something" he said in shock

"Agent McGee, I buried my grandmother sixteen days ago...would you please tell me what's going on and why am I here?" She was very confused

"I will tell you everything in a minute but would you bear with me please? When exactly was I admitted to the hospital?"Tim asked Tony and Gibbs

"Fifteen days ago, March 2nd" Tony answered

"And when exactly did your grandmother die?" Tim asked Gabriella

"March 1st" She Answred

"Oh, this can't be possible...I saw her that day at the carnival...Gabriella, you have to believe me I did" Tim said desperately

"I never said I don't believe you..." she patted his hand

"What do you mean ? you mean that you believe me?" He asked in surprise

"Yes I do...My great grandfather is a native American, Agent McGee, they have their own beliefs...They believe that the communication between the living and the dead is possible...The souls of the dead are able to pass back and forth between the world of the dead and that of the living.

They believe that the dead can carry messages and warnings to the living

she must have had a message she needed to deliver...I have been raised among them and I have the same beliefs...Just tell me what happened and what did she tell you?"

she said giving him her full attention

"I will tell you everything" Tim said calmly

He took a deep breath and started telling her everything in details from the moment he met her grandmother to the minute he woke up

"Poor Daniel...he doesn't deserve that...he was a very good man. He loved his family so much. What happened to him was aweful? and what he did...he shouldn't have done that. I believe nana didn't want his soul to suffer over what he did. She wanted his soul to rest in peace. That's why she contacted you." She said sadly

"So Daniel is your...?!"

"He was my cousin...We used to be so close when we were kids...the last time I saw him was three years ago when Nicole, his wife, died in a car accident...after that he took an early retirement to take care of his girl...he took her to another state and shut everyone of us out even our grandmother...Losing his daughter like must have been so hard...He must have been at the carnival that day to meet with nana" she took minute to process what she was just told and then said

" You still haven't told me where do i fit in all of this? and Why would nana suggest that I may know where the girls are?"

"A minute before I wake up from the coma, your grandmother told me that Daniel left a letter explaining everything in it and that he put it in her secret place and that Only you would know where that is" said Tim

"Yes...yes of course I know where that is. Her secret place is a closet that she always kept at the Carnival...I moved it to her old house when she passed away" she said

"Then we need to move now...I'll just call Vance to give him the news, call Ziva to join us and tell the others that you are awake " Gibbs and Tony started making phone calls

"Wow, this is stranger than fiction's like a movie or something all the characters and events are oddly related" Tony said while making his first phone call

"Yes you are right, Agent DiNozzo...I mean what's the odds something like this happens?"

Tim looked at Gabriella

"Gabriella, I have one more question to ask...How come I saw your grandmother that day at the carnival and Damon didn't. He went to the carnival to see her and ask for her forgiveness or to just see, how come she didn't show up to him, like she did with me"

"She must have done that. I believe she did, but he was too angry and his anger was in the way" she answered calmly

"I'm so sorry for your loss, Gabriella...Rosa was a good person...and I'm sure Daniel was good too, but at some point he lost contorl" Tim said

"Thank you, Agent McGee...Hope you get better soon" she smiled

Gibbs finished his last phone calls and looked at Gabriella

"Let's go now...Let's finish this once and for all" H said already moving towards the door

"Good luck, boss" Tim said before he falls asleep one more time

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