Lorelai had just convinced her best friend to re-ask out the produce guy she'd had a huge crush on and was dealing with the usual cynicism of her right hand man Michel about her studying, when the former came out with a giddy look on her face. Lorelai's blue eyes twinkled and the edges of her lips formed a small smile as she awaited the inevitable good news from Sookie. She did not get what she'd expected.

"He called! He called!"


"Well, I did what you said. I had it all worked out and I asked him if he'd like to go to dinner at Chez Fleur on Sunday."

"Chez Fleur, very nice," Lorelai remarked.

"Mmhmm, thank you," Sookie replied and continued, "And he said he'd love to."

"Aw, Great."

"He said he would love to but he and Luke have tickets to see the Red Sox play."

"Oh, well then just make it next week."

"See," Sookie led. "That would have been a good option had I thought of it when I was on the phone but instead, I came up with another option."

"Which is?" Lorelai asked with fear of her very perky best friend's answer.

"That we double date," Sookie blurted quickly as if saying it quicker would keep Lorelai from realizing what she was getting her to agree to. "With Luke and you," she clarified at Lorelai's blank expression.


"Yes, okay, not as good as your option, I agree but it seemed pretty good at the time… though I wasn't standing here watching you make that face."

"Sookie nooo… I can't go out with Luke. We're friends."

"I know, but this isn't a real date, this is you keeping Luke company while I have a date with Jackson."

"Oh God," Lorelai droned knowing she was about to cave. How bad could a not-date date with Luke be?

"Lorelai PLEASE! I'll be your best friend," Sookie begged with clasped hands.

"You ARE my best friend."

"And you're mine!"

"I know! I know I am."

"So… what… are best friends for?"

"Okay," Lorelai sighed.


"Yes, I'll go," she agreed with a wince. Something inside her told her a date with Luke could be more than she bargained for but she couldn't let her best friend down… especially not after the horrible thing she said to her about not having dated in forever. Sookie backed toward the kitchen shrieking and planning for the evening.

"Thank you, thank you thank you. You will not regret this."

"Pick another phrase."

"You will not have to pay.

"Much better," Lorelai smiled but took another deep breath, brow furrowed with concern about the plan. She looked over only to see Michel smirking. "Oh, shut up," she commanded only making him laugh harder. She cracked open her book and sat heavily on her stool behind the desk.


Sunday rolled around and Lorelai had been avoiding the diner, having no idea what she'd say to Luke or if he even knew that she was his date. She'd sent Rory for needed burgers and various Inn employees to Luke's for her coffee. It was easier to avoid him because of the studying for her business class. She tried to rationalize to herself that she was avoiding him because of that and not because it was awkward or that she was nervous; but she had a hard time believing herself.

Lorelai talked Sookie out of several lines of crazy talk as they primped in her room and Rory and Lane primped downstairs. She was blissfully unaware of the teenagers' plans to have a double date of their own that night. She did ask all of the right questions but Lane used her practiced dodgy near-lawyer speak to keep her out of the loop that was Todd.

As she gave the mom speech Sookie came downstairs, freshly flustered from an incident with her coat. Lorelai loaned her a royal blue shawl and the doorbell rang. A nervous Jackson stood in front of Luke.

"Lorelai, hi! Sorry we're late."

"Oh, it's okay; gives the girls a little extra primping time."

Sookie came behind Lorelai at the door with a bright smile plastered to her face and Jackson was stunned. "Sookie," he whispered as though the air had to be pulled from his lungs by a rope. "Hi."

"Hi," Sookie replied. And then they both said hi several more times before Lorelai interrupted.

"Okay! Um, do you guys want to come in for a minute?"

"Oh, uh sure."

Luke walked in behind Jackson to the entryway and for the first time, Luke and Lorelai got a view of both of them in their date clothes.

Though they were going to a ballgame, Luke wasn't wearing his baseball cap. Instead he had a nice red cashmere sweatshirt on that matched the Red Sox team, with his leather jacket and black slacks. Lorelai was wearing a black skirt that went down past her knees and a white silk blouse with red flower print. Though, now that she'd seen Luke, she wished she'd worn the shorter skirt. It may be early spring and impractical, but she wanted him to see her legs even though she wasn't ready to admit it to herself.

It was their turn to exchange awkward hellos until Luke abruptly stopped it by addressing Jackson. "Jackson, can I talk to you outside for a minute?"

"Sure. One minute."

The men went outside with the door open so the women could hear the conversation. "Jackson, I don't think I can do this. It's Lorelai and I know we're supposed to go to a game but they're not gonna like it. It'll just be boring and I'm not sure I could watch the game anyway."

What does he mean 'it's Lorelai'? Am I that annoying? Does he think I can't be quiet or I'm too stupid for sports?

Jackson replied, "Well we already told them the plan, what do you think we should do?"

"How about we ask them to go to the tavern instead? Everybody but Lorelai would be exceptionally happy with something more than hotdogs. Chez Fleur is too nice, but they'll take care of us at the tavern?"

Lorelai and Sookie exchanged looks and Sookie shrugged as if in answer to Lorelai's question about what Luke was thinking of her at the moment.

"How about we go back in there and ask them what they want? They do look too pretty for a ball game," Jackson concurred.

"Right, let's do that."

"Can you say it? I still haven't really gotten past on syllable tonight yet."


So the men walked in and the women pretended not to have been listening.

"So um, the seats for the game are kind of nosebleed section," Luke began with an utter lie. They were some of the best seats in the house from an old buddy of his when he played back in the day. "We were just thinking it'll be cold up there and you can't really see and if you can't see you might as well go home and watch it on a TV. But since we don't want to go home we might as well go somewhere else. We could go to a restaurant, a tavern, not too far out of the way that I go to. It's got great food and I mean it's not Chez Fleur but it's good. And if you want to go to a fancy place like that, we can but I just…"

Lorelai was smiling at his nervous rant. If she didn't know better, she'd think he was nervous to be out with her. She interrupted him mercifully with "That sound's lovely, right Sookie? I mean, it's not hotdogs but I think I can make due," she smirked letting Luke know not so subtly that she'd heard at least part of it.

"Sounds good to me," Sookie giggled, temporarily forgetting how nervous she was with Jackson. And with a few more agreeing utterances, they all got in Jackson's car and headed to this mysterious tavern.


Once they hit Sniffy's, Luke seated them even though there was a sign that clearly stated "please wait to be seated." They were in a large booth that could easily accommodate 8 but just held the four of them. There was a reserved sign on the table. Sookie and Lorelai sat on one side and Luke and Jackson the other, leaving the middle open.

Maisy came up to the table and chastised Luke and Jackson jokingly for seating themselves. She forced both men into standing for hugs and then made them sit back down. Then a gentleman named Buddy wandered over and greeted them.

"This must be a special occasion. Lucas never brings his girls here."

"Maisy," Luke chided with a blush.

"Hi, I'm Lorelai," Lorelai stuck out her hand.

"You're Lorelai? You're even prettier than Lucas described you. Next time you should bring your daughter… Rory was it?"

"Yes, my daughter's name's Rory."

Maisy called a waitress to bring a bottle of champagne to the table even though Luke insisted he hated champagne and just wanted a beer.

"This is a date Lucas, you're on a date you drink champagne. You're watching a ball game, you drink beer."

Lorelai giggled. "Funny you say that. If we'd gone by our original plan, we'd be at a ball game right now and on a date. He'd have to drink Miller High Life then because it's the champagne of beers."

Buddy smiled at that. "She's as witty as you said she was Lucas." Luke blushed. How much has he told these people about me?

Sookie and Jackson during this entire exchange just kept glancing at each other nervously and smiling but averting their gazes whenever they'd lock eyes. This was interrupted by Maisy redirecting her attentions to the other pairing.

"And you must be Sookie," Maisy looked at the chef. "Jackson's talked about you a few times this past month. Seems you were bold enough to ask him out not once but twice."

"We tried to tell him to find his manhood and finalize his date with you but that's our Jackie boy… so shy," Buddy added.

Buddy and Maisy proceeded to decide what they were going to eat without asking them and then leaving to the kitchen.

"They KNOW you two!" Lorelai exclaimed in Luke's direction.

"Buddy and Maisy are like family to me. Maisy went to high school with my mom and Buddy was there to help me out when I decided to open the diner- ordering, inventory, employees. I come her one, two times a week- breakfast, dinner… whenever I can," he explained as nonchalantly as he could manage.

"Wow," both Sookie and Lorelai gasped.

Jackson added his side of the story. "I don't come here as much as Luke but Buddy and Maisy really helped me make connections with restaurants in the area when I took over my farm. They knew old Mr. Anderson who owned the farm before me. A lot of people around here are set in their ways and didn't want to take a chance on a green farmer fresh out of college but Buddy and Maisy stood up for me."

Both Lorelai and Sookie were floored at what they'd learned about both men. It was an ice breaker that made the whole evening much lighter and broke the ice for the intended couple and the one that was on a not-date date. That and the back of the menu put the mood at ease.

Sometime through the evening, Lorelai and Sookie went to freshen up.

"Eeek!" Sookie squealed as Lorelai finished entering the restroom. "Jackson and I are doing so well."

"I know Sook. I'm really happy for you," Lorelai smiled.

"Me too," she beamed. "And you know… You and Luke seem to be getting along very nicely too."

"Sookie!" Lorelai blushed. "This isn't a date for Luke and me. It's about you and Jackson."

"Uh huh. Well for a not date, there sure are a lot of sparks flying."

Lorelai rolled her eyes. "Anyway, I was thinking of giving you and Jackson Privacy. We can go back to Luke's for some pie and I'll eat at the counter with Luke while you and Jackson talk and consider a night cap at your place."

"I'm not sure about the nightcap but definitely wouldn't mind being somewhere quieter."

"Ok. Let's go tell the guys."


Back at Luke's, the setup was just as Lorelai planned it. What she hadn't thought about, or hadn't let herself think about, was the alone time she'd now be spending with Luke. He was nervously wiping down the counter even though Caesar cleaned the whole place and the chairs were up at every table except for Jackson and Sookie's and where Lorelai was now sitting.

Lorelai took a sip of the coffee Luke made fresh for her, "Luke," she said with surprise as she sat it on the counter, "that is an exceptionally good batch of coffee," she marveled with a tilted head.

"Yeah?" He snorted.


"I added a little nutmeg."

"Really?" Her voice was uncontrollably uppity and flirtatious.

"Yes," he confirmed with equal flirtation.

"That is so Richard Simmons-y of you."

"What can I say? Chicks dig a man with a feminine side."

"Oh," she nodded with a bit of a blush. She was trying not to take it too much beyond their usual level of flirtation.

Sookie laughed at something` Jackson said and both she and Luke looked over.

"Finally," Lorelai marveled as they both witnessed them getting closer. They'd had an easy time so far but this was the goal she'd had in mind when she suggested separating the couples out.

"Seems to be going well."

"I think I'll wear blue to the wedding, she joked then shrugged. "God, that's nice."

"Yep," Luke leaned into the counter, coming closer to her.

"The whole first date, beginning of the relationship glow… everything's new and exciting."

"Every joke is hilarious."

"Every little touch is incredible," Lorelai added and demonstrated by touching Luke's arm. Her hand lingered as electricity from the touch pulsed through her veins. Instead of removing it, she rubbed his soft sweater. "God it's a good feeling," she added as her blue eyes met his.

Luke didn't look away and without pause agreed. "It is at that."

"I miss that."

"You'll have it again."

"I guess," she tried to agree with a halfhearted smile and sigh. "Hey, do you remember how we met?" she changed the topic a little and moved her hand from his but kept eye contact.


"I'm trying to think how we met. It had to be here at Luke's right?"

"It was at Luke's," he confirmed. "It was at lunch. It was a very busy day, the place was packed, and this person-"

"Oh," Lorelai pretend gasped. "Is it me? Is it me?"

"This person comes tearin' into the place in caffeine frenzy."

"Oh, it IS me!"

"I was with a customer, she interrupts me, wild-eyed, begging for coffee, so I tell her to wait her turn. So she starts following me around, talking a mile a minute saying God knows what. So finally, I turn to her and I tell her she's being annoying- sit down, shut up and I'll get to her when I get to her."

"I bet she took that well, because she sounds just delightful," Lorelai chimed in with mock sincerity.

"She asked me what my birthday was, I wouldn't tell her, she wouldn't stop talking, I gave in; I tell her my birthday. Then she opened up the newspaper to the horoscope page; wrote something down, tore it out and handed it to me."

"You wrote the Sniffy's menu, didn't you?"

"So I'm looking at this piece of paper in my hand and under Scorpio she had written, 'You will meet an annoying woman today. Give her coffee and she'll go away. I gave her coffee," he admitted.

"But she didn't go away." Lorelai's reply was smug but underneath she was feeling as sappy as the moment in 'The Notebook' when it turns out the old man is telling the story to his wife with dementia so she'll remember him.

Then Luke reached for his wallet and pulled out a piece of paper as he explained. "She told me to hold onto that horoscope, put it in my wallet and carry it around with me. One day it would bring me luck." He handed her the horoscope with her writing.

"Well, man, I will say anything for a cup of coffee," she joked to lighten the heavy, emotional feeling she had but couldn't name. "I can't believe you kept this. You Kept this in your wallet. You kept this in your wallet-"

"6 years."

"You kept this in your wallet for 6 years," she confirmed.

He nodded and she realized her hand had somehow made it back to his arm.

They had mere inches between them. She could swear Luke was about to either say something or kiss her when Mrs. Kim came barreling in in a panic over Lane. Lorelai begrudgingly followed her to discipline her daughter as well.

Another moment between them was missed. It wasn't the first, but for the first time, she hoped it'd be the last. She hoped that the next time Luke had the chance, that she had the chance, they'd take it. Tonight had only served to prove to her that she couldn't block it out anymore.


A few days went by and as much as Lorelai wanted to go into Luke's, she just didn't have the time. She had Rory being grounded for the first time of her teen years (thought it was basically self-imposed), her test and a conversation to be had with Mrs. Kim on top of an event at the Independence Inn.

When she and Rory finally did get to go in, she wore a tight dress she'd hoped would be encouraging. Lane being reduced to a less-strict grounding threw a wrench in the Rory buffer she'd planned but she found that when Luke did walk over to her table, she almost wished her kid was in Siberia.

"Hey," Luke said as he brought the blue cup that matched her eyes and the coffee pot.

"Hey," she replied enthusiastically.

"I, uh, haven't seen you since the other night. Everything ok?"

Okay? No. Not really. I'm currently thinking of undressing you, what your lips would feel like and how sound proof that upstairs is. "Oh, yeah fine. The dating world of 16 year old girls- very exciting stuff."

"I bet," he agreed. They shared a look and he took a nervous breath. "But I… I meant with us. I know it's weird to go on a double date with your friend to allow your best friend to go on a date with her crush."

Lorelai gave him a nervous smile and suddenly felt like she was on display which usually didn't bother her but did right then.

"Not here. Upstairs?"

"Oh. Ok. Give me a couple minutes to make sure everyone's square down here."

"Ok. I'll just go tell Rory where I'm going."

He nodded and they both went to complete their tasks.


Lorelai stood waiting for Luke at the entrance to his apartment. She didn't want to just barge in even though she'd checked and the door was open.

It wasn't long before he met her up there and they both entered the small office turned apartment.

"You uh, wanted to talk?"

"Yeah. You know I had a great time the other night."


"With the cards…"

"In fact, you rushed out of here before I had a chance to, um…"

She looked at him expectantly, hoping this was the moment. "Uh, a chance to…?" she tried to encourage biting her bottom lip.

Luke chickened out. "kick your ass in poker," he said looking down at his feet.

Lorelai let out a sigh. I'm not giving you the out this time, Danes. "That's what you were going to say, Luke?"

"Yeah," he said still looking at the floor.

"Really? Because I was sure you were going to ask me out on a second date."

Luke blushed and his eyes went wide as he looked up at her as if she'd caught him in high school drinking beer on a back road.

Lorelai stepped close to him and kissed him before he could even process what was happening. His head tilted and his long eyelashes touched her cheek. His arms pulled her in as if by a mind of their own, and his lips eagerly engaged hers. For the first time, he didn't have to think about it, Luke just let his body react and pull her into him.

It wasn't long before kissing wasn't enough for either of them and her dress was unzipped, his shirts and hat were gone, and they were entangled on his bed. She didn't have much free-movement in the tight dress and so she parted from him with a groan of protest on his side. But he was rewarded with the sight of watching her dress fall to the floor. Again, his eyes were wide but this time with desire.

She wasn't wearing any underwear or a bra. Lorelai Gilmore was in his apartment, buck naked. He jumped up, confusing her.

"So not the reaction I was expecting," she mumbled to herself. But then she heard his door lock. Luke would be protective like that.

He made his way back getting himself the rest of the way naked. "Are you sure?" he asked humbly.

"Luke," she groaned. "I'm naked and you're naked and you're asking if I'm sure."

"Right. I'm an idiot," he agreed and then pulled her in for a kiss far more innocent than that of two people who were naked would typically muster. It was more of an affirmation that 'you're real and this is really happening' type of kiss. It was short and sweet and when they broke apart, they stood there for a moment just gazing at each other.

"Every little touch is incredible," she echoed her sentiment from the other night as she ran her fingers across his chest. "God, it's a good feeling."

"It is at that," he agreed as he ran the backs of his knuckles up her milky white sides peppered with more freckles than he'd expected.

She touched his lips. "I miss that."

"You'll have it again," he promised and immediately followed up by grabbing the fingers on his lips and kissing them then releasing and kissing her lips.

"I guess so," she smiled as she pushed him back to the bed once more. At the last second, he turned the tables and pulled her beneath him. He ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her sweetly once more before he let his desires take over.

He moved her to the middle of the bed, turning her to face the pillow and he massaged and kissed his way from her neck down her back to the top of her peach shaped ass. Her head was turned to the side and her shoulders slightly propped up, watching him worship her body as she felt his massive erection move down her bottom and thighs as he readjusted to touch and kiss her. She collapsed onto the bed completely though when his hands parted her bottom and his tongue licked her lips and circled her entrance. The surprise made her gasp which quickly turned into a whimper as his ministrations continued.

Aware that at least one of the town gossips was likely to be downstairs, Lorelai turned her head into the pillow and screamed when his fingers slid insider her and he wiggled them repeatedly hitting her g-spot. She'd never had a man get that spot so quickly and repeatedly. She screamed into her pillow, mumbling his name as she opened herself to him.

When she was on the verge of coming, he flipped her over and gave her a searing kiss. He tasted like her arousal and his tongue finding refuge in her mouth only further served to drive her up. His fingers rolled her peaked nipples and he was pressed so tightly against her that his erection had slid through her lips and was pressing on her clit, rubbing against it with his movements as his mouth traveled her neck and collarbone. It was delicious torture.

"You'll kiss an annoying woman today. Give her your cock and she'll…"

She didn't get to finish that sentence as he pulled back and quickly thrust into her as he kissed her on the mouth once more, swallowing her cries of pleasure. "Don't say go away," he demanded.

"Oh never," she agreed in a voice that sounded like she might cry as he pulled out of her and thrust in once more. He then began to set a pace and she met him with her hips but she couldn't take it. She was a screamer.

"You're gonna have to turn me back over," she confessed.

Seeing her need in her eyes, he obeyed even though he wanted to see her face. Next time, he resolved as he reentered her wet walls from behind. She tried to put her ass in the air but he found it more invigorating to have her lay flat with her legs tightly together and his legs around hers. It was better for her too because he was now consistently hitting that spot again. If it weren't for that pillow, the entirety of Town Square would hear the echoes of her pleasure.

Just when Lorelai thought it couldn't get any better, Luke leaned down and kissed her in the center of her back between her shoulder blades. Not expecting it made his kisses burn like fire. He placed a few more at random as he raced towards the edge and hi rhythm grew frantic. Lorelai was right along with him and he leaned his chin between her shoulder and neck as he told her he was going to come.

She turned a little so that her mouth wasn't completely in the pillow so he could here. "Me too- come for me, Luke," she whispered and then planted her head firmly in the pillows and gripped the sheets around her as they both released together.

He rolled over and chuckled deeply as he pulled her into him. She joined him in laughter and kissed his shoulder before looking up at him.

"I can't believe you kept the horoscope for 6 years."

"You're just lucky I never clean out my wallet."

"It's too late; you've been pining for me."

"I was not pining."

"I'm your Ava Gardner."

"Geez," Luke rolled his eyes and squeezed her. He sighed and tipped her chin so they were eyeing each other. "Lorelai, this thing we're doing," he pointed between them, "You, and me… I am in. I am all in. Does that, uh… are you scared?"

"If you didn't already get me naked, that line would have," she smiled. Before he could protest she added, "I wouldn't be here with you if I wasn't all in too. You're too important to Rory and me to just do this lightly, Luke."

Luke let out a breath of relief that pushed Lorelai a little off of him and he kissed her.

"Oh God."


"They're gonna know once we get downstairs."

"Well, let's not go downstairs. Rory went to Dean's when I told her I was planning to make a move on you and she was my plans for the evening. Call Caesar from up here and tell him to close it up."

"That doesn't buy us much time. They'll just be all over me tomorrow," Luke groaned.

"But it buys us a few hours… a few very fun hours," she told him seductively as she planted kisses on his chest.

Without much ado, Luke got up and dialed his downstairs number.

"How bad is it Caesar?"

"I don't know what you're talking about boss," Caesar feigned ignorance.

"Caesar," Luke warned.

"They know but its dead down here. They um… heard you… and surprisingly Ms. Patty kicked everyone out and said to give the lovers privacy. I can't hear anything in the kitchen so I've been camped out here, cleaning up. Easy to do though because Babette had everyone bring up their plates. I can finish clean up if you want."

"No, just leave it and lock the door. I'll finish the rest later. Thanks Caesar. Bye."

Lorelai could only hear Luke's side of the conversation with the occasional "Geez" and see his red face palmed in his very skilled hands.

"How bad was it?"

"They know. But they were gonna find out anyways."

"Sure. A couple days of hearing about it then it'll go back to normal."

"A few weeks."

"A few months, but then we'll get used to it. It'll be fine."

"Yeah," Luke sullenly agreed.

"Hey Luke?"


"Come back to bed," she instructed, laying her naked form out as unnecessary temptation. There was nowhere else he wanted to be.

A/N: I tend to steal some of what happens from season 5 episodes but I've already read a good number of fanfics for this where Mrs. Kim just doesn't interrupt or a particularly great one where she goes back to finish their game of poker so I decided to approach it from a new angle. What if Luke was the intruder on Sookie's date? If he had been, I think a lot of the jitters and wrong venue stuff would change so I approached it like that. Anyway. I hope you liked it!