That Damn Donna Reed

"Luke, what did you mean when you said 'you really have a chick here?" Lorelai asked her friend as she collapsed on the couch tired from the chase.


"It sounded like you didn't think that I had a chick here."

"Well it might not have sounded like it but that's what I meant," Luke said wile inspecting the fireplace to find the missing little bird.

Just then, Luke spotted the baby bird, jumped up breaking Lorelai's lemon lamp in the process and finally caught the mischievous Stella (as Lorelai had named her). Lorelai had pursued closely behind him as he scooped the bird up and put it in the cage.

He was about to start lecturing her on closing the cage when Lorelai returned to their earlier topic. "Did you really not believe I had a loose bird?"

How close the brunette beauty was standing to him made Luke stutter a little. He wasn't sure if she knew how torturous her proximity to him could be, especially when she flashed him that flirtatious smile. "I uh… it was just a weird request is all."

"Weird how?" she said flipping her hair and naturally swaying even closer to him. She wasn't doing it on purpose.

"Lorelai, I don't want to talk about this. We have the bird back in its cage… I should pick up the lamp and go."

"I'll clean the lamp up later, let's have a beer," she said walking past him to the fridge brushing her hand against his on accident. This sent an unintended chill up her spine. She handed him a beer and guided him through the mess back to the couch.

There was a lot of mess and papers so rather than clear them, she sat really close with her knees propped sideways under her and her shoulder leaning into his where his non-beer wielding arm was sitting along the back of the couch. Shivers again for a second- she hoped he didn't see.

"So why do you have a chick?"

"It's Rory's school project."

"Ah, I see."

"You should be used to the weird requests I have of you. I'm surprised that you were even a little shocked sir," Lorelai teased.

"I guess not. It's just at the diner earlier… and then you called me… it just was a little…"

"Weird, yes, I got it. What do you mean at the diner earlier?"

"You know."

"No, Luke, I don't. I haven't developed a supernatural ability to read minds or else I'd have the winning lottery numbers. Explain it to me, please," Lorelai hadn't meant to sound that aggressive but she wasn't backing down. She wasn't sure why it was so important to her.

"Well, I just. When we were on the floor, there was a moment. I thought there was a moment!"

Lorelai was shocked at Luke yelling at her but she didn't drop his gaze as their blue eyes met. She knew what he was talking about, on the floor she had excused herself in order not to kiss him. She couldn't kiss Luke… could she?

"Fine, there wasn't a moment," Luke conceded. "I should go. Thanks for the beer," he said sitting his beer on the coffee table and then moving to stand up.

"There was," she practically whispered and Luke wasn't sure he heard her right.


"There was… a moment," she said a little more forcefully but with her head stairing at his flannel covered chest and both hands cradling her beer as if it were a weight keeping her from reaching out and stopping him from moving.

In response, Luke sat back and reached his hand to her chin to force her to look at him. He had to know if she meant it. He must have found what he was hoping to see because he leaned into her causing her to move back a little.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Will you just hold still?" he planted a short but passionate kiss on her lips, letting go just after she had engaged him.

She put her beer down next to his and moved her hands around his shoulders.

"What are you doing?"

"Will you just hold still?" she mimicked his earlier sentiment but softer and more seductively. She rose up on her knees so she was above him and kissed him deeper than before. He instinctively placed his hands on her hips and pulled her onto his lap. The action made them both pull apart to look at each other.

This time they were both trying to read the other's eyes, to see how far this would go. Luke had loosed his grip a little when they parted so he tightened it again and pulled her closer. Lorelai absently twiddled with the hair on the back of his neck and she leaned in so her forehead was pressed against his.

Her closeness reassured him but he needed words. Mr. Communicates-in-Grunts needed her to hear him with more than the desire in his eyes.

"Lorelai," He said. The way he said it was different for her. This time, it set every nerve in her body into overdrive at his deep voice. "I don't want… well I don't JUST want your body. This here- you and me- I'm in. I'm all in. If you're not ready, I can wait." He held his breath and waited. He could tell she was considering and didn't want to push her.

His words made her blush. How had she not noticed how deeply he felt for her? Sure everyone thought he had a crush on her and they always had a flirtatious banter- but this was deep. He wanted the whole crazy, caffeine-addicted, package and this man knew her better than any other at this point. He knew her quirks and flaws and he wanted her. But this was Luke. What would she do if she lost Luke? He was her diner man. And Rory, he'd always been there for Rory. How would it affect her daughter if they broke up? What if she said no right now and then he didn't want to see her.

"Luke, I don't want to lose you. I'm… scared."

"I'm scared too, but Lorelai, you won't lose me. You can't. You and Rory mean everything to me. I'll always be here- always. If you're not ready or if you want to forget this ever happened- I'm fine." That last part was a lie, he wouldn't be fine. He'd pretend for her though.

"I don't want to forget."


"It was a great kiss. If one of us had been a frog, there would have been seriously impressive consequences. I'm all in too."

Luke just smiled.

"So? What do you think?" Lorelai smirked and giggled a little.

"I think I'm really glad to hear you say that."

"So we concur."

"Dear God, yes." He kissed her- gently and lightly this time. She returned the favor.

"Rory's staying all night at Babette's house watching her kitten Apricot," she breathed.

"So… we're all alone?" he asked. She responded by kissing him deeper once again closing as much gap between them as she could. She suckled on his bottom lip and nibbled it slightly before pulling back eliciting a deep moan in response to her.

She stood and traced the bottom hem of her shirt with her fingers grabbing it and then removed it tossing it in his direction. She gave him a second to take in the view of her pink bra before turning towards the stairs. He stood and as she made it to the first floor landing she glanced back seductively signaling him to follow. She giggled and he chased her up with giddy.

They entered her dark bedroom and he turned on the light. "You didn't have to," she said.

"I want to see everything," he responded. He'd waited 5 years for this moment. There was no way he was going to miss a single detail.

"Everything? So you mean… This?" she said removing her bra. She now had a wicked teasing smile.

He inched closer to her but she backed up a step… "Or this?" she now unbuttoned her pants to reveal matching pink panties."

"Everything," he said meeting her at the edge of the bed.

Later on, she was lying on his chest and he could smell her fruity-scented hair which was ironic to him because Lorelai and fruit weren't thoughts one would typically think immediately.

"This is gonna work," she sighed and kissed his chest.

"Of course it will if that horoscope has anything to say about it."

"Horoscope?" Her blue eyes turned to him inquisitively.

He proceeded to tell her the story of the first time she came into the diner and they met. Then he reached down to his pants and grabbed his wallet. "I was told to keep this in my wallet and one day it would bring me luck. I can't think of anything luckier than this."

"you kept this in your wallet?" she said and he nodded. "You kept this in your wallet for…"

"5 years."

"You've been pining for me."

"you're just lucky I never clean out my wallet."

"No, you can't take it back. You're secret's out. I'm your Ava Gardner."

"God help me," Luke smiled and pulled her closer.